🥇 Waynabox Opinions Is it reliable? Surprise destination trip


Updated March 2023

If you like to be surprised, Waynabox is for you. 

the startup offers travelers the possibility of weekend trips throughout Europe from just €100 (accommodation and flights included), still destination that cannot be chosen and that you will only know two days before departure.

In this post you will discover how it works and if Waynabox is reliable to book your surprise trip.


For travel lovers, there's nothing more exciting than planning a weekend getaway… until it gets daunting. 

That's where Waynabox steps in. This Valencia-based startup is reinventing travel by not just doing the legwork for you, but adding an element of surprise.

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How does Waynabox work?

How Waynabox works to book a trip is very simple.

Enter the web and give it to start. below all steps to book with Waynabox.

steps to book with Waynabox

Step 1 to book with Waynabox. Configure your trip.

Choose the surprise trip that best suits you. Select the number of travelers and the departure airport.

step 1 to book with waynabox

Step 2: Choose the type of trip, surprise in Europe, surprise for Christmas or surprise in Spain

step 2 choose the type of trip waynabox

Step 3: Choose the departure date and days you want to travel

step 3 how waynabox works choose departure date

Step 4: Delete destinations. You can remove 1 destination you don't want to travel to for free. Then each destination that you want to eliminate has a cost of €10

step 4 delete waynabox destinations

Step 5: Choose the type of accommodation

step 5 type of accommodation

Is Waynabox reliable?

We have already seen how Waynabox works.

But if we want to book a trip with them, it is logical that we ask ourselves the following; Is Waynabox reliable? Is the payment safe? Is there a possibility of refund?

Waynabox is a company founded in 2015 and since then more than 70,000 clients have booked their surprise trip with them.

We can assure 100% that Waynabox is reliable and totally safe to book with them.

Your credit card payment system is encrypted and you will never have any problems.

Next we will see Waynabox opinions and evaluations of its clients.

waynabox is safe

Waynabox Reviews

Doing a little research work online we realize the reliability and level of satisfaction of Waynabox customers.

So in trustpilot has a score 4.3 out of 5, excellent.

waynabox reviews trustpilot

In Google they are at the same level, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5, with more than 1,000 traveler reviews and very positive opinions from clients who have booked with them.

waynabox google reviews

Final thoughts for booking with Waynabox

By the time the destination, dates, flights and accommodations are booked, the excitement and exhilaration you're supposed to feel at treating yourself to a getaway is often overshadowed by an exasperated sigh of relief.

At first, you thought you would only go two nights, but you consider three because the plane ticket costs less.

Then you have to take into account one more night of accommodation and it is a question of deciding whether to resort to AirBnB or a hotel.

waynabox is reliable
🥇 Waynabox Opinions Is it reliable? Surprise destination trip

You go from one place to another calculating the rates to find the best possible price in the best possible neighborhood. Decisions decisions.

Suddenly, all the hopping between Google Chrome's dozen or so tabs while debating between two cities and comparing four different airfares makes your head spin.

The process becomes so tedious that you question your decision to leave in the first place.

However, although spontaneity has its advantages, a little too much can be unpleasant. Wouldn't it be good to select in advance the weekend you want to travel?


This way, you can plan without completely disrupting your routine (you can have them walk the dog and water the plants, discard perishable food, etc.), but have someone else do the legwork.

For example, decide the destination, book the flights and accommodation, and then tell your partner where you are going just two days before?

Try Waynabox! You will like the experience.

If you are more classic when it comes to booking your vacation, we recommend you look at our Guide on how to find cheap flights with Skyscanner either how to book on agoda.

You can also look at our guides on logitravel and Destinia to book trips at the best price.

FAQ and frequently asked questions about Waynabox?

What is Waynabox?

waynabox is an integrated tour package, consisting of roundtrip flights and accommodation to a random destination (chosen by Waynabox).

At the time of receiving the booking confirmation email, these terms and conditions (attached to the email) will constitute the combined travel contract between the client and Waynabox.

Travelers will discover their surprise destination a few days before traveling, by e-mail. (Two or more days, depending on the chosen package).

How far in advance should I book Waynabox?

Places are limited and the price of the trip may vary depending on demand and proximity to the date of the trip. Therefore, it is recommended to book at least three weeks in advance.

Can I cancel or modify a reservation with Waynabox?

Reservations are processed once they enter the system and from then on the trip is closed and can no longer be cancelled.

In some cases, name changes, schedule changes, etc. can be made, but it is not always possible.

If the reservation is already processed, the cancellation and change conditions that each flight or accommodation provider imposes on its rate will apply.

Once the reservation is processed, the rates applied by the providers must be paid by the users who wish to make any changes, whenever possible.

What does the price of Waynabox include?

The Waynabox package includes roundtrip flights to a surprise city and the number of nights of accommodation selected in the first step of the booking process.

Meals and transfers within the city are not included in the price.

Some cities include a tourist tax (between €1 and €10) that must be paid directly at the hotel and is also not included in the Waynabox weekend package.

What is Waynabox's cancellation policy?

waynabox cancellation policy

When you click on 'Pay', you will be ordering us to make the reservations for flights, accommodation and services contracted with the Waynabox package on your behalf. Therefore, we will not be able to cancel or change your reservation from this moment on.

All the services included in the Waynabox package, and the Waynabox package itself, are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Make sure that the dates and all the data entered are correct, since neither the client nor the travelers will be able to make changes or cancellations.

In the event that the client or travelers cancel the service, Waynabox will not refund any amount paid by Waynabox or any of the optional services that we offer (the penalty for the cancellation of the combined trip is 100% of the amount of the reservation).

Name changes and contract assignment to other travelers may be made, always paying the penalty established by the service providers (airlines and hotels), or paying the cost of acquiring a new air ticket in the event that the airline does not allow the change of name. name.

If Waynabox cancels the contract for reasons not attributable to the traveler, they must refund all the payments made by the traveler. You will not be responsible for paying any additional compensation to the traveler if the cancellation is due to the impossibility of performing the contract due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and the traveler is notified of the cancellation without undue delay before the start of the package.

More info in https://waynabox.com/es/terminos-y-condiciones

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9 comentarios en «🥇 Opiniones Waynabox ¿Es fiable? Viaje destino sorpresa»

    • ¡Yo he usado Waynabox varias veces y nunca me ha decepcionado! La organización es impecable y siempre he tenido experiencias increíbles. ¡Te lo recomiendo totalmente! 😉

    • Sí, he probado Waynabox y puedo asegurarte que es completamente fiable. Tuve una experiencia increíble y todo salió según lo planeado. ¡Te animo a que lo pruebes y disfrutes de un emocionante viaje sorpresa! 😊🌍

    • ¡Vaya, qué valiente! A mí me gusta tener el control de mis viajes, pero si te emociona lo sorpresa, ¡adelante! Solo espero que no te lleves alguna decepción. ¡Buena suerte en tu aventura! 🌍✈️

    • Nunca he probado Waynabox, pero he oído de amigos que han tenido experiencias decepcionantes con ellos. Personalmente, prefiero organizar mi propio viaje sorpresa y tener control sobre los destinos y actividades. ¡Cada uno tiene sus preferencias! 💁‍♀️🌍


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