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As with the best flight booking engines, there is no limitation of available resources when what you need is book cheap hotels.

how to book cheap hotels

From metasearch engines that send you to the company's portal or website, to OTAs (online travel agencies) that can be booked, to corporate hotel search engines, the options for the best cheap hotel search engines they can be really overwhelming.

But when searching for hotels, the decision of which portals to compare should depend on the frequency with which they offer the best hotel deals and how you prefer to view and filter search results.

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The best hotel comparators to find the best price

For most travelers, the best strategy when it comes to search cheap hotels is to compare prices from multiple sources.

Finding the best hotel comparator is key.

Including the hotel's own website, as it sometimes offers deals that are not shared with third-party sites, or offers the same rates as third-party sites minus annoying booking fees.

The cheap hotel website they will also offer you bundled deals (service inclusions and the like) that are not shared with third-party sites.

How to find the cheapest hotels?

To find the cheapest hotels, whether you are looking with a hotel reservation portal or in a metasearch engine, the key is to compare and keep in mind the dates of the trip (avoid high season) and book as far in advance as possible. Find the best flight deals to travel from Spain

Throughout this post I will reveal very useful information on how to find the best deals and be able to book cheap hotels.

Take a look at this list of the best hotel comparators

If you're trying to find the best way to find cheap hotels: First, take a look at this list of the best portals and hotel comparator.

I have placed them in my own order of preference based on my own experiences, but depending on the part of the planet where you are and the type of accommodation you prefer at any given time, my preferences may not be yours.

Comparative table of the best hotel search engines, pros, cons and price they offer

Hotel search engineProsConsPrices✅ Wide variety of accommodation

✅ Options for all budgets

✅ Friendly interface
❌ Cancellation is not always free

❌ Some offers are only available after creating an account
Varies by accommodation, generally good

agoda✅ Offer attractive discounts

✅ Strong presence in Asia
❌ Not all hotels have reviews

❌ Cancellation policy not always clear
Often lower thanks to discounts

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✅ Offers flights, trains and other services in addition to hotels

✅ Points program
❌ Customer service could be better

❌ It does not always have the best prices
They vary according to the service and accommodation

Skyscanner Hotels✅ Simple interface

✅ Compare prices between different websites
❌ Does not make reservations directlyThey vary as you compare prices from many sources

tripadvisor✅Includes detailed user reviews

✅Allows you to compare prices
❌ Lots of advertising

❌ Does not always offer the cheapest option
They vary according to the accommodation and date

HotelsCombined✅ Compare prices from many websites

✅ Show many options in a single search
❌ Redirects to other pages to book (although it always finds the best offer ✅)Very good as it compares different booking sites

kayaking✅ Offers a full range of travel services

✅ Including price alerts
❌ Prices may change after being redirected to the provider's siteThey can be lower thanks to the price comparison

last minute✅ Good discounts on last minute reservations

✅ Option to book flights and hotels together
❌ Strict cancellation policyThey vary, but often have good discounts on only last minute bookings


Is this the ultimate hotel search engine list?

None list of best cheap hotel booking comparators it is unique or definitive, but these 8 search engines represent a combination of those preferred by the majority when booking their accommodation.

All of them score well in the tests: The prices for the same dates and destinations have been quite similar from one search engine to another (with some exceptions).

But results can vary quickly depending on your destination, how far in advance you're shopping for the best hotel deals, and the time of year you visit (high or low season).

How to move around Europe in the most economical way by bus and train

Having all this clear… I leave you with the best cheap hotel search engines to compare prices on your next trip or getaway, as well as the best features of each one of them.

If you think I have left something out for mentioning, leave me your comment and I will try to add it to the list as soon as possible.

Let's go there!

With, can plan your trip in advance and without commitment. It is the leading hotel comparator in its own right. 

Their search filters are specifically designed to save you time and allow you to find personalized options according to the location of your trip and the destinations that interest you.

This way, you can plan all aspects of your vacation, such as your daily itinerary and transportation schedule, in advance to avoid further hassle.

That being said, offers something for everyone.

Its practical hotel search engine shows the full price in advanceBeing able to see the total price of the hotel in advance will help you quickly determine which hotels really fit your budget.

Many of the accommodations that appear in this search engine offer the option to cancel the reservation up to a few days before the date chosen to stay, this is very useful, when your intention is to travel to that place yes or yes.

Best hotel search engines

But there is still the possibility that things go wrong and finally you cannot carry out that trip, then cancel the reservation and nothing will be charged to your card (If you had paid in advance, in a few days you will have the full amount refunded back to your card).

Other What I love about is its transparency. 

