Is agoda reliable? In-depth analysis and opinions of the search engine 2024

*Disclaimer: I personally use to book accommodation around the world. I have had many positive experiences using the site (especially through their daily deals page). 

I have written this guide to help other travelers, but of course I cannot guarantee that you too will have a positive experience. I hope this guide is useful to you. is a very popular place to book accommodation online.

✅ Is Agoda safe and legit?

As per experts at Location moto bordeaux, many users share concerns about security, honesty, and whether Agoda is trustworthy, either with regard to the reservation, the security of payment or the stay itself.

Agoda's safety and reliability

After providing a brief background on Agoda as a company, I will discuss three common concerns:

  1. On the reliability shared by users.
  2. How Agoda enforces its policies.
  3. Three common security concerns and tips on how to avoid potential problems when finding and booking accommodation on Agoda.

At the end of this article you will find Agoda telephone as well as Agoda customer service and e-mail.

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agoda is reliable

* offers a wide selection of hotel rooms at great discounts.

📝 What is Agoda Hotels and how does it work?

Agoda is one of the fastest growing online travel booking platforms in the world.

Established in 2005, the company quickly expanded throughout Asia and was acquired in 2007 by Booking Holdings Inc. - a world leader in online room reservations.

✅ Booking vs Agoda: What is the best accommodation reservation platform?

Agoda Hotels is headquartered in Singapore with more than 53 offices and 3,700 employees in major cities in 30 countries around the world. Agoda has a network of more than 2 million accommodations, including apartments, villas, houses and hotels backed by more than 15 million reviews from real travelers.

Agoda was one of the pioneer organizations in non-hotel accommodation, offering villas and houses in the region during its inception.

Why is Agoda so cheap? It operates an interesting business model.

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It is very profitable, but does not actually own the rooms that are for rent. Instead, the site makes money by being valuable to both sides of the transaction: guests and hosts.

why is agoda so cheap

📝 How does Agoda make money?

Agoda operates an affiliate marketing model.

Affiliate marketing companies sell products and/or services that they do not own, but earn a commission from the owner of those products or services each time they make a sale.

Agoda does not own the hotels listed on its website. Rather, it acts as a middleman that makes life easier for both sides of the transaction.

Guests can explore a wide range of accommodation options around the world, compare prices in seconds, and book and pay securely, all without leaving

Agoda is safe

Hosts pay Agoda a commission for each completed booking, as compensation for the marketing and exposure Agoda provides them.

Agoda operates through the business model and the agency model.

Through the business model, the guest pays Agoda for their reservation, and then Agoda forwards a percentage of that payment back to the host.

Agoda charges the guest's credit card directly, without passing the card details to your host.

Through the agency model, Agoda is an intermediary between the guest and the host.

Instead of charging the guest directly, Agoda collects and passes the guest's card details to their host, who then collects the full payment in full. The host pays Agoda a percentage of their guest's total.

Because Agoda is reliable and safe is one of many travel websites owned by Booking Holdings Inc.


Booking Holdings (called Inc. from 1998 to 2014, The Priceline Group Inc. from 2014 to 18) owns,,, and, among others.

Listed on the stock market since 1999, it is one of the largest travel companies in the world (always in the Fortune 500 list).

Booking Holdings generated $8 billion in revenue in 2021 even with the coronavirus.

Agoda is one of Booking's biggest assets and one of the first it acquired (bought in 2007).

Since then, Agoda has built a reputation as the place to find discounts on a range of accommodation options.

Over the years, Agoda has added money-saving features like AgodaCash, AgodaVIP and promotional codes to improve customer experience and showcase your best deals.

Skyscanner has also taken a step forward to catch up on the cheap hotel search.

If you want to book a hostel, an excellent alternative to Agoda is hostelworld, How does Hostelworld work? Is it reliable?.

With this proven track record, Agoda is clearly a reputable company.

By 2023, Agoda employs more than 4,000 people in 30 countries. His website and the mobile app are available in 39 languages.

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How reliable is Agoda?

So Agoda is safe and legit, but what about reliability issues on the client side?

The most common reliability problems are:

  1. What if the hosts don't receive the booking notice from Agoda?
  2. Overbooking (Agoda or the host overbooks a room)
  3. Hosts do not accept an Agoda reservation as valid

Agoda Reliability Concern #1:

What if the hosts don't receive the booking notice from Agoda?

