Is Miami safe? (Tips to avoid crime in 2023)


Known for its art deco architecture in pastel tones, as well as for its skyscrapers (it has the Third tallest line of skyscrapers in the US), Miami is obviously also known for its Beaches and the beach lifestyle.

A nice mix of Latino culture, especially cuban culture, makes the city wonderful.

But it's not all one big party. Of course not. has one of higher rates of violence from USA; gangs, drugs and crime associated with all three abound. Spring break is also very frequent.

And that understandably makes you think, "Is Miami safe?" Good question. And we aim to answer it with our insider's guide to stay safe in Miami.

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Here you will find all the information and professional advice you could ever need to stay safe in Miami and have an amazing trip.

So we're going to go over a LOT of different questions that are raised about safety in Miami. We will see basically everything: if it is safe to drive in Miami, if you can visit it safely with your family, and a lot more.

miami is safe
A big city like this can be intimidating. But not all metropolises are equal when it comes to security.

How safe is Miami? (Our opinion)

Miami is the the seventh largest city in the US. It is famous for many things: above all for being a spring break destination... and for its Beaches! For these reasons, visitors from the US flock here in droves.

But the thing is...

It's not so safe.

Miami has a big problem with drugs, gangs, and the crime.

Although we cannot describe it as "safe" in general, it is a city pretty sure for travelers. Of course, there are some areas that you should definitely avoid, but they are areas that most locals would not visit either.

There's also natural hazards to consider. Hurricanes and strong sun rays are two opposing but dangerous forces that must be taken into account.

There is no perfect security guide, and this article is no different. The question "Is Miami safe?" will ALWAYS have a different response depending on the parties involved.

But this article is written for seasoned travelers from the perspective of seasoned travelers.

The information in this security guide was accurate at the time of writing, however, the world is a changing place, now more than ever. Between the pandemic, the widening cultural divide, and a click-hungry media outlet, it can be hard to keep track of what's true and what's sensational.

Here you will find knowledge and safety tips to travel to Miami. This is not breaking information on the most current events, but rather is clothed in the experience of seasoned travelers.

If you use our guide, do your own research and practice common sense, you will have a safe trip to Miami.

If you see any outdated information in this guide, we would really appreciate it if you would let us know in the comments below.

We strive to provide the most relevant travel information on the web and always welcome input from our readers (with kindness please!). Otherwise, thanks for listening and stay safe!

The world is wild. But it is also very special 🙂

Is it safe to visit Miami? (The facts.)

miami beach
Beach Safety Tip: Cover up! It may not save your life, but it could save your skin and your dignity.

Yes. It is safe to visit Miami.

Many of the bad things that happen It's not in the places you'd go anyway the crime is located to certain neighborhoods. But the entire Miami metropolitan area has some of the worst crime rates in America.

In 2019, a 24/7 wall street studio He described Miami as "the worst city in the US to live". The study was based on crime and poverty, among other things. That's bad enough.

But that hasn't stopped tourism in Miami.

The Port of Miami is the busiest cruise port in the world. And tourism is one of the biggest industries in the city.

In 2016, Miami earned the second highest number of foreign tourists to ANY US city. In 2017 he obtained 15.9 million tourists, adding $2.61 billion to the economy.

That's a lot of money. It definitely incentivizes the local government to keep tourists safe.

In short, Miami is safe. Of course literally millions of people they think the same.

Is Miami safe right now?

Yes, Miami is safe right now.

You have probably learned from the movies and series that Miami is synonymous with drugs. It's not as bad as they paint it. Such is fiction.

There are still problems in the day-to-day life of Miami. Gun crime is a BIG part of it. But unlike on television, this violence is not always gang related.

Just to show how rampant arms control problems in the area, in the 12 months after the mentioned attack, 1,200 people were killed as a direct consequence of firearms offences.

Violent crime in Miami is one of the highest in the US.

So there are many neighborhoods, even todayyou shouldn't go there. Especially at night overtown and Liberty City both have the highest violent crime rate in Miami and should be avoided at all times

There is also a problem with homelessness, with many shantytowns set up on the flyovers. So you walk the overpasses should also be avoided.

