11 Lugares baratos para viajar en México 2024


If you're heading to one of the world's most popular spring break destinations—yes, it's Mexico—then check out this vacation on the cheapest places to travel in Mexico before you make your reservation.

Cheap vacations in Mexico

Mexico has long been a popular place for a cheap vacation, but it can also be quite expensive in places like Cabo and Cancun.

If you are looking for an experience that goes beyond those luxury resorts, you will find many fabulous destinations where your dollar or euro goes much further.

And this country offers much more than lounging by the pool and sipping margaritas.

These cheap vacation spots, in particular, They offer some of the best travel values out there, and more offer the opportunity to enjoy a more authentic slice of Mexican life.

According to the flight deals booking site WayAway The average price of a round trip to Mexico is 256 $ on average from the US and 678 Eur from Europe.

Wherever you are from, even if you are from Mexico and want to do national tourism, there is a company, Civitatis, that allows you to take a Free Tour in any city.


as you hear it, In some cities in Mexico you can book a free tourist tour.

At the end of the free city tour you can make a "donation" to the guide based on how you liked it.

From typical spring break beach destinations to a cultural capital, here are the most affordable spring break options in Mexico this year.

We get into the matter to discover cheap places to travel in Mexico.

If you want to know what it is the best search engine to book cheap hotels in Mexico or anywhere, look at this post.

1. Loreto, Baja California

Get ready to enjoy some cheap vacation in Mexico. We start our ranking.

The city of Loreto is the oldest settlement in Baja California and offers much for history enthusiasts, such as prehistoric cave paintings in the Sierra de la Gigantas and a centuries-old church.

Enjoy a authentic Mexican atmosphere with colorful traditions and rich heritage, along with access to magnificent beaches, bays and uninhabited islands that offer the opportunity to dive, swim, do kayak, sailing or simply soaking up the warmth of the sun.

In the surroundings of the Loreto Bay National Park you can observe whales and dolphins from the shore.

All that and three-star hotels start at just $50 a night.

cheap mexico

Loreto travel budget and cost

Loreto travel budget and cost

2. Oaxaca City or Oaxaca de Juárez

If you're interested in getting to know Mexico's indigenous people and want to enjoy low room rates that start at less than $15 per night, look no further than Oaxaca City.

Here you can get a good look at daily life in the southern region of the country and also enjoy some incredible street food.

The exotic state of Oaxaca is one of Mexico's top culinary destinations, nicknamed the "land of seven moles" for its legendary and complex sauces made with dozens of ingredients, often including chocolate.

The city is filled with colorful colonial architecture, and also offers plenty of unique and affordable artisans selling crafts.

visit mexico with little money

Oaxaca de Juárez travel budget and cost

Oaxaca de Juarez travel budget and cost

3. Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, one of Mexico's lesser-known tourist destinations, is a budget-friendly place.

This quiet fishing town is tucked away on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca and is home to one of the most picturesque beaches in the region.

It's a place that has remained largely under the radar, with the exception of those who come here to surf the famous beach break known as Mexican Pipeline, which makes room prices especially affordable, starting at less 40 dollars per night.

Visit Mexico on a budget

Even if you don't surf, the experience here revolves around the beach, although you'll also find authentic Mexican culture and a bustling outdoor food market.

The east side of the bay is known for its cheap eats and budget hostels.

Puerto Escondido trip budget and cost

Puerto Escondido trip budget and cost

4. Mazatlan

The “Pearl of the Pacific” is a popular spa town with 11 miles of boardwalk to enjoy a picturesque walk along the sea, and with huge waves, it also attracts many surfers.

Along with some of the best beaches in Mexico, the city has a rich history, magnificent architecture, many fascinating museums and a renowned nightlife in the district called Zona Dorada.

For those looking for a resort-like experience without the high price tag, Mazatlán is an ideal choice, with three-star room rates starting at $70 per night.

Mexico Low cost

Mazatlán trip budget and cost

Mazatlán trip budget and cost

5. Sayulita, Nayarit

Sayulita is a nice and affordable beach town, popular for surfing and other water sports.

Restaurants here offer fresh, delicious seafood and hotels start at $15 a night.

A low-key bohemian atmosphere, pristine stretches of sand and rustic beach restaurants await.

If you've never tried surfing, this is a good place to learn, as the bay has a nice break ideal for beginners, and both lessons and boards are cheap and easy to get.