If you like a hotel and want to book it for your trip, you can click on the icon and get all the information you need before confirming your reservation.

From our point of view, Booking is the best hotel search engineThat's why it tops this ranking.

With this powerful search engine you will find the cheapest hotels. In this link I review in depth everything you need to know about

The best and worst of Booking

✅ The best of Booking

  • The variety of accommodation per search. is a good hotel finder for a wide range of budgets.
  • Honest guest reviews are perhaps the best feature of

❌ The worst of Booking

  • Customer service can be improved. allows members to contact their customer service representatives via email. 
  • However, they don't always provide quick responses, which delays booking confirmations and cancellations for some users.


agoda is one of the most popular online booking sites, especially in Asia, so you may have already heard of it.

Thanks to this platform, you can comfortably and easily find and book apartments, resorts, hostels and even your flights.

Apart from the convenience, travelers love it because it offers rooms at a reasonable price compared to other sites.

cheap hotels search engine

Tips to keep in mind when booking with Agoda

Be more flexible with your dates

Keep in mind that Friday and Saturday are two of the most difficult days to find a good deal on a reservation.

If you want good deals that help you lower prices, you better be more flexible with your dates. 😉

Check out this article to find amazing discounts on agoda!

Extend your stay if you find low rates

If you manage to find a room with a low rate, we recommend that you extend your stay as long as you can.

This is because the room could be more expensive the next day, so make the most of the amazing deal you've found.

Do not hesitate to book hostels

If you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night, say around midnight, it wouldn't be practical for you to spend your hard-earned money on a fancy hotel only to check in at noon the next day.

In this case, you can save more if you spend just one night in a hostel. After you have rested well, you can book a room in a better hotel.

In In this post you will find everything you need about Agoda.

Doing click on the banner below You will directly access Agoda where you can find hotels up to 75% cheaper than other search engines:

The best and worst of Agoda

✅ Best of Agoda

  • The reservation process is simple and straightforward.
  • The website and app are easy to navigate.
  • There is a wide selection of rooms you can choose from.
  • You can pay with PayPal or with a credit card.
  • There are coupons and discounts available that can help you save money.

❌ The worst of Agoda

  • Sometimes it may take time for the hotel you have booked to receive confirmation from Agoda.
  • You have to be fast if you want to get the best deals because most of the time, there will be other people checking the deals at the same time as you.
  • Taxes and service charges can end up increasing the price significantly.


Agoda has quite a good reputation ahead of it, so if you want to book hotel rooms and hostels at a reasonable price.

Agoda offers very good online booking service.

However, always remember our tips along with the pros and cons so that you are more than prepared for anything. Best travel insurance with 20% discount. is a global and secure travel agency. It has a network of distribution of vacation packages all over the world, whether it is to book flights or hotels.

The company has more than 400 million users and 45,100 employees around the world.

This is what the main panel of looks like the easiest way to travel

You can filter your search based on guests, star rating, your budget, and many other things, to narrow your search until you find an ideal hotel room. is an excellent hotel comparator that helps you book hotel rooms, flights and car rental services at very competitive prices and often at great discounts. You only have to look at their website.

✅ Best of

  • Secured payments
  • The company offers discounts
  • Competitive prices
  • The company has a wide network of hotels, flights and car rental services to choose from
  • positive opinions

❌ The worst of

  • slow refunds
  • some negative reviews
  • Improvable customer service makes money by helping you have a smooth experience by booking flights, hotel rooms, and renting a car during your trip.

Regardless of the type of payment option you use, the company ensures its customers a secure payment, your sensitive data is safe from any unauthorized use.

You can save more by using; They have discounts for their competitive prices.

If you register as a member, you will have a good chance of getting more offers.

With, you can go wherever you want, and it will connect you with the best flights and hotel rooms based on your preferences. The company offers a service guarantee to its customers.

read our Full review.

4. Skyscanner Hotels

The days of arduous hotel hunting are over with the launch of the new app Skyscanner Hotels, which facilitates the search and comparison of hotels around the world.

He world's leading travel search engine, which attracts 25 million unique visitors per month, has developed the highly intuitive application that allows users to identify the best rates from hundreds to thousands of hotels.

This site stands out for its ability to make flexible flight searches, including the search everywhere characteristic and the cheapest month based on search.

Skyscanner can often have the lowest price, but this is not a guarantee.

The best you look for your flights, hotels or rental cars on several different websites before booking for make sure you get the best deal for your needs.