Spring break focuses on miami beach have you seen the local police pushed to the limit and they can't do their job properly. In Spring 2019, a great campaign against "out of control" drunken students prevailed. Fights, rowdy behavior… All (unfortunately) normal on spring break.

Other than that, right now it is safe to visit Miami, as long as you follow some tips to increase the safety of your trip.

Do you need travel insurance for your trip? Even if you're only staying for a few days, that's more than enough time for the angry angels to hit you. Have fun in Barcelona, but trust us, medical care abroad and flight cancellations can be very expensive: insurance can therefore be a lifesaver.

Travel mishaps can and do happen, and it's worth thinking about insurance before you leave home.

We used nomads of the world for years and I have personally made several claims. Why don't you ask them for a quote yourself?

Be sure to read the terms and conditions to make sure the policy covers your needs.

26 Safety Tips for Traveling to Miami

Safety in Miami
Staying safe in Miami is a walk in the park As long as you stay in the right part of the park, that is.

With a VERY high crime rate, Miami may not seem as the safest destination in the US. But overall, as long as you stick to certain neighborhoods, you should be totally fine on a trip to this seaside town.

And when it comes to staying as safe as possible and travel smart, We've rounded up our best tips for travel to Miami so that you have a great time and minimize the risks.

  • Here are some places you should avoid – Liberty City, Little Haiti, parts of the Miami Riverfront, Overtown, South Beach (between 8th and 11th streets, as crime is rampant)
  • Take a taxi instead of walking at night – especially since Miami is not known for its walkability. It's better to prevent than to cure.
  • Be careful with your belongings in crowded areas – especially in the crowded streets of the city center. pickpockets work in these areas.
  • Do not leave your things unattended on the beach – and, in general, watch out, even when you're with her. Things sometimes disappear.
  • Keep your luggage close at the Miami airport – has a reputation for losing suitcases. Keep valuables in your hand luggage.
  • Avoid using the top passes – There is a large community of homeless people and, as we have said, they have set up makeshift cities on the passes.
  • understand miami – is a melting pot of cultures. Cubans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans. Many different languages are spoken. But if you know Spanish, participate!
  • Try not to look like a vulnerable tourist – seem lost or like a tourist (scoop neck reflex camera, etc.) will make you a PLUS target. Fortunately, as it's a cosmopolitan city, anyone can seem to fit in here, unless they drop big hints.
  1. Possession of less than 20g of weed is a 'minor offence' – There are no criminal charges, but the law allows you to be jailed or fined. More and is a crime.
  2. If you are stopped, be polite and do as you are told. – but you don't have to talk or answer any questions until you have a representative.
  3. Pay attention to purple flags on the beaches – mean that there are dangerous pests such as jellyfish, rays and/or other poisonous critters in the water.
  4. And the sun – wear sunscreen, wear a hat, stay in the shade when it's at its peak. Heat stroke is miserable and possible in Miami, but it is completely preventable.
  5. Keep an eye on the news during hurricane season – June-November. Hurricanes literally destroy the city. Try not to be in South Florida during one. If you get stuck there, call Hurricane Hotline in advance for advice on what to do and what areas the storm will reach.
  6. get a sim card – if your phone doesn't work, get one of these. They're good for maps, emergencies, and keeping in touch.

These are our travel tips to stay safe in Miami. It may not look like a safe city to visit due to its reputation, but like many places in the world, crime is localized This is not a big pitched battle of violence and gangs.

These things happen in certain neighborhoods that a) you probably won't visit and b) you should avoid anyway. So take our advice, trust your gut, and stay safe while exploring this iconic city.

Some general safety tips in Miami

Keep your money safe in Miami

If you go anywhere in the world, the problem that will always come up again and again is let them steal your money So are the things. Wherever there are tourists, there are also petty thieves Annoying, but true.