This is not going to happen. Agoda sends a confirmation email to guests and hosts when reservations are made.

As a guest, you can access all the reservations you have made within your agoda account. Your host can access their reservations from their own account.

Agoda also sends a reminder email to you and your host a few days before check-in.

agoda reviews

Agoda Reliability Concern no. 2:

Overbooking (overselling rooms)

The listings you see on they are based on what hosts report as available.

Overbooking can occur if a host forgets to notify Agoda that a room is no longer available, and then Agoda unknowingly sells that room.

However, hosts typically sync their inventory across platforms, which means room availability is updated in real time, so overbooking is rarely the case.

If you are informed that your room is overbooked after arriving at a property, notify Agoda.

Agoda shows how many rooms are left in inventory

Agoda Reliability Concern no. 3:

Hosts don't accept Agoda booking

Listings can only be sold on with the permission of your host.

If your host does not accept your Agoda reservation upon arrival, even after you have presented an ID (passport for foreigners) and proof of reservation, report the situation to Agoda immediately and they will take care of everything and find a solution.

How Agoda applies its policies

Agoda mediates on issues between guests and hosts.

Hosts agree to Agoda's terms policy page conditions when publishing the listings. Guests agree to these terms and the host's policies upon booking.

If a host is guilty of something, such as unfairly canceling a guest's reservation or posting a listing with misleading photos or description, Agoda penalizes that host according to its policies.

If a guest is at fault, Agoda penalizes them based on the policy they agreed to when booking.

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Is it safe to book with Agoda?

The answer is YES, Agoda is safe at 100%. Agoda is a legitimate and trustworthy company that enforces its policies on hosts and guests, but what about security concerns from the guest's perspective?

The most common customer security issues are:

  1. Security in payments (card data, personal information)
  2. Guest security on property
  3. Scams and fraud in reservations

Agoda Safety Concern #1:

Security in payments (card data, personal information)

No one wants to worry about the security of their credit card details during an online transaction. Luckily, you don't have to worry about this at all.

Agoda operates through the merchant model and the agency model.

Through the merchant model, the guest pays Agoda for their reservation, and Agoda then remits a percentage of that guest's payment to the host.

Agoda charges the guest's credit card directly, without passing the card details to the host.

Using the agency model, Agoda acts as an intermediary between the guest and the host.

Instead of charging the guest directly, Agoda collects and transmits the guest's card details to their host, who then collects the payment in full.

The host pays Agoda a percentage of their guest's total.

To learn more about how payments work at Agoda, Click here.

Agoda encrypts, secures and protects your card details

Agoda Safety Concern #2:

Guest security on property

Security can be a concern whether you are at a resort or a guest house.

If you are new to and you want to be sure when booking, I recommend that you stick to the listings with many opinions (30+) and a exceptional review rating (8.5+).

Also, read the full ad description and customer reviews from the last 6 months.

Is it safe to book on HomeAway (Vrbo) in 2023? – Read this first

Agoda does not discourage hosts from advertising in specific geographic areas. So if neighborhood safety concerns you, research local neighborhoods before you book.

You can filter by neighborhood and by proximity to attractions using «Location» below the search bar.

If you ever feel unsafe on a property, you can contact Agoda.

agoda discount

Agoda Safety Concern #3:

Scams and fraud in reservations

Agoda Hotels It has systems to avoid scams and fraud in reservations.

These systems are designed to protect vulnerable customers.

One example is that Agoda holds a host's first payment for 30 days after their first guest checks out.

Payment is only delivered if the reservation was made without problems.

Hosts are required to provide documentation and photos proving their affiliation with the property they are listing (before it is approved).

Agoda reserves the right to ban any host, regardless of the number of positive reviews they have accumulated.

Agoda Reviews

In This link will leave you a website where you will find Agoda opinions Hotel sincere customers and users who have used the portal.

Although Agoda has bad opinions from customers with bad experiences, it is a very interesting option to consider if you travel to Asia.

