Traveling Europe for backpackers


find out how backpacking Europe With little money it can be an arduous and complicated task.

Although it is probably the most desired continent for most travelers to lose "their virginity" as a first-time international traveler, Europe may also be the most expensive continent.


If you don't take care of the small (and big) details, the cost of traveling around Europe can be very, very expensive. But with so much to see in such a "small" continent (it is the second smallest continent in the world, with 10,180,000 km²)It's worth the effort to find a way travel as cheaply as possible across Europe.



Europe puzzle map


Eurail and BlaBlaCar – LThe cheapest way to travel around Europe


The most common way of save money on transportation while backpacking Europe, is to get a pass Eurail if you come from outside Europe or, Interrail if you belong you are a citizen residing in Europe (it is a rail pass voucher which entitle you to a certain number of trips).




Travel by train in Europe is a highly recommended option, they are possibly the easiest and comfortable way to travel in Europe. You will be able to find student passes at a very competitive price, although this may not always be your best option. (More info about passes Eurail either Interrail)


«Omio is also a perfect option to move around Europto by bus and train«


Another option that I also recommend is to use a car sharing application (the most popular is BlaBlaCar). It works like Uber for long distances, but with a key difference: Drivers only use it to offset expenses, not to make a profit.

This means that in some cases, it is a little less convenient than an Uber in the aspect of: you have to show up at the time and place designated by the driver, in addition to this, the arrival location in the destination city, may not be exactly what you are looking for.


Spend more days traveling in Eastern Europe

if you're trying find out how to save as much as possible on your trip to Europe, the first thing you have to ask yourself is: where are you planning to go? I ask you this because the price of products and services varies HUGELY depending on where in Europe you are at any given time.


ANDThis entry might interest you: How to use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights


As a general rule, the further east of Europe you are, the cheaper it will be. Any eastern country is more than likely to have significantly lower prices than its neighbors.


"Choosing an accommodation in the neighboring city can mean great savings"

For example, accommodation in Bratislava, Slovakia, is generally much cheaper than similar accommodation in Vienna, Austria (although the two cities are only 79 kilometers apart!)


< <Consejos para contratar un buin travel insurance>>


Ukraine, Poland and the Balkans are especially cheap when it comes to traveling in Europe. But there are also cheap places in the west (including Portugal and some parts of Spain (Castellón, for example).

ohThe key is to keep an open mind! My number one tip for cheap world travel is to stay off the beaten track.


Near the universities you will eat cheaper

After accommodation and transport, the most expensive expenses that we can have while traveling in Europe tend to be food and drink. (the latter could be your downfall if you're one of those people who likes to party 😉 ). You probably already know the most common tricks to save money on food and drink: cooking at home or in the hostel, sandwiches, fast food restaurants, etc.


These are theos 8 mbest search engines Hotels


But, have you realized how relevant it is to choose the appropriate way to eat and drink during your trip? Whether we are talking about eating at an expensive restaurant or a neighborhood grocery store, the reality is that prices are likely to be very dynamic depending on the type of clientele in the area.




"Avoid the most touristic spots if you want to save more"


If you are in a very touristy spot in a big city, or even in a high-end neighborhood, it is very likely that you will end up paying much more for the same type and amount of food (sometimes for less).


<<¿you need to find a cheap flight? click here>>


So whether you're in Venice, Paris or London, look for cheaper food in the less touristy and luxurious parts of the city. A good rule of thumb is to find the largest university and look around. Students live on fairly tight budgets, so university bars and restaurants tend to offer some of the cheapest options you'll find anywhere.


Save money on c websitesashback

If you're traveling across Europe trying to save as much as possible, chances are you'll make several reservations in hostels or hotels online during the journey. But, did you know that there is a quick, easy and simple way to recover part of our CASH of those reserves?

Sounds too easy to be true, I know, but if you sign up for Beruby and use its built-in browser extension while searching for accommodation, PYou can recover between 2 and 18% of your reserves!

After making your reservations or purchases, you will be reimbursed the money directly into your PayPal account.

In addition, Beruby not only works with travel reservations, flights, etc., but you can also purchase almost any product or service that you may need during your trip.


If you access the page of Beruby as a guest of the My Perfect Hotel blog, you will also get €5 in your account after your next reservation or purchase. (Click here to access)


When looking for accommodation, try to be flexible

Accommodation is another of the expenses to take into account when our purpose is travel cheap through Europe. So be sure to be creative when booking your accommodation, forget about hotels and increase your range of possibilities.




Hostel dorm beds are probably the most common way to save money in Europe on accommodation. I know you may think it's weird to share a room with other people, but actually, it's generally a nice experience and a lot of fun!


There are other accommodation options that will not cost you anything

But if hostels aren't your thing, there are other options. Couchsurfing is a well-known site where you can stay with hosts for free (although they will usually expect you to socialize with them, or maybe take them out to dinner, etc.).

If this isn't for you, AirBnB has the option of renting out a private or shared room in someone's home (often at a SIGNIFICANT discount over a conventional entire apartment rental. (AirBnB with guest discount)


would you rather camp?

In some parts of Europe still is it possible to camp cheap and even free, if you go wild camping, or stay in unconventional accommodations such as convents or churches. This is a very common practice among pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain.


Cathedral of Santiago the most visited in Spain 1920


ANDn another entry we will talk more extensively about this wonderful route, (or rather, routes) since there are many and varied possibilities to get to the cathedral of Santiago in Galicia, Spain)

In this type of accommodation you will only have to contribute your will, "or nothing", if you no longer have money but need a roof to sleep under.


The 10 Best Cabin Suitcases – Accepted by all airlines


Prices in Europe go up during the high season, which is typically during July and August, and again around the Christmas holidays.


«Choose the best months«

But if you travel during the low season, you can do it right in the months before and after the high season (May, June, September and October), you can often find cheaper accommodation prices while enjoying good weather.

Also, if you have a medium budget, I leave you the link of the accommodation search engine that I use the most on my trips to be able to stay comfortably in any country in Europe, it is cheap, simple and reliable 😉 : Accommodation search engine


I really hope you enjoy a lot visiting this beautiful continent, and above all, that you come back here to share such a wonderful and unique experience with me and with other travelers.


Greetings traveler!



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11 comentarios en «Viajar por Europa para mochileros»

  1. ¡Me encanta la idea de viajar por Europa en plan mochilero! Definitivamente, ¡hay que huir de los puntos turísticos para ahorrar más! 💸🌍

    • ¡Totalmente de acuerdo! Viajar como mochilero te permite experimentar la verdadera esencia de cada lugar. Además, puedes conocer personas locales y descubrir rincones ocultos que los turistas no conocen. ¡Una experiencia mucho más auténtica y económica! 🎒🌍

    • ¡Suena emocionante! Viajar como mochilero por Europa te permitirá conocer lugares increíbles y ahorrar dinero. Eurail y BlaBlaCar son opciones geniales para moverte de manera económica y flexible. ¡Buena suerte en tu aventura!

  2. ¡Wow! Me encanta la idea de viajar por Europa como mochilero. ¿Alguna recomendación de lugares poco turísticos pero increíbles?

    • Claro, te recomendaría visitar Budapest en Hungría. Es una ciudad vibrante y llena de historia. Además, los precios son bastante económicos. ¡No te lo puedes perder!

    • ¡Viajar por Europa de mochilero puede ser emocionante, pero no se puede negar la belleza de los puntos turísticos populares! Son populares por una razón. ¡Vale la pena gastar un poco más para vivir esas experiencias únicas y capturar recuerdos inolvidables!


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