And in Miami, it may be relatively unlikely, but it could still happen And having LESS money is going to put a premature end to your trip, which is frustrating. So stop would-be pickpockets in their tracks and use a travel money belt.

money belt
The best way to keep your money safe is with an awesome seat belt

and you're going to The Pacsafe money belt is our best bet. It's affordable, it looks and acts like a belt, and it's tough - what more could you want from a belt for the money!

We love. Because looks like a belt not a military contraption like some money belts. It's also sturdy and affordable!

So when you want to keep your money safe in Miami – or anywhere in the worldthe best thing would be simply wear a money belt. Honestly, it's a no-brainer. Think about it: the best way to stop a pickpocket in his tracks is to have nothing in the pocketsand have your money hidden in a money belt. You'll always have that stash to fall back on if something goes wrong.

If you need a little more space for your passport and other travel valuables, check out a full size money belt that gets under the clothes.

Is it safe to travel alone in Miami?

Is it safe to travel alone in Miami?
«I have seen your photos of Miami. It seemed pretty boring." "Nobody, probably.

Yes. Miami IS safe for solo travel and is actually a a pretty cool place to travel alone. You may be worried that it's seedy to go to a place known for beach parties only. You may be worried that someone will steal your wallet. But let's put those concerns aside.

From lazy days on the beach to mornings and afternoons spent sailing museums and art galleriesthere are a lot of places what to visit in miami. And with a super fun nightlife, too.

But still be smart. So here are some tips to stay safe while traveling solo in Miami.

  • Probably NOT a good idea walk on the beach at dusk. The beaches are not necessarily unsafe at night, but HE you'll be putting yourself at greater risk by being in places like this. It is better to choose busiest places to walk at night in Miami.
  • Miami has a great nightlife and all kinds of scenes But be careful not to be too wasted It's never fun to lose all your senses. Not only can't you find your way back home, but lack of judgment can lead you to some stupid or dangerous situations.
  • Crime and pickpocketing are common And if you're alone, you're more of a target. Take one money belt and keep your dollars safe. The last thing you want is to be in a fun city like Miami and have no cash to finance your fun.
  • In that sense, don't keep all your money in one place Separate it into different deposits. If you lose the place where you keep a BIG LOT of money, you will lose all. You should probably also consider getting a emergency credit card for those “you never know when” situations.
  • Keep your friends and family back home informed of your travel plans. Don't disconnect. Tell them what you are doing, where you are going; this is always safer and better for you in the long run if something happens to you. Nobody knowing where you are is not good.
  • stay somewhere with good reviews We've put together a guide to our favorite hostels in Miami. This is the best way to find a Sociable where you can meet other solo travelers and backpackers doing their own thing in the city. It's a good way to get over the sadness of the solo trip and maybe even make a few companions for drinks in the evening!
  • Ask people you know or your hotel staff for local councils about where to eat and drink. Tourist traps are expensive in Miami, and we figure you want to avoid them. Plus, the locals are the ones with all the delicious Latin American food!
  • For emergencies, you should put emergency numbers in your phonebook. Save them so they're up high, too, so you don't have to scroll through everything to find them.

As everywhere in the world, solo travel has its pros and cons On one hand, it's an amazing way to do things for yourself, to grow as a person… All the things that made us fall in love with her. But on the other hand, It's quite easy to feel jaded, bored and lonely when traveling solo.

Fortunately, Miami is a fun city. Find yourself social accommodation, meet cool people, be sensible and have a great time

Is Miami safe for female solo travelers?

Miami is safe for women who travel alone
There are few places as lush and manicured as South Florida!

Miami is a pretty safe place to women who travel alone It's a fun city – and it's fun for everyone. Great beaches, nightlife and a vibrant culture with Spanish overtones. The most that will worry you (probably) is what to do with your stuff on the beach when you want to swim.

It's as safe for women as any other city in the US As long as you do what you want in any other city or town in the world to support yourself, you'll be fine. With that in mind, here are some tips for a stress-free time in Miami!

