Hotel marketing: 10 tricks to promote my Hotel online


There are two types of people: those who love staying in hotels and those who hate it.

With the impact of Airbnb and other alternative accommodation platforms, many people are leaning more towards the latter, and often find themselves choosing Airbnb over hotel stays when traveling for leisure.

Because? It is often more affordable, less sterile, and can offer unique touches that make the destination feel more homey.

However, if the hotel is able to promote itself correctly, offer a reasonable price and treat its clients like kings and queens, this decision could easily change.

hotel marketing

The challenge of being in the hotel marketing industry is the overwhelming amount of competition. Especially with the growth in popularity of websites like Airbnb and HomeAway, it's even harder to stand out from the competition to get more bookings.

Although hotel marketers are all too familiar with these challenges, they are still tasked with meeting (and hopefully exceeding) their metrics, which are often tied to bookings.

So what's a struggling hotel salesperson to do? How do you make sure that people find your hotel in the first place, and then get so excited that they can't wait to book their stay?

Do not worry: Here are 10 foolproof tips to succeed in hotel marketing!

Before I start, I assume that your hotel has a beautiful website with photos and all the necessary information so that your potential clients can book directly on your site without having to go to or other hotel reservation platforms, which As you well know, they will charge you an abusive commission for each reservation.

SEO traffic source for hotels

Do you have a hotel but do not receive reservations through your website?

Would you like to have more reservations through the web and avoid the high commissions of OTA's and hotel search engines?

Can't your potential customers find your hotel's website on Google?

At we have the solution to help you. We have developed a hotel marketing strategy and web positioning with which you can stand out from your competition and appear on Google organically without the need to invest a lot of money in advertising and ads.

If you want more information and know in detail what we can do for you, leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    10 Smart Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Bookings

    In this post we will talk about hotel digital marketing with examples of promoting a hotel and all the metrics that you must take into account to get more reservations and that people find you easily on the internet.

    Without further delay let's go to what really interests us.

    hotel marketing strategies

    You can look on the internet and find agency quality level to help you with your hotel marketing strategies.

    Tip #1: Be easy to search the Internet!

    Let's face it, technology has taken over everything. Gone are the days of travel agencies. Today's travelers are empowered to do their own comparative research without ever getting out of bed.

    So if your hotel is not easy to find on the Internet, it is not surprising that your reservations are scarce.

    You have to be relevant on EVERY site on the internet for potential bookings so people can find you in the storefront when they need to book a place to stay.

    Most travelers (the 75%!) start out by using a search engine to find places to stay, so keep an eye on your SEO. Use popular hotel keywords in your website text and make sure it loads super-fast.

    average cost cpc ads google tourism sector

    Travel companies have high ad clicks and low cost per click, especially on mobile

    In this post you will find everything you need about the SEO and how to position your hotel website in Google.

    if you have a travel blog and you want to position yourself, this post also interests you.

    But don't just rely on organic optimization! The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for hotel-related searches is highly monetized, meaning people will see ads first.

    In the example screenshot below, the entire screen is taken up with ads.

    You have to bid aggressively on the Google Search and Display Networks (don't forget hotel ads!), Bing, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and websites like Trip Advisor and kayaking.

    hotel marketing, SEO for hotels

    Don't limit yourself to just one social platform, search engine, or travel website. While it may not be necessary to have a strong presence on every website imaginable, you should dig into your website analytics, find out where people usually book from, and create a compelling and competitive presence on those platforms.

    Apart from spending money on advertising, you also have the option of improving the authority of your website.

    How to improve the authority of my hotel website in Google?

    The best option is to get backlinks (links) to your website from other websites with high authority in Google.

    Briefly explained, when a high authority website from the tourism sector (it is important that it is from the same sector and theme) links to a link to your site, Google understands that your site has value and positions it higher in organic searches.

    This option is excellent for growing organically without having to constantly pay for ads.

    To give an example following the image above. Imagine that you have a hotel in Barcelona. And a travel blog or website specialized in reviewing and analyzing hotels, makes a specific post talking about your hotel in Barcelona.

    This will give you a boost so that your website ranks better when someone searches for «hotels in Barcelona.

    This is called guest posting or sponsored post.

    Barcelona is probably not the best example because there is a lot of competition (although it works just the same), but if your hotel is in other areas with less competition, positioning through sponsored articles works very well to increase organic traffic on your hotel website.

    Where to get backlinks for hotels and sponsored posts?

    You can buy a sponsored post directly from us. We will write a post talking in detail about everything your hotel offers, with photos and 2 DoFollow backlinks to your website that will give you authority in the eyes of Google and improve your position.

    It will be a contextual article talking about your hotel with keywords related to the place where it is located and activities to do.

    example guest posting hotel sector seo for hotels
    example guest posting in

    To get the idea, you can look at our last post that we have made for the Hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres.

