Visita guiada Vaticano opiniones ¿Merece la pena? 2024


Are you planning to visit the Vatican City and want to know if a guided tour is worth it and right for you? This article reviews the advantages of a guided tour of the Vatican so you can decide if it's worth it and if it's right for you.

What does "see the Vatican" mean?

If you want to know opinions about the guided tour of the Vatican and if it is really worth it this interests you.

Vatican City is many things, but I have narrowed it down to three things in particular. First of all, it's the home of catholicism, which is a form of Christianity, the most popular religion in the world. Second, it is a country that is be the smallest in the world.

Third, it is an attraction visited by more than 6 million visitors almost every year.

If you want to know opinions about the guided tour of the Vatican and if it is really worth it, keep reading. This interests you.

To recap, the Vatican is part of the largest religion on Earth, but it is the smallest country.

That said, it's also a very popular destination that you can visit regardless of your religious affiliation. Vatican City is in the center of Rome, making it easy to access and increasing its appeal

What does it mean to see the Vatican? When people say “I have visited the Vatican” it means that they have bought a ticket or a visit to the Vatican Museums and that they have also visited St. Peter's Basilica.

If you want to do the best Free Walking Tour in Rome (free tour) visit this link.

The Sistine Chapel is inside the Vatican Museums and is one of the main attractions.

Areas of interest – Guided tour Vatican reviews

Next we are going to review the opinions and reviews of the guided tours in the Vatican of the most important internet portals where visitors to the Vatican leave their opinion once the visit is over.

Guided tour Vatican Reviews Tripadvisor

Vatican Guided Tour TripAdvisor Reviews

In In this link you can read and consult all the reviews of the Guided Tour in the Vatican to get the idea if it's worth it or not.

Vatican Guided Tour Opinions Civitatis

Vatican Guided Tour Opinions Civitatis

Very good evaluation and opinions about the guided tour of the Vatican. you can read them all HERE.

Book the Guided Tour of the Vatican directly with Civitatis at the best price:

Vatican Guided Tour Reviews Get Your Guide

Vatican guided tour Reviews Get Your Guide

Here are the ratings and opinions of users who did the guided tour of the Vatican with Get Your Guide.

Hire the Tour with Get Your Guide:

The Vatican Museums

Guided tour Vatican reviews

The Vatican Museums are a series of galleries that house some of the world's most famous works of art by High Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and others.. It culminates in the Sistine Chapel, which is arguably the most famous work of art on Earth, made by Michelangelo and others

Here are some of the main galleries

  • the art gallery
  • Pio Clementino Gallery
  • Gallery of maps
  • Gallery of Chandeliers
  • Tapestry Gallery
  • Raphael Rooms
  • The Sistine Chapel

St Peter's basilica

the roman type st peter's basilica

St. Peter's Basilica was built and added to by almost every famous artist of the 16th and 17th centuries. The designs and the various elements were created by Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and many others. Michelangelo designed the famous dome that can be climbed

You do not have to pay to enter St. Peter's Basilica, but you can usually access it from the Vatican Museums

Is a guided tour of the Vatican worth it?

Short answer Yes, if you have a good guide and a small group

skip the lines

We have a special collaboration with Civitatis, so all of our tours skip the ticket lines. We also have expedited security lines to enter which greatly decreases wait times to enter.

If you want to make a free tour around the vatican, HERE is an incredible option.

Michelangelo ceiling Vatican Under the Stars Private Evening Tour The Roman Guy

Great tour guides

The key to a great tour is a great tour guide. The best guides can make anything old interesting.

When you combine a great guide with an incredible monument like Vatican City, you can have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

You are talking about an attraction that was literally built and decorated by the best artists in the world. You will find sculptures built by the ancient Romans, frescoes by Michelangelo himself, paintings by Raphael, Guido Reni, Da Vinci and much more.

The right tour guide will have endless stories, anecdotes and history to tell

We also work closely with the best tour guides to hone and improve their skills. We have worked with the guides on their language skills, history, presence, and even first aid!

We are committed to attracting the best and most attractive guides so that you have a high quality tour that you will remember

privileged access

An important part of the Vatican City experience is getting in before or after the crowds and gaining special access. We call this "privileged access" as it is a true privilege to visit Vatican City as we do. What are some of the advantages?

Access at 8 in the morning

Many of our Vatican tours enter the Museums around 8am, when they open for tour operators who have a special agreement with the Vatican Museums. We have this agreement and more! Our Vatican Tour with Privileged Entrance and Sistine Chapel (3.5 hours) enters at 8am and is our most popular Vatican Tour

First entry, 7:30 a.m.

The 7:30am time slot, which we call First Entry or Golden Access, allows you to enter the Vatican Museums a bit earlier than most other tour operators. It is an added advantage that we have after more than a decade of positive relations with the Vatican Museums. You can see our First Entry Vatican Gold Tour (2 hours) or our First Entry Vatican Detailed Tour (3.5 hours). Both options are great

Vatican Gardens and Castel Gandolfo

We also have amazing tours that visit the Vatican Gardens. The gardens are very difficult to access and are especially beautiful. Check our day trip to the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Gardens and the Pope's Summer House (11 hours)


Have you ever heard the story that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel lying on his back? Well it's not true. He stood up and painted the ceiling for years, which must have been agonizing.

Although there is a ton of history in the Vatican, there are also many stories and anecdotes that you would never hear otherwise. The guides understand that to keep you hooked on a guided tour, they have to weave scandals and anecdotes together to keep the excitement going.

Advantages of small groups

I have done hundreds of guided tours with groups of different sizes, from one person to groups of 50, and the experience is very different.

The smaller the group, the better it is. Because? Imagine giving a presentation to 50 people vs. 15 and how different the experience would be. With 50 people, you talk to everyone and interact with very few individuals.

On the contrary, a group of 15 people guarantees more individual interaction with each person, the guides establish more eye contact and, in the best case, they become familiar with many people in the group. Although both experiences could be positive, the smaller group would be more intimate and with more personal connections.

What is the right Vatican tour for you?

To decide between our tours you can visit our tour offer to compare Vatican tours or read our blog “Which is the best Vatican tour and why?”

Get Your Guide Tours to the Vatican

Vatican Civitatis Tours, includes Free Tour around Vatican

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  1. ¡Vale, esta vez vamos a hablar de si merece la pena hacer una visita guiada al Vaticano en 2023! Algunos dicen que sí, que es una experiencia única. ¿Tú qué opinas?

    • Pues mira, yo soy de los que piensan que una visita guiada al Vaticano siempre vale la pena. No importa el año, siempre hay algo nuevo por descubrir y el arte y la historia que alberga son impresionantes. ¡No te lo pierdas!

  2. La visita guiada al Vaticano merece la pena si te interesa la historia y el arte religioso. #Opinión

    • Opino lo contrario. El Vaticano es solo un símbolo de opulencia y poder. Hay otros lugares más interesantes para conocer la historia y el arte religioso. #DiferentesOpiniones

  3. ¡Opino que una visita guiada al Vaticano siempre merece la pena! ¡No te pierdas la oportunidad!

    • ¡Respeto tu opinión, pero creo que hay tantas otras cosas interesantes para ver en Roma! No todos comparten tu entusiasmo por el Vaticano. Cada uno tiene sus preferencias, ¿verdad? ¡Disfruta de tu visita!

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