  • Drink responsibly! This means do not exceed your limit As much as watching your drink, always Excessive drinking is not uncommon AND No accept drinks from strangers, even if they seem nice.
  • Choice of clothes in Miami almost It doesn't matter. It depends on you Shorts or whatever you want. But at night you MAY not get into some clubs if you don't you dress up So take advantage and dress 9 with that suit that you fancy is exaggerated anywhere else.
  • topless sunbathing In the United States, generally it's against the law but between 1st and 16th street - apparently - can So go for it, if you want! Only there, however. And be aware of the people around you and warn someone if you think another sandpiper pays too much attention to you.
  • As a woman, you can be more targeted for robbery Bags, especially, are a quick win for thieves. Make sure your bag is not hanging over the back of a chair in a cafeteria or restaurant. could easily be snapped up so keep it close to you – on your lap it will be fine (because in Miami it is bad luck put a bag on the floor). This applies to any traveler, of course. keep your bag close to you.
  • If someone bothering you, tell them to leave it or go awayor just ignore them. if someone is too muchremove yourself from the situation, find someone and tell them. The bar staff, the doormen, the shop owners... seek help.
  • Do not entertain yourself out of courtesy. If a situation is uncomfortable leave her There is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable just to save someone else's feelings.
  • Similarly, if someone asks questions that are too personal - are you married, where are you staying - you DO NOT NEED to tell people. If lying is safer, do it.
  • Make sure that look at the reviews of the place where you plan to stay That way you'll be sure to find a place that suits you that is also SAFE. In particular, check the opinions of others solo female travelers If they say it's awesome, you probably will too.
  • And if you want to meet people join a tour or try a group activity. Some hostels or guest houses may do this, but otherwise.. look on the internet there are a LOT of things tourism companies But then again, do your research, see which one you like best, and go for it.

There you have it. These are our tips for solo female travelers in Miami. And for the most part, you won't run into any problems in Miami. But more than that, you probably have a amazing time In this city. Not only is the night life a lot of fun, but the day life isn't too bad either.

And by choosing yourself a social place to stay, you're going to keep that fun and sociable side of Miami even in your downtime. You'll get to meet some other cool people, other backpackers, and maybe even find some new companions to explore with.

But like anywhere in the world, it is still worth traveling smartly Do whatever you do in your city, or in any other major city around the world to help keep you safe and secure. Use your common sense, stay away from questionable situations and there will be nothing what to worry about!

Is Miami a safe place to travel as a family?

Miami is a safe place to travel as a family
In the United States, Florida is synonymous with family vacations.

Miami is a GREAT place to head for families.

There are parks, zoos and beaches, famous theme parks nearby, and plenty of natural scenery.

You do not have to go far to find open spaces in which to frolic. For example, him venetian pool It is a very dear pool that super popular for families. there is also the miami zoo covering nearly 750 acres the monkey jungle it is also very good.

When is too hot out, go to Miami Children's Museum a world of fun indoors

In Miami, not everything is a party; many places are well equipped for families In restaurants you will find children's menus, high chairs, baby changing tables and even things like children's activity books to keep them busy while you wait for your food.

The hotels have for children family rooms – even motels do it too. High-end hotels and resorts are complete with babysitting services and kids clubs Easy.

You might want to think about the time of year you go. Could be quite hot in summer. He winter months they are much milder - but still warm - and you will probably want to avoid the rainy season. Rain and humidity can affect your adventure plans.

Rainy season is also hurricane season, so stay informed of any developing tropical systems so you can adjust your plans to keep your family safe and maximize your fun.

Make sure that protect you from nature Cover yourself against mosquitoes, make sure your children know the purple flags and that they follow the rules of the lifeguards and do not stay in the sun too much time.

Bottom line: Miami is a safe place to travel as a family and is quite the family destination!

Is it safe to drive in Miami?

Is it safe to drive in Miami?
The roads had better be good because you have to use them. Things are too spread out to walk.

It is safe to drive in Miami.

There are some AMAZING coastal routes to drive. He Florida Keys Overseas Highway it's an amazing, otherworldly road trip you can embark on when you're in Miami. Us we definitely recommend it.

Driving in Miami is very common Lots of people do it when they visit. And they ALL drive.

