How does Eatwith work? Gastronomic Opinions and Experiences


If you want a change of scenery with respect to conventional restaurants and dinners, eatwith offers you unique and memorable alternatives to enjoy a delicious meal.

Through an Eatwith experience, such as a dinner party, cooking class, or food tour, you'll enjoy great food, meet other locals or travelers, and strengthen your connection to your city.

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Dining experiences are available in more than 130 countries.

It's easy to find and book an experience that meets your needs and preferences.

I tried a dinner hosted by Eatwith in Brooklyn, NY, and I loved how it brought a group of strangers together in an intimate space, as well as the restaurant-quality food we enjoyed.

What is EatWith?

Nothing makes traveling to a new region better than get fully involved in the culture and of course eat like the locals do.

Fortunately, the Airbnb equivalent dining room, eatwith.comIt allows just that.

Now that it is spreading all over the world, the hosts are willing to open their homes to foreign and domestic travelersThey will get paid for it.

The company's goal is to give people the opportunity to try foods that they might not find in restaurants in a country or city, while at the same time having a unique experience in someone else's home.

eatwith how it works

How does EatWith work?

Millennials do it all socially, from sharing rides with apps like Uber and Lyft, to home sharing with apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing. Why not share the food?

Instead of making a reservation at a regular restaurant or wandering through the farmer's market, Eatwith connects foodies with local hosts eager to showcase their city's new and unique food culture.

Users can visit or download its Android or iOS app, sign up, and pay with a credit card to attend cooking classes, dinners or gastronomic tours.

EatWith, which already operates in 130 countries around the world, is very selective when it comes to giving the green light to host requests.

In New York, a city famous for its food and restaurant scene, you might think it's easy to set dinner plans for any given night.

But as much as I love to explore restaurants and try all kinds of cuisines, the practice of eating out can be tiring and exhausting.

In response to the formalities and time commitment of dining out, people are ordering more than ever and the market for food delivery services is booming.

An increasing number of millennials host their own dinner parties too prioritizing the social aspect of bringing friends and family together over the quality of the food itself.

The problem is that none of these alternatives is perfect. When you order food delivery, you can miss out on the rituals of a sit-down dinner.

When you organize a dinner, however informal it may be, you have to take care of the preparation of the food and the cleaning after the event.

Eatwith lets you experience dining in a fresh, new way, and it doesn't mean going to a stuffy restaurant, ordering greasy takeout, or washing loads of dishes after dinner.

It is a platform for find unique dining experiences, hosted in cool locations around the world by professional chefs and home cooks.

Through an experience with Eatwith, you'll enjoy great food, meet other locals or travelers, and strengthen your connection to your city.



Co-founder Camille Rumani told Business Insider: "An Eatwith experience is more than just a meal: it is also the best way to get to know a city, a culture and a cuisine thanks to our local hosts.

Every day we read reviews about the magical and serendipitous moments that happen at our tables. Every day we get feedback like: “This was our first experience with Eatwith and it was the best of our trip”

I love dining out as much as staying in, but interesting dining experiences like those offered by Eatwith also intrigue me, so I gave the platform a try for myself.

That is how find, reserve and enjoy an Eatwith experience

Eatwith offers many ways to make your next dining experience more memorable and exciting.

You can search and book three different types of dining experiences:

  • Gastronomic experiences (lunches, meals, dinners, parties and more)
  • Cooking lessons
  • Gastronomic routes (sights, shops and markets)

These experiences are available in more than 130 countries in major cities such as Paris, New York, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Whether you're a local or visiting these cities for the first time, Eatwith offers you the opportunity to have authentic interaction with the food and people of the city.

Some of the most sought-after experiences on Eatwith include rooftop brunches in New York, pasta-making classes in Rome, and canal house dinners in Amsterdam.


To limit your search, start with your location

what is eatwith

You can filter more by date, number of diners, price per person, type of cuisine, special diet, etc

Prices can vary drastically depending on the type of experience you choose.

For example, a simple rooftop brunch in Barcelona costs 55 $, while a beautiful sunset tour and picnic in Dubrovnik costs 137 $.

In general, Eatwith experiences are not going to be cheaper than eating out at a restaurant, but they will certainly be different.

Choose an experience to find out more about your host, details about the menu, class or excursion, and what other Eatwith customers have to say.