Cheap vacations in Mexico

Sayulita travel budget and cost

Sayulita travel budget and cost

6. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the most touristy places with all-inclusive resorts, but it is also a great destination for those who want to enjoy a beach area without high prices.

You can enjoy endless palm trees, coral reefs, nightclubs and restaurants, as well as enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Surprisingly, there are many three-star hotels near those powdery white sands that can be had for less than $100 a night, some for as little as $40 a night.

Carmen beach

Playa del Carmen trip budget and cost

Playa del Carmen trip budget and cost

7. Mexico City

cheapest places to travel in Mexico

Mexico City is one of the most incredible destinations in the world, a must-see for any history, culture or art enthusiast.

It also offers many affordable accommodation options; In fact, in the desirable La Condesa neighborhood, you can get a room in a nice boutique hotel for only about $50 a night.

La Condesa, Polanco and Roma are great areas to base yourself in to enjoy the many museums, markets and beautiful parks.

The Palace of Fine Arts exhibits world-class art by international and Mexican artists, while the National Museum of Anthropology, in Chapultepec Park, is the largest and most visited museum in the country.

Eat cheaply at Mercado Roma, a gourmet food hall offering tapas, palettes, churros and more.

According to Kayak.com The cheapest month to go is May. Discover the city's historic epicenter and its museums, or take a day trip to the famous floating boats of Xochimilco that you've seen on Instagram. Tipping in Mexico: The Mexican Tipping Guide

Mexico City travel budget and cost

Mexico City travel budget and cost

where to stay Fiesta Inn Historic Center It is the perfect place for those who come to Mexico City for the first time. This city center location has rates starting at 73$ per night for a spring break in Mexico.

8. Guadalajara

cheapest places to travel in Mexico

The cheapest month to go is March, according to Kayak.com. Come for the agave fields near Tequila, stay for the mariachi music.

Guadalajara is the "second city" of Mexico, birthplace of the Mexican hat dance, mariachi and tequila.

Food lovers will love it as it offers one of the best culinary scenes in the country, with dishes based on chilies, corn, beans, tomatoes and pork Apology, a spicy dish in the style of a goat or lamb stew, is the most emblematic.

Meanwhile he Drowned Cake The fried pork sandwich soaked in spicy sauce, or “drowned,” as its name translates, is very popular after a night out on the town.

And even better? Guadalajara is often ranked among the most affordable cities in the world, with hotels costing on average less than $40 per night.

Guadalajara travel budget and cost

Guadalajara travel budget and cost

where to stay NH Collection Guadalajara Historic Center It is located in the city center, with a rooftop terrace and a low nightly rate starting at 54 $ in spring.→ Best places in Mexico to go on vacation

9. Cancun


Whether you head to the famous CocoBongo or venture to a nearby cenote, Cancun is a great spring break beach destination in Mexico.

Located on the Caribbean side of the peninsula, it is famous for its Cancun blue waters and quieter beaches. With its all-inclusive hotels, Cancun is undoubtedly one of the cheapest places to travel in Mexico

Cancun travel budget and cost

Cancun travel budget and cost

where to stay By Oasis It's a great deal on a budget, at $71 per night, with an exceptional pool and grounds, perfect for spring break in Cancun.

10. Chiapas, one of the cheapest places to travel in Mexico

If a fantasy landscape of lakes, rivers and waterfalls in stunning shades of blue and green, combined with ancient ruins, sounds appealing, head to Chiapas.

Chiapas cheap trip Mexico


Not only will you pay an average of just $35 for a four-star hotel, but you'll be able to see the remarkable ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Palenque, hidden within a tropical jungle, and explore the on-site museum, complete with stucco hieroglyphs, intricately carved panels and clay gains.

The highlight is undoubtedly Agua Azul, located nearby, with crystal clear water of a surreal hue that is the result of it running over a smooth limestone bed that is illuminated by the sun.

Chiapas travel budget and cost

Chiapas travel budget and cost

11. Puerto Vallarta

cheap places to travel Mexico

The Pacific Ocean spa city is popular with college kids on spring break, but if you go outside of the main spring break weeks, you can find additional savings and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Use it as a base to explore nearby offerings, such as the Marietas Islands (home to the famous Hidden Beach) and the small coastal town of Bucerías, which means "the place of divers."

Puerto Vallarta travel budget and cost

Puerto Vallarta travel budget and cost

where to stay Hotel Posada de Roger It is located in the city center and is an affordable option for spring break in Mexico, with rates starting at $34 per night.