    The price of the sponsored post for your hotel website is €75 (VAT included)

    You can contact us directly through this form and you will receive an excellent post at a very good price.

      We say very good price because it really is. You can look at other websites specialized in guest posting and sponsored articles and you will see much higher prices. For example in publisuites, excellent website to buy backlinks, websites with authority similar to, backlinks and sponsored posts are sold for more than €100.

      Our blog is in Publisuites at a price of €90 for each article. You can check it yourself.

      It's bad that we say so, but our MiHotelPerfecto blog enjoys an authority well above the average of most websites in the tourism and hotel sector in particular.

      hotel marketing
      Screenshot of metrics in Ahrefs

      Even if you don't understand much about Google metrics, we can assure you that a score of 80 UR and 45 DR are very good numbers within the sector.

      To finish this first point, we leave you a screenshot of the evolution and traffic of our website during the last year.

      web positioning metrics for hotels

      Currently the blog receives about 30,000 monthly visits and has more than 10 million impressions from Google searches..

      Tip no. 2: How to promote my hotel on the internet? re-marketing

      Did you know that the dropout rate to book hotels online is 75%?! That's right, a whopping three out of four people start the booking process, get distracted, and abandon their experience.

      Who knows if it was the pizza guy interrupting their purchase, or the suspicion that they might find a better deal elsewhere. Whatever the reason, this doesn't mean you should give up as a hotel marketer.

      Remarketing is a major component of hotel marketing due to the fact that travelers are not only distracted by everyday routines (like phone push notifications), but there are hundreds of other options for them to choose from.

      marketing for hotels

      With remarketing, you can reduce your abandonment rate and close more bookings by showing attractive display ads to people who have recently visited your website, reminding them that you're there and guiding them through the process. Try showing them an offer to incentivize them to book with you instead of the competition, and make the booking process as easy as possible.

      Set up remarketing campaigns across Google Ads and social platforms, including Facebook, ASAP!

      Tip #3: Make sure you're targeting the right audience. Hotel strategies to attract customers

      What type of hotel are you marketing and who is your typical customer (target or buyer person)? There has to be a different strategy for the sellers of a roadside Motel, compared to the Ritz Carlton of the sandy beaches of the Caribbean shores.

      These people book differently, travel differently, and have different budgets. That is why tools such as income segmentation will be useful.

      Although this may seem obvious, there are even more ways to break down your audiences when marketing your hotel.

      69517 how targeted traffic works

      Many hotels cater to clients of different income levels, as they may offer more extravagant rooms (such as presidential suites) and other rooms that are often sold at discounted prices. These two audiences need to be broken down and addressed separately.

      There are even differences for the same hotel chain in different locations. All these things are essential when developing your marketing campaigns.

      If necessary, you may need to split your audiences into two, three, or even four different campaigns to ensure you're sending the right message to the right prospect.

      And of course, with tools like Facebook's targeting options, this isn't as complex as it used to be. You just have to make sure that you spend the time to define your audiences so that you can craft the right message to the right person at the right time.

      Take a look at this Facebook ad, for example, probably aimed at a savvy business traveler with a relatively high travel budget.

      segmentation strategies for hotel advertising

      But if you work at a trendy hotel in a Madrid neighborhood, you might want to target a younger demographic of singles, for example.

      There are several hotel strategies to attract customers, you must analyze and see the one that best suits your business model.

      Tip #4: Allocate more marketing budget during peak booking seasons

      If you run a ski resort in the Alps or a beach rental shop on the Cape, your peak booking seasons are going to be very different.

      As a hotel marketer, you are most likely fully aware of when your peak booking season is., but you may be a step behind when it comes to budgeting for your ads. It makes sense to spend more of your annual budget in your busiest season.

      Find out when it's busiest, when it's most stable, and when it's slowest, and adjust your budget accordingly. Make sure your windows are not too narrow. This often requires planning ahead, but Google and other ad platforms make it fairly easy to adjust your budget on an ongoing basis. Just make sure you really do it!

      tips for advertising management for hotels

      Another thing to take advantage of is ad scheduling. When do people usually book their trips? Maybe you run a hotel that receives frequent business travelers; these people tend to book more during business hours than leisure travelers, who are more likely to book nights or weekends.

      Look at the data to determine this, and set an ad schedule so that your ads only run with a higher budget during these peak times.

      Tip #5: Offer incentives to spark people's interest, hotel marketing

      Why should I stay with you instead of the hotel down the street, or one with a better location or price? Your hotel has to have a reason that leads your potential customers to choose you instead of the competition.

      If there are no obvious reasons, like having the lowest prices or the best reviews, think of some unique incentives and offers that you can offer to potential customers.

      For example, you could offer all first-time customers a discount of 15%. Incentives are also great for creating a sense of urgency that encourages people to book with you before they miss out on a special limited time offer.

