🥇 Best day and time to buy cheap flights 2023: is Tuesday the cheapest?


Airlines release seats on different days and at different times of the year.This means you can find a better deal by booking flights for a specific time or month.

Please note that although there is a specific day to book flights at the best priceThe cost of the ticket varies depending on your destination and where you book.

Best days to buy flights step by step

But let's get into the analysis of what really matters to find the best days to buy flights during the week.

The best day and time to buy cheap flights

In today's world, travel has become an activity that more and more people enjoy. However, finding cheap flights can be a difficult task. In many cases, the prices are too high and it is difficult to find out the best day and time to buy cheap flights.

In this article, we will talk about the best moments for buy cheap flights and how you can get the best price for your next trip.

When is the best day to buy flights?

In general, the best day to buy flights is Tuesday. According to a study conducted by FareCompareThe flight prices are generally lower on Tuesdays.. It is also advisable to buy flights at least 21 days in advance to get the best possible price.

*Skyscanner is the best search engine to find cheap flights. Here you can find a detailed post with tips.

What is the best time of day to buy flights?

The best time to buy flights is at 3 p.m.US Eastern Standard Time (20.00 p.m. Spanish time). At this time, many airlines publish offers and discounts on their websites. It is also advisable to search for and buy flights during the night, as other buyers are less likely to be looking for flights at that time.

Tips on how to get cheaper flights

In addition to buying flights on Tuesdays and at 3pm, there are other tips you can follow to get cheaper flights:

  • Use flight price comparison toolsThere are many online tools that allow you to compare flight prices from different airlines. Use these tools to find the best deals.
  • Be flexible with your travel datesIf you have flexibility in your travel dates, you can find cheaper flights.
  • book in advanceas mentioned above, book at least 21 days in advance can help you get the best flight prices.
  • Use miles and pointsIf you are a member of an airline loyalty programme, you can use your miles and points to get cheaper or even free flights.

The best day to book your flight depends on the type of traveller you are. If you are looking for the cheapest fare, Tuesday mornings is when airlines publish their fares for the week.

However, if you want to be sure that your seat will be available, Friday night is the best day to book flights, because most airlines stop selling seats after that time to prepare for weekend departures.

For for maximum flexibility, you should book your flight on a Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning..

Thus, there are still plenty of seats available, but not so many that the fare is so much more expensive than on other days of the week.

How airlines release tickets, when it's best to buy flights

Best days to buy flights

Airlines release seats on different days and times of the year, which means you can find a better deal by booking flights for a particular time or month.

Although some experts say there is no "best day to book flights", as it varies depending on your destination and your travel needs, some studies show that Tuesday prices are better (as we have already seen). If you are flexible, you may benefit from booking on certain days of the week or month.

To help you plan ahead, here are some factors to consider that influence the price of flights so you can save money.

Is Vueling reliable and is it the best low-cost airline? Opinions Vueling 2023

Calendar considerations

Airlines release the cheapest seats first and the most expensive seats later, so the timing of your flight booking is important.

Business travel dates, such as mid-week during a popular holiday period or around major trade fairs, will be more expensive to fly as they are in high demand.

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, look for a flight on Tuesday or Wednesday, when fares are cheapest.

There are several factors that influence the cost of your flight. Airfares tend to be cheaper in the middle of the week or late at night, when demand for seats is lower.

Flying to smaller airports instead of larger ones, using regional aircraft instead of larger planes and flying on smaller planes are other ways to save money.

Of course, if you're travelling with young children, travelling midweek may not be the best option. Read on to find out all about the best days to buy flights.

Airlines offer cheap seats for sale in bulk. The main factor that determines the timing of the ticket purchase is the amount an airline has to spend on flights, however, this is not the only way they are forced to offer discounts.

Airlines also have to obey laws that protect their passengers from discrimination.

Other factors affect the price of flights

Best time to buy flights

The day and time you book your flight influences the price, but there are many factors that affect price fluctuations.

Finding a good deal is usually not a problem, it's more a question of whether that itinerary fits your travel dates and times.

Start searching for low cost flights today to see how much you'll pay.

