🥇 Las 30 ciudades más baratas de Europa en 2024


If you have landed on this post it is because you are looking to travel to a cheap destination in Europe.

You have come to the right place. I am going to present you, with data, these incredible cities so that you can travel without having to spend a lot of money.

The definitive guide to discover these 30 incredible cities to enjoy a good vacation at a low price.

TOP 30 cheap cities in Europe to go on vacation

#1: Sofia, Bulgaria the cheapest city in Europe

Sofia is the cheapest city in Europe! This wonderful city has a lot to offer.

To lead in this ranking, economic factors are taken into account, ranging from the price of accommodation, food, leisure, shopping, etc.

All extracted from statistical websites of the countries in question or from the EU statistics center.

That being said, it is not easy and not everyone may agree with this classification, It is certainly not definitive and there will be some service or product that will be cheaper in cities below the ranking.

Sofia travel budget

What if it is clear that the 30 cities that I present to you are excellent to enjoy incredible vacations at low cost. Now yes, we continue with Sofia.

One of my favorite things to do in Sofia is to have a beer, which costs between €0.60 and €1, and relax in one of the many parks in the city.

Sofia is also perfect for tasting traditional food and wine (oh my gosh the Bulgarian wine!).

Sofia the cheapest city in Europe

Another thing that Sofia has is that she can be both laid back and wild.

If you are looking for a party you will always find it, if you are looking for a place to relax, you will also find it.

Sofia has what you are looking for, the only thing that is missing is YOU.

Prices in Sofia and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Sofia and travel budget for 2 people

Read on to discover the cheapest cities in Europe.

Expert tip: If you want to save on your vacation, we recommend you take a free tour.

Civitatis offers free tours with a Spanish-speaking guide in almost all cities. Once you finish the visit you only have to give the will to the guide.

#2: Krakow, Poland. One of the cheapest cities in Europe without a doubt

Krakow is the perfect cheap getaway within Europe.

Not only is it incredibly affordable, but Krakow is also an incredible base for exploring world landmarks like the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the sad, yet always important Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Within the city itself, be sure to start at the main square and meander on foot in all directions: many things to do in Krakow they are completely free, like seeing the crypt under the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Explore the beautiful Planty Park, take in the views of the main square and the old town, and the outer parts of Wawel Castle.

Krakow is very walkable - we did not use any other means of transport while there, except for our day trips out of the city.

When it comes to food, in Krakow there is delicious and cheap food on every corner: be sure to stop at a Polish milk bar for traditional cheap Polish cuisine.

Prices in Krakow and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Krakow and travel budget for 2 people

#3: Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania, is one of the most affordable cities to travel to in all of Europe.

A typical dorm bed will cost you less than $15, while a standard hotel room only costs about $25.

Bucharest cheap city

I rented a very good private Airbnb for 23 euros per night.

romanian food it is delicious and filling, and a typical meal costs around €5.

Bucharest is a great place to splurge and try some of the higher end restaurants as they cost a fraction of what they would elsewhere.

cheap cities Europe, Bucharest

I used Uber to get around the city and usually paid 3-4 euros each way. There is also a public transport system that you can use for €1 each way.

Visiting the Parliament building and the museums is affordable, but many of the best things to do in Bucharest are free.

I was surprised to find out how many parks the city has. They are great for walking around and people watching.

Prices in Bucharest and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Bucharest and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

#4: Belgrade, Serbia

The capital of Serbia is by far one of the cheapest cities in Europe where I have spent time.

In fact, we spent a month there because it was so cheap.

At first we realized how cheap the city was when we booked a 2-bedroom apartment on Airbnb for a month in the trendiest neighborhood for 550 euros.

Then we were stunned when large lattes were just €2, tickets to the ballet and opera were €3, and a meal in one of the city's best restaurants was €10 per person.

It is definitely possible to experience some of the many things to do in Belgrade on a budget.

I recommend you to do the Belgrade free walking tour to get to know the city and visit Bongo Hostel for a cheap night; Airbnb is also a good alternative to a hotel.

Prices in Belgrade and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Belgrade and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

#5: Budapest, Hungary

Their goal is to learn as many languages as possible, meet as many locals as possible, and get off the beaten path as much as possible in order to experience cultural immersion.

Budapest is one of my new favorite budget cities.

