🥇 The 19 best places to take photos in Barcelona for Instagram


We think we all agree on one thing: Barcelona is definitely one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world!

And if you are planning to visit Barcelona and you're a bit like us (ie, you love taking photos of your travels!), you're probably already doing your research for the best photo spots in the city.

We help you! Read on to find out where you can find best places for instagram in this guide to the best places to take Barcelona Instagram photos.


Before we get into our list, let's talk about what makes a place instagrammable. Is there that? Of course.

A place for Instagram is a beautiful, charming, special, unique and, well, a photogenic place that ensures many likes on your Instagram post.

In a city like Barcelona, with so much beauty and architecture, that's not so hard to find!

But you have to know where to look and when to go: here's our list of our favorite and most Instagrammable spots in Barcelona.

Instagram places to take photos in Barcelona

Here are the best places to take photos in Barcelona and be the envy on Instagram.

1. Holy Family

This is undoubtedly the most iconic place in all of Barcelona.

We are sure that one of the first photos of Barcelona that you have found on Instagram was a photo with the Sagrada Familia.

places to take photos in barcelona

Did you know that it has been under construction for more than 130 years?

To access the interior of the Sagrada Familia you will have to buy a ticket. We recommend that you buy it HERE to skip the lines.

The best time to take photos: as early as possible in the morning, since thousands of people visit the Sagrada Familia every day.

If there are too many people to take a good photo of the main entrance, a good idea is to take a photo from further away, such as from Plaza de la Sagrada Familia, or from Avenida de Gaudí.

Instagrammable Potential: 10/10

2. Ayre Hotel Rossello

This rooftop has one of the best views of the Sagrada Familia.

The Ayre Hotel Rosselló is located just a couple of blocks from the Barcelona monument and has a rooftop bar open to the public where you can enjoy the stunning views while sipping a glass of wine and taking that photo.

if you want to know the best rooftops and rooftops in Barcelona You can't miss this item.

The best time to take photos: the rooftop bar is open from 10am to midnight, but we recommend going around sunset time for the most stunning colours.

Instagrammable Potential: 10/10

instagram places to take photos in barcelona

3. Casa Vicens

Gaudí left a rich legacy of beautiful architecture and buildings that make Barcelona the architecturally beautiful city that it is.

When it comes to Gaudí, most tourists quickly cross off the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllò, but we have news for you.

If you do a little research, you will discover that there are many other places built by Gaudí that you can visit.

It's a great way to learn more about Barcelona's most famous architect, while also getting some more original photos.

To access the interior of Casa Vicens you will have to buy a ticket.

The best time to take photos: first thing in the morning, when the street is quiet, since you will most likely have to stand in the middle of the street to take the photo.

Instagrammable Potential 9/10

instagram places to take photos in barcelona Casa Vicens

4. Sant Pau Hospital

Don't be fooled by its name: although it was built as a hospital, this impressive building is one of the best places to take pictures that not many people know about when visiting Barcelona for the first time.

A jewel of modernism, the Hospital Sant Pau has also been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its great beauty.

photos barcelona instagram

To access the interior of the Hospital Sant Pau you will have to buy a ticket.

The best time to take photos: Any time of the day will do, but especially first thing in the morning if you want to get a photo where the place is completely empty.

photos barcelona instagram

Instagrammable Potential 9/10

5. Royal Square

best places to take photos Barcelona
The wall of the kiss

Extra tip: a great place to take photos in Barceloneta is the Hotel W, a very modern hotel built in blue glass that reflects the palm trees and the sea. Totally instagrammable potential!

The best time to take photos: sunrise is ideal, but if you like to sleep in (we get you!), make sure you go before 3pm in winter and 5pm in summer when it's still plenty sunny.

Instagrammable Potential 8/10

6. Gardens of the Teatre Grec

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Gardens of the Teatre Grec

7. Park Guell

Park Güell is another of the most important works of the legacy that Gaudí left in Barcelona.

It is an urban project that was never finished and luckily for its visitors it ended up being for public use.

The most popular image on the social network? In the Plaza de la Naturaleza, sitting on one of the trencadís benches.

Tip: combine this visit with the Bunkers del Carmel (about 20 minutes away on foot).

Avoid the long line reserving your advance ticket here combined with the visit to the Sagrada Familia.

Parc Guell Barcelona spots to take photos in Barcelona
Park Guell Barcelona

8. Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park is not just a park. It is a cultural space, leisure and activities located very centrally.

Enjoy a walk through the Ciutadella park and don't miss its most characteristic areas: the waterfall and the mammoth.

Ciutadella Park
Ciutadella Park

9. Arc de Triomphe

Promenade of Lluís Companys

Arc de Triomphe It is a majestic monument located in front of the Ciutadela park.

It is another icon of Barcelona that you should not miss.

Tip: Visit at sunrise to get magical light and avoid the crowds.

Be careful, it is a place frequented by pickpockets.

