Radical Storage Reviews: When you need to store suitcases

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In this article we will review how Radical Storage works and how to store and consign luggage when travelling.
We will look at 4 cities with the best and cheapest lockers as well as Radical Storage reviews.
Radical storage opinions
Luggage storage: A sea of suitcases in an airport warehouse.

Is Radical Storage reliable and secure?

Vintage suitcases in Little Rock Arkansas.

Travellers no longer have to worry about lugging around heavy luggage thanks to Radical Storage and its smart operation, a new travel app, requires only four simple steps to get your bags safely stowed and out of the way.

Radical Storage is reliable and safe.

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It is currently the largest and most important luggage storage network in the world. The company was born under the name of Bagbnb in Italy.

How Radical Storage works

Radical Storage offers an application that can quickly navigate your geolocation and the nearest store to you.

The next step for travellers is to fill out a quick form on the application, which does not require registration.

When filling in the form, travellers will be asked to enter a city where they want to store their luggage safely.

It will also show how many different options they will have for that particular city.

The customer will then receive a QR code and a detailed report of the location of their luggage, the name and address of the storage company, contact details and any special offers.

Travellers will then receive two emails with a confirmation and the rules for dropping off their baggage. The baggage details can be changed at any time, and all that is required is a call to customer service.

Luggage storage and retrieval

Once the traveller has arrived at the storage location, a Radical Storage partner will scan the QR code that was given in the first step in the application. The partner will then obtain the luggage for safe storage.

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The Radical Storage partner will then notify the traveller if they have any special coupons or features they can use to get a discount on the already low storage cost.

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An email will be sent with a delivery receipt.

Preferential collection can be filled in the application.

A notification will be sent to the traveller's phone to pick up the luggage at a specific time. A Radical Storage associate will be waiting with the luggage.

Travellers from all over the world already use the application and have had positive experiences with it.

Radical Storage Opinions

In this link you will find many reviews of Radical Storage

Radical Storage Opinions

We can read people's reviews and we will find that Radical Storage is safe and offers a very good service for storing and consigning luggage anywhere in the world.

Traveller's Guide

The app also features a travel blog guide. The guide is provided to help customers with additional information on destinations, and the best places to store their luggage.

There are more than 300 destinations on the website, and a detailed blog is included for each of them.

How Radical Storage started

The CEO of Radical Storage, Alessandro Seina, is an entrepreneur who created the application to simplify the travel process.

Seina's idea for the app came when she was returning home from a trip and realised how antiquated the baggage process is.

Seina had a lot of travel experience and knew she could achieve an improved luggage storage system.

Its main objective was to make the travel experience easier and smoother.

Arriving and departing from cities can be a stressful strain for travellers, so creating a luggage storage system was essential.

Radical storage as a fucniona

Covid-19 Guidelines

The pandemic has affected travel in a big way, and it has not been easy for Radical Storage, and every other luggage storage company in the world.

However, the director general has maintained a positive attitude and has adapted quickly.

Radical Storage now has contactless procedures for checking in and retrieving baggage.

The warehousing company has also continuously updated its health and safety guidelines.

If travellers feel safe doing so, they can continue to carry out the procedures in person rather than contactless; it is their choice.

Paris CDG Airport.
Paris CDG Airport.

The luggage storage company will also adapt to any request and preference of the client in terms of covid security.

Seina believes that these changes are necessary and that the adjustments are useful for the future of the company.

Contactless options will now be a permanent option for travellers and will simplify their journey even more than before.

Consultation Radical Storage the next time you need a locker in any city.

Where to store luggage in New York

Luggage storage in the city of NY is the perfect solution for when your travel times don't coincide with your check-in or check-out times.

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Who wants to be lugging heavy suitcases and duffel bags when you're between bookings? 

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New York is full of places to see, events to attend and activities to participate in, and packing your luggage will give you the opportunity to pack only the essentials while making the most of every minute you have in the city.

So where can I store my luggage in New York?

Best luggage storage in New York City

There are many places to store luggage in New York but the best is Radical Storage.

Here you will find a map with all the luggage locker locations in New York. Same as in the photo below.

Of course you can store your luggage at New York airports.

Where to store luggage in New York

Where to store suitcases in Madrid

The best places to consign and store luggage in Madrid. If you are travelling, do not hesitate to consult HERE to store luggage in Madrid.

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Where to store suitcases in Madrid

Where to store luggage in Barcelona

The best places to store your luggage in Barcelona. If you are travelling do not hesitate to consult HERE to store luggage in Barcelona.

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Where to store luggage in Barcelona

Where to store luggage in Mexico City

The best places to store your luggage in Mexico City. If you are travelling do not hesitate to consult HERE to store luggage in Mexico City.

Where to store luggage in Mexico City

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    • Pues yo tuve una experiencia bastante negativa con Radical Storage. El servicio fue pésimo y el personal poco amable. No lo recomendaría para nada. ¡Mejor buscar otras opciones!

  1. ¡Vaya, Radical Storage parece una gran opción para guardar nuestras maletas! ¿Alguien ha tenido alguna experiencia positiva con ellos?

    • Sí, yo he utilizado Radical Storage y ha sido una experiencia terrible. El servicio fue lento, el personal poco amable y mis pertenencias sufrieron daños. No lo recomendaría en absoluto.

  2. ¡Vaya, parece que Radical Storage tiene opiniones mixtas! ¿Alguien ha tenido alguna experiencia divertida o aterradora que compartir?

    • ¡Vaya, parece que Radical Storage tiene opiniones mixtas! Yo he tenido una experiencia aterradora con ellos. Me perdieron mi equipaje y su servicio al cliente fue pésimo. Definitivamente no los recomendaría.

    • Yo he utilizado Radical Storage varias veces y nunca he tenido problemas. Siempre han sido eficientes y seguros. Cada experiencia es diferente, pero personalmente recomendaría darles una oportunidad antes de juzgarlos tan rápido.


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