Besides you can get very good deals on car rental also.

However, driving in Miami is not exactly a dream. The traffic can be HORRIBLE and the drivers quite aggressive. Road rage is the norm.

There is also a part of the city drivers who are quite aggressive Expect them to follow you, not give you enough space when they pass you, and generally hog the road. It can happen.

Other than that, is it safe to drive in miami It will be like driving in most developed places.

But make sure you have your insurance. Like most things in America, it's EXPENSIVE if you don't have it and you have an accident.

Cruising around Miami

It can also be confusing. Many of the major highways have more than one name As you go through them, the name changes. Go figure. so if you drive for the first time in Miami, don't expect to understand.

There are also plenty of toll roads and bridges to worry about. There is 4 carriageways between Miami and miami beach they are toll So going between the two can be expensive.

Please, check and understand your route before you start driving. We recommend Google Maps or Waze for navigation, but don't leave it entirely to them. Be aware of which parts of the city are dangerous and reroute your map accordingly. Unfortunately, most strays don't know which areas to avoid.

Remember to avoid the areas of Liberty City, Little Haiti, parts of the Miami Riverfront, Overtown, and South Beach (between 8th and 11th streets). However, if you can, the best idea is show your map to a local at your accommodation or at the restaurant and ask if it is a safe route.

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You're unlikely to stumble upon the wrong part of town if you get on the freeway and drive straight to your destination, but if you don't take the time to review your route beforehand, you're more likely to you take the wrong way and put yourself in danger.

Parking can also be a problem You will have to pay everywhere If you don't, they will tow you away. you will have to pay a few hundred dollars to recover your vehicle. Yeah.

Is Uber safe in Miami?

Uber is safe in Miami For the most part, at least.

There have been reports about fake Ubers and Lyfts They pick up people. By having a fake sticker on the car, they can fool people quite easily

MAKE EXTRA SURE you get in a car with the same description as in the app Before boarding, ask the name of the passenger They should know. if they don't know do not enter

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And even then, with a REAL Uber (or Lyft), don't sit in front. This reduces the risk of things happening to you (male or female).

So even though Uber is generally sure, it's not as safe as other places. Don't blindly trust her. Show a reasonable amount of caution.

Are taxis in Miami safe?

Are taxis safe in Miami?
The city also has its golden sentinels.

Yeah. Taxis are safe in Miami, in general.

But they can be quite expensive. And so, Many people uses Lyft either Uber.

However, there are a few things you should know: there will always be dangers when it comes to unlicensed taxis.

When you get to airport, get a licensed taxi Go to the lower levels after baggage claim and you will find uniformed representatives They will help you get a taxi.

In other places in the city, you can get a licensed taxi going to taxi ranks or calling them; you can also call them on the street if you are lucky.

If you call a taxi, make sure it is licensed. there will be a license number that appears in the taxi itself. And the taxi driver will have a photo identification and registration number on the dashboard of the car.

If you're in a cab in Miami the passenger pays the tolls Just so you know. Drivers are not trying to rip you off, so are the things.

They should use a measurer but there are some flat rates for certain destinations. To go to South Beach or the AirportFor example, there are flat rates. They can actually work in your favor if there is a lot of traffic.

The taxi drivers they are not authorized to charge for passengers or extra baggage.

Basically, taxis are fine in Miami. But they are they don't usually be cheap.

Is public transportation in Miami safe?

Is public transportation safe in Miami?
One of the funniest contemporary architecture tours you can do is the Metro through the urban center

There's a public transport selection to use in Miami. And GENERALLY safe public transportation in Miami.

Be careful with your belongings, be wary of buses late at night and try not to use deserted train carriages – especially at dusk.

Miami public transportation not well developed compared to other big cities. You will see that it does not connect as well as you expected.

They have a "subway" but it is not underground due to the high water table. However, it offers a much nicer view

Miami bus system is called Metrobus and it goes quite far from the city But there are holes. So it can be difficult to get where you really want to go.

It's easy to use; there is literally a card called easy card Touch and go up.

