Best travel insurance to Bali – 20% discount


The island of the gods, the earthly paradise for surfers and a treasure trove of natural wonders. Bali is rightly one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Brimming with spirituality (those 20,000 temples help), the island is also a playground for adrenaline junkies. Oh, and Bali also knows how to throw a good party.

If you want to know everything about if travel insurance is mandatory look at this article.

It is one of the few places in the world where penniless backpackers, digital nomads and luxury honeymoons coexist.


There's something for absolutely everyone, and it's also a great place to start your travels around the world. Southeast Asian.

Your head is probably spinning thinking about all the amazing things you can do in Bali. You sure are looking forward to going there. But before you do, today's topic will really make you sweat.

Its about Bali travel insurance.

Buying travel insurance is an obstacle that all they prefer to avoid. With these useful tips and tricks, you will be able to know which insurance company is the best for you and your trips, and what type of policy you need.

Do I need travel insurance for Bali?

bali travel insurance

As in the rest of Indonesia, travel insurance for Bali is not required. Immigration won't kick you out if you show up at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport without it.

But all travelers to Bali should seriously consider getting a decent insurance policy.

First of all, there's a fair amount of danger lurking under those pretty palm trees.

We're talking volcanic activity and tsunamis, tropical diseases and wayward monkeys who don't take kindly to your not handing over your jungle trail mix.


And then there are motorcycle accidents: you may be the most competent motorcyclist in the world, but it only takes one drunk tourist on your side of the road to ruin everything.

It won't take long for you to realize that the Balinese are among the warmest, kindest, and purest in the world.

But unfortunately, theft and petty crime are common, even in Bali you also have to take into account that not all bali policemen it will help you if your bag is stolen.

We encourage to all travelers that they at least consider taking out travel insurance in Bali. After all, you never know what can happen in those rice paddies!

healthcare in bali

As tourism has grown, the boost to the economy and infrastructure in Bali has strengthened the healthcare system.

Tourists will find many private hospitals with state-of-the-art and international-level facilities most of of doctors are fluent in English, or at least have a good command of the language.

Allianz Travel Insurance Opinions | Allianz travel assistance

Geographically, most of Bali's premium healthcare is located in the south of the island, the tourist hub.

In Kuta, Denpasar and Seminyak you will find most of the big hospitals. Ubud, a popular Bali destination, is also well-equipped medically.

The cost of seeing a doctor in Bali for injuries and minor ailments is low compared to Western prices.

For a consultation with a doctor at a local clinic, you can expect to pay around 500,000+ IDR (31 USD). Other tests, laboratory expenses, treatment expenses and prescription expenses will be added to the invoice.

Fees are higher in tourism-oriented hospitals, such as BIMC and Siloam. In short, if you need urgent treatment in Bali, medical care is going to be very expensive without insurance or medical coverage.

Find out if your Bali travel insurance policy has a link to a particular hospital or clinic for which they can bill your insurance provider directly. If not, save your receipts to get reimbursed.

crime in bali

Bali is a quiet island and generally safe for tourists.

The region was ranked 133rd in a recent Numbeo survey, with a crime rate of 47.66. Compare it to Caracas, which topped the crime list with a score of 84.92.

Although violent crime is low, sexual assault and alcohol use are unfortunately all too common in Bali. Travelers should be much more careful, especially when walking alone, or even when riding a scooter.


The only thing that is known in Bali is bag snatching from the car. First-time visitors and digital nomads: chances are you'll find yourself in the hippy-go-lucky Canggu.

When you go out at night on the Bintang, make sure to hide your money and your smartphone. If partying is one of your priorities, all the more reason to consider travel insurance for Bali.

Thieves prey on their victims as they exit beach bars, targeting pedestrians as well as those driving their own vehicles.

In a similar vein, never, ever leave valuables in your Scoopy while surfing. Keep them locked up in your hostel and keep the essentials on your person. Consider adding valuables insurance to your coverage.

Scams are relatively common. There is a known "scam"taxi mafiathat block the use of the taxi apps Grab and Gojek (the Indonesian Uber!).

Tourists have reported asking for a ride and then seeing local drivers violently assault drivers. Basically, when it comes to crime in Bali, you just have to stay alert.