On one hand, it is simply amazing and worth visiting at any cost.

The Parliament building in Budapest is one of the most beautiful in the world, and a great architecture snob says so. Get ready to enjoy one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

It is impressive to walk along the Danube river, especially at night, when everything is illuminated and shines on the river.

The nightlife is fun, with fun ruin bars, live music and hundreds of great international restaurants everywhere.

Meals are unbelievably cheap, with daily lunch specials usually costing less than €4 for a 3 course meal - try to find that in Western Europe!

Beers are usually less than €2, and I have found wine as cheap as 90 cents a glass.

Prices in Budapest and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Budapest and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

#6: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo, is one of the cheapest European cities for travelers who love nature, (recent) history and food.

cheap cities in europe

The city is surrounded by mountains where you can go hiking. At the top of Mount Trebevic, you'll find the abandoned bobsleigh track from the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Sarajevo one of the cheapest cities in Europe

The streets of Sarajevo bear the wounds of the 1990s conflict, with bullet holes in buildings and red-painted murals called the Rose of Sarajevo to indicate where the victims lost their lives.

The food is cheap, the local sausage dish, Cevapi, can be had for less than 4 euros. Check out this guide on things to do in Sarajevo for more details!

Prices in Sarajevo and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Sarajevo and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

#7: Kyiv, Ukraine (we recommend not to visit it because of the war with Russia)

The city of kyiv might well be one of the last underappreciated frontiers of Eastern Europe, but the one that will greet you with a welcome mix of cheap prices, delicious food, and vibrant culture.

The cradle of Slavic civilization, kyiv has a lot to offer in terms of cultural gems intertwining the scene of the old golden dome with the new trends of graffiti murals in post-Soviet apartment blocks.

The ideal place to see this dramatic combination is a walk along the Andriyivskiy descent.

kyiv cheap city in Europe

Yes, Kiev is chaotic, noisy and sometimes filled with tacky advertisements, but it will blow you away with its ambition to be a European revolutionary capital, fashion hub and culinary delight.

Do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself to some cosmetic luxury, such as massages, manicures, facials or the like, since kyiv is the place to get the best professional treatment at a very good price.

Prices in kyiv and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in kyiv and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

#8: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

On our trip to the Czech Republic last summer, we decided to spend our weekend in Cesky Krumlov.

We already had a 15-day České Drahy rail pass, so our trip was already covered.

Despite having booked our hostel the same day of arrival, we only paid 10 euros per person.

Cesky Krumlov is the second most visited city in the Czech Republic and one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

With the influx of tourists, we have prepared to avoid tourist traps thanks to our last minute planning.

Cesky Krumlov cheap holidays in Europe

But Cesky surprised us. The town had a picturesque look, like it belonged in a fantasy movie, with castles, dragons and flowing rivers. Tickets to the castle cost us €3 per person.

As Cesky Krumlov has a smaller area, we walked throughout our stay.

We had dinner in one of the best restaurants in Česky and spent €6 on a sumptuous meal for one.

We had barely spent €30 in a day, but the Česky Krumlov experience seemed so much more than that, making it the perfect destination for our budget travel list.

Prices in Česky Krumlov and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Česky Krumlov and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

#9: Warsaw, Poland

Although Warsaw is the capital of Poland, you might be surprised to know that it is surprisingly cheap (I even spent more in some cities in South East Asia than in Warsaw!!!) and very pretty.

The food, as usual throughout Poland, is delicious and affordable, and you usually won't spend more than 3 euros for a healthy meal.

Forget that greasy kebab and try some amazing pierogi instead my friends

Public transport will cost you 1 euro, although you probably won't need it because Warsaw is very easy to navigate on foot, unless you plan a Baroque-style excursion wilanow palace located 20 minutes from Warsaw by public bus.

My best recommendation on what to do and see in Warsaw? You just have to take a walk through the historic center of the city and contemplate the charm of its colorful buildings.

And yes, I advise you to also take a tour of the communist masterpiece known as the Palace of Culture and Science and talk to a local about it. 9 times out of 10 the locals will tell you how much they hate said building. How fun, isn't it?

Prices in Warsaw and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Warsaw and travel budget

#10: Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is a great place to relax and move around on the cheap, not as cheap as Cambodia, but definitely cheap for Europe.

