8 essential TRICKS to book cheap flights on Google Flights in 2024


Google Flights or "Google Flights«

Recently, the search engine of cheap flights from Google The new model underwent a major facelift and was completely redesigned, adding and improving its features.

Alternatively, you can look at this guide to finding flights at the best price with Skyscanner.

"This guide will help you get the most out of this app to find the cheapest flights every time".

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Advantages of Google Flights


Google Flights has several advantages that differentiate it from others:

  • Very fastGoogle Flights search engine is faster than any other search engine for cheap flights.
  • Calendar-based fare displayGoogle Flights has a simple and intuitive calendar that shows you the cheapest fare for the next 12 months.
  • Multi-airport search: Google's flight search engine allows you to search for the cheapest fare, between several destination airports, without slowing down your search at all.
google flights


Disadvantages of searching for cheap flights with Google Flights


Google's search engine is not perfect. Here are the two main disadvantages:

  • Their fares are not always the lowest: the tool searches for fares sold directly to airlines and some of the best online travel agencies, such as Expedia. Often, the best fares are found at smaller online travel agencies. However, these agencies are not analysed by the search engine. of Google flights.
  • Sometimes shows offers on flights no longer available: Google Flights occasionally announces that a fare is available at a certain price, but when you click to make a booking, the fare has increased or it is not possible to book online at all. This phenomenon is referred to as "ghost data". It usually occurs when a fare was recently available but is no longer available.
cheap flights with google flights step by step

Take advantage of the full potential of this powerful flight search engine!


The tool searches almost all available airline websites as well as the largest online travel agencies, as Expedia and Edreams.

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How to definend arrival and departure points in Google Flight

When you get to the home page, enter your departure and destination city and dates. Here is an example:


select destinations google flights


How to select dates in Google Flight?


For encoTo find the cheapest dates, click on the departure date box. When you do this, you will see the prices for 2 months, with the cheapest dates in green, as shown below:


best dates google flights


Google Flight only takes into account prices for the dates entered. Thus, in the example above, the green prices are the lowest prices available for the months of June and July.

However, the search engine may find cheaper dates in the coming months. Feel free to click on the right arrow to scroll through the following months.


Do I need travel insurance to fly abroad? I'll tell you about it here


Once you have consulted the calendar, click on the date you have chosen for your departure and then on the date of your return.

At this point, the Google Flight search engine offers you an extensive list of possible flights, as shown below:

prices flights to rome


How to change your currency or language in Google Flights


In the top left-hand corner of the screen, look for the "hamburger", or three horizontal lines to the left of the words of Google Flight.


change currency google flight


From there, you can also view the flight map or see all the prices you are following.


menu preferences google flights


You can also select your country, currency and language at the bottom of the page.


google flights preferences


How to book flights on Google Flights


Well, once you have chosen your departure flight, you will be asked to choose a return flight (assuming you plan to return, of course?). Then you will see something like this:


google flights flight booking

DISCLAIMER! See this article about a new flight search engine WayAway that allows you to save money with cashback, believe me it's worth it.

If you have searched for a return flight, the price you will see on the screen will be the total price of the return flight.


google flights roma airfare


Google Flights No is a travel agency!

Google Flights is not a travel agency, but rather a flight search engine.

What I mean by this is that you cannot book a flight directly from Google Flights because Google simply does not sell flights.

If you have already selected your return flight, Google Flights will now direct you to the official website of the airline where you will finally purchase your tickets.

Find cheap flights with Hopper with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Very interesting alternative to Google Flights.

It's time to fill in all your information about the number of passengers flying and confirm the booking by paying for your tickets. 

select airline google flights


How to filter results on Google Flights


One of the most interesting features of Google Flights is the option to select several filters at the same time to obtain only the search results you are most interested in.

 Let us list what these filters are:

  •  Checked baggage
  •  No. of total scales
  •  Companies air favourites
  •  Price ranges
  •  Timetables favourites
  •  Connecting airports (if any)
  • Flight duration


Where are these filters located?


All these filters are located below the fields where you select your destination and the dates you have chosen.


filter google flights results


What to do when the offer you are trying to book no longer exists on Google Flights

As I said before, you may find a really attractive rate, but at when booking, Google Flights will change the price or won't let you book at all.


What these phantom offers consist of


  • Reservations your flight and in the last step the reservation, either on the website of the airline or with an online travel agency, you are going to pay for your ticket and you will you realise that the price at suddenly increased.
  • Also can raise the price at any other point in the process
  • Or Google Flights only gives you the option of contacting the airline in question by telephone in order to finalise the booking.


In all the cases I mentioned above, you will have no way of booking the flight at the price Google Flights originally showed you - a real pain in the ass, I know.


How to select the cheapest flights


When you enter all the information you need to find your flight, you have the option to select economy, premium economy, business or first class fares.


google flights fare rates


As you can imagine, economy fares always show the best prices, while premium and special fares will incur a corresponding surcharge.


It uses the table of dates and the graph with prices to fine-tune your offer


filter prices google flights

If you are flexible with your dates andIt's clear that you're going to find the best prices. Two tools very useful to conseguide them are the table of dates and the chart with prices.

Price table:

google flights price table

With these two options you can select the best prices in a given time frame at a glance.

Price chart:

Google flights price chart

In some cases you may also find it useful to use the "Nearby airports" option, located to the right of the "price chart".

Sometimes the price of a nearby airport plus the transfer to our destination city can be cheaper than the price of our main airport. (With this option you could save hundreds of euros in some cases).


