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Update 2024

The way of traveling has changed a lot in recent years.

A few decades ago it was normal to go on vacation with tourist packages that included the organization and all the activities of the trip.

book free tours Civitatis reviews

Today, more and more travelers decide organize customized excursions and activities thanks to companies like Civitatis.

Free Tours Civitatis (Free Tours in the most important cities)

One of the services most demanded by travelers in Civitatis are their Free Tours.

These types of day or night tours are free, and participants have the option of evaluating the guide's service at the end of the tour, paying for the tour what they deem convenient or that they can afford.

Despite being free, the quality of their tours is excellent.

They offer a complete tour in each destination, with guides in spanish (local, prepared and experienced) to offer a complete service, at the same level as the rest of the paid excursions.

To participate in the Civitatis Free Tours you have to register through the web, and it is important to know that The number of participants is limited in each group.

You can find out about all destinations, schedules and itinerary of each tour in the Civitatis website, registering and indicating how many people you will be on the indicated day and time.

Get Your Guide is another excellent platform for booking activities, In this post I discover everything about Get Your Guide.

Free Tours Civitatis

We recommend that you compare prices for any activity between Get Your Guide and tickets (the other great online activity booking platform).

This way you make sure you find the best price.

Civitatis has become the leading company in the reservation of activities, excursions and visits with a guide in Spanish on-line.

In this post we will analyze everything about this Spanish excursions and activities company and customer reviews what is on the internet to get an idea How safe is Civitatis and all the services they offer.

One of the greatest attractions of visiting any city or country is being able to discover the most hidden secrets comfortably and at a very affordable price.

Thousands of travelers hire the Civitatis services and tours, Are they as good as they promise?

We analyze the advantages offered by this online activity booking agency, what are the opinions and how safe it is to book with them, what types of services they offer and make the most of it to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

We will talk about the free tours They offer in all cities.

What is Civitatis and how does it work?

Civitatis is not a typical travel agency. With the strong irruption of the Internet and the convenience of booking online, the demands of new travelers have changed.

Founded in Spain, you can hire tours and all kinds of individual services without having to pay for a full travel package.

This is what the search panel of your website looks like.

civitatis is reliable

This agency works with the best tour providers and local agencies in the different destinations in which it is located.

You can contract services such as visits with a private guide, transfers, excursions, reservation of tickets for activities, and many other options, with the best prices and even with the possibility of taking advantage of exclusive discounts for your clients.

You decide the activity and the number of participants, saving money and time depending on the contracted services.

For example, if instead of organizing una visita a Barcelona desde Madrid, you prefer to enjoy a complete excursion with a guide so as not to miss any detail, you can book a service tailored to your needs.

One of the great advantages is that Civitatis is the largest company that work with Spanish-speaking guides already consolidated in the destination.

There is nothing more comfortable than taking an excursion with a local guide, who will explain all the details in your language to live a complete travel experience.

Is Civitatis reliable?

Founded in 2009, it is a leader for the Spanish-speaking market.

With more than 2 million annual travelers, it offers 10,000 services in 510 destinations.

Their main markets include Spain (51%), Argentina (9,65%), Mexico (5,81%) and USA (5,35%).

We can say without a doubt that Civitatis is reliable, and totally safe to book with them.

civitatis is safe

Its payment system is safe and you will never fall into a scam or scam when paying for any reservation.

In addition, in most of its tours and activities offer free cancellation until a few days before the date of the activity.

Considering its reach and the fact that it works with good operators in the destination for each specific offer, it is not surprising to expect that many companies in the industry want to sell through this platform.

Civitatis is reliable when making payments, your credit card details are safe with its encrypted payment system.

Why choose Civitatis?

There are several reasons why it is an excellent option for those looking for a unique and exciting travel experience. Below, we detail some of the main advantages of choosing Civitatis:

  1. variety of options: Offers a wide range of excursions and tourist activities around the world. From city tours to adventure excursions and cultural experiences, there is something for everyone. Additionally, the company works with local vendors to ensure travelers get the best possible experience.
  1. Competitive prices: Very competitive prices compared to other similar services. In addition, the company does not charge additional fees for booking in advance or for canceling a reservation. This means that travelers can plan their activities with confidence, knowing that they are getting a good price.
  1. easy to book: The online platform is very easy to use and allows travelers to easily book their activities online. In addition, the company offers a mobile application to further facilitate the reservation process.
  1. Excellent customer service: Civitatis prides itself on offering excellent customer service. Company representatives are available to help travelers with any questions or problems they may have before, during or after their trip.

