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Si ya conoces un poco tripadvisor and how it works, it is now important to know if it is safe to book on TripAdvisor.

We will describe exactly how safe TripAdvisor is, the components of the website that may pose a potential danger to you when planning your holiday, and what you can do to stay safe while using the travel information website.

It is safe to book on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor es más seguro que otros sitios web de reservas porque reserva a través de de otros metabuscadores asociaciones.

Esto significa que nunca tienes que utilizarlo directamente para reservar tu viaje, por lo que nunca tienes que introducir los datos de tu tarjeta de crédito o información personal para utilizarlo.

Ni siquiera es necesario crear una cuenta en TripAdvisor.

4 tips for staying safe when using TripAdvisor

1. Never give out personal or financial information on TripAdvisor, it is never necessary.

Because tripadvisor works through partnerships with other search platforms.

They will show you the best prices and offers but payments or bookings are made directly on the partner's website.never on TripAdvisor.

For this reason, you do not need to enter your card information on their website.. Moreover, no employee or other user will ever have a legitimate reason to ask for this information.

Never give out this informationIf another user asks you for it, be sure to report it on the website.

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2. Be wary of what other travellers post on the website.

Although reviews and information about accommodation can be very useful for you, please note that anyone can create an account on tripadvisorYou only need an e-mail address.

This means that real estate and hotel owners (and their acquaintances) may publish false opinions on the Internet.

Make sure you don't trust all opinions, check them out.. Read as many reviews as you can, both good and bad, to get a better idea of the place.

Also, remember that most of the information in a TripAdvisor review is just the personal opinion of another user, so it's best to do your own research outside of TripAdvisor as well.

3. Be careful what information you post or share on the website: avoid dangerous details.

Although sharing your travel experiences is very useful for other users, there are some details that you should avoid posting in your comments. Never:

  • You publish your home address, telephone number, email address or credit card details.
  • Describe details of your own unsafe behaviour or situations where others may have taken advantage of you.
  • Post details or particulars of your next trip.
  • Share the personal information of your friends or travel acquaintances.

Instead, consider posting safety tips for other users, or explaining the lack of safety in a hotel. This may help someone else to avoid dangerous situations that you yourself have experienced.

4. Be careful what other users may ask of you through communication.

tripadvisor TripAdvisor has a useful messaging system that allows you to communicate with other users. However, this can be potentially dangerous. Never disclose personal information to another user, and be careful when communicating.

Users may have ulterior motives and could be attempting to commit fraud on the website. Report any user who harasses you through their messaging service, or who acts inappropriately or suspiciously.

Compared to other booking or travel websites, TripAdvisor is one of the safest to use.

You do not have to enter any personal information to use it, nor do you ever have to provide this information.

The only potential concern is that anyone can use the website; due to the lack of verifiable information needed to register for an account, the possibility of fraud is present.

Este es nuestro resumen de seguridad Si quieres crear una cuenta, consulta nuestro tutorial sobre cómo registrarte en TripAdvisor. Pero antes, lee nuestro siguiente artículo en el que repasamos los pros y los contras de TripAdvisor.

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So is it safe to book on TripAdvisor?

After having read this article it is clear that it is safe to book on TripAdvisor with their partners through their search engine.

All the sites they work with are reputable and offer impeccable reliability,, agoda,, etc.

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    • ¡Vaya suerte la tuya! A mí TripAdvisor me ha decepcionado más de una vez. Quizás deberías probar otras opciones antes de cantar victoria. Cada experiencia es distinta y no todos tienen la misma suerte.

    • Bueno para ti, pero no todos tienen la misma suerte. He leído muchas quejas sobre reservas canceladas y malas experiencias en TripAdvisor. No siempre es tan seguro como parece.

    • ¡Vaya, qué exagerado! TripAdvisor es una plataforma confiable y segura. Siempre hay que tener precaución al viajar, pero no culpes a la página por incidentes aislados. Yo he tenido solo buenas experiencias. ¡Sigue disfrutando de tus viajes!


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