Keep in mind that the Croatian kuna is about 6 per US euro, and also keep in mind that both Dubrovnik and Split are more expensive than the capital.

You can find excellent local beer in a bar in the Old City for 10-15 kuna, and bottles of wine in the supermarket for 20-30 kuna (but don't be put off by the larger plastic bottles).

Basic coffees and espressos cost between 8 and 10 kuna, while tickets for downtown trams or bus rides usually cost 4 kuna.

Buy them at any tobacconist or on the tram/bus driver itself.

Hostels in the old town area start at about 300 kuna, and surprisingly the prices are quite competitive throughout the city, which is why Zagreb is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

What to see in Zagreb? My two favorite places: the Museo Tiflológico (20 kunas, not a typo), which is a government-funded museum that shows the "life and art" of the blind, and the Mushroom Museum (20 kunas), which shows the great variety that exists in the world.

Honorable mention: the best known "Museum of Broken Relationships" (30 kunas), where the stories behind the relationships are more interesting than the objects themselves...

The Museum of Illusions costs 40 kuna, but it is also a lot of fun.

Prices in Zagreb and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Zagreb and travel budget

#11: Riga, Latvia

Riga is a very charming city, with beautiful cobbled streets, many old buildings, and an abundance of picturesque churches.

Especially the old town makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

The capital of Latvia is a very affordable destination for backpackers, find out why it is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

Riga cheap holidays

Accommodation and public transport are cheap and you can also find great deals on food and nightlife.

There's a reason people come from all over Europe to celebrate their bachelor parties here.

Many of the interesting things to do in Riga are actually free: A walk through the old town, a picnic by the river, or a visit to the Rīgas Doms square, which is busy day and night with people, vendors, and musicians. strays.

If you like architecture, Alberta Street is also worth a visit. With 800 houses, this street holds the world record for art nouveau buildings.

Riga cheap city in Europe

A great advantage of Riga is that it is very close to the other two Baltic countries, Lithuania and Estonia.

It is easy and cheap to visit all three countries in a few days and you will be surprised how different they are from each other. Besides, traveling in the baltic countries is really easy for beginners!

The best time to visit Riga is the summer months. If you can, go to the beautiful mid-summer festival called Ligo.

Be prepared though: this time of year it never gets quite dark. Wear an eye mask to make sure you can sleep.

Prices in Riga and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Riga and travel budget

#12: Bratislava, Slovakia

If you're looking for the ultimate European destination to experience history, culture, beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine, all at an affordable price, why not check out the Slovak capital, Bratislava?

A nation that has suffered from alleged corruption for years has left a negative stereotype about the capital, but having spent some time here, we want to dissuade you from believing all the negative media hype.

Bratislava low cost city to travel

The best way to explore all that Bratislava has to offer is to explore the city on foot.

And what better way to do it than by participating in a guided tour, FREE Walking Tour of Bratislava It's a great way to see the city from a truly local perspective.

The imposing statue of Pavol Hviezdoslav is the focal point of the main square, but your eyes can't help but wander over the magnificent architecture that surrounds you.

We love Bratislava for its beauty and its low cost prices, which is why we have included it in this ranking of the cheapest cities in Europe.


Stroll to St Martin's Cathedral before heading into the 'old town' to admire the idyllic cobbled streets that characterize an Eastern European city.

St. Elizabeth's Church, commonly known as the "Blue Church", is a landmark not to be missed, but after exploring all that Bratislava has to offer, you'll surely be ready to try some delicious local Slovak cuisine, including "bryndzové halušky" (potato dumplings).

Prices in Bratislava and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Bratislava and budget

#13: Vilnius, Lithuania

A few years ago, in winter, we wanted to get away for a cheap weekend, so we found a cheap flight and went to Vilnius.

The Lithuanian capital is ideal for budget travelers: accommodation, food and sightseeing are moderately priced, there's a great bar scene and the beer is really cheap.


Our base (and my favorite place in the city) was uzupis a neighborhood of Vilnius that is also a self-proclaimed "independent republic" dedicated to self-determination and all things fun.

We spent a few days touring the town, which is small enough to walk (saving on transport costs!) and took a day trip to the countryside to go dog sledding, something we always wanted to do and we could never afford it; in Lithuania a dog sledding tour only costs about 30 euros for half a day, a bargain!

