About us

About me and the travel blog MiHotelPerfecto

About me and the travel blog MiHotelPerfecto
At Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Hello, my name is Sergi and I have been traveling the world since I was a child. Traveling alone from the age of 19.

I am a passionate traveler with an innate desire to discover the world. To date, I have had the privilege of visiting 31 countries around the world, and most of them have left an indelible mark.

Throughout my years of traveling experience, I have had the opportunity to enjoy truly incredible experiences. I have explored ancient ruins, natural wonders, and vibrant cities that have piqued my curiosity and fueled my adventurous spirit. These cultural encounters and interactions with people from different backgrounds have enriched my perspective and broadened my horizons.

During my travels, I have gained valuable knowledge on how to travel efficiently. I have perfected itinerary planning, accommodation selection, and making the most of each experience. I am proud to share my tips and tricks with you so that you can enjoy hassle-free and unforgettable trips.

On this blog, you'll find a carefully curated selection of destinations, practical tips, and honest reviews of hotels and tourist attractions. My goal is to inspire you and provide you with useful resources so that you can plan your own adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

May travel fill you with joy and open you up to new possibilities!

Have you ever wondered any of the following?

How can I find the money to travel? It seems too expensive."
"Where do I find the best travel deals?"
"How can I save money on flights, accommodation and other expenses?"
"How do I plan my trip?"
"How do I stay safe and healthy?"
"How do I make the most of my time?"
"I want to travel more, but I don't know the first step."

You're not alone. Since I started this blog in 2019, I've helped a few people answer those questions and travel more for less with tried and tested tips and advice.

By using this website, you can spend less time searching the internet and overwhelmed by information, and more time doing the one thing you want to do: travel.

From the beginning of the blog, collaborators and travel experts have joined us who share their experiences with tips and advice for travel cheap and efficiently.


If you've ever wanted to learn how to travel cheaper, experience the authentic side of a destination, and turn your dream trip into a reality, you've come to the right place.

This travel blog will provide you with tips, advice and field-tested travel guides so you can see and do more for less.

On this website, you will find:

– Proven travel tips from years of experience
– Interviews with other travel experts
– Case studies and profiles of other travelers of various origins, genders, colors and nationalities
– A community of supportive travelers who encourage you to keep going
– Detailed cost breakdowns to help you better budget for your next trip
– Travel tips that can be applied to any destination in the world
– Discounts on travel insurance and tips for booking cheap flights and hotels
– Detailed reports that let you know which sites really they can help you save money

I often think: "How can I help other people to travel better for less money?" The mission here is to help all our readers to achieve it.

Unlike many other travel websites, you won't find sponsored content or paid trips here..
Each hotel, hostel, restaurant or attraction has been personally visited by me (or one of my collaborators) and 
we pay our own expenses.

We sleep in cheap dormitories and hotels, wait hours for buses, try those roadside stalls, and test travel passes to see if really they save you money. 

We do it like you would, because, like you, we are true travelers looking to see the world.

Also, all the recommended companies are here because they are useful and used in our daily trips, not those that have paid us for advertising.

This travel blog tries to show you what the process is really likeNot a glossy ad for a travel brand.

So come read our travel blog, learn and enjoy traveling! 🙂