The best and worst of Skyscanner Hotels

✅ Best of Skyscanner Hotels

  • offers a huge number of search filters.
  • Flight, hotel and car rental search function
  • Explore everywhere (looking for any destination)
  • Search by month
  • Search by price
  • Search by map
  • very good prices
  • Unbeatable flights + hotel pack
  • Good cancellation policies

❌ The worst of Skyscanner Hotels

  • Personally I think that so many exhausted accommodations should not appear in the search results, little or a lot, they waste your time.

Everything you need to know to book on Skyscanner.

5. Tripadvisor

The tool is integrated into the general search function of tripadvisor, allowing you to browse the portal's huge library of reviews and then start your accommodation reservation without problems.

best cheap hotel search engines

TripAdvisor searches most major portals, as well as some lesser known; where applicable, also includes the hotel's website.

Also you can book directly with TripAdvisor, although their rates are provided by Booking.

Hotel search results depend on your destination and the search engine partners.

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The best and worst of TripAdvisor

✅ The best of Tripadvisor

  • The reviews– One of the best features of TripAdvisor, and the reason it has become such an established travel website, is the collection of reviews that the website has. Users from all over the world have reviewed accommodations and locations based on their own real experiences.
  • Real pictures from real travelers– Along with reviews, TripAdvisor allows its users to share photos of their own experiences. How many times have you booked a stay at a hotel or resort and then when you arrived, your room looked nothing like the pictures on the website? TripAdvisor fixes this by allowing travelers to add their own photos, so you get a much more realistic impression of where you're going before you book!
  • variety of information : TripAdvisor offers information on many different aspects of your trip. You will be able to know all the details of your accommodation or the city to which you will travel. TripAdvisor even has travel guides to help you decide what to do when you arrive at your destination. You can do a lot of research before you book, which greatly increases your chances of making a good decision when you finally decide to book.

❌ The worst of Tripadvisor

  • Who is contributing? – Although one of TripAdvisor's best features is the millions of reviews it has on various properties, literally anyone with internet access and an email address could contribute a review. 

There's no way to know how truthful a review is, and owners may even add positive reviews of their own listings to boost ratings.

  • It is not an advanced booking website: The ability to book directly on TripAdvisor is a newer feature of the website and therefore not as comprehensive as on other booking websites. 

To ensure you get the best prices and deals, you may want to use a more established booking website.

We really like the TripAdvisor hotel comparator, and above all the security that it gives us to search for this world-renowned prestigious brand.

6. Hotels Combined

You have to remember that the strong point of HotelsCombined is that it tracks all booking agencies and websites to find the best deal.

It is not necessary to open for example booking, agoda and expedia to compare the best priceHotels Combined does it direct.

As I was curious before opening the website, I have learned a little about this online hotel search engine.

The company was founded in 2005 in Australia. After a year on the market, they hired their first employee. Now they have more than 200 people on staff.

The company operates globally in more than 42 languages. has more than 5 million deals getting rates from hundreds of sites, comparing them.

It is part of Kayak. Well, if they can count on these results plus a bunch of prizes won, it means there's something positive. This news is more important to me than the opinions of HotelsCombined.

hotel comparator

No popups, no confusing ads everywhere. A simple design welcomes the visitor.

On the left, at the top, is the search form to select the criteria to find a hotel.

On the right, a list of some websites used to compare rates.

The best and worst of HotelsCombined

Advantages and cons of HotelsCombined

✅ The best of HotelsCombined

  • More than 600,000 hotels
  • Comparison on more than 150 websites
  • Nice and simple design.
  • Easy to use 

❌ The worst of HotelsCombined

  • No reservation on the app. It always goes through other booking websites.
  • Could use more options for search filtering


HotelsCombined It is an easy app to use when you travel a lot and constantly change hotels. Always show what is closest to you, which can be a blessing or a curse.

I would like to see more search options, such as private bathroom, pets allowed, more details on recreational areas, sports accommodation and nightlife, but that could still appear in a future update.

The fact that the app is easy to use and has a ton of different hotels to choose from makes it invaluable for people of all ages. It is certainly one of the must-have hotel apps for iOS.


kayaking is a travel accommodation comparison website that helps you find hotels, flights and car rentals that meet your travel needs. 

By entering a few details into a search bar, you'll find relevant accommodations. Then it shows you the prices that compete with each other, so you can book at the lowest price.

best hotel comparator

You can also enter hotel and flight details that interest you and track price trends over time. 

You can use Kayak's trip planner to save searches and information (including prices) about the accommodations that interest you and even create itineraries for your trips.

Kayak saves you money by always showing you the lowest prices for the travel accommodations you're looking for, whether they come from Kayak itself or from one of its partner websites. 

You can also track home prices over time, so you can book them when they're priced right for you.

Here I leave you one super complete review about everything you need to know to book in Kayak.