Sleeping in Vilnius cost us about 25 euros in a double hostel room, and our meals cost about 10 euros per person for a main course and a drink.

We were in December and the city was cold, and there were almost no tourists, so prices can go up a bit in summer, but we think Vilnius is still cheap. We loved our trip and would love to come back in the summer.

Prices in Vilnius and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Vilnius and travel budget

#14: Istanbul, Türkiye

Istanbul is not as cheap as it used to be, but it can be very profitable if you know where to eat and watch what you spend in general. In Türkiye, you can find very cheap food, as well as expensive.

The advantage of Istanbul is the amazing food culture.

From street food to traditional local family restaurants, Istanbul has it all.

Bivalves, which are mussels, are considered popular street food, as well as Iskander kebab. Try it all! And even better, if you like sweets, it's baklava and Turkish delight. They can't be beat!

Also, people in Türkiye are very friendly; They will offer you Turkish coffee or tea. Both are unique and delicious!

Few people know that Istanbul has two faces: The European and the Asian.

I totally suggest you take the ferry to the Asian side for amazing views of the Bosphorus. Taking the shuttle is not expensive, as it is very cheap.

But if you prefer the complete Tour of the Bosphorus, keep in mind that, since it is more touristy, people will try to sell you the tickets at a higher price; if you buy them at the window, they cost less.

Also, on the Asian side there are loads of amazing local restaurants. The European side is much more touristy and therefore more expensive.

As for the essential activities, it all depends on your tastes. Personally, I wouldn't leave Istanbul without seeing some highlights, such as the Galata Tower, Sultan Ahmed Square, and Hagia Sophia.

You must also visit the Basilica Cistern (Note: Turkish lira is needed to enter). While you're in the area, head over to the Blue Mosque (free admission).

If you like architecture and palaces, don't miss Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace.

To save money, you can get a museum card and also an Istanbul Kart to travel on public transport. Remember that although the Grand Bazaar is great to visit, shopping is very expensive.

It's a tourist trap and the prices reflect that. Look for smaller, more local places, and don't forget to haggle. Taste a good Kebab in this beautiful city, one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

Prices in Istanbul and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Istanbul

#15: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an ideal European city with a lot of history, an interesting culture and warm and welcoming citizens.

It has cobbled streets, good street food, lots of beer, a beautiful castle and a majestic bridge leading to it.

Best of all, tourists can enjoy all of the above for a fraction of the budget needed to explore their Western counterparts. Prague is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe.

It's quite an affordable destination for backpackers and budget travelers, whether they want to party or go on a culture hunt.

Prague is not that big, so it is possible to explore quite a few places on foot.

A free walking tour (with tips at the end) is a great way to get your first look at the Old Town, while castle entry or a walk across Charles Bridge at sunset is perhaps the best free sightseeing activity you can do. anywhere.

Prague affordable city to travel

If you want to take it easy, public transport is cheap and convenient, and the city cards, which also provide access to some tourist spots and all public transport, are a great way to explore the city.

The Astronomical Clock, John Lennon Wall, and the Dance House are free attractions that offer insight into the city's history, culture, and architecture.

Its Gothic-style buildings are instant wormholes to the Middle Ages, with gargoyles looming around the edges of almost every street.

A secret tip from our Prague guide is to take advantage of the many free concerts and other live shows in the Wallenstein Gardens or go bargain hunting at the various open-air markets, such as Holesovice.

The city, with its charms and one of the cheapest cities in Europe, is no different from its glitzy Western counterparts, but it's much easier to get here on a budget and not miss anything, if anything.

Prices in Prague and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Prague

#16: Girona, Spain

Located 110 km from Barcelona, Girona is the gateway to the internally famous Costa Brava and one of the most beautiful cities in Catalonia.

With impressive local life, tasty restaurants, an impressive Gothic cathedral and an ancient city where Game of Thrones season 6 was filmed, you won't find the tourist traps in Girona that you can in Barcelona.

Girona to travel cheap

Girona is cheap and a dream for budget backpackers who want a taste of local life in a European city. In Girona, there are plenty of restaurants where you can get an amazing lunch (including wine) for just €10.

In the city center, there are many bars full of young people where you can have a beer for only €1.50.

