How to Increase Direct Bookings at your Hotel and Avoid Abusive Commissions from


As a hotelier, it is understandable that you want to maximize direct bookings through your website..

By doing so, you not only avoid abusive rates and commissions from intermediaries like, but you also you strengthen your relationship with customers and gain greater control over the booking experience.

How to Increase Direct Bookings at your Hotel and Avoid Abusive Commissions from 26

Have you ever wondered if there is a more efficient way to receive reservations at your hotel? You know that the commissions of online booking agencies can be a pain in the bag. But here we are to the rescue!

In this guide, we will provide you with information and tips on How to avoid abusive booking rates by booking directly on the hotel website. Let's get to the point!

How to avoid abusive booking rates and have customers book directly on your hotel's website

The setbacks of Booking commissions or fees

The world of hotel reservations is a minefield. Commissions can eat up a big chunk of your income.

Some booking platforms charge up to a 30% commission. Can you imagine how much money you are leaving on the table?

Benefits of Booking Direct

It is not to be a bird of bad omen, but, By booking directly on your hotel's website, you reduce costs. Plus, you have more control over the customer experience. It's like having the cake and eating it too.

greater controlBy receiving reservations directly, you have full control over the representation of your establishment.
Better relationship with clientsBy avoiding intermediaries, you can get to know your customers better and offer them a personalized service.
Profit marginBooking direct allows you to maintain a higher profit margin and keep more money.

📝 Strategies to Promote Direct Bookings

Let's talk about flesh and blood. How can you as a hotelier encourage customers to book direct?

1. Attractive and Functional Design of the Web Page

Make sure your web page is attractive and easy to navigate. Highlight the unique features of your hotel, display high-quality images, and use a simple and clear booking process.

2. Exclusive Offers for Direct Bookings

Create exclusive special offers and promotions for those who book directly through your website. You can offer discounts, room upgrades, free breakfast or other additional benefits to encourage customers to book directly with you.

If you want more information and know in detail what we can do for you, leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    3. Easy to Use Online Booking System

    Implement an intuitive and easy-to-use online reservation system. Make sure it's fast, secure, and mobile-friendly. Simplify the booking process and avoid asking for too much information from the client so as not to frustrate them.

    4. Testimonials and Positive Reviews from Satisfied Customers

    Highlight testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied customers on your website. These authentic experiences will help build trust and persuade visitors to book direct.

    5. Loyalty Program and Exclusive Benefits

    Implement a loyalty program to reward your repeat customers. It offers exclusive benefits, such as special rates, free upgrades, access to VIP areas or personalized services.

    Promote these benefits on your website to encourage customers to book direct.

    Loyalty Program and Exclusive Benefits

    6. Integration with Social Networks

    Harness the power of social media to promote your hotel and increase direct bookings. Integrate booking buttons into your social media profiles and regularly post engaging content related to your hotel and its exclusive offers.

    7. SEO Strategy for Web Positioning

    Optimize your website with a solid marketing strategy SEO to increase your visibility on search engines. Research keywords relevant to your hotel and use them in your website content, titles, descriptions and meta tags.

    SEO strategy for your hotel

    This will help you attract more visitors interested in making direct bookings.

    8. Email Marketing Strategies

    Build an email list and send regular newsletters to your subscribers with exclusive offers, event updates, or relevant news about your hotel.

    Personalize emails based on the interests and preferences of each segment of your audience.

    9. Personalized Customer Service

    Offers exceptional and personalized customer service. Respond quickly to customer inquiries and requests through communication channels such as email, live chat, or social media.

    Providing a positive customer experience may influence their decision to book directly with you on future occasions.

    10. Data Analysis and Continuous Optimization

    Constantly monitor and analyze your booking data to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement.

    Use analytics tools to better understand your customers' behavior and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    11. Local Partnerships

    Establish alliances with local businesses, such as restaurants, tourism agencies or transport companies, to offer joint packages and promotions.

    This can not only increase your hotel's visibility, but also give guests more incentive to book directly with you.

    12. Integration of a Live Chat on your Website

    Implement a live chat on your website to offer immediate assistance to visitors. A live chat can help answer questions, provide additional information, and close the sale on the spot, which can lead to more direct bookings.

    Remember that the main objective is to provide an exceptional experience to customers and show them the benefits and advantages of booking directly through your website.

    With these effective strategies, you'll be well on your way to increasing direct bookings and minimizing predatory fees from intermediaries like

    ✅ The Importance of an Inbound Marketing Blog for Users to Find Your Hotel Organically on Google

    In today's digital age, it is essential that hotels use effective strategies to increase their online visibility and attract new customers. A powerful tool to achieve this is a blog of marketing inbound.

    Why is it so important and how can it help people find your hotel organically through Google results?

    Next, we explain it to you:

    1. Improved Positioning in Search Engines

    An inbound marketing blog allows you to create relevant and valuable content related to your hotel, destination, and surrounding area..

    By using strategic keywords and optimizing your content, you can improve your hotel's ranking in search results on Google and other search engines.

    This increases the visibility of your hotel and helps you reach a wider audience.

    2. Attraction of Organic Traffic

    With an inbound marketing blog, you can drive organic traffic to your website.

    If you want more information and know in detail what we can do for you, leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

      By providing useful and relevant content on your blog, you will attract users who are interested in your destination and what your hotel has to offer.