When not to book flights.

There are certain days of the week when you should not book your flight, especially if you are looking for cheap flights on sale.

On Tuesday, fares are cheaper, but Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday should also be avoided.

Fares will be higher on Fridays and Sundays, because that is when most passengers fly and around major holidays.

Questions and answers from the experts

  • What are the most important factors in determining flight prices? The availability of seats on a plane. If we have 1 flight a day to the Philippines that flight will be VERY expensive as they have a monopoly on the route. Currently there are 1/3 of the flight operations, so if you want to go anywhere you are making extra stops if you are not in a central city. You are connecting with a flight with people from all over the country. (Example: flights to Bangkok are sky high. People feel comfortable flying to England, but there is a lack of flights in and out of Sweden. If we had two more flights a day it would reduce the cost because Vueling or Ryanair would not be able to charge the prices they charge.
  • What makes flight prices cheap? The cheapest flights are available in those locations that have several airlines flying to them. For example, Madrid, London, etc., as several major airlines use these two airports as hubs. Climate is another factor. It is cheaper to fly to Vilnius in February when it is -10 degrees, because does anyone want to be there in that cold?
  • What are the cheapest cities to fly (worldwide)? I would like the answer to be easier, as it depends on many things. Short, quick getaways within Spain to major cities will be less expensive. PRE-COVID would depend on the season, it would depend on the events taking place in that city, etc. Now in Spain there are less COVID restrictions and the airports are busier, see BCN and MAD are experiencing high traffic because you can rest from your mask and enjoy a Hotel and a meal in a restaurant. There are still several countries that are closed to travel. This makes it difficult to plan a trip because several countries that you could use for transit do not currently allow it.

If you are travelling in season

what are the cheapest days to fly

If you are travelling in high season and have a specific route in mind, this will greatly influence the ideal day to find cheap flights. This is certainly the case for a well-known domestic holiday trip, but it is also true for trips abroad.

→ How to get cheap flights with Vueling

22 October to 4 November is the cheapest period to fly from Rome to London, according to Skyscanner, for example. However, if you leave on 10 December and return on 22 December, the fare would be 290 euros.

If you are going to a less popular destination or if it is low season, mark your target dates and monitor fares for several weeks. If prices fall below what you had planned to spend, buy your tickets.

January, May, September and November are the cheapest months to book international flights. Flights can be up to 40% cheaper during these months.

However, if you plan to visit popular summer holiday destinations in Europe, the Caribbean or Asia, book your flight from Monday to Thursday for lower prices. The second half of July is when tickets are cheapest if you depart between June and August.

If you can fly at the last minute

the cheapest day to buy flights

The optimal days to book are determined by the season, your destination and how much notice you have. But if you can leave a few weeks in advance, try to book on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

This is because airlines publish their schedules 12 weeks in advance before adding or removing flights based on actual demand.

If you are booking for next summer, compare prices as the time approaches and you may find a much lower fare than expected.

When you travel in high season

The best day and time to buy cheap flights

In general, booking flights on a specific date is best. However, certain seasons, such as Christmas and summer holidays, have higher airfares. From December to February, the cheapest price for international travel to Europe is 1,107 $.

But May to September are the best months to book a flight, as you can get cheap travel for as little as 764 $.

Going to a less popular destination? If you're travelling on Mondays or Tuesdays, the best time of year to book is April, according to FareCompare.com. The cheapest day to buy domestic tickets is 19 December, while international flights are cheapest on 9 January.

If your travel plans are flexible with regard to flight dates

The best time to make travel arrangements depends on where you are going, but if you can be flexible with departure dates, try to buy your tickets for Tuesdays early in the week for significant savings.

If you are looking for a cheap flight, being flexible with dates wins for both domestic and international flights.

Airlines publish their schedules 11 weeks before they go into effect, which means they can add or remove flights as needed. You might get lucky and find a low price on those flights.

The best day to buy domestic Spring Break tickets is Saturday, while internationals should buy their tickets on Tuesday.

If you travel late from December to February, Fridays are the cheapest for domestic and international travel.

