Agoda discount! How to find Agoda promo code


Agoda Discount Promo Code

agoda has built its reputation as hotel booking website with great discounts.

Basically, Agoda makes money by saving travelers. So it is not surprising that Agoda also offers promotional codes that allow users to receive more discounts on their bookings.

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In this guide, we will explore how Agoda discount codes work. Want an Agoda discount?

We'll cover what a promotional code is, how to find and apply one to your booking, how codes work in the Agoda app and on the website, as well as why you should create a user account to maximize the benefits of being an Agoda customer. Agoda.


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What is an Agoda promo code?

Agoda offers promo codes to incentivize new customers to try your website and for previous customers to come back. Usually, Agoda promo codes range from discounts 5% to 20%.

Promo code, promotion code, Agoda discount coupon, discount code and bonus code are different terms for the same thing. They are exchanged by Agoda customers, but in this guide we will use the term “Agoda promo code”.

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How to find and use a promo code at checkout

At the top of the page pYona start, click on "Today's Deals" (or just Click here).

agoda discount

Deals of the day with Agoda discount

Agoda displays five Exploring Deals Daily Deals.

Explorer Deals and Deals of the Day are destinations that Agoda tries to promote by offering discounted rooms. These destinations can change often, so check back later if you're not interested in what's on currently displayed.

agoda promo code

Agoda offers Daily Offer destinations with discounts of up to 20% and a new modality that they have launched called Welcome back to Asia with super discounts on Hotels in Asia.

agoda promo code

Unlike Browser Deals, Deals of the Day do not require you to enter a promotional code.

agoda discount code

Instead, Deals of the Day are Agoda's promotions for hotels in specific destinations. In the screenshot above, Agoda is offering discounts up to 17% in Thailand.

When you click on a destination in the Explorer Offers, you will be directed to a list of discounted properties in that destination.

When you find a room that suits your tastes and your budget, complete the reservation as normal.

Can promotional codes be used in the Agoda app?

 The Agoda website and app work in a similar way.

But one feature that has been left behind in the app is the Today's Deals page. Unfortunately, Explorer Deals promo codes can only be applied on Agoda website Agoda desktop version.

If you enter an Explorer Offers code in the app, it will be rejected.

The code

Create an account with Agoda to get additional promotional codes

 Agoda sometimes gives promotional codes to customers with an account. that's why he's smart create an account on Agoda if you plan to book more than once. Here is a screenshot from my account.

agoda coupon discount

You can apply these discounts using the process I've demonstrated above.

Just copy and paste the code on the Customer Information page when booking. From my experience, it seems that Agoda offers me more promo codes as my total number of successful bookings increases.

 *To see today's offers on hotels in any destination, Click here.

Important tips!

  • In my experience, the text of Explorer Deals promotional codes is usually the name of the destination in upper case, such as "BANGKOK" or "BARCELONA". I have also checked that they are case sensitive.
  • Promotional codes expire, so take advantage when you find a good one


 We hope this guide has been useful to you.

We've explained what an Agoda promo code is, how to find and apply one to a reservation, how promo codes work in the app and on the website, and why you should create an account to maximize the benefits of being an Agoda customer.

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Enjoy your trips!

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