Also, you may not find as many hostels as in Barcelona, but the average quality is higher and you can find a dormitory for only €18 per night.

In Girona you can have a lot of fun for just 35 euros a day.

Prices in Girona and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Girona travel budget

#17: Split, Croatia one of the cheapest destinations in Europe

Croatia It's no longer the undiscovered budget destination it once was, but I'd still pick Split as a great value, especially compared to many other European cities.

Split enjoys an enviable central location on the Dalmatian coast.

This makes it not only an excellent choice as a base for day trips to surrounding attractions such as Krka National Park and Hvar, but also in a perfect place to stay and enjoy sightseeing, cultural events and beautiful beaches.

Plus, Split's historic center is pretty compact, which means you don't have to spend money on transportation to enjoy sights like Diocletian's Palace and the Riva on the waterfront (both are free).

A decent main course of pasta or meat, for example, will cost around €7, a pint of local beer will cost less than €2, and a half liter of house wine will be around €5.

You can eat even cheaper if you look for local food stalls and cafes.

Accommodation comes in a wide range of prices and ranges from hostels to luxury resorts.

Cheap options can be found starting at €15 per night in low season, but will be double or more in high season.

Prices in Split and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Split prices to travel cheap

#18: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Gone are the days when St. Petersburg was an expensive place to visit. Russia's second largest city is today incredibly affordable and has been since early 2014, for a number of reasons.

One of the good things about Saint Petersburg is that you can visit the city without a visa for 72 hours if you arrive by ferry from Tallinn or Helsinki, as the Russian visa can be very expensive and difficult to obtain.

among the many places to visit in Saint Petersburg.

The Hermitage Museum tops the list, with its world-class masterpieces and pompous classical European architecture, but the city also has a cool vibe and a food scene few tourists know about.

St. Petersburg

Most of the city's attractions are along or near Nevsky Prospect, so walking is a great way to explore it. To get to other areas, I recommend using public transport.

The metro system is reliable, efficient and some stations are masterpieces in their own right: they were built to be the 'palace of the people'.

Tickets cost around 0.90 EUR. Food can also be very cheap, with meals around EUR4 at Teremok, the Russian fast food chain that serves healthy traditional meals, rather than greasy burgers.

But my favorite budget option is a cool restaurant called Market Place (on Nevsky Prospect), where I usually pay 12 EUR for a decent meal and a glass of wine surrounded by hipsters.

Prices in St. Petersburg and travel budget for 2 people 2 weeks

Prices in Saint Petersburg

#19: Santorini, Greece

Santorini, one of the beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of Athens. It is often considered the best destination in the world or the most romantic island or the best place for a honeymoon.

It is a place with great food, fantastic wine and luxurious hotels. With that said, let's start with the bad news: Santorini is not one of the cheapest destinations.

Now, that's out of the way. The good news: The towns of Fira, Oia, Firostefani and Imerovigli are like snow caps on 300m high cliffs with stunning views of the caldera and volcano. 

For my budget-minded backpacker friends, the key to saving money is avoiding caldera/volcano view restaurants.

Also, the best way to save money on accommodation, especially hotels, is to find one without caldera views.

Although Santorini has gained a lot of popularity lately and prices have increased, it is still one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

Prices in Santorini

Prices in Santorini

#20: Ljubljana, Slovenia

This up-and-coming city is a great place to spend a few days and use it as a base to explore other areas of Slovenia.

The pedestrianized streets of the old town are lined with lovely restaurants and cafes. Food and drink is affordable and there are plenty of cheap options.

Accommodation can be found for as little as 10 euros a night and there is also an active Couchsurfing community.

Nice and cheap Ljubljana

You can walk almost everywhere, but if you want to go a bit further, there is a public bike rental system for only 1 euro a week Ljubljana is a student city and there is always a great variety of cultural events.

From art exhibitions to movies under the stars in the castle grounds.

This fun little capital can easily be enjoyed on a budget and will amaze you with its mix of architectural beauty and cutting-edge art scene.

Prices in Ljubljana

Prices in Ljubljana

#21: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia is my most recommended budget destination in Europe, as it offers a lot for little money.

Especially when you compare the costs to its expensive neighboring city, Helsinki, Finland, which is just a short ferry ride away.

You can just get lost exploring Tallinn's Old Town, which is a UNESCO protected site and you can walk around freely.

