Is reliable? When to use it to book travel 2023


Let's say you see a great deal on a flight to Europe, but you don't live near the departure city. Optimistically, you search for flights from your home airport, but the price is more than double the price of the flight deal you've found.

Instead of throwing in the towel and letting another travel dream pass you by, consider this:

There is a way to combine another flight, train or bus with that specific flight offer to get where you want to go at a good price.. It is called Kiwi is an online travel agency that has precisely this idea in mind.

Read on if you want to know everything about this search engine and especially if is reliable.

Kiwi is not the best online travel agency for all trips, though, can be the perfect tool to find bookings for unique and specific situations.

Since it's hard to pass up cheap flights, here's how Kiwi works and when it's most useful to book transport through their site.

What is

Kiwi is a online travel agency specialising in combining flights and other forms of transport in a single booking to get you where you need to go for a low price..

Kiwi uses a comprehensive database of different flight, bus and train schedules to put together the cheapest, fastest or best overall travel option.

Sometimes this can lead to overly creative and complicated itineraries that only save a few dollars.

Other times, however, the service can brilliantly match a flight offer with a flight, train or coach positioning to drastically reduce the cost of your journey.

¿ es confiable?

Yes, Kiwi es confiable, is a secure online travel agency to bundle travel transport costs at a cheaper price.

You can build a unique, personalised itinerary full of flights, train and bus tickets that would otherwise be difficult to find through search engines.

Kiwi es confiable por estos motivos

  • Factores que respaldan la confiabilidad de Kiwi: La confiabilidad no se gana de la noche a la mañana. Kiwi ha demostrado con el tiempo y a través de sus servicios que es una plataforma en la que se puede confiar.
  • Medidas de seguridad implementadas por Kiwi: La seguridad es una prioridad para Kiwi. Con encriptación avanzada, auditorías regulares y protocolos estrictos, Kiwi garantiza que los datos y transacciones de los usuarios estén protegidos.
  • Testimonios y opiniones de clientes sobre la confiabilidad de Kiwi: Las opiniones de los clientes son un testimonio claro de la confiabilidad de Kiwi. Muchos usuarios han compartido sus experiencias positivas y cómo Kiwi ha superado sus expectativas en términos de seguridad y confianza.
Kiwi es confiable

Comprar en Kiwi es seguro al 100%However, it does not always make sense to use Kiwi to combine your transport plans.


Opiniones sobre los vuelos de Kiwi: ¿Qué dicen los usuarios?

Opiniones positivas sobre los vuelos de Kiwi

Muchos usuarios han elogiado a Kiwi por su interfaz intuitiva y la facilidad para encontrar y reservar vuelos. Algunos de los puntos destacados incluyen:

  • Precios competitivos: Muchos viajeros han mencionado que Kiwi ofrece precios asequibles, lo que les permite ahorrar en sus viajes.
  • Variedad de opciones: La plataforma proporciona una amplia gama de opciones de vuelo, permitiendo a los usuarios elegir la que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.
  • Atención al cliente: El soporte al cliente de Kiwi ha sido elogiado por ser receptivo y ayudar a los usuarios en caso de dudas o problemas.

Comentarios críticos y cómo Kiwi ha respondido

Como cualquier servicio, Kiwi también ha recibido críticas. Algunos usuarios han señalado problemas con cambios de última hora o retrasos. Sin embargo, en muchos casos, Kiwi ha respondido proactivamente, ofreciendo soluciones o compensaciones.

Beneficios más mencionados por los usuarios

  • Flexibilidad: Kiwi ofrece una función de flexibilidad en las fechas, lo que permite a los usuarios encontrar vuelos más baratos en días cercanos a su fecha original de viaje.
  • Garantía Kiwi: Esta garantía protege a los viajeros en caso de cambios de horario o cancelaciones, ofreciendo soluciones alternativas o reembolsos.
  • Facilidad de uso: La plataforma es fácil de navegar, lo que facilita la búsqueda y reserva de vuelos.

When should I use Kiwi to book a flight?