How to cancel a Google Flights booking


Well, once again we must be very clear that Google Flights is a flight search engine and not an airline or a travel agency. What do I mean by this?

When it comes to cancelling your reservations and/or requesting a refund, you should contact the airline you have booked your flight with directly. "Each airline has its own cancellation policy"..

Skyscanner - How to book Cheap Flights


This is not better or worse for you, it is actually the most widespread way to act in this type of search engines. It is possible that in the future we will be able to carry out cancellations through the search engine itself, but for the moment this is what we have 😉.


How to search on the Google Flights map


An option that I really like and not everyone knows about when using Google Flights, is to carry out the search through the Google Flights map. 

Through this map you can search for the cheapest flights in a country, continent, or the whole world as you zoom in and out.

If the map is reduced it will show you the most relevant cities and prices, while as you zoom in the map will show you all the less relevant cities and airports.

The only but of The only difference with the map search is that it can only be carried out from your computer, as it is currently not possible to access this feature from your mobile phone.

To access the map, click on the "explore destinations" button. that you visualise in the bottom right corner of your screenIt's as simple as that.


explore google flights map

You can also access to the map by entering a continent or country instead of a city in the destination box..


google flights map

Keep in mind that the prices shown on the map are for the dates you have indicated, so if you want it to show you other prices without changing the map, just change the dates in the top left corner without moving the map. 


We must be flexible with dates and destinations.!


You will now see all the prices on the map change in unison.

This is great for example to show a whole continent on the map and change the dates until you find a price that looks like a bargain and get a really cheap offer. "For this we have to be flexible with dates and destinations"..


flexible dates google flight


Although it is enough to be flexible with one of the two parameters, if for example you want to fly to Rome, you will select Rome on the map and change the dates until you get the desired price.

It might be possible to find a half-price flight in a city near Rome (in this case) and then take a bus from there to our destination city.

In some cases, this practice could save you a lot of money.

📝 How to spot a real cheap flight on Google Flights


Google Flights has a very graphical function that will help you to determine whether the flight you have selected is a bargain, whether it is above its usual price or, on the contrary, it is well above its price.

In order for you to understand what I'm telling you, let's go to select a flight from Madrid to Budapest.


cheap flights google flights

Now you can book the flight being sure that the price is the usual price, because if it were not for this tool, in many destinations we would not have any reference of what are the usual prices, "what is expensive, and what is cheap for that destination, come on!


The indicator in question is a bar made up of three colours, green indicating that prices are below "normal", yellow indicating that prices are below "normal", yellow indicating that prices are below "normal" and yellow indicating that prices are below "normal". are at their usual price, and red alerts you that prices are above what is considered normal for this route or destination.


▷ Access the Google Flights search engine for cheap flights

Google Flights Barcelona: cheap flights from Barcelona

Barcelona, being a major city and transportation node, offers numerous air routes. With Google Flights, we can discover surprising destinations at prices that suit all budgets.

Google Flights Barcelona

Advantages of using Google Flights for flights from Barcelona

  1. Advanced filtering: Select your preferences, such as stopovers, flight duration and airlines.
  2. Price map: An interactive map shows different destinations and their prices, allowing you to explore options within your budget.
  3. Flexibility: If your dates are flexible, Google Flights will show you the cheapest days to fly.

Tips for finding cheap flights leaving Barcelona

  1. Travel in low season: If you can avoid the tourist seasons, you will find better deals.
  2. Set up price alerts: If you already have a destination in mind, set up an alert and Google will let you know when prices drop.

Reservation process with Google Flights

Once you find the ideal flight from Barcelona, Google Flights will redirect you to the airline or travel agency website to complete your reservation. Be sure to check all details and conditions before finalizing your purchase.

Popular destinations from Barcelona


  • Paris: The city of love is just a few hours' flight away and deals are often available.
  • Rome: Immerse yourself in Italian history and culture with a short flight from Barcelona.


  • NY: Although it is a transatlantic flight, there are often interesting offers for the Big Apple.
  • tokyo: If you are looking for something exotic and are willing to fly longer, Japan could be your next destination.

Tips for finding cheap flights to Barcelona with Google Flights

  1. Avoid peak seasons: Summer and holidays tend to have higher demand, so prices may be higher.
  2. Consider nearby airports: Sometimes flying to a nearby airport and then taking a train or bus can be cheaper.

Price guarantee and promotions

Although Google Flights shows prices in real time, it is essential to check promotions directly on airline websites.


Google Flights is a powerful search engine for cheap flights that, when used correctly, can save you a lot of money.

To make sure you shop around for all available flights, search also on skyscanner.


Does Google Flights guarantee the lowest price?

No, Google Flights shows real-time prices and suggests cheap options, but it's always good to compare with other sites.

Can I book hotels and car rentals with Google Flights?

Google Flights focuses primarily on flights, but Google offers other tools for booking hotels and cars.

How do you set up price alerts in Google Flights?

Once you perform a flight search, you can turn on "price alerts" and Google will notify you if there are changes to those flights.

Does Google Flights offer a price guarantee?

No, Google Flights provides you with information in real time, but it is always good to compare with other portals before booking.

How long before should I look for my flights?

It is recommended to start your search at least 3 months before your trip, especially if it is a popular destination.

Are there hidden fees in the prices displayed by Google Flights?

Google Flights shows the total price including taxes. However, always check the conditions and possible additional charges on the airline or agency website.

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