Here we leave you some comments and reviews from Agoda customers opinions Spain:

Agoda review
Is agoda reliable? In-depth analysis and opinions of the search engine 2023
Agoda reviews
Is agoda reliable? In-depth analysis and opinions of the search engine 2023
Agoda reviews
Is agoda reliable? In-depth analysis and opinions of the search engine 2023
review Agoda
Is agoda reliable? In-depth analysis and opinions of the search engine 2023

How to avoid potential problems when booking on Agoda

Agoda discount

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There is always the possibility of an unforeseen problem when you book online rather than in person or through a referral.

With countless transactions and properties coming together daily, and with travel accommodation being a highly competitive industry, it's easy to see why.

Still, there are simple steps we can take to minimize the risk of something negative happening while we travel. Here are some tips to follow when booking on Agoda:

When you search for an ad:

  • Set your destination, dates and budget before searching
  • Use Agoda's search filters to limit results based on your criteria

Consider only listings with:

  • Recent positive reviews from satisfied guests
  • Clear photos showing the room and property entrance

Select a room and finalize the reservation:

  • You will see that there are many attractive rooms in, but some are located in remote places. Make sure you book close to where you will be spending your time after you arrive. All listings have an interactive map showing your distance to local landmarks.
  • Read the full description of the ad. Make sure their services fit what you want, whether it's breakfast, laundry, or parking. A complete description shows that the host has put effort into creating their listing.
  • Read the cancellation policy and check the price before booking.
  • Your reservation confirmation email should arrive within 10 minutes of making your reservation.

What is agoda app

The Agoda app is a tool to find and book the best deals on any type of accommodation or flight, anywhere in the world.

Its operation is the same as the website but you can see offers that are not shown on their website. Agoda guarantees the best price and it can get even better when you see it in the app.

Agoda Reservations: A Simple Process

Carry out Agoda reservations It is a simple and direct process. You just have to enter your travel dates, destination and accommodation preferences, and the platform will show you a list of available options. Additionally, Agoda offers various cancellation policies and payment methods to suit each traveler's needs.

Agoda Mexico: Explore Diversity

If you are thinking of traveling to Mexico, Agoda Mexico It has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and tastes. From the beaches of Cancun to the history of Mexico City, Agoda offers you the best deals.

Agoda Argentina: From Buenos Aires to Patagonia

Agoda Argentina is another popular option for travelers looking to explore Argentina's cultural and natural diversity. Whether you want to tango in Buenos Aires or explore Patagonia, Agoda has something for you.

We hope you found this Agoda guide useful.

we have covered Agoda's track record as a business, three reliability concerns shared by many users, how Agoda enforces its policies, three security concerns, and how to avoid potential issues when searching for and booking a place on Agoda.

Enjoy your trips!

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Agoda Phone and Agoda contact

Best alternatives to Agoda

If you're not comfortable with the mixed reviews about the company, you might want to consider looking at other alternatives to Agoda (clicking will take you to a full search engine review):

And these are the search engines that we do not recommend if you do not want to have bad experiences:

Leave a comment to know your opinion and experience when booking with Agoda!

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions about your reservation on Agoda

How can I get more information about the hotel or room I booked with Agoda?

You will find more information about the hotel in the confirmation email or on the property information page.

For more information you need you can also contact directly the hotel you have booked on Agoda.

When will I receive the confirmation email from Agoda after booking?

In most cases, you will receive this booking confirmation email along with the booking PDF (PDF file) no later than 30 minutes after booking.

If you haven't received it after that time, please check your spam and/or spam filters.

You can also download or resend your booking confirmation online.

Can I add an extra bed/cot in my Hotel room booked with Agoda?

The availability of an extra bed/cot depends on the hotel.

The supplement for children, including extra beds, is not included in the price of the reservation unless otherwise indicated.

For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

Is breakfast included in the room rate of my reservation with Agoda?

If breakfast is included, it will show "Breakfast included" under the room type.

If this message is not displayed, the hotel does not include breakfast with this room offer.

How can I cancel my hotel reservation with Agoda?

You can cancel the reservation through the page my reservations.

Cancellation fees or refunds will be determined according to the reservation's cancellation policy.

In this article you will find everything you need to be able to cancel your reservation at Agoda for free.