Traveler problems in Bali

In addition to falling in love and never wanting to leave, there is a some other issues faced by travelers visiting Bali.

This is where your elegant travel insurance can help you. Being a tropical and humid destination, it is inevitable that you will encounter mosquitoes in Bali, which poses a risk of dengue fever. In extreme cases, this requires a mini-break in a pavilion.

You also have to stay away from the monkeys, which can be especially aggressive in Ubud. Don't be fooled by those pretty little faces.

Meanwhile, two active volcanoes are bubbling in Bali: Mount Agung and Mount Batur.

The Agung is the one to watch; has made headlines in recent years for spitting lava. Indonesia is known for shaking its tourists with occasional earthquakes. A magnitude 6.3 earthquake was recently recorded in Bali.

Both volcanoes and earthquakes can cause tsunamis. Basically, what we are trying to say is that when looking for the best travel insurance for Bali, you might want to check the natural catastrophe box.

If you're planning on getting on a motorbike in Bali, this is where travel insurance is going to sound super sexy.

Police reported that motorcycle accidents in Indonesia claim about 30,000 lives a year In 2015, a total of 1,492 traffic accidents across Bali occurred.

Most of the time, tourists are involved, and as Go Fund Me attests, those tourists often don't have an insurance plan. Don't be that person.

We cannot stress enough the value of Bali travel insurance if you plan to drive or passenger. Also, make sure you have the correct card and double check the fine print, at least. And never ride without wearing a helmet.

Common activities in Bali

  • Surf – This little island is packed with amazing things to do First and foremost, Bali is an island for surfers. It goes without saying that surfing comes with its risks, and we're not just talking about how addictive it is. Keeping with the aquatic theme, Bali is popular with divers and snorkelers. Scuba diving is usually insured up to a certain depth, but you will need to check the conditions of your travel insurance to be sure.
  • Yoga – Another very popular holiday activity in Bali is joining a yoga retreat. The island is barely walkable because of the number of descending dogs and warriors – kinda. Obviously, a yoga holiday in Bali is not too much high risk, but if you get too eager with that backspin, well, you might want to cover yourself.
  • Ride a motorcycle It is ubiquitous in Bali. If we haven't terrified you in the above passage, it's something you'll definitely want to look into. There's no better way to discover this little slice of tropical heaven (and dodge the selfie sticks).

Not all companies cover these activities by default, so navigate carefully and remember that the The cheapest Bali travel insurance may not offer the best protection.

What should Bali travel insurance cover?

Final Thoughts on Bali Safety

As a general rule, most Bali travel insurance includes the following;

  • Emergency medical expenses for accident and illness
  • Luggage and personal property
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation
  • trip cancellation
  • trip interruption

These are the key terms to look for when comparing insurance policies.

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Let's take a closer look at what each of them means.

Emergency medical expenses due to accident and illness

The holder of most travel insurance policies is emergency medical expenses. If you're in a car accident or contract meningitis, you'll want to rest easy knowing that any subsequent medical expenses will be covered.

In case you've never seen a medical bill before, let us assure you that they can be expensive. A colleague of ours once racked up expenses of $10,000 in Costa Rica, and then a nasty infection in thailand It cost him $2,000 for just 2 days of hospitalization. Ouch.


Pre-existing health and medical conditions may not be covered or may carry an additional premium.

Ideally, accident and sickness emergency medical insurance offers coverage of at least $100,000.

Luggage and personal property

Baggage and Personal Property coverage covers the value of your personal property. Its most common application is lost luggage, and many policies also extend it to cover theft "on the ground."

The limits of this coverage vary by policy, but are rarely more than $1,000 and the maximum value of items is usually up to $500.

This is fine for many travelers, but if you are traveling with a lot of electrical devices (laptop and camera), you may want to consider purchasing separate coverage for the devices.

Medical emergency. Evacuation and repatriation

emergency medical evacuation covers the cost of sending you to your home country on a sick bed.

Suppose the car accident mentioned above is unpleasant and it is decided to send you home for further treatment; this will take care of the high associated costs.

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Repatriation it is the cost of sending your terrestrial remains home in the tragic event that you die abroad. The costs of this are often enormous, and it is not a burden I would want to leave on my family.