Request a reservation, pay the fee and you have everything ready for your meal, class or excursion. You will receive a confirmation and additional details about your reservation by email.

All Eatwith events are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, and cancellations that occur before each event's cancellation deadline are fully refunded.

Find and book a unique dining experience with Eatwith.

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Eatwith Reviews

To find Eatwith opinions, the best thing is to browse the internet.

We will get an idea of what users who have tried the EatWith experience say.

eatwith opinions

In truspilot the platform has a 4.2 rating. Nothing bad. And comments like these:

Ratings eatwith eatwith comments

On Tripadvisor, the ratings and opinions Eatwith are also very good:

ratings and opinions eatwith Barcelona


What can you expect from dining with Eatwith? I attended one in Brooklyn, New York, to find out.


The particular dinner I attended was Christmas-themed and took place at the hosts' home, a cozy brownstone apartment in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn.

My guest and I entered the apartment and were greeted by one of the hosts, a handful of other Eatwith guests, and a well decorated dining room.

eatwith Madrid

The table for eight people was set with candles and Christmas decorations.

We settled into our seats and began to chat with the other guests.

eatwith Valencia

The chance to meet new people is one of the biggest draws of the Eatwith experience.

Whereas in traditional restaurants you tend to stick to interacting with your own group, Eatwith dinners are more social and bring strangers together to enjoy a meal

This setup works well for both locals and tourists. My experience was proof of this:

Among our tablemates were two other couples who live in New York and a solo traveler visiting the city for the first time from England.

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We swapped stories about the horrors of the subway ride and events like SantaCon, recommended activities and points of interest in New York, and learned more about each other's jobs and interests over the course of the evening.

Meanwhile, our hosts were in their kitchen preparing a five-course meal for us.

eatwith Barcelona

They made good use of their small space, but I shouldn't have been surprised by the professional nature of the kitchen. Our chef had previously worked at the Michelin-starred Del Posto, as well as a popular speakeasy

Not all Eatwith hosts are professional cooks, although a large number of them are.

Your host can also be someone who is simply passionate about food, culture, and sharing their city with you.

All Eatwith hosts must go through a rigorous application and selection process to appear on the site

Every dish was restaurant quality. What made the food even better was eating it in the comfort and privacy of home.

eatwith experience

The evening menu was a delicious sampler of Latin American cuisine: empanaditas, tamales, octopus mofongo, perch steak, and a coquito-type drink to finish off the meal.

The atmosphere was cozy, intimate and comfortable, without the pretensions of a formal restaurant. When we're done eating, we don't feel rushed to leave to make room for more diners.

After any Eatwith experience, you can share the highlights with future users by leaving a review on the booking page.

The bottom line: If you like food and trying new things, book an Eatwith experience.
Book an Eatwith meal, cooking class or food tour in your city here

Eatwith experiences are the perfect alternative to expensive dining out and exhausting dining in.

As a traveler to a new city, you can experience firsthand its food, its traditions and its people, and as a local, you can see your city in a new light and meet people you wouldn't have met otherwise.

The online platform is easy to navigate and use to book your experiences, and because there are so many exciting options in cities around the world, you can easily find your next outing with friends, date night, or just-for-a-foodie activity.

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If you are passionate about food, has created a way to enter the world of professional cooking without having to open a restaurant or work in a professional kitchen.

You can control what is served and how you prepare your dining experience for paying customers, all from your own home.

Make sure the price includes your markup and any tips you expect to receive. And, if this is new territory for you, remember that meal prep time is only half that.

You also have to take into account the time to set the table and clean up. The site expects the price to be all-inclusive.

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  1. What a discovery! Has anyone tried Eatwith? It seems like a unique way to enjoy gastronomic experiences.

    • Yes, I have tried it and it is amazing! Sharing a meal with strangers can be intimidating, but the stories and flavors shared are unforgettable. I would definitely recommend giving Eatwith a try for a unique dining experience!

  2. Wow! What genius! I would love to try Eatwith, it sounds exciting and delicious. Has anyone already had an experience with them? Recommendations?

    • Yeah! I have had several experiences with Eatwith and I recommend it to you at 100%. The food is exquisite and the atmosphere is very cozy. You won't regret trying it, I assure you a feast for your taste buds!

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