The least expensive days to fly for domestic travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while weekend flights will cost slightly more than weekday travel.

If you are willing to leave earlier or later, fares are 30% cheaper than usual if you can travel between Tuesday morning and early afternoon on average.

When you book a last-minute trip

The cheapest day to book flights will depend on your destination, but you can find cheap prices at any time of the week, except Fridays and Sundays.

This is because airlines usually publish their schedules six weeks in advance, so they will add or remove flights depending on actual demand. Mondays and Tuesdays are also great days to book a mid-week trip, especially mid-week.

If you are flexible about your destination

The best day to get the best deals depends on where you're going, but Tuesday is usually a good day to go. Airlines publish their schedules 11 weeks in advance, which means they can add or remove flights depending on actual demand.

If you can leave earlier or later in the week, swap a weekend trip for a mid-week trip, or even swap a domestic holiday for a last-minute trip, you can find cheaper fares.

If you are flexible about when you fly

The best day and time to buy cheap flights

Tuesday is the least expensive day to book international flights, and Wednesday afternoon is the optimal departure time.

The one exception: if you're flying from London to New York between December and February, try a Saturday morning departure. As airlines send out their itineraries 14 weeks in advance, that's when you'll be able to discover cheap fares.

They will adjust or remove flights based on actual demand. If you can be flexible about your departure date, you'll have a better chance of saving money on your trip.

If you can be flexible about the days of the week that you fly

The cheapest day to book domestic flights is Tuesday early in the week, but if you can be flexible about the days of the week you travel, aim for a Wednesday afternoon departure.

The only exception is if you fly from London to New York between December and February. A Saturday morning departure is the best option if you are travelling between December and February.

This is because airlines provide their schedules 14 weeks in advance.

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Is it necessary to book travel on a certain day to get a cheap flight?

cheapest day to buy flights

Please note that there is no single right day to find the best airfare, as it varies depending on your destination, where you are flying from and your travel needs.

The best days of the week to book flights vary depending on where and when you want to fly.

Weekday prices depend on your travel objectives and needs. Monday is usually the cheapest day of the month, although this is not always the case during peak travel seasons or periods.

For example, the best days to fly to Cancun are Tuesday and Wednesday in the month of October, while the cheapest day of the week is Sunday because it is a low travel season. The cheapest time of year to book flights is usually January or February, while the most expensive is December.

If you want to book flights for the Christmas/New Year holidays, your cheapest options may be Tuesday and Wednesday during the autumn season in the UK (November-December), but the best day of the week will depend on your destination country's peak booking period, which can last up to 6 months.

If you're looking for the best day to find flight deals, think about your destination. The cheapest days of the week vary by country and season.

However, if you are planning a trip at Christmas or any other peak travel period, it is best to plan well in advance, as prices will be higher than usual at this time of year.

How air fares work for international travel

If you want to fly abroad, it can be on a Sunday. Tuesday is a good day to sell more seats, because, as a rule of thumb, Tuesdays are usually the best days to fly abroad. The optimal time to travel abroad may be very different from what you are used to.

Expert opinion on booking cheap international flights

I asked a travel consultant, Dawn Holland, some questions about the availability of flights for international travel.

Here are some key points:

The most important factor in the price of flights is availability. If you can plan ahead and are flexible with your dates or times, you can often find better prices. Many business travellers fly on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning and return on Friday afternoon.

Leisure travellers or those returning from conferences and incentive trips often return on Sundays as well. If you can avoid Sunday travel and fly early in the morning or late in the afternoon, it may be easier to find flight availability.

Most people don't like to be at the airport at 5 a.m. or land at midnight if they can avoid it, so these flights don't tend to fill up as quickly.

If you are travelling for holidays or spring break, the key is to plan ahead. Holiday travellers start planning in late summer, in August/September, and spring break travellers usually start planning in November/December.

April and May are good times to travel to the Caribbean. Hurricane season usually runs from June to November.

Occasionally there is hurricane activity in May, so it can be a gamble, but not as much as between July and September. As the Caribbean is a popular winter destination, off-season rates (April-November) tend to be a little lower at many resorts.

thailand can also be an economical destination during the low season (May-October); however, the weather may not be ideal. It's often hot and humid during this time, but flights and hotels tend to be cheaper.

