⭐ The best Instagram photos Bangkok – 20 TOP places


If you want to visit some of the beautiful attractions in Bangkok and capture some impressive photos that give color and life to your Instagram profile, You have come to the right place.

In this article, I will break down what, in my opinion, are the places for best photos instagram bangkok.

These Bangkok Instagram spots are awesome for a reason: they're all exceptionally pretty!

They're not just backdrops for your photos, they set the stage for a number of amazing experiences.

Visiting these beautiful places in Bangkok will brighten up your trip to thailand as much as your Instagram profile will.

If you want to go easy and not complicate your life with transport and waste time locating yourself, you can hire this Instagram tour with Get Your Guide. All inclusive.

So don't forget to put away your phone or camera once you've captured your best shots, and experience the magic of the moment.

Wat Benchamabophit temple, Instagram spots in Bangkok, Thailand
Wat Benchamabophit temple in Bangkok, Thailand


Temples and most instagrammable buildings in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to hundreds of photogenic temples and buildings. These are some of my favorites

wat arun

One of the most impressive temples in Thailand, Wat Arun stands out for its strikingly different design from other temples in Bangkok.

Situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the temple is a grand and amazing sight that you and your Instagram followers will love.

As the sun sets over the city, Wat Arun illuminates like a glittering tower of gold against the night sky..

Whether you capture its beauty from across the river, or go up to the top and take some close-ups and shots of the view, Wat Arun is one of the best views in Bangkok and a perfect backdrop for your Bangkok photos. .


wat pho

Also known as 'Temple of the Reclining Buddha', Wat Pho is a beautiful temple complex that is home to one of the city's most famous attractions: a 46-meter-long statue of Buddha.

The statue shows the Buddha in a relaxed, reclining position, and is completely covered in gold leaf!

The rest of the temple is equally magnificent; ornately patterned ceilings arch over intricate interiors, and lush shoots of greenery dot the colorful courtyards.

I recommend that you take an iconic photo between the needles.

Photos for Instagram Bangkok Wat Pho, Thailand
Exploring the outer grounds of Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Pho is quite crowded during the day, so if you want to get some cool photos with the reclining Buddha, you should try to get here first thing in the morning.

However, we visited in the early afternoon and were able to find quiet corners among the courtyard's spires, although other places were more crowded.

In addition to the great photo opportunities, it's a must-see in Thailand, even if you only spend 24 hours in Bangkok.

Instagram spots from Bangkok Wat Pho, Thailand
Exploring the outer grounds of Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand


wat benchamabophit

Built with marble imported from Italy, Wat Benchamabophit is also known as 'the Marble Temple'. I think it is one of the most beautiful temples in the city, and one of the best places to see in Bangkok.

It boasts a photogenic symmetry that will stop those who scroll through Instagram

The light-colored marble is adorned with splashes of red and gold, while the structure is made up of balanced curves and angles that the eye cannot help but find pleasing.

Take a strikingly symmetrical photo from the front of the inner courtyard, or capture the temple glowing in the soft light of the golden hour.

Bonus points if you frame it with the arch of the door frame, after all you want to get a little creative with your Instagram photos


Wat Ratchanatdaram

The temple grounds of Wat Ratchanatdaram are best known for the glittering structure at its center: Loha Prasat.

This stepped building is known as the "Metal Castle" because of its unique appearance and because it is the only existing building with all-bronze roof tiles.

Protruding from the tiled roof are 37 glittering gold-plated spires that will make your photos stand out.

You can also venture up to the open top floor to capture some photos of the panoramic views.

Wat Ratchanatdaram in Bangkok - Instagram Sites Bangkok
Wat Ratchanatdaram in Bangkok – photo by Alex, author of Swedish Nomad


Wat Samphran (Dragon Temple)

Located about 40 km from the city, Wat Samphran is a truly unique temple.

Known as the "Temple of the Dragon", it is an 80-meter-tall, pink-colored cylindrical building, wrapped in a huge sculpture of a dragon.

Wat Samphran Instagram Bangkok

The brightly colored dragon is quite the impressive sight and makes for a top-notch Instagram photo.

Where else can you find a dragon appearing in your feed?

The temple is not particularly well-known and, for now, it is not on the tourist map, so it is likely that you will have a quiet visit.

You might even be lucky enough to get through the tunnel inside the dragon that leads to the temple.


Grand palace

The Grand Palace, a vast and impressive complex of buildings, is undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction in the city. It is located in the heart of Bangkok and was the official residence of the king for centuries.

The buildings in the complex have more golden spires and sweeping roofs, and are decorated with ornate details.

Inside there are a large number of ancient treasures, such as the Emerald Buddha, which is the most important Buddha statue in the country.

A visit to the Grand Palace will net you some of the most iconic Instagram photos in Bangkok!

Check the exact location here.

Tip – If you want to see several of Bangkok's most famous temples, it's a good idea book a guided tour of the temples.

This way, you can check off a few at once and learn a lot along the way. Plus, you'll have people around to take a few photos!

