Museo Moco Barcelona Opiniones 2024 ¿Vale la pena?


Updated June 2023

Moco Museum, a independent museum located in Amsterdamnow has one nueva sede en Barcelona.

The Museo Moco Barcelona aims to make fine art more accessible to the public and attract a younger audience to art.

houses artist masterpieces as Andy Warhol, banksy, Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst, David LaChapelle, etc.

In this article, we share everything you need to know If you want to visit the Moco Barcelona Museum, opinions, as well as photos of our visit to the museum.

Book your tickets online below on the official website and skip the lines:


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Analysis and evaluation Moco Museum Barcelona


He Moco Museum opened its doors in Barcelona in October 2021 and this second venue is just as captivating as the original one in Amsterdam.

You won't be disappointed at all exceptional modern and contemporary art which is exhibited in the old Palacio Cervelló, next to the Picasso museum.

Entering the museum through the narrow Carrer de Montcada entrance, you will soon realize that the museum is larger than it appears from the outside.

Like its Amsterdam counterpart, this museum is divided into different areas. Explore modern, contemporary and digital art and special exhibitions on two floors.

The permanent exhibition on the ground floor is called Moco Masters.

Moco Masters Barcelona

Photo Gallery Moco Museum Barcelona

Valuation and Moco Museum Barcelona opinions:
The positives:

You will not find modern and contemporary art of this caliber anywhere else in Barcelona.

And the contrast between the masterpieces on display and the medieval palatial setting makes the whole experience even more incredible. You might even enjoy a family day here 🙂

The negative:

The digital art rooms are a bit small and there will certainly be queues to get in. Once you immerse yourself in the Studio Irma experience, you'll understand why no one wants to run away.

If you want to read more about Museo Moco Barcelona opinions you can check this link people who have already visited the Moco Barcelona Museum on Tripadvisor.

The best advice:

Our opinion is; Go as soon as possible before everyone knows! This museum is worth visiting.

Moco Museum Barcelona address


Moco Museum Barcelona reviews and opinions on the Internet

Moco Museum Barcelona photos

Tickets to the Moco Barcelona Museum without queues

Tickets for the Moco Museum in Barcelona allow you to attend works of art by some of the biggest names in modern and contemporary art.

These tickets give you access to both the permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Buying tickets online at Civitatis you can access directly without having to queue. → Buy HERE your tickets to the official website of the Moco Barcelona Museum without queues

Where to buy tickets for the Moco Museum

Can get your tickets for the Moco Museum directly at the box office either buy them online, well in advance.

If you plan to get them on-site at the museum, you must get in line at the ticket window

Depending on the time of day (and month), you may have to wait in line at the ticket office for 15 minutes or more to buy your ticket.

The second and best option is book tickets to the Moco Museum in Barcelona online.

When you buy Museo Moco tickets in advance, You save a lot of waiting time by avoiding the queue at the ticket office.

This is why these tickets are also known as "no queue" tickets.

How do online tickets work?

Once you make the purchase, the tickets are sent to you by email.

All you have to do is arrive at the museum 10-15 minutes before the time mentioned in your online ticket.

Since you have your ticket and arrive on time, you can show it on your smartphone and enter the Moco Museum immediately.

Book tickets to the Moco Museum in Barcelona online

Ticket prices for the Moco Museum Barcelona

The entrance to the Moco Museum costs 14.50 euros for all adults over 17 years of age

Visitors from 10 to 17 years old are entitled to a reduced rate of 9.50 euros per person.

The Moco Museum also offers a discount of 5 euros to students who present a valid student card at the entrance, so they only pay 9.50 euros to enter.

Children from 0 to 9 years old free.

Unfortunately, the museum does not offer senior discounts.

Ticket price Moco Museum Barcelona

What to see in the Moco Museum in Barcelona, is it worth it?

Moco Museum Barcelona Artists. We trust art.


Artists from the Moco Museum Barcelona, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY

Mucus BCN C 4

The "Laugh Now" exhibition has not been authorized by Banksy, but each piece has been validated as his original work by pest control, the only official agency capable of authenticating your art.

Enjoy the museum, get a little idea with these 2 photos of Banksy's work at the Moco Barcelona Museum.



And now it's time for something completely different: immersive digital art. A Japanese art collective called teamLab is the star of the first room.

Official website of the Moco Museum (ES)

Moco Museum Barcelona Telephone and contact

Telephone Moco Museum Barclona:936 29 18 58

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In In this post I discover in depth how Civitatis works and if it is worth booking with them.

With the permission of the Moco Museum, purchase on the official website of the Moco Museum Barcelona

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FAQ and frequently asked questions Moco Museum Barcelona

Ticket prices Moco Museum Barcelona How much does it cost?

Ticket price Moco Museum Barcelona

The entrance to the Moco Museum costs €14.50 for adults over 17 years of age

Young people from 10 to 17 years old have a reduced rate of €9.50 per person.

The Moco Museum also offers a €5 discount to students who present a valid student card at the entrance, so they only pay €9.50 per ticket.

Children from 0 to 9 years old free.

The museum does not offer senior discounts.

Where is the Moco Barcelona Museum?

The Moco Museum is on the same street -Carrer Montcada- as the Picasso Museum Barcelona and just around the corner from the European Museum of Modern Art.

His direction is Carrer de Montcada, 25 Barcelona 08003How to get.

The Moco Museum in Barcelona is housed in a 16th-century structure called Palacio Cervelló.

It was the residence of the noble Cervelló family until the 18th century.

He public transportation is the best way to get to the museum of modern and contemporary art located in the Born district of Barcelona.

How long does it take to visit the Moco museum in Barcelona?

The Moco Museum is relatively small, and most visitors will finish seeing it in its entirety in 30 or 60 minutes.

As tickets to the Moco Barcelona museum have no time limit, you can explore all the works and exhibitions at your own pace.

Art enthusiasts are known to linger a bit longer at the museum of modern art.

Hours of the Moco Barcelona Museum

Every day of the week The Moco Museum in Barcelona opens at 9am.

From Monday to Thursday, it closes at 7:00 p.m. and the Friday, Saturday and Sunday it remains open until 8 pm.

The last entry is always one hour before closing.

The Moco Museum remains open all year, including national holidays.

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6 comentarios en «Museo Moco Barcelona Opiniones 2024 ¿Vale la pena?»

  1. No sé ustedes, pero yo creo que el Museo Moco Barcelona vale la pena. ¡Arte moderno y contemporáneo en Barcelona, qué más se puede pedir! 💃💥🎨 #AmoElArte

    • Pues a mí no me convence tanto el Museo Moco Barcelona. Prefiero opciones más clásicas y tradicionales. Pero bueno, para gustos los colores. 🎨💁‍♀️ #RespetoLasOpiniones

  2. ¡Vaya, el Museo Moco Barcelona tiene opiniones mixtas! ¿Alguien ha estado recientemente y puede compartir su experiencia?

    • Sí, estuve en el Museo Moco Barcelona la semana pasada y me pareció una decepción total. La exhibición era aburrida y el personal poco amable. No recomendaría perder el tiempo y el dinero allí.

  3. ¡Hola a todos! ¿Alguien ha visitado el Museo Moco Barcelona? ¿Vale la pena o es solo otro lugar turístico sobrevalorado?

    • ¡Hola! Yo he visitado el Museo Moco Barcelona y definitivamente vale la pena. Tiene una colección impresionante y las exposiciones son de alta calidad. No es solo otro lugar turístico sobrevalorado, realmente te sorprenderá. ¡Te lo recomiendo!

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