When is the best day to buy airline tickets?

Best days to buy flights

The best day to book a flight is usually Tuesday, but other factors, such as seasonality, also come into play when deciding which day to buy your airline tickets.

One of the reasons why Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to buy flights is because the major airlines release their seats on different days and at different times of the year.

This means that you can find a better deal by booking flights for a specific time or month.

It is important to remember that there is no single best day to book flights, as it varies depending on your destination and your travel needs.

In short, there is no perfect answer when it comes to deciding which day of the week is the best day to buy airline tickets.

The day to get the best prices on flights depends on your destination, seasonality and other factors that the particular airline takes into account when setting its prices.

One way to find out what is the cheapest day to buy your current ticket is to use fare alerts through a website such as Scott's Cheap Flights; this allows you to enter your travel information and the website will send you an email if there is a better deal on the flight you want.

If you are looking for the best day to book international tickets, Monday is usually the best day. But again, some airlines release their seats on different days, so it all varies from airline to airline.

The best days of the week to book flights according to farecompare.com (Table 2) are as follows

Sunday, Saturday and Wednesday for domestic flights Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for long-haul international flights Thursday and Monday for short-haul international flights

As you can see above, the cheapest days of the week to book your flight vary depending on your destination and your travel needs. Therefore, the best day to buy tickets will change from person to person.

Best time to buy flights

best time to buy flights

Skyscanner finds that the best flight deals are on Saturday.

If you want to get the cheapest fares, book your trip as early as possible, try to book between 15:00 and 18:00, when airfares are still at their lowest. The price would have to go up for the airline to sell more of its cheap tickets.

The best time of day to book flights is 15:00, according to Skyscanner.(US Eastern Time).

Saturday is also the best day of the week to buy tickets, followed by Wednesday and Sunday, with cheaper prices on these days than on others.

Skyscanner suggests that you try to book your flights between 15:00 and 18:00, when airfares are still lower than the day before, so if fares drop in value, more of these cheap tickets will be sold.

Latest tips on how to find the best deal on flights

Here are some tips on how to find the best airline ticket prices no matter what day of the week it is.

Use the right tools

Why worry about the best day to fly when you can get flight deals delivered straight to your inbox with Scott's Cheap Flights alerts.

If you're looking for the cheapest airfares from airlines, be sure to check out Skyscanner's airfare calendar tool.

This tells you how much each airline will charge for a specific flight on a specific date of the year.

Finally, use Google Flights to make sure you can find a domestic or international ticket that fits your budget. You can use Google Flight to find destinations with multiple locations, anywhere or the lowest price for a specific destination. This site is one of the best for booking great flight deals.

Always compare air fares

Check out some of our competitors' sites - why pay more than you need to? Alert me so I can do it all for you.

It only takes a second to sign up for the alert and the offer is sent to you by post. Similarly, if you find a ticket that suits your needs, check that you won't find a better bargain elsewhere.

Be flexible with dates and times

The best day to find the lowest fares is not always going to be the best day to find the best deals for other people. Always check airline ticket sales with other third parties and multiple sites to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Being flexible about travel dates can also help you get a low fare. If there are no cheap tickets available, consider flying another day.

Travelling with friends or family

If you're flying alone, you can always split the fare with someone else. This is especially useful if you are taking a long flight across countries; splitting the costs means saving money!

If you are not travelling alone, but for business reasons for example, why not split the hotel with another person?

You can make it a memorable experience for free.

You do not need to fly at the same time as your loved ones, but you should consider flying on the same flight if it is convenient for everyone.

One person may book their ticket days in advance, while the other may want to book just a few hours before. You can even buy a package tour that includes flights and hotels together if you think this is the best deal for your group.

What to do if you find a good flight offer

what are the cheapest days to fly

When it comes to using coupons, there are two main questions: when should I use it?

And should I bother with another coupon code since the first one is working?

Most of the time, people have already compared prices with a flight search engine and these offers are so competitive that you won't find a better price anywhere else.