For most travellers, using Kiwi will be a good option if flight prices are expensive for the trip you want to make, if you want to book a one-way international flight, if you have a last-minute emergency or if you want to find a cheap and easy way to book a complicated itinerary.

Here we dive into the advantages of using Kiwi flights and other transits for each of these situations.

Save on expensive airfares

Even if you book a simple return flight, it may be worth checking Kiwi to find a better route or price option.

Tal vez puedas ahorrarte 150 dólares si vas en coche a un aeropuerto cercano. O bien, Kiwi puede indicarte una opción para volar a compañía de bajo coste a un aeropuerto intermedio y conectar con otra aerolínea desde allí, ahorrando en el viaje total.

Por ejemplo, supongamos que quieres volar de Pittsburgh a París en algún momento de junio de 2022. Según un Google Flights búsqueda, el viaje más barato de una semana costaría 1.177 dólares de ida y vuelta en American Airlines. is reliable

However, By searching through Kiwi, you can find a travel itinerary that costs just 854 $ return.. The difference is that you would arrive and depart from Paris on different airlines and from different airports.

These modifications could result in savings of more than $300 just by combining different flight options.

kiwi is safe to buy flights


Book one-way international flights

Kiwi también puede ser útil cuando sólo puedes volar en una dirección usando millas y tendrás que pagar el otro vuelo en efectivo.

One-way international flights can be expensive on many traditional airlines, but you may be able to find a positioning flight with a low-cost airline to book the outbound flight for much less.

I used Kiwi to book a one-way trip from Papeete (Tahiti) to Atlanta (Georgia).

Utilicé American Airlines AAdvantage millas para volar a Tahití, pero no pude encontrar disponibilidad de premios para el vuelo de vuelta a casa. United Airlines tiene vuelos en esta ruta, pero un vuelo de ida puede costar más de 1.000 dólares.

Searching on Kiwi, I found a flight option for only 632 $ that combined a French Bee flight from Tahiti to San Francisco with a Frontier Airlines flight from San Francisco to Atlanta.

Although you would have to pick up and recheck luggage between the two flights, this flight option could be worth saving a few hundred dollars.

Book multi-city travel with Kiwi Nomad

Let's say you want to visit London, Paris, Madrid y Roma en un solo viaje Viaje a Europa. Podrías tratar de reunir manualmente la forma más barata de visitar todos estos destinos.

Or, to save time, you could use Kiwi's Nomad search option, which finds the best itinerary for you.

Start by entering the airports from which you plan to depart and the date(s) you plan to depart. Dates can be as specific as a single day or as general as several months.

Then choose the duration of your trip: from one to 60 nights.

is it safe to buy flights in kiwi

Next, Kiwi will ask you to add all the destinations you want to visit and the length of stay in each of them. Finally, it will give you the option to choose whether you want to return home or to another city.

kiwi page is reliable

When you select "Search for trips", Kiwi will begin to compile the most affordable options to visit the destinations on your list.

In this case, you can pay just 626 $ per person to fly from San Francisco to Paris, Paris to Madrid, Madrid to London, London to Rome and Rome to San Francisco.

buying in kiwi is safe

Kiwi also covers baggage costs, as it gives you the option to include the cost of cabin or checked baggage in the total cost of your trip. Discover HERE how to book on Tripadvisor.

In this case, by adding a cabin bag, the lowest priced option is now 813 $.

Note that Kiwi does not simply add baggage fees to an existing itinerary, but changes the recommended route to the cheapest option that includes a bag.


You also have the option to limit the number of stops on each leg of your journey. Using the same example, if you want to fly non-stop on all flights and include a cabin bag, you can do so for 1,051 $.

Again, Kiwi automatically reorders the itinerary to get the lowest price options.

Managing last-minute emergencies

The Kiwi travel agency can also be useful if you have to travel the world in a hurry.

Whether it's a family emergency or an amazing new opportunity (which is fast approaching), you probably want the fastest flight option possible.

Especially when availability is limited at the last minute, the fastest flight option found through a typical flight search engine may not be fast enough.

For example, let's say you need to leave as soon as possible to go from Istanbul to El Paso, Texas, for a job opportunity.