Best Civitatis activities in Barcelona

As an example, below you will find the top activities in barcelona to book at a great price, including a exceptional free tour of Barcelona.

If you are visiting Barcelona and you like art, we recommend that you visit the Moco Museum Barcelona, In this post you will find everything you need to know about this impressive museum.

Civitatis Opinions

Before contracting any service with any company, you should review the comments of clients who have already used this service.

Civitatis reviews on Trustpilot

In the screenshot above we see that the ratings and opinions of Civitatis on Trustpilot is excellent.

With more than 70,000 comments! There is nothing. In this link you will find the opinions of Civitatis on Trustpilot.

Some preview and example of Civitatis opinions on Trustpilot.

Civitatis reviews on Trustpilot

good opinions Civitatis

After so many years of experience, it has become an established company that has Hundreds of positive opinions and reviews of clients who have contracted their services in half the world.

It's a trusted website (with hardly any complaints) adapted to Spanish-speaking travelers, they not only have clients from Spain, but also from many other Latin countries.

The opinions of Civitatis are very good!

Civitatis opinions on Tripadvisor, more than 2,200 customer reviews.

Civitatis reviews on Tripadvisor

Most of the comments talk about amazing experiences and excellent treatment. Some examples of reviews of Civitatis on Tripadvisor.

Reviews on Tripadvisor:

comments and opinions Civitatis on Tripadvisor

We ourselves have already participated in several Civitatis Tours in Japan, Barcelona and other destinations. Civitatis opinions are excellent in all cases.

It has become a reference agency for booking activities and buying tickets at a very good price.

Civitatis agents and trusted tour operators in each city they are always looking to expand and improve existing services.

It is necessary to highlight the Customer Service, resolving immediately any incident that occurs if you contact them by email, chat, phone or Whatsapp. 

They assume the responsibility that their clients have a unique 100% experience.

find out for yourself what services does it offer, compare prices with Get Your Guide and find out before you take the plunge.

So many travelers who have hired their services around the world cannot be wrong to have a positive opinion.

Contact and phone Civitatis

The number of civitatis phone is 91 078 05 07. If you call from abroad, you have to add the prefix (+34) in front.

The schedule of Customer Support It is from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

You can too get in touch with them via Whatsapp through the same mobile number that we have mentioned above.

if you prefer you want contact with Civitatis via the Internet you can do it too through their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram and you will usually get a very quick response via direct message.

Another option is to contact them through the Civitatis website contact form.

You will have to put all your information including your email and the message you want to send them. They will reply to you via email.

Civitatis activities around the world

If you want to see and know more, operates in many cities in the world, with many varieties of type of activity that they offer.

Japan, for example, is one of their star destinations, and since the creation of the company, they have worked to keep adding destinations within the country and all kinds of activities, adapted to a very varied public.

These are the most prominent options you have to hire in the cities you visit:

  • Guided visits
  • gastronomic experiences
  • Unique experiences
  • Tickets
  • Theme parks
  • Museums and monuments
  • day trips
  • Multi-day excursions
  • rail passes
  • SIM cards
  • Airport transfers
  • Skyscrapers and viewpoints
  • Boat trips
  • Water activities
  • tourist cards

Tourist destinations like Tokyo, Barcelona, London, New York either berlin are some of the most requested by travelers.

if you want to discover other corners of Japan.

You can also explore with the tourist destinations of Kobe, Sapporo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Kanazawa, Nagasaki, Otaru, Miyajima, Yokohama, Takayama or Himeji, among others.

If you are a football fan, we recommend visit the website touresadio.com, here you will find all the information to visit stadiums and tour the best clubs in the world.

Group travel Civitatis

Another very interesting service that it offers its clients are organized excursions, in which travelers join a small group to go on tours or discover different destinations.

the vast majority includes transportation and guide and the strong point of these group tours is that the prices are cheaper if shared with other travelers.

free tours civitatis

The price is paid per person, and may vary depending on the destination and the details that are included.