What is Agoda app?

agoda app is a tool to find and book any type of accommodation or flight, anywhere in the world with Agoda travel agency.
Its operation is the same as the website but you can see offers that are not shown on their website. With the app (mobile application) Agoda guarantees the best price and can further improve the prices of various accommodations when you search through the app.

Is it safe to use Agoda to make reservations?

Agoda is one of the largest and most recognized online booking platforms, and is generally considered safe for bookings. They use robust security measures to protect users' personal and financial data. However, it is always advisable to read the reviews and policies of the specific accommodation before making a reservation.

Does Agoda offer a cancellation policy?

Yes, Agoda offers various cancellation policies that vary depending on the accommodation and rate you choose. It is crucial to read and understand the cancellation policy before making a reservation to avoid any inconvenience should you need to cancel.

Does Agoda have a loyalty or rewards program?

Yes, Agoda has a loyalty program called AgodaCash, where users can accumulate credits for each reservation they make. These credits can be used for future reservations, making the process more economical and beneficial for frequent travelers.

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  1. Good night. I made a reservation from Córdoba, Argentina, on 05/16/2022 for the Unique Art Madero Hotel in Buenos Aires. It was a 24HOURSALE promo, and the price was in Argentine pesos $18148.16 with taxes included. From Agoda they sent an email confirming the reservation for the days 26, 27 and 28 of May '22. It was paid in a single payment with a Visa credit card, from bco Santander. The receipt sent by Agoda contained the amount in Arg pesos, $18148.16, which was equivalent to 154 dollars. The problem is that when paying the card they also charged the country tax of 65%, being a hotel in Argentina! In other words, almost double the price they sent us on the receipt was paid! I need to know why this happened. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

  2. Hello! If you read truspilot all the last opinions, they were terrible. Agoda cancels before entering the hotel or two days before and so there are lots and this year. I don't know what's going on and that scares me. I asked them with a reservation that I have with free cancellation only in January 2023, if I could make the payment in advance in December before they charge it and they never responded to any of the 3 emails sent from the chat.

    • Hahaha how funny. I used Agoda once and it was a nightmare. The customer service was terrible and the reservation was poorly made. I wouldn't recommend it even to my worst enemy. 🙅‍♂️

    • I have had several good experiences with Agoda. As with everything, there are negative opinions, but personally I have never had problems with them. Everyone has their own experiences, but they have worked well for me. Greetings!

  3. Comparto mi experiencia con Agoda. Nosotros hicimos una reserva con Agoda para el hotel Pergamos (Atenas). El primer día de madrugada tuvimos que abandonar el hotel por las condiciones insalubres de las habitaciones. Estaban infestadas de cucarachas, en media hora contamos 9. Estaban por el suelo, corrían por encima de las camas… Además, las sábanas tenían manchas de sangre seca y el baño estaba inundado. Cuando fuimos a recepción nos informaron que no tenían más habitaciones libres. Llamamos a Agoda y nos dijeron que nos PENALIZARÍAN pagando la primera noche.

    Nos parece un trato denigrante por parte de Agoda, ya que son condiciones en las que no dormiría ni un animal, cómo pretenden que nos quedáramos allí a dormir con cucarachas corriendo por las camas. Les pedimos el 100% del reembolso de la reserva, ya que de madrugada tuvimos que buscar y reservar un nuevo hotel, pagar un taxi y trasladarnos en mitad de la madrugada (Lo que nos produjo, además de molestias, considerables gastos extra)

    Lo único que nos ofrece Agoda es un 30% de reembolso de la primera noche, lo cual nos parece inadmisible. Nos instan a litigar nosotros directamente con el alojamiento. Hemos reservado a través de Agoda, son ellos los que tienen que atender a sus clientes.
    Ya no contestan a nuestros correos y ni siquiera nos han reembolsado ese 30% que ofrecían
    Viajamos mucho y nunca nos habíamos encontrado en una situación similar
    NUNCA volveremos a contratar con Agoda

  4. En Agoda son unos estafadores. En el 2020 contraté un servicio que no fue brindado por Pandemia y no me devuelven el dinero. Encima dicen que ese mismo Hotel cerró los reclamos y no reconoce nada. Son tan poco serios que se hablan de su buena voluntad ofreciendo Monedas Agoda que nadie reconoce y después te mandan un email que nuestra opinión les interesa. NO CONTRATEN CON AGODA


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