      Look at the following example of a well-known international hotel chain. They have a whole area of their website for special offers. Save up to 25% and earn on stays from November 1 to January 15. It's not bad at all.

      hotel marketing strategy example
      Example hotel marketing strategy of Radisson Hotels

      Tip #6: Establish local associations

      Your hotel is most likely not located in the middle of a desert. You will most likely be surrounded by local businesses and attractions.

      Whether it's well-known restaurants, shops, or yoga studios, you have to know your neighbors.

      Making friends with local business owners is a great way to build alliances and co-promote each other, especially if you're marketing a boutique hotel rather than a chain.

      102627 local seo

      For example, you could partner with a popular brewery and run a contest where the winner gets a free brewery tour and beer tasting along with a discounted stay at your hotel.

      Building these relationships will lead to easy, effective and affordable marketing that will undoubtedly increase your booking rates.

      Tip #7: Don't just promote the hotel, promote the location

      Many would-be vacationers are likely still on the fence about whether the city or town where your hotel is located is where they want to use their precious PTO. That is why you should not focus only on the services that your hotel offers.

      Although, yes, it's smart to promote your top-notch room service and your infinity pool, it is just as important to promote your location. What makes your city or town a desirable place to visit? Future visitors want to know.

      Here point 1 of gest posting becomes important again. With an article that you can buy, you will be able to decide the points to be discussed, and apart from promoting your hotel, you can ask that the same article talk about, for example, “Best activities to do in Almería”.

      marketing strategy for hotels
      example of our post for the Hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres

      Check out this gorgeous example from The W Chicago. Rather than just promoting their modern hotel facilities, they also promote local events by targeting a specific audience of festival-goers.

      Most likely, this strategy helped them attract festival goers who weren't even considering Chicago as a vacation option.

      Take advantage of local attractions and events in your marketing, and promote what your city is famous for!

      location-based hotel marketing strategies

      Tip #8: Make sure your website is both simple and impressive

      Although this may seem like common sense, there are many hotel websites that neglect their design. This instantly puts off those who book into a hotel.

      If your website isn't clean and attractive, why should your physical store be? The website is often the first impression a person has of your hotel, so you have to make it impressive, but also usable.

      That means it has to be simple and straightforward for users (on any type of device) find the information they need, as well as complete a reservation.

      When you review your website, focus on keeping the design and navigation clean, crisp and simple. Make sure your hotel photos are professional, high-resolution, and displayed in the correct formats and aspect ratio to work on both desktop and mobile.

      Keep language clear and simple, and make sure the booking process is easy to avoid mid-booking abandonment. Videos also often work well, as they show your space more fully and attractively.

      badrutt palace is a great example of a hotel website that embraces all of these clean and attractive design elements. Your home page background video is great for showing off the beauty of your destination.

      In such a visual sector, it is important to take advantage of the beauty that surrounds your location.

      the best hotel websites

      Tip #9: Go above and beyond with customer service before, during and after their stay

      Marketing and customer service go hand in hand.especially in the hospitality sector.

      If you go the extra mile to serve your customers, it is much more likely that they return the favor and do the same for you in the form of excellent internet comments, recommendations and visits.

      So what does superior customer service mean? The first step is to make sure your staff are recruited and trained with a customer-first mindset.

      Although working with people can be very difficult, it is essential to always put the customer first.

      For example, let's say your hotel visitor is upset with the view from their room and there are no other vacant rooms available.

      Try to find out if you can transfer them later for the rest of their stay, and to make up for the inconvenience, you give them a free bottle of cava or wine and a handwritten note apologizing for the inconvenience.

      These types of gestures can have a lasting impact and show customers how much you value them..

      customer opinions for hotel marketing and positioning

      When customers receive exceptional treatment, they're much more likely to share their experiences with others, which translates to more business for you.

      Check out these customer service stories if you are curious about other ways to go further for your visitors.

      Tip #10: Create a customer loyalty program

      Sometimes your former customers can be the best audience to target – if they had a positive experience in the past, why wouldn't they want to come back?

      Customer loyalty programs are a wonderful way to ensure that customers come back time and time again. Because? These programs are designed to offer deep discounts and special benefits to returning visitors.

      Perhaps your program works by allowing customers to earn points and reach certain levels each year (Gold, Platinum, etc.).

      customer loyalty example marketing for hotels

      Check out some of your favorite hotel websites and see how they manage their programs.

      I can't get reservations at my hotel

      If your bookings haven't increased after trying all these tried and true tactics, then your hotel must be in the middle of nowhere! Seriously, this guide will get you back on the path to success in the booking frenzy.

      We hope that this post on hotel marketing and how to promote my hotel on the internet and on Google will help you. Contact us if you need help or have any questions.

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