With stunning views and historic architecture, this city offers a lot for its affordable value.

Also, be sure to explore the Telliskivi arts district for affordable bar and restaurant options in a fun, revamped factory district.

Have fun without breaking the bank in Tallinn. Lastly, if you don't have the luxury of time. Tallinn in 48 hours is also possible!

#22: Athens, Greece

Athens is a city with a unique mix of history, culture, good food and a vibrant social life.

From the taverns and the beautiful Plaka neighborhood to the Acropolis, Athens is a perfect city for those seeking an enriching vacation in greece.

When the recession hit Greece, Athens became a great city for budget travelers.

I stayed in a one bedroom Airbnb apartment that was only €30 per night and had the most amazing views from the balcony.

There was also a wide variety of restaurants and food options in town, making it easy to accommodate all budgets and preferences.

Athens low cost

As for transportation, it is quite affordable to use the metro, or using Uber will not cost you a fortune either. The visit to the Acropolis will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip.

Although you usually have to pay to enter the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum, in Athens there are free museum days throughout the year that are worth taking advantage of.

#23: Lisbon, Portugal one of the cheapest cities in Europe to visit

Lisbon is fast becoming a must-see city in Europe and for good reason.

The people are lovely, the city is lovely and it's also very affordable, especially compared to other European capitals.

Most of the attractions are very cheap and you will also find out how affordable eating can be.


Spend the day strolling around the city and be sure to head to Pasteis de Belem to try what may be the city's star sweet for just 1.25 euros.

Public transport is also affordable (I highly recommend getting a Lisbon City Card for your explorations).

Hop on the iconic 28 tram and see the whole city without having to walk up the hills. When the sun goes down, grab a drink and head to one of the many parks and hang out with the locals.

In general, the daily cost of this city costs 42 euros, but I Lisbon for 35 euros a day! Lisbon is cheap.

#24: Moscow, Russia

Moscow may seem expensive, but once you know how to get around the Russian capital, it can be easily affordable.

To travel to Russia the most important advice we can give you is to meet the locals.

Local friends are the best sources of information on the best places to visit, the best places to eat and how to get around the cities.

Metro prices are less than 1 euro and the metro in Russia is like a museum, definitely a sight to see!

There are stations where you can see paintings depicting stories from their country. The food is quite cheap and you can get a meal from 3-4 euros in a local.

If you are going to party, it will depend on the area you are in, since some places are more expensive than others.

My favorite hobby was visiting the city parks, where they don't charge you anything.

#25: Naples, Italy

Naples (or Napoli in Italian) is a wonderfully chaotic city in southern Italy, with old buildings, colorful people, and some of the best pizza in the world.

you were drawn to the city for the pizza of Naples but we decided to stay for a whole month thanks to the reasonable prices and the speed of the Internet.

Prices are much lower in Naples than in other big Italian cities, especially for food.

While in Naples we ate pizza almost every day, often for less than five euros each.

Beyond pizza, coffee costs just one euro at most cafes, and delicacies like sfogliatella are just as cheap.

Public transport in the city is easy, although we opted to walk a lot to burn off the calories from the pizza. In Naples, the key is to get away from the train station and immerse yourself in the local culture.

If you let yourself go, Naples will drag you down and reward you with every bite.

#26: Madrid, Spain

Madrid can seem like a backpacker's nightmare, with pricey entrance fees to some major buildings and pricey day trips.

But with a little knowledge, it's entirely possible to stick to your budget and get an incredible taste of Spain's capital.

Start your money-saving journey with a stroll through the lavish Botanical Gardens, whose admission price is equal to what you could spend on a cup of coffee, and then hunt for bargains at Madrid's incredible markets, from farmers' markets to paradises. of the markets

Madrid affordable city to visit

From there, take your new picnic delights to Retiro Park and watch the Spanish bask in the sun, free of charge.

He EU Erasmus Plus Program it also sometimes offers opportunities for Europeans under 30 to visit Madrid with paid room and board in exchange for attending seminars and events for young people, for 5 days, or a week.

For culture lovers, challenge yourselves to never pay to enter a museum.

Many great museums in Madrid have free admission hours, it's just a matter of arriving at the right time, which is usually in the early afternoon on weekdays. Look at this post what to do today in Madrid for FREE.