Ancient City (Mueang Boran)

Mueang Boran, or Ancient City, is the largest open-air museum in the world.

It is a park that takes the shape of Thailand and contains replicas of some of the most famous temples and monuments in the country.

Some of the buildings are life-size, but most are reduced, which makes for interesting photos

The buildings are laid out in the park in the shape of Thailand to match their geographically correct positions.

It's a great place to photograph some of the country's best architectural wonders and temples without straying too far from its capital.

Find the exact location here.

The Most Instagram-Worthy Markets and Streets in Bangkok

Thailand is famous for its amazing markets, thanks to its top-quality food and great atmosphere. Plus, they make for some amazing Instagram photos too!

rail market

The Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok is certainly unique and stands out from the other markets in the city. The market is situated on either side of an active railway line, and trains run right through the middle several times a day!

Vendors rush to fold up their awnings as the trains approach.

The train barely passes the stalls, making for a really cool and unexpected Instagram video or boomerang. While you're there, you can pick up some unique local delicacies or fresh produce at the stalls.

Booking this guided market tour from Bangkok is a great way to see the Railway Market and the floating market in one comprehensive trip.

See the exact location here.

The train going through the famous railway market in Bangkok
The famous railway market on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand


Floating Market

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most popular of its kind in all of Thailand. It is a food market located on the Damnoen Saduak canal and is made up of a large number of stalls and floating kitchens.

The market features some of the world's most exciting and iconic photo opportunities, with vibrantly colored wares piled high on the boats lining the canal.

If you want to take photos from one of the wooden boats, I recommend that you go early in the morning, as late in the day it can be very crowded and there can be real boat jams along the canals.

Located about 100 km from Bangkok, getting to the floating market is a bit tricky. But the unique atmosphere and endless stream of amazing images are worth it.


Get the exact location here.

The floating market, photos Instagram Bangkok
The floating market near Bangkok, Thailand


Khao San Road Night Market

Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, is world renowned for its outstanding street food.

You can buy first-class dishes at street stalls for a real bargain

Khao San Road Market is one of the best places in Bangkok to try this famous style of food. Just as inviting as the cuisine is the lively market that surrounds it

Khao San Road is lined with restaurants, bars and stalls, with music wafting through the air.

The beautiful roadside trees are strung with colored lights, making the night market a great place for Instagram photos

Khao San Road gets very crowded at night, it is the backpacker hub of Bangkok and you will find a lot of party people.

To capture this street it would be great to use a tripod and a slow shutter speed to really capture the hustle and bustle of the street.

Check the exact location here.

Khao San Road night market in Bangkok
Khao San Road night market in Bangkok


Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market

While Khao San Road is a road that doubles as a market, the Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market is a full-fledged market.

The narrow lanes are lined with hundreds of stalls with colorful tents, each selling their own delicious delicacies.

The nightlife is wonderful, delicious aromas fill the air, and the colorful aesthetic will make any Instagram post stand out.

Dipping into the market is a great way to find photo opportunities in Bangkok, but I also recommend heading to the mall next door for a bird's-eye view of the colorful stall shops.

You just have to go up to the third floor of the mall (you'll find it right next to the metro station) and exit to the parking area.

The view from up there with all the colorful shops glowing and the Bangkok skyline in the distance is just stunning!

See the exact location here.

The Chatuchak Night Market in Bangkok seen from above
Chatuchak night market in Bangkok seen from above


The most instagrammable hotels and infinity pools in Bangkok

Skybars and Rooftops in Bangkok

These quaint hotels and rooftop pools are the stuff of Instagram fantasies.

there is nothing like a infinity pool with views of the city skyline to make all your Instagram followers jealous of your trip to Bangkok.

In the Most hotels you will have to stay to enjoy the impressive infinity pools that Bangkok offers.

In change for the rooftop and skybar of hotels you can access without having to stay at the hotel.

We continue, more photos Instagram Bangkok.

137 Pillars Suites and Residences

If you are looking for endless scenes and views worthy of being established, 137 Pillars Suites Bangkok it is a top notch destination. It is a luxury hotel housed in a tall building, with incredible interior design and exceptional outdoor spaces.

The crown of this impressive hotel is the rooftop pool and bar. The crystal blue infinity pool blends into the sky, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding cityscape.

The gardens, common areas, suites, and views from the balconies are also stunning, and present some amazing Instagram opportunities.

Check the exact location here.

Check the latest prices at 137 Pillars Suites Bangkok

The impressive 137-pillar pool overlooking Bangkok, photo by Christine of Christine Abroad
The impressive 137-pillar pool overlooking Bangkok – photo by Christine, author of Christine Abroad


SO Sofitel Bangkok, for the best Instagram photos Bangkok

This stylish hotel is also incredibly photogenic, but at a more affordable price SW Sofitel Bangkok It features elegantly designed rooms and shared spaces that are pleasing to the eye and the eye.

The rooms are interestingly individually designed, and boast floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of the city. The common spaces are just as striking.

From softly lit lounges to a rooftop pool and terrace overlooking the city, you won't be short of photo-worthy moments!