We hope that this ranking of cheap places to travel in Mexico is useful to you.

Resumen de nuestra Guía Exhaustiva de Destinos Asequibles en México

México, con su rica historia, vibrante cultura y diversos paisajes, siempre ha sido un imán para los viajeros. Pero, ¿sabías que también es un refugio para aquellos con un presupuesto ajustado? Desde sus playas bañadas por el sol hasta sus montañas majestuosas, hay algo para todos, sin importar cuánto estés dispuesto a gastar.

Destinos Baratos en México

México es vasto y variado, y hay innumerables lugares que ofrecen experiencias inolvidables sin un precio elevado.

  • Paraísos costeros: Las playas de México son famosas en todo el mundo, y hay muchas que ofrecen belleza sin un precio exorbitante. Lugares como Mazatlán, Puerto Escondido y Tulum ofrecen experiencias costeras asequibles.
  • Joyas ocultas: Más allá de las ciudades principales, hay pueblos y aldeas que ofrecen una visión auténtica de la vida mexicana. Pátzcuaro, Taxco y Cuetzalan son solo algunos ejemplos.
  • Puntos culturales: México es rico en cultura, y hay muchos lugares donde puedes sumergirte en la historia y tradiciones del país sin gastar mucho. Desde las ruinas de Palenque hasta el Festival Cervantino en Guanajuato, hay opciones para todos los intereses.

Alojamiento Económico

No es necesario gastar una fortuna para encontrar un lugar cómodo donde quedarse en México. Desde hostales amigables hasta pensiones familiares, hay opciones para todos los presupuestos.

Gastronomía Mexicana a Buen Precio

La comida mexicana es famosa por su sabor y diversidad. Y lo mejor de todo es que no tienes que gastar mucho para disfrutarla. Desde tacos en la calle hasta comidas caseras en mercados locales, hay delicias para todos los paladares y bolsillos.

Viajando por México sin Gastar Mucho

Moverse por México no tiene por qué ser caro. Con una red extensa de transporte público y opciones de alquiler de coches asequibles, puedes explorar el país sin gastar mucho.

Actividades y Atracciones para el Viajero Económico

Desde caminar por plazas históricas hasta explorar parques nacionales, hay muchas actividades que puedes hacer en México sin gastar una fortuna.

Consejos de Seguridad para el Viajero Económico

Viajar con un presupuesto no significa comprometer tu seguridad. Con un poco de precaución y conocimiento, puedes disfrutar de México sin preocupaciones.

Ofertas y Descuentos Estacionales

Si planeas con anticipación y eliges la época adecuada para visitar, puedes aprovechar ofertas y descuentos que harán que tu viaje sea aún más asequible.

Testimonios de Viajeros: Aventuras Asequibles en México

Muchos viajeros han descubierto las maravillas de México sin gastar una fortuna. Sus historias pueden inspirarte y darte ideas para tu propio viaje.

FAQ – Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Cuál es la mejor época para visitar México con un presupuesto?

La temporada baja, que suele ser durante los meses de mayo a octubre, es ideal para encontrar ofertas en alojamiento y actividades.

¿Es seguro viajar por México con un presupuesto ajustado?

Sí, pero es importante tomar precauciones básicas, como evitar áreas conocidas por la delincuencia y no mostrar objetos de valor.

¿Cómo puedo ahorrar en comida mientras viajo por México?

Opta por comer en mercados locales y puestos de comida callejera. No solo es más barato, sino que también es una experiencia auténtica.

¿Es caro el transporte público en México?

No, el transporte público en México es bastante asequible. Los autobuses y colectivos son opciones populares para moverse.

¿Puedo negociar precios en México?

Sí, en muchos mercados y tiendas locales, se espera que los clientes negocien. Sin embargo, siempre hazlo con respeto.

¿Hay actividades gratuitas que pueda hacer en México?

Sí, muchas ciudades tienen plazas, parques y museos gratuitos o con entrada asequible.

Conclusión: Descubriendo la Belleza de México con un Presupuesto

México es un país lleno de maravillas esperando ser descubiertas. Y lo mejor de todo es que no necesitas una fortuna para experimentarlo. Con un poco de planificación y conocimiento, puedes disfrutar de todo lo que este hermoso país tiene para ofrecer sin vaciar tu bolsillo.

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