Arc de Triomf instagram spot Barcelona

10. La Pedrera – Casa Milá

Provence, 261-265

La Pedrera is another epic creation of the genius Gaudí. A huge building with a surreal roof in the middle of Paseo de Gracia. If I were rich, I would live there.

spots to take photos in barcelona

11. Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Promenade

Barceloneta beach It is a mandatory stop on any trip to Barcelona, whether in summer or winter. This beach and the W hotel make up another of the emblematic images of the city.

Tip: in summer, I recommend you try paddle boarding on this beach.

Barceloneta W beach hotel
Barceloneta beach spots to take photos in barcelona

12. Calle de la Allada-Vermell

Calle de l'Allada-Vermell, 12

in the Borne, l'Allada-Vermell street It is a pedestrian street with a very cool atmosphere. You will find cafes and restaurants, terraces and many trees.

One building, number 12, stands out from the dens for its façade with plants and pots: it has already become a instagram spot in barcelona.

Calle l'allada Vermell

13. Padova Street

Padua Street, 75

When I posted this photo on Instagram I received a lot of comments and messages asking about its location: even from Barcelonans who claimed that this façade was not in Barcelona because they didn't know it (lol).

The truth is that it is not easy to find, unless you have the address beforehand.

If you are reading this before your trip you will not miss this place anymore. Is one of the most photogenic places in Barcelona.

Tip: Use your camera with a lens wide angle to capture the entire building and get the perfect photo.

Instagram Spots Barcelona

14. Boqueria Market

La Rambla, 91

In the craziest street of Barcelona, la Rambla, the boqueria market it is the most famous in the city and it was also the first local market to be built.

Tip: if you go in the afternoon just before closing you will get bargain prices, especially on fruit.

The famous La Boqueria market in Barcelona

15. Fishermen's Guild

Moll de Pescadores, s/n

Very close to the Barceloneta beach, the Fishermen's Association has a beautiful clock tower that was originally the first lighthouse in Barcelona.

If you can climb inside, you can open a window in one of their numbers.

Tip: if you join one of the Fishermen's Guild tours you can enjoy a delicious dinner at the Xup Xup restaurant in Barceloneta. Recommended to 100%.

Fishermen's Guild Barcelona

16. Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart

At the highest point in Barcelona, on the Tibidabo mountain, the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart coexists next to the theme park.

Since it is a bit far from the city, it may be a good idea to visit both together.

Tip: You will get one of the best views of this temple from the park's attractions.

17. Bunkers of Carmel

The best panoramic view of the city is freely accessible and is located in the Carmel bunkers, in the park of Turó de la Rovira.

From there you can enjoy the city in 360º including its skyline and its most emblematic buildings:

  • sacred Family
  • Hotel W
  • Agbar Tower
  • Mapfre Tower and Hotel Arts
  • Montjuïc Castle
  • Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart (Tibidabo)

Tip: this viewpoint is very popular during sunset as it is a perfect place to enjoy it. It is relatively close to Parc Güell, so it may be a good idea to combine both visits.

Check out this post about The best free things to do in Barcelona.

18. Barcelona from a rooftop: Hotel Ayre Rosellón

Calle del Roselló, 390

Hotel Ayre Rosellon It has one of the coolest vitas in Barcelona and is an essential on any trip.

In general, in Barcelona, hotel terraces are public from 7:00 p.m.: visit as many as you can!

Advice Hotel Ayre Rosellon It is only 5 minutes walk from the Sagrada Familia. Combine both visits.

Hotel Views Sagrada Familia
Hotel Ayre Roussillon

19. Barcelona from the sea

If you are looking to avoid the crowds, there is a very special way to enjoy Barcelona without tourists: from the Mediterranean Sea.

Book a boat to sail along the city's coast at sunset.

There is no better way to say goodbye to the day in Barcelona.

Recommendation: we did the sunset+cocktails tour with Sailing District who recommend the 100%.

Barcelona from the sea
Barcelona from the sea

Locations map

You will find all these places (and some more) on the following map. Click on the star to save it to your maps.

Tips for traveling to Barcelona

As you said, Barcelona has a thousand and one places to discover. Therefore, if your visit is against the clock (if you only have one weekend), you will have to organize your time as much as possible.

Places like the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Parc Güell are so popular that if you don't buy your ticket in advance, you will have to queue and consequently lose some of your precious time.

To avoid this, in the official tourism website from the city you can book advance tickets for all the tourist attractions and most importantly: make the most of your time in Barcelona!

Be especially careful with pickpockets in the Borne and Gothic Quarter areas. Being a network of alleys, it is very easy for them to disappear with your things.

Luckily there are a lot of undercover police looking out for your safety but still, stay alert at all times.

Where to sleep in Barcelona

After several visits to Barcelona and having stayed in a few hotels in Barcelona, the hotel H10 Cubik it is by far my favourite.

Located on Via Laietana, in the heart of the city, I recommend this hotel for its location and design, for its top service and for its terrace with pool and views of the Barcelona cathedral. You're going to love it!

You can check availability and prices here.

Places to Instagram in Barcelona
MG 9333 2

I visit Barcelona often but always for a limited time, so in this article you will find my photos along with those of other traveling instagrammers. This list is updated with each new visit to the city 🙂

Any recommendations for instagram spot What should I visit on my next visit?

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