While it makes sense to use your credit card points for flight offers, you should also consider how long you plan to keep your credit card.

Some travel credit cards have an annual fee, and if you don't think the miles will be enough to pay for a flight, it may make more sense to cancel the card or keep it.

What you should know before booking flights

You should check all your travel information before booking flights. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months before departure and that the destination accepts it.

Also, don't forget to keep secure copies of all documents, such as visas and travel permits, along with confirmation numbers and hotel or package travel information.

You never know when something might go wrong or if there is a problem with the bank, so you should have all the information at hand.

Check your travel insurance

Before you book that flight, be sure to check if it is already included as part of your travel insurance.

In some cases, this can save you a lot of money, as some insurance companies charge up to 15% for each item booked directly with an airline.

Don't forget to check your booking reference before you leave!

This is the number that airlines print on your boarding pass, and this could also help you identify any problems or errors with your booking, saving you time when dealing with customer service representatives.

Within 24 hours of making an online booking, be sure to check your confirmation email for errors or typos, and contact the airline directly if there are any problems.

If you wait too long after booking your flight, you could end up paying more money to get to where you wanted to go.

Have all the information ready before calling an airline hotline: ticket number, flight time and date, destination and dates of travel.

The customer service representative will ask you to verify your details, so you need to know which city you are flying to and how long you will be staying.

You may even be referred to an agent if there is a problem with your booking that cannot be solved immediately over the phone. Best days to buy flights.

Know your rights as a passenger

As soon as you receive your ticket, be sure to check the fine print for date changes, baggage allowance and booking conditions. Airlines usually allow 24 hours after receiving the ticket to make a change without incurring additional charges.

You may be entitled to compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled, so it is best to know in advance so that you are not charged extra.

The best day to buy your flights will vary depending on where you are flying. Airlines release seats at different times and days of the week, so this is only a general guide providing information on when airlines release their cheapest fares for booking.

Please note that these are general guidelines and the cheapest days to book your flights will vary depending on your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Days to Buy Flights (FAQ)

What day of the week is the best time to buy airline tickets?

The best day to buy your flights depends on where you are going and when. To decide, you should think about what you need for your flight. On Mondays and Tuesdays, flights are cheapest.

Sometimes prices will be different depending on which airline you fly with or where you want to go. Some countries may have better deals on Fridays. In other countries, weekends are cheaper.

To find out for sure, you could research a specific airline and destination date to see if they provide this information.

When is the best day to book a cheap flight?

You can find a cheaper flight if you book a week in advance. If you wait until the day before, you will have to pay more for a seat.

You can find out when there are more flights on Tuesdays by calculating how many there are per year and dividing that number by the number of weeks in the year.

Do flight prices fall on certain days of the week?

It is difficult to say which day has the cheapest prices. Prices are different every day. The best advice is to check a few days before you book your flight and try a few days.

There are many different days when airlines release seats. It is best to book your seat when you can get the best price. Prices vary depending on where you are going and how you want to fly.

Are flight prices cheaper closer to the date?

Flight prices may change depending on the day of the week.
Research has found that the best days to buy tickets are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Fridays are more expensive because Fridays are popular travel days.

The most popular days to travel are summer weekends, so keep this in mind when looking for a cheap flight deal if you plan to travel during this time.

There has been an increase in the price of flights as departure dates approach.
This is because airlines release seats on different days and times of the year, which means you can find a better deal by booking flights for a particular time or month.

What is the best day of the week to book flights online?

If you are going to book a flight, you should do so on Tuesdays (although you should also look at Mondays and compare).

The reason is that flights are different for all destinations and airlines change prices at different times of the year.

For example, in some countries it may be cheaper to book in January because they have fixed prices on all airlines.

Also, bear in mind that there is no single best day to book flights. It depends on where you are going and what your needs are.
Some people will want to book their tickets well in advance, while others may feel comfortable waiting a little longer to have the flexibility to book later.

You should book your international flight at least five weeks in advance. Fares are cheaper then. You can fly on Thanksgiving or Christmas because fares are lower on those days.

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