      For example, if your hotel is in Formentera, you can talk about "The 7 best activities to do in Formentera" and during the article, you recommend your hotel and a link to the booking url of your website. 😉

      Take a look at this example we've done for a client:

      As your blog ranks higher in search engines, you will receive more qualified visitors who are looking for information related to your area and may ultimately become guests.

      The Importance of an Inbound Marketing Blog for Users to Find Your Hotel Organically on Google

      3. Establishment of Authority and Trust

      An inbound marketing blog allows you to demonstrate your experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry and in your destination.

      By posting quality content, you position yourself as a trusted authority in your area and build user trust.. When users trust your hotel, they are more likely to choose to book with you over your competition.

      4. Personalization of the Customer Experience

      Use your blog to provide detailed information about your hotel's unique features and services, as well as local attractions and activities.

      This allows you to personalize the customer experience and highlight what makes your hotel special. By providing personalized and relevant content, visitors will feel more connected to your hotel and be more inclined to make a reservation.

      5. Lead Generation and Conversions

      An inbound marketing blog is an excellent tool for generating leads and conversions. By offering valuable content, you can capture contact details of interested visitors to your hotel, such as subscriptions to your newsletter or downloads of tourist guides.

      Through email and other marketing strategies, you can nurture these leads and convert them into customers who book directly with your hotel.

      6. Promotion of Special Offers and Packages

      Use your blog to promote exclusive offers and special packages that you offer at your hotel. Highlight the benefits of booking directly with you, such as lower rates, room upgrades or additional services.

      The blog gives you a platform to communicate these offers and entice users to book directly on your website.

      7. Interaction with Users

      The blog allows interaction with users through comments and responses. Encourage visitor participation and respond to their questions and comments in a timely manner.

      This interaction builds a relationship with users and gives them a more personalized experience, which can increase the likelihood that they'll book directly with you.

      The Importance of Links from Authority Sites like for your Hotel

      In the world of digital marketing, links from authority sites play a crucial role in the success of your hotel online.

      A link from an authority site, like, can be extremely valuable for your SEO strategy and building user trust.

      Next, we explain why it is important to receive links from authority sites and how they can benefit your hotel:

      1. Improved Positioning in Search Engines

      Links from authority sites have a significant impact on the ranking of your website in search engines, such as Google.

      Links from authority sites are seen by search engines as a sign of quality and relevance. When an authority site links to your hotel, it sends a positive signal to search engines, which can improve your ranking in search results..

      The Importance of Links from Authority Sites like for your Hotel

      This increases the visibility of your hotel and helps you reach a wider audience.

      2. Generation of Confidence in Users

      Links from authority sites, such as, build trust in users. When users see your hotel mentioned and linked to on a recognized authority site, a positive association is created in their minds.

      Links from authority sites act as an endorsement and validation of the quality and reliability of your hotel. This builds trust in users and inclines them to choose your hotel over the competition.

      It's bad that we say so, but our MiHotelPerfecto blog enjoys an authority well above the average of most websites in the tourism and hotel sector in particular.

      hotel marketing
      Screenshot of metrics in Ahrefs

      Even if you don't understand much about Google metrics, we can assure you that a score of 80 UR and 45 DR are very good numbers within the sector.

      To finish this first point, we leave you a screenshot of the evolution and traffic of our website during the last year.

      This last year website has received more than 259,000 visits.

      improve visitor traffic for my Hotel through Google

      3. Increase in Qualified Traffic

      Receiving links from authority sites can help you drive qualified traffic to your website. When an authority site links to your hotel, you are gaining exposure to a relevant and interested audience in the hospitality industry.

      The traffic that comes to your site through these links is more likely to become leads, since they are interested in searching for hotels and are more likely to make a reservation. This increases the chances of you getting more direct bookings.

      4. Strengthening the Authority of your Brand

      Links from authority sites contribute to strengthening the authority of your brand. When multiple authority sites link to your hotel, a validation network is created that supports the quality and trustworthiness of your brand.

      This positions you as an authority in the hotel industry and increases the positive perception of your hotel among users. A brand with a strong reputation is more likely to attract customers and generate direct bookings.

      5. Improved SEO Strategy

      Links from authority sites are an important factor in your hotel's SEO strategy. The more quality links you receive, the better your link profile will be and the more relevance search engines will give your website.

      In addition, links from authority sites can help increase your hotel's visibility in local searches and improve your chances of appearing in search results when users search for hotels in your area.

      6. Establishment of Beneficial Business Relationships

      Searching for links from authority sites, such as, gives you the opportunity to establish beneficial business relationships.

      You can contact the owners of authority sites and offer them quality content, such as articles, guides or exclusive collaborations, related to your hotel and destination. By providing valuable content, you have the chance to get linked to in their posts, which will increase your visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

      Frequent questions

      What percentage of commission do OTAs usually charge to the hotel owner?

      They generally charge between 15% and 30% per reservation.

      How can I drive more traffic to my hotel website?

      Through marketing strategies in social networks, SEO and exclusive promotions.

      Are loyalty programs effective?

      Yes, like hot cakes! They motivate customers to come back and book directly.

      What technological tools are useful for direct bookings?

      Hotel management systems, chatbots and email marketing platforms are essential.

      How can I improve the booking experience on my website?

      Make sure your website is optimized, easy to navigate, and offers customer support.

      What is the main advantage of avoiding booking fees?

      Maintain a higher percentage of revenue and have control over the brand and customer experience.

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