Get close to the pool at night to catch its purple glow under the night sky.

See the exact location here.

Check the latest prices at SO Sofitel

SO Sofitel rooftop pool in Bangkok, excellent photo and Instagram spot
The rooftop pool of the SO Sofitel in Bangkok


amara bangkok

If you want to have a cocktail by the pool with views of the city skyline, amara bangkok it's a great affordable option. This hotel has undoubtedly one of the best rooftop pools in Bangkok.

Stylish interiors and wall-to-ceiling windows offer stunning photo opportunities and stellar views.

A photo of your colorful cocktail against the epic Bangkok cityscape will turn heads on any Instagram feed.

Get the exact location here.

Check the latest prices in Amara Bangkok

Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

He Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit it is located in one of the most striking buildings in the Bangkok skyline. Multi-level outdoor decks put you in the fresh air, high above the city streets

Snap a photo of the views, or head to the rooftop pool for a swim with a view. There is a rooftop bar where you can sit and have drinks and snacks as the sun sets over the Bangkok skyline.

Check the exact location here.

Check the latest prices at Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

w bangkok

W Hotel Bangkok It has a garden and a swimming pool on the roof, wrapped in a striking sculpture.

The gigantic “W” on the side of the building also makes for an attention-grabbing Instagram post. Expect more city views and unique interior design from this stylish hotel

Get the exact location here.

Check the latest prices at W Bangkok

The rooftops and rooftop for the best photos of Bangkok

If you're looking for rooftop magic without investing in a hotel stay, these rooftop bars and clubs are my top picks.

Sky Bar

Located on the 63rd floor of a 250 meter high building, the Sky Bar is one of the highest outdoor bars in the world

With mood lighting, stylish design and spectacular views, the Sky Bar is one of the most aesthetic places in Bangkok to sip vintage wines and cocktails with your head in the clouds.

You will have panoramic views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River. Your photos will sparkle with the city lights and the glow of this bar in the sky!

The Sky Bar is also the film set for the popular movie 'The Hangover', making it a must-see for many movie fans.

If you visit at sunset, you can enjoy some stunning views as the sky turns pink over Bangkok, and the city's skyline lights up as night falls.

The cocktails are expensive (around 20 euros), but the views, and the Instagram photos, are worth it.

See the exact location here.

Enjoying the view of the sunset over Bangkok from the Sky Bar
Enjoying the sunset view over Bangkok from the Sky Bar, TOP photo for Instagram


Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar

on top of Hotel Marriott Sukhumvit It is a beautiful rooftop bar. Unlike other hotel rooftops in the previous section, this one is open to the public!

Climb to the hotel's rooftop for views soaring over the city. Sip colorful drinks and snap photos of the magnificent surroundings.

Find the exact location here.

Bar Vertigo and Luna Bangkok

On the 61st floor of the Hotel Banyan Tree you will be able to sit, drink and dine with nothing above you but the open sky.

The building is surprisingly narrow in shape, and the photo opportunities are truly impressive.

Head to Vertigo and the Moon Bar for a late night session and catch the full moon rising over the city skyline. The twinkling city lights and skyscrapers in the background make the perfect backdrop for your photos.

See the exact location here.

Vertigo Bangkok by A World to Travel
The view from Vertigo Bangkok – photo by José Martínez, author of A World to Go


Vanilla Sky Bar and Club

The Vanilla Sky bar, which is not as high as other bars, is situated in an ideal place to observe the bustle of the city Hotel Compass Skyview.

Comfy sofas, lush green plants, a neon-lit bar and views of the city is what you'll find at this rooftop bar and club.

The outdoor deck and indoor section of the club are fun and colorful, with lights that will make your Instagram photos shine. Enjoy the drinks, music, and views while snapping photos.

Check the exact location here.

Take beautiful Instagram photos with this camera kit:

You already know all the most instagrammable places in Bangkok, but how about getting those photos framed for the 'gram'?

Although most of the time it is enough to take a simple photo with the phone (especially if you have the portrait mode), there are some equipment that you can use to improve your photos.

All the items below are the exact cameras and lenses I use to take all the photos you see on my Instagram.

Nikon D3300 This is my main camera with which I take all my Instagram photos. It's a bit heavy to carry but very easy to use, and great value for money, especially if you're new to DSLRs.

You can change the objective, so when you feel the need to increase the team you won't have to change everything.

Bokeh lens f/1.8 35mm If you want to take your photography a step further, consider investing in a 35mm f/1.8 lens.

This lens will allow you to create a beautiful blurred background effect, known as "bokeh."

Enjoying the SO Sofitel Bangkok pool at sunset
Enjoying the pool of SO Sofitel Bangkok at sunset, with the bokeh effect in the blurred background


Final Thoughts on the Best Instagram Spots in Bangkok

These are some of my favorite places to Instagram in Bangkok, but I'd love for you to tell me which ones are your favorites

Leave a comment below and tell me about your photography adventures in Bangkok.

If you go to any of these places I would love to see some of your Instagram photos of Bangkok so be sure to leave a link below

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