There's also Miami cars – trolleybuses that are FREE and that work in different places of the city. They say it's a trolleybus, but it's just a hybrid electric bus They are safe, clean and easy to use. If you are on a budget this is AMAZING.

Metromover it is a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system, it is quite new and easy to use. You don't have to worry about traffic as they use their own lanes. It's great for getting around Downtown Miami.

then there is the train metrorail It covers 21 miles and trains run every 15 minutes between 6 in the morning and midnight.

Finally, there is tri-rail, which you should use if you are thinking of a one day trip these cover 71 miles and they are fun double-decker commuter trains. They are very good if you are on a budget (they are cheap) AND there is also disabled access in the stations and on the trains.

Make sure you do NOT miss the last train home. If you do, DO NOT attempt to walk – take a cab.

In general, public transport is pretty sure in Miami. You just have to be alert at night.

Is food safe in Miami?

key lime pie
We'll tell you about this beautiful slice of pie in a second.

It is worth visiting Miami just for the food There is a LOT to the food scene in this city for you to explore. Latin American food like corn cake (corn dough with amazing fillings) and the Cuban sandwich (and anything else Cuban) are a MUST.

And in general, food in Miami is safe. Of course it is! Like anywhere in the world, you can get sick from eating spoiled food So here are some tips for eating out in Miami (and in general) so you can have fun eating around town while keeping your stomach happy.

  • The rumors are true: American food portions are HUGE. If you're not a big eater, but yes polite, DO NOT feel like you have to finish everything on your plate. You will burst. It is also not good for your stomach to fill it completely to the brim. slow down!
  • With this in mind, it's okay to order a plate to share between two people. Maybe a main course and a salad. It is also a way of economic experience Even further economical is to order the leftovers to take away, that is, the famous "doggy bag". This is very good and makes a good snack for the night or the next day. (But be sure to refrigerate them!)
  • AVOID tourist traps They are usually the kind of places that have hawkers outside of them or places that look like too flashy and tacky They will be super expensive, not as tasty as other places, and probably are not as hygienic as you would like them to be.
  • Take full advantage of Miami's status as cultural melting pot There is food from ALL OVER THE WORLD to enjoy. So don't limit yourself to burgers and pizza. Both are everywhere. Do some research, find something you want to try, and go for it. Read the opinions however. Try the places people have really loved (and you can afford it). The best for taste and No get sick
  • In the same way, go to places that are busy and who seem to be doing a great business with a high turnover Of customers. there will be a lot less chances that you will get sick from eating at a place that is super popular. It's a good rule of thumb for ANY place in the world, actually.
  • It's a low level advice, but good wash your hands It's honestly one of the best ways to NOT get an upset stomach from eating, especially if you are eat things with your hands, such as sandwiches and Tostones.

A thing that you absolutely have to try in Miami is the iconic key lime pie This is a typical Florida dessert. Dessert fans will tell you to head further south to Key West for pie, but it's also very big in Miami (in popularity and size). It is a creamy and flavorful delight. Please - we urge you to – do not refrain from this total delight. You will regret.

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But back to the topic of food safety in Miami. It is safe If the place you're dining at seems clean, or seems popular, or you've looked it up online and read rave reviews, then it's a prime place to eat. However, let yourself be carried away by the rhythm!

Is Miami water drinkable?


You can drink the Miami water It is totally safe. So bring your refillable water bottle and drink.

Florida water isn't known for being tasty, but it passes all sanitary inspections. If you are concerned about the sanitation of your accommodation or plan to explore some of the swamps on the outskirts of the city, consider bringing your GRAYL GEOPRESS or a bottle with a filter.

Is it safe to live in Miami?

clouds over miami
This is a normal afternoon in Miami: on the boat in Biscayne Bay.

Of course. It's safe to live in Miami, Many people do.

As we remember, crime IS a problem.

Traffic CAN be nasty.

It's not always a seaside paradise.

However, there are many reasons to settle here. Miami is safe. And your experience can be made even safer if you're selective about where you choose to live in Miami. You should definitely do your research on it to find the place that suits you best.

middle of the beach is an emerging area that is a little more familiar. And also more AFFORDABLE.