The best and worst of kayaking

✅ The best of kayaking

  • Get the best deals, fast : Kayak's purpose is to help you get the lowest price, period, on your travel accommodation. 

They even highlight the lowest price in green, so you always know which travel booking website is the least expensive to book. 

And even if another travel booking website has a lower price than Kayak, they'll let you know! You can compare prices between all of their many partners and save money on every trip!

  • Track prices over time : Kayak allows you to set price alerts. 

This allows you to track travel accommodation prices on a weekly basis and see how they change over time. 

That way, if you're interested in a hotel or flight and have time to plan your trip in advance, you can view price trends to ensure you make a smart booking decision.

  • Use the Kayak tools to plan your trip : Kayak has great resources to help you plan your trip. 

you can use the kayak trip planner to save your searches, reservations and any information you collect over time to keep it all in one place. You can also create itineraries to plan every hour of your trip!

The worst of kayaking

  • lack of wit – Although Kayak offers you the opportunity to see the lowest prices for booking travel accommodations and provides resources to help you plan your trip, its features aren't particularly slick.

Another well-known search engine for hotel deals with a clean and intuitive interface, in fact, its main search screen is one of the ones I like the most. is a division of online travel provider Travelocity that focuses on promoting customer savings that can be achieved by booking last minute.

Leveraging Travelocity's worldwide flight and hotel booking and order processing services, is always looking for new ways to market inventory of unsold vacation packages, cars, hotels and flights.

I'll make one thing clear from the beginning: This search engine for hotel deals does not usually provide the best prices., I have included it at the end of the list because it has some peculiarity that others do not have and on certain occasions it can save us money.

The reservations that you make in Last Minute with only a few days in advance will be more expensive, the technique to find real offers in this portal, will be to anticipate a few months to make the reservation.

In addition, Last Minute has some additional features like coupons and reward points to lower the price.

In this post there is a complete analysis of

Now we are going to what can really interest you about this search engine, the peculiarity that I was talking about before.

comparative hotels

In Last Minute You can take advantage of the "Last Minute" offer to get good discounts on a selection of hotels, in some cases I found interesting “Flight + Hotel” offers, yes, you will have to adapt to the hotels or packages that they propose.

The best of Last Minute: Last minute offers that are usually unbeatable and super well priced.

The worst of LastMinute: Without a doubt, the prices are not usually the best.


When choosing a hotel comparator, you should not look at a single factor, even more so if you book hotels often, since the interface is clean and intuitive will be important to you in this case.

Now, once you master them all, you will quickly know which of them to turn to depending on the type of accommodation you need at any given time.

At specific times I use each of them, but generally, Booking and Agoda more than cover all my needs, I have become familiar with them and when I think of a destination, I quickly know which of the two will offer me the greatest variety of accommodation and the best possible price.

I hope this post has served to increase your notions on how to find a hotel and, consequently, from now on you save much more on your hotel reservations to be able to travel more and better 😉

Booking cheaper hotels is at your fingertips!

Finally, if you want to learn how to book cheap flights and find the best deals, I recommend that you read this post on how to book on Skyscanner and save money.

Other interesting options for find travel packs are Traventia either Travala if you want to pay with cryptocurrencies.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions to find cheap hotels

Where to look for cheap hotels?

To find the cheapest hotels, whether you are looking with a hotel reservation portal or in a metasearch engine, the key is to compare and keep in mind the dates of the trip (avoid high season) and book as far in advance as possible.

The best websites to find cheap hotels are, agoda and HotelsCombined.

In these portals you will find many cheap hotel options with good cancellation policies.

When is it cheaper to book a hotel?

The Ideal time in advance to book a hotel room is 15 days before your trip, according to a NerdWallet study of 2022.

Looking at more than 2,500 hotel room rates between 2019 and 2022, NerdWallet found that the rates were about a 13 cheaper % when booked 15 days earlier compared to four months earlier.

On average, travelers saved around $30 per night by booking last minute
The savings were even greater for luxury hotels: approximately 22 % cheaper when booked 15 days in advance.

However, if you travel to a popular destination or during high season, you run the risk of not getting a hotel or that it will be very expensive because there is no availability. In this case, it is recommended to book between 4 and 6 months in advance if you plan to travel in high season.

Why Booking is cheaper than the hotel?

It is because they block the reservation of many more hotel rooms and get a discount for ensuring that several rooms are full.

The hotel is guaranteed to fill them yes or yes and Booking can offer them at a reduced price.

This usually happens in very large hotels that have many rooms.

What is the best hotel search engine?

It is difficult to answer this question because there are very good and reliable search engines.

But in our opinion, the best hotel search engine with the best prices is

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