The BEST Boat Party Barcelona 2023 – Prices and INFO


We are already in summer and that can only mean one thing: it is time to launch the famous Boat Party! Barcelona!

If you want to discover the best boat trips in Barcelona, the options you have, prices and opinions you have to read this post.

These booze-filled, party-filled cruises sail several times a week in high season for a gorgeous ride around the Mediterranean that no self-respecting sea lion will want to miss.

Girls in bikinis (no doubt), guys in bathing suits, world-class music, and enough beer to sink a ship—wait, float a ship—make for a trip to remember.

Boat Party Barcelona

These Ibizan-style events are undoubtedly one of the best things you can do in the Catalan capital.

In this post we present you the best boat party in Barcelona.

Embark on this hedonistic adventure on the high seas.

🐬 3 hours at sea
🥗🍗 Mediterranean Food & BBQ
🏊‍♀️ Stop to bathe
🍹 2 Drinks included (possibility to buy more)
👯‍♀️ DJ and dance floor

Boat Party Barcelona

Best Boat Party Barcelona

Catamaran party with barbecue and drink

If jumping ship into the warm Mediterranean Sea is your priority, choose this three-hour catamaran cruise, which sails multiple times a day on summer weekends, and is the only party boat that operates on a Sunday.

Book HERE your Barcelona Boat Party at the best price:

After about an hour, this beautiful boat, with capacity for between 60 and 90 people, will drop anchor and you can splash around in the water with floats, toys and snorkels at your leisure.

Afterwards, it's time to fire up the barbecue for a feast of sausages, burgers and plenty of vegetarian options and enjoy a refreshing beer or two (or sangria, if you prefer).


Price: €49

Includes: BBQ, swim stop, 2 free beers or sangrias, unlimited soft drinks.

Duration: 3 hours

When? On Fridays (12:00 and 15:30), Saturdays (11:00, 14:30 and 18:00) and Sundays (11:00 and 14:30) during the summer . During the spring and fall, departures may be less frequent.

The best for: Chill with super cool people, sun, sausages and swimming stop, and a couple of beers.

OFFICIAL BOOKING SITE: Read more information and reservation here.


Tips for booking: The button above takes you to the organizer's own booking platform. Just use your calendar and you're done. You will receive a confirmation email with your tickets.

barcelona boat parties

Your experience at the Barcelona boat party

What will you do:
  • Party with your friends on a big catamaran
  • Swimming in the Mediterranean sea
  • Enjoy a barbecue meal on board the boat
  • Dance on the boat track with the best music
Best Boat Party experience in Barcelona

Climb aboard the catamaran and be greeted by the crew as it prepares to set sail. Listen to music and enjoy refreshments as you cruise along the coast to Badalona.

Meeting point: Open in Google Maps

Drop anchor for a swim in a beautiful spot in the sea. Feast on the giant donut before tucking into a tasty barbecue feast, including pasta salad, burgers, sausages, and fruit salad.

Redeem your ticket for 2 free glasses of beer or sangria.

Return to Port Olímpic with music to dance. Marvel as your host performs incredible choreography. Immerse yourself in the great atmosphere and have a great experience aboard this catamaran.

Work on your tan if you don't want to dance and prefer to sunbathe on deck.

Boat Parties Barcelona

Boat Party Barcelona Opinions and Rating

Perhaps you are wondering if this Barcelona boat party is worth it or if it is really as good as it seems.

The opinions and evaluations of this Boat Party Barcelona that offers Get Your Guide They are good:

Boat party barcelona reviews and rating

Here is a first-person summary of what you will find if you hire this Boat Party Barcelona.

Arriving at the Olympic Port without knowing what to expect. There is an air of anticipation as we check in with a member of staff and step on board.

The ship itself was two-story, with a bar on the lower level and the dance floor and DJ on the upper level.

As the ship left the port and entered the Mediterranean, we saw the most spectacular view of the city.

I've been to a lot of crazy parties in my travels, but the Barcelona boat party was crazy.

The staff working on the boat certainly knew how to throw a party.

champagne sunset boat party barcelona

The Barcelona Boat Party was a really unique type of party. I have traveled to many parts of the world and spent more nights out than I care to remember.

But the fact that we were all on a ship sailing through the Mediterranean made it so unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

I can't help but think about the number of times I've had the opportunity to go to a boat party and not take it, and I'm kicking myself for missing it because it's an epic experience!

After sailing for a while the ship anchored and gave us all a chance to jump off the ship and dive into the sea.

The staff threw some inflatables into the water, so the party moved from the boat to the sea.

girls party boat

On the return trip to the port, the party was absolute on the dance floor on the upper deck.

We sailed back into the harbor just as the sun was setting behind the city, and it was a spectacular backdrop to end the party. The boat party was so social that we made a lot of friends.

If you are coming to Barcelona, I highly recommend the Boat Party Barcelona. You will meet a lot of fun and like-minded people who will want to go out and have an epic party on a ship sailing the Mediterranean.

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Are you still confused?

Not sure which is the best option for you? Do you need more info? In any case, you can send us an email to [email protected] and we will surely help you.

Not convinced this is the event for you? Keep scrolling for more photos and reviews.

Private boat party Barcelona

Do you need a boat for yourself? Then check out these options that we propose.

Because we can also help you with the rental of private boats for birthday celebrations, bachelor parties and corporate events, with DJs, crew and entertainment.

catamaran for hire barcelona

Check our list of boats and catamarans available for rent.

If you want to discover the Best Free Tour Barcelona in Spanish click on this link. Or the Best Free walking Tour Rome in Spanish.

We hope this article on the best boat party Barcelona 2022 helps you decide.

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