Although it's rare, from time to time I come across a Facebook or "Go Fund Me" page to fly someone's body home.

Non-medical emergency evacuation

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation is when you have to be evacuated from your destination due to some unexpected crisis. Classic examples are outbreaks of war/civil disorder and earthquakes that decimate infrastructure.

Recently, the Corona COVID-19 outbreak created the largest international emergency evacuation situation in history. (Just so you know, it spanned the boundaries of medical and non-medical evacuation.)


Emergency evacuation insurance covers the costs of having to book a last minute flight (which can be expensive) ) and will also cover accommodation costs if they end up flying to a random “safe” country instead of going straight home.

trip cancellation

Being forced to cancel a trip you were looking forward to sucks. But running out of money only adds salt to that festering wound.

Trip Cancellation coverage can help you recover non-refundable expenses, such as booked flights and hotel expenses.

Keep in mind that you cannot claim it simply because you changed your mind or broke up with your boyfriend. Acceptable reasons for cancellation are, for example, illness, family emergencies, bereavement, natural disasters, pandemics, and war.

trip interruption

Trip interruption occurs when something goes wrong with part of your trip, leaving you without resources. For example, when your hotel burns down and you are forced to book another.

Or when your flight back home is canceled and you need a few extra nights in your hotel. These are just a few examples of when you may need to respond to trip interruption.

travel insurance for bali

Anything else?

The above is what we consider the most basic of travel insurance. However, some policies offer a few more aspects and the best travel insurance for Bali may also offer the following;

Sports and adventure activities

Keep in mind that some travel insurance options No They cover sports and adventure activities. The definition of adventure sports and activities varies by providers, but for example may include;

  • Hiking
  • rafting
  • Muay Thai
  • paragliding
  • Dive
  • Soccer training….

If you are thinking of doing something physical or outdoors on your trip, it is a good idea to check that your insurance covers it. Broken ankles already hurt enough to have a $5,000 medical bill.

accidental death and dismemberment

This does not cover any travel-related expenses, but basically provides you or your family with compensation in case something horrible happens to you.

If you die, your loved ones receive compensation. Or, if you lose a toe or something, YOU get paid.

It's like having a bit of life coverage attached to your travel insurance. I know not everyone is comfortable with the concept of payments for life and limb, but I guess it goes something like that;

"Well, my dear, I'm afraid there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that our dear son little Jimmy has died on his trip to Bali. The good news is that we received $10,000! Bali here we come!"

What is the best travel insurance in Bali?

Tips to save money in Bali
Bali has a lot to offer to visitors.

It's fair to say that not all insurers are created equal. Some offer lower prices than others, and others offer more comprehensive coverage.

Some are known for dodging coverage, while others are applauded for their Excellent client service.

Travel insurers are all the same, but always different, and it's by no means that any of them are the best, or "better" than the others.

Insurance is a complex product that takes into account a lot of data and a wide set of variables. The “best” travel insurance always depends on where you are going, when you are going, and ultimately on you and your needs.

Below we will introduce some of the many travel insurance providers on offer. These are companies that we ourselves have used over the years.

Principal Coverage Amounts

What is covered? World Nomads Standard Plan interworld Iata Insurance SafetyWing Columbus Direct
Emergencies due to accident and illness $100,000 $100,000 $200,000 $250,000 $1,000,000
Luggage and personal property $1000 $3000 $1000 $3000 $750
Emergency evacuation and repatriation $300,000 $500,000 100% of the cost $100,000 $1,000,000
Non-medical emergency evacuation $25,000 $25,000 $0 $10,000 $0
trip cancellation $2500 $10,000 $1,500 $0 $1,000
trip interruption $2500 $10,000 100% of the cost $5000 $750

nomads of the world

World Nomads has been insuring backpackers for years. They are specialized in travel insurance for backpackers, so their policies cover long trips with one-way tickets, several countries and many adventure activities.

They are used to dealing with backpackers like us, and are regularly recommended by travel bloggers and industry insiders.

They offer 2 different plans depending on your needs: the Standard Plan and the Explorer Plan, which covers a whole series of high-risk and fun activities. World Nomads is also one of the few travel insurers that allow you to get coverage after you start your trip.