When you filter Google Flights search results for flights departing within 24 hours and sorted by duration, the platform returns flights that require an overnight stopover.

All one-stop options require an overnight stay in Chicago or Houston and cost more than $1,700.


However, by searching through Kiwi, you can find a flight itinerary that arrives on the same day. In this case, Kiwi pairs a Turkish Airlines flight with a United or American flight for around 970 $ each way.



Are there any disadvantages to Kiwi?

While Kiwi is a useful tool for finding and booking travel, there are some drawbacks to be aware of.

It won't always be the cheapest

On the one hand, while Kiwi can help you save money by finding low-cost travel options, you won't always get the cheapest flight by booking through Kiwi.

This is because Kiwi makes money by charging a surcharge for booking flights, trains and buses on a single itinerary.

Let's go back to the European Nomad itinerary in the example above, which costs 813 $ with a carry-on bag.

If you price the same route and dates on Google Flights, you will find a slightly different, almost non-stop option for 728 $, including a carry-on bag.


However, booking this Google Flights itinerary has another drawback worth mentioning: you have to book all five tickets separately.

Some travellers may be more than happy to pay the difference of 85 $ with Kiwi to get all your tickets at once (and only have to enter all your data once instead of five times).

Protections are unreliable without paying more

Another critical thing to note is that Kiwi's flight booking service no longer protects your airline connections without the purchase of the Guarantee.

Digamos que tu itinerario Kiwi te reserva un vuelo de Spirit Airlines para conectar con un vuelo de bajo coste de United a Europa.

If Spirit cancels your flight and you miss United's flight, United is under no obligation to rebook you on a later flight. In United's eyes, you have simply missed your flight.

You have the option to protect all your connections by purchasing the Guarantee at checkout. You'll have to decide for yourself whether the price (which varies from flight to flight) is worth it, or whether you want to risk fixing any problems yourself.

Key points of our Kiwi analysis

Kiwi is an invaluable tool for finding unique, cheap flight pairings and other ways to reduce the cost of transport when travelling.

You can use Kiwi to save hundreds of dollars on flights and other transport, get where you need to go quickly, or book complex multi-city itineraries.

However, you should carefully consider the risks of booking flights with different airlines.

When you book through Kiwi, you are essentially booking different tickets with different airlines, and Kiwi does not automatically protect you in the event of cancellations or delays.

You can add the Guarantee at the time of purchase to reduce your risk, but this additional cost may detract from the overall price savings.

So, is Kiwi safe to buy flights?

After reading this article you have seen that the Kiwi website is a reliable way to book your flights and holidays.

Even so, you know that you should always compare with other websites such as skyscanner either kayaking. The Kiwi website is reliable and their offers will not disappoint you.

Las opiniones sobre los vuelos de Kiwi son en su mayoría positivas, con usuarios que aprecian la facilidad de uso, los precios competitivos y la atención al cliente. Aunque hay críticas, Kiwi ha demostrado estar comprometido con mejorar y ofrecer la mejor experiencia posible a sus usuarios.

See this post about with 8% discount, o este otro to get great discounts with Agoda.


¿Por qué se considera confiable a Kiwi?

Kiwi ha demostrado a lo largo del tiempo, a través de sus servicios y medidas de seguridad, ser una plataforma confiable.

¿Cómo maneja Kiwi los datos de los clientes para garantizar su confiabilidad?

Kiwi cifra y almacena de forma segura los datos de los clientes, cumpliendo con los estándares globales de protección de datos.

¿Qué medidas toma Kiwi para proteger las transacciones de los usuarios?

Kiwi utiliza protocolos de seguridad avanzados y encriptación para garantizar que todas las transacciones se realicen de manera segura.

¿Puedo confiar en las opiniones en Kiwi?

Sí, todas las opiniones en Kiwi son genuinas y provienen de usuarios verificados.

¿Hay cargos ocultos con Kiwi?

No, Kiwi cree en la transparencia y no tiene cargos ocultos.

¿Cómo puedo contactar al soporte al cliente de Kiwi?

Puedes contactar al soporte al cliente de Kiwi a través de su sitio web oficial o su línea de ayuda.

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