Some excursions include the price of tickets and food and in others, you simply pay for transportation to the final destination and return to the meeting point, which is usually the hotel.

Trips with a private guide Civitatis

If you want to make a more personal and private excursion with your family or with your group of friends, you also have the option of book a private Spanish-speaking guide for a small group.

The price depends on the number of participants, with a total of up to 5, 10 or 15 people.

With these excursions you will not have to share the trip with other people. The prices are a bit more expensive, but still cheap.

It is a perfect option to enjoy a more intimate trip even though it is not as cheap as group trips.

Booking tickets with Civitatis

As we have already mentioned, through the web they work with the best local travel providers with the possibility of booking airport transfer services and transfers between cities.

you can also buy buy rail passes, bills or one SIM card to have internet on mobile throughout the trip. Or you even have the possibility of rent material for example a kimono or yukata if you are in Japan.

While we're talking about Japan, participating in a japanese karaoke visit amusement parks disney land tokyo take a food tour, relax in a traditional onsen or marvel at the Japanese dance show.

You can even book an activity to have tea with a geisha.

Going to a sumo tournament or partying in Tokyo with the best company are some examples of activities you can do in Japan.

Finding a Spanish-speaking guide in Japan is often not easy. With Civitatis you won't have any problem since they have Spanish Hanla guides.

You have many options available depending on where you are. Make your trip with the activities that most appeal to you.

Pay a cheaper price without large agencies acting as intermediaries.

Price of Civitatis activities

There are more and more online agencies to book activities and excursions around the world. Together with Get Your Guide, it is one of the few that offer their services in Spanish, with experienced guides in each of their destinations.

These types of companies are booming due to the demands of new travelers.

One of the advantages is its competitive prices and the ability to tailor activities for travelers looking for personalized itineraries during their vacations.

Compared to excursions and trips offered by typical travel agencies, Civitatis is great value for money.

The final price is really good since it is the traveler who directly contacts the agency that organizes the activities, without intermediaries that increase the final price and offering much easier and more direct communication.

Free New York Tours

Civitatis services for its clients

This incredible Spanish tour company around the world works directly with tour operators and local providers to offer the best services to travelers.

The guides and workers are local but specialized in the specific city in Spanish.

In other words, they have a sufficient command of the language so that clients can take advantage of the visit, without having to worry about anything other than enjoying the tour.

Civitatis is reliable and completely secure. In addition, he has been able to adapt to the new way of traveling, with a consultation process and secure payment 100% online very clear.

No hidden conditions and fine print. For any questions, they also have a customer service, before, during and after contracting their services.

Free Civitatis tours in TOP cities

Free tour of New York

 If there is a place where saving is essential, that is New York.

The city that never sleeps is the perfect setting for a free tour and discover places like Times Square, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street or the 9/11 Memorial.

With the guide's explanations you will learn everything you need to know about the city that never sleeps.

Civitatis Free Tour of Rome

walk next to the Trevi Fountain, Agrippa's Pantheon or Navona Square Following the explanations of a guide is a very good way to get to know Rome.

If you are looking to get the most out of your trip to the Italian capital and save money hiring a good tour, he free tour of Rome is an excellent option.

Free Civitatis Tour of Marrakech

Marrakech can be shocking, busy and, above all, chaotic. Let yourself be helped by an expert guide and explore the medina, the souk, the Saadian Tombs and much more while you discover the charm of the Red City in the free tour of marakech. You decide the price!

Civitatis Free Tour of Paris

Don't settle for the romantic beauty of Paris and go ahead and learn about its local customs and the lives of the historical figures that inhabited the city.

In it free tour of paris you will discover the Louvre, the Pont Neuf, Notre Dame or the Seine in a different way.


free tour Civitatis by Amsterdam

The capital of the canals is as expensive as it is beautiful. Amsterdam is one of the destinations where doing a free tour is a very profitable and recommended option to get to know the city.

With an expert guide you will know the Nieuwmarkt square, the Red Light District or the Oudekerk church and many other emblematic places.