Let's look at the maximum coverage amounts for both the Standard plan and the Explorer Plan.

  • Emergency medical expenses due to accident and illness -100,000 $/ 100,000 $
  • Baggage and personal property – $1000/$3000
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation – 300,000 $/ 500,000 $
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation – 25,000 $/ 25,000 $
  • Trip cancellation -2500$/$10,000
  • Trip interruption – 2500 $ / 10,000 $

Show Coverage Amounts

If you want more information or request a quote, visit the World Nomads website and take a look.

Columbus Direct

Named after one of the greatest (and most controversial) explorers in history, Columbus Direct also specializes in insuring adventurous explorers like us.

They have been offering award-winning insurance for 30 years. What we like about this plan is that it covers small amounts of personal money. However, Gadget Coverage not available.

Columbus Direct actually offers several different travel insurance plans. Below we have focused on one of them and we have established the amounts of coverage of the Trotamundos plan.

  • Emergency medical expenses due to accident and illness – 1,000,000 $
  • Baggage and personal property – $750
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation – $1,000,000
  • Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation – $0
  • Trip cancellation – $1,000
  • Trip interruption (“catastrophe”) – 750$

Show Coverage Amounts

If you need more information or want to get a quote, you can visit the website by yourself.


In this post I have written a comprehensive review of Intermundial Seguros.

Iati Insurance

Iati Seguros is a Spain-based travel insurance company that we have personally used and loved. You will find that they offer competitive cover amounts for key areas of travel insurance, and that they are competitively priced. So far we have only heard good things about them.

They also offer multiple options, but we have focused on the Standard Plan. However, we encourage you to check out all the plans for yourself to identify the one that best suits your needs.

  • Emergency medical expenses due to accident and illness – 200,000 $
  • Baggage and personal property – $1000
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation – 100% of the cost
  • Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation – $0
  • Trip cancellation – 1,500 $
  • Trip interruption – 100% of the cost

Show Coverage Amounts

If you need more information or want to get a quote, you can visit the website by yourself.


SafetyWing is a very interesting travel insurance company. It is specialized in covering digital nomads and offers open coverage through a monthly subscription. Keep in mind that since they mainly cover digital nomads, they don't offer much in the way of trip cancellation or delay.

However, they are distinguished by their health insurance, which covers dental and some complementary treatments, and even allows young children to be covered for free.

If cancellation and delay are not a concern for you, or if you're going to be spending considerable time on your trip, then SafetyWing might be right for you.

  • Emergency medical expenses due to accident and illness – 250,000 $
  • Baggage and personal property – 3,000 $
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation – $100,000
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation – $10,000
  • Trip cancellation -$0
  • Trip interruption – $5000

Show Coverage Amounts

If you need more information or want to get a quote, you can visit the website by yourself.

insure my equipment is an online insurer for expensive equipment (such as cameras). You can insure specific pieces of equipment so you know exactly what will be covered. Keep in mind that this policy is only for your equipment

An "Insure My Equipment" policy works well in combination with other travel insurance. “Insure My Equipment” policies are a great option for professionals and backpackers with more than $3,000-$4,000 worth of expensive photo equipment or laptops.

How to choose the right Bali travel insurance for you

bali in summer
The island of the gods, indeed.

Choosing the right travel insurance for your Bali vacation is like choosing underwear, only you know what looks good on you. You have to calculate the value of your trip, the equipment you plan to bring and the activities you plan to do.

And of course, you have to ask yourself how much you can afford: how much you can pay for coverage and how much you can afford to pay out-of-pocket in the unlikely event of a claim.

Sometimes the cheapest Bali travel insurance will be enough, and sometimes it will be worth spending a little more. Hopefully the information provided in this article helps you decide, and if not, I will have wasted 5 hours of my life writing it.

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Final Thoughts on Bali Travel Insurance

There you have it: your guide to travel insurance for visitors to Bali in a nutshell. Well done for persevering; You have won your first Bintang at Old Man's!

With that done, don't forget that Bali is one of the more than 17,000 islands in the stunning nation of Indonesia. We've written a ton of guides on Bali and its neighboring islands, including where to stay in Bali and the best things to do in Bali. Now you can plan your legendary trip!

Thank you for your support 🙂

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