You will also love the Museo del Traje, which displays its beauties for free on weekends.

With a little planning, Madrid can be an amazing stopover for any budget traveler.

#27: Valletta, Malta

Valletta is the small capital of Malta. It is a walled city that was established in the 16th century.

It is famous for its baroque architecture, its beautiful churches, palaces and museums.

Valletta was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The capital is a peninsula with the sea surrounding most of it.

Take a walk along the sea outside the city wall and admire the views of the surrounding turquoise water.

Just south of the city, the Grand Harbor is one of the most beautiful in the world, with forts and marinas.

In the Plaza de San Jorge there is a fountain with colored water stains that rises and falls. There's a lot places to visit in malta – I promise you will never run out of it!

#28: Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, with its picture-perfect medieval buildings and cozy canals.

When you walk through Bruges, you can feel like you are in a fairy tale, especially at night when the main buildings are beautifully illuminated.

Bruges may not seem like a cheap destination at first glance, but most surprisingly things to do in Bruges they are almost all free.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Market Square, explore the canals and visit the old Begijnhof without spending a penny.

Among the most beautiful places in the city are also the Muelle del Rosario, with beautiful views over the canals, and the old Bell Tower, with a fascinating panoramic view of the city.

→ Radical Storage Opinions: When you need to store luggage

It is also advisable to take a boat tour to see the city from a different angle.

You are in Belgium, so you cannot leave Bruges without trying the local beer. In the De Halve Maan brewery tavern, in the old town, you can try Brugse Zot, the best beer in Bruges.

#29: Berlin, Germany

Although gentrification has been slowly but surely taking its toll for a few years now, today it is still possible to enjoy Berlin on a budget.

From its many free museums to cheap street food, not cheap beds, affordable transportation system, and - what's really important - cheap and great beer sold everywhere; experiencing the city for a few days shouldn't break anyone's bank.


I have visited Berlin four times in different seasons and spending time in this city is always a great idea (even visiting Berlin in winter rocks!). So if you're on a budget, I definitely recommend you visit Berlin.

Especially if you like meeting interesting people (there's no shortage there), exploring urban decay and places of recent history, and great nightlife

Because, in the end, I don't know about you, but I always end up spending my Berlin nights outside.

#30: Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is one of the coolest cities in Germany, a place where Beatles mania began before it spread to the rest of the world.

This city has a bit of everything: canals, pretty houses, historic architecture, interesting street art, and an incredible party atmosphere.

Hamburg hotels and hostels are not as cheap as those in many other European cities, but you can greatly reduce your expenses if you buy your food in supermarkets and bakeries.


The cost per night in a hostel is €25 and can reach €100, depending on the time you visit. The cost of eating can be only €3 if you choose bakeries and supermarkets instead of restaurants.

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You can also reduce your expenses by exploring the city on foot or by booking a free walking tour. Although you don't usually include this German city in your itinerary, I assure you that there are many incredible things things to do in Hamburg!

We hope this post about the cheapest cities in Europe to travel to helps you plan your next vacation.

Overview cheap cities Europe

What is the cheapest city in Europe?

Sofia travel budget. cheapest city in europe

Sofia is the cheapest city in Europe to travel to. Although it cannot be stated exactly and not everyone can agree, there will be some service or product that will be cheaper in cities below the ranking.

What are the 10 cheapest cities in Europe?

Sofia the cheapest city in Europe

Ranking of the 10 cheapest cities in Europe
#1: Sofia, Bulgaria
#2: Krakow, Poland
#3: Bucharest, Romania
#4: Belgrade, Serbia
#5: Budapest, Hungary
#6: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
#7: Kyiv, Ukraine (we recommend not to visit it because of the war with Russia)
#8: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
#9: Warsaw, Poland
#10: Zagreb, Croatia

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    • ¿Barata? Quizás deberías reconsiderarlo. Sofía es una ciudad llena de historia, cultura y belleza, no solo un destino económico. Te invito a explorar todo lo que tiene para ofrecer y verás por qué es tan valorada por los viajeros exigentes.

    • ¡Vaya, vaya! No te emociones demasiado rápido. Si bien Sofía puede ser una opción económica, hay otros destinos en Europa que ofrecen más variedad cultural y turística. No te limites, ¡explora todas tus opciones antes de decidir!


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