The general rule in Miami is the closer you are to the beach, the more expensive the rental will be.

In other places there Coral gables, a city within miami southwest of City center The University of Miami is located here and is considered one of the safest places in Miami to live, especially for children.

→ 23 things to do in Miami [in 2022]

Other nice cities are coconut Grove (the oldest continuously inhabited area) and key biscayne.

You have to keep in mind that your car can be stolen at some point, but that's all Think about the advantages. You've got great weather, beautiful nature, a thriving food scene, a few super cool and an international airport on the doorstep for further travel.

Put aside your reservations because it is safe to live in Miami.

How is healthcare in Miami?

As throughout the United States, healthcare is private (for the most part).

Is Really expensive You literally have to have health insurance, or be super rich.

Even a simple visit to the doctor can cost you hundreds of dollars a procedure in the hospital, THOUSANDS.

Yeah something bad It has happened to you and you need to be taken to the hospital, it is illegal to be denied treatment even if you have NO means to pay. So that's good.

You won't have to worry about language barriers as everyone speaks English.

If you just need to see a doctor, go to the community health clinic They can put you in touch with a specialist if necessary and have them treat you. In case it's closed, and you you still need treatment you can go to a urgent care center.

There is one in miami beach It's cheaper and these kind of places are open late.

For anything else, head to the pharmacy Here you can pick up medicines or just get advice without a prescription. You will see that they are everywhere and that they are usually open 24 hours. A good place to go for information or help if you're not feeling well without paying doctors' fees.

Other than that, while healthcare in Miami is great, it is expensive.

Frequently asked questions about security in Miami

Here are some quick answers to common questions about safety in Miami.

Final Thoughts on Miami Safety

miami city
Do you see how a city like Miami can be safe?

Gang violence is not a good thing. But in Miami, it's distorts crime figures something. What gangs do IS a crime. But this crime -most of the time- does not directly affect the security of ordinary citizens. Tourists are highly unlikely to be involved in it.

In areas where gangs are more frequent, it is easy avoid those areas And then there are those affected by gangs, people who commit crimes like pickpocketing and robbery to buy drugs, who like to operate in busy tourist areas (in which case, don't look unprepared) or in deserted areas mostly at night… So it's easy, again don't walk in quiet places at night

Miami is a super fun city. The nightlife here is totally boisterous and the daytime is very exciting too Spring break can be a bit over the top here, so if you don't want to party that much, just avoid Miami during this time. Everything you already do to ensure your safety in your own country STILL APPLIES in Miami. It's not a paradise, but it's not a death trap either. And have you thought about taking out travel insurance for your trip? You can get a quote from World Nomads by clicking the link below.

Disclaimer: Security conditions change daily around the world. We do our best to advise, but this information may already be out of date. Do your own research. Enjoy your trips!

Thank you for your support 🙂

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  1. ¡Vaya, vaya! Después de leer todos estos artículos sobre la seguridad en Miami, ¡me siento como un experto en criminología! Pero en serio, ¿es necesario preocuparse tanto por la delincuencia en Miami?

    • ¡Claro que sí! Siempre es importante estar informado sobre la seguridad en cualquier ciudad. No se trata de convertirse en un experto, sino de tomar precauciones y cuidar de uno mismo. Mejor prevenir que lamentar.

  2. ¡Vaya, qué buen artículo! Creo que Miami es seguro si tienes ojos en la nuca y un antirrobo ninja. ¡A disfrutar de la ciudad del sol y la adrenalina! 💪🏼🌴

  3. ¡Vaya, es increíble cómo la percepción de seguridad en Miami puede variar tanto! Personalmente, me siento seguro en la mayoría de las áreas, pero siempre es mejor estar alerta.

    • ¡Vaya, parece que tienes una visión muy optimista de la seguridad en Miami! Aunque es genial que te sientas seguro, no todos comparten esa experiencia. Siempre es importante considerar diferentes perspectivas y no minimizar las preocupaciones de los demás.


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