And, at the end of the tour, you can leave the tip that you consider appropriate.

free tour Civitatis by Edinburgh

The free tour of Edinburgh will help you reveal all these unknowns associated with the presence of witches and ghosts.

Save money while you explore the streets and historic buildings of this beautiful part of Scotland.

free tour Civitatis by Kazan

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Kazan is one of the most charming cities in Russia. On the free tour of the Tatar capital, you will visit Bauman street, the Bulak canal and the famous Kremlin.

free tour Civitatis through Havana

The Floridita bar, the Capitol of Cuba, the Partagás tobacco factory… In it FWith this tour of Havana you will discover the Cuban essence of the Cuban capital and you will save money while you visit its main attractions.


Civitatis Free Tour of Unknown Venice

Get to know the hidden face of Venice and let yourself be seduced by the charm of the city of canals at nightfall. Legends, mysteries and tricky stories They will accompany you on this incredible Venice free tour.

Another platform that we use often and that we really like is Get Your Guide. You can find HERE an extensive review about getyourguide and its services.

Don't forget to check out our other Free Tours posts, such as the Free Tour Mexico City, or the Best Free walking Tour Rome in Spanish either Guided tour of the Vatican with Civitatis.

Leave us in comments your experience with Civitatis.

Coupons and discount codes Civitatis

At Civitatis they work with the guaranteed minimum price, hence You will NOT find any discount codes or coupons anywhere Not on their website, not anywhere.

They disagree with inflated pricing policies in which discounts are then offered to boost sales.

With Civitiatis you will always find good prices and the most competitive in the market.

For these reasons, Civitatis does not offer coupons or discount codes. On his website he makes it very clear.

Coupons and discount codes Civitatis
Opiniones Civitatis 2024 - ¿Es confiable? TOURS GRATIS en todo el mundo 15

On our website you can find different guides and opinions on specific activities such as:

The King's Path

Helicopter tour in New York

Best boat trips in Barcelona

Isla Mujeres reviews

Best Free Tour Barcelona in Spanish

Moco Museum Barcelona Is it worth it?


In summary, Civitatis is an excellent option for those looking for a unique and exciting experience on their travels.

With a wide variety of options, competitive prices, an easy-to-use platform, and excellent customer support, Civitatis stands out as one of the best options in the online tourism market. Book today and enjoy an unforgettable experience on your next trip!

FAQ and frequently asked questions

How to contact Civitatis?

The number of civitatis phone is 91 078 05 07. If you call from abroad, you have to add the prefix (+34) in front.

The schedule of civitatis customer service It is from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

You can too get in touch with them via Whatsapp through the same mobile number that we have mentioned above.

if you prefer you want contact via Internet you can do it too through their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram and you will usually get a very quick response via direct message.
Another option is to contact them through the Civitatis website contact form.

Is Civitatis safe and reliable?

With more than 2 million annual travelers, Civitatis offers 10,000 services in 510 destinations.
Their main markets include Spain (51%), Argentina (9,65%), Mexico (5,81%) and USA (5,35%).
We can affirm without any doubt that Civitatis is safe and completely reliable to book with them.

Booking with them is safe and totally reliable.

Their payment system is secure and you will never fall for a scam or scam when paying for any reservation.

In addition, in most of its tours and activities offer free cancellation until a few days before the date of the activity.

Civitatis is also reliable when making payments, your credit card details are safe with its encrypted payment system.

Are there pages similar to Civitatis?

GetYourGuide It is another of the most popular options when booking activities for your vacation.

However - and obviously - there are many other sites that you can consider before deciding which platform is best for you.

We always recommend comparing between tickets (in our opinion the 2nd best activity booking platform), GetYourGuide and Civitatis (the best Spanish-speaking one) to find the best prices.

Here are the best pages so you can compare different tour prices:
Airbnb Experiences

Which is better Civitatis or GetYourGuide?

If you are wondering which is better, Civitatis or GetYourGuide, both platforms are excellent.
In our modest opinion, Civitatis is one point above since it is entirely Spanish-speaking and the guides are highly specialized in serving the public in Spanish.
GetYourGuide as a strong point, being more international is present in more and has more exclusive and unique tours and activities.

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