The BEST beaches in Barcelona 2023


When you think of Barcelona, the first things that come to mind are probably emblematic places such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Milà. Although they are all amazing places to visit, Barcelona is also home to miles of picturesque coastline and enjoys beautiful summer weather.: You will kick yourself if you leave without visiting the best beaches in Barcelona.

In this post I present to you the best beaches in Barcelona so you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Much of Barcelona's seafront buzzes with a carnival atmosphere: street vendors sell beer to thirsty beachgoers, while musicians and street performers compete for the attention of tourists and locals who frequent the coast.

The best thing about Barcelona's beaches is that they are only a 15-minute walk from the city. Even if you want to go to a less crowded beach, they are all quite accessible by public transport, so you have no excuse not to take advantage of the summer sun in Barcelona.

Although not all beaches have golden sand and sparkling waters, each one has a different atmosphere. From party animals to those looking to relax on a quiet beach with a book in hand, there are beaches for everyone in Barcelona.

Most beaches also offer plenty of water sports, restaurants, and fun beach games, so you can happily spend the entire day lounging by the sea. Don't know where to start? Our guide to the best beaches in Barcelona makes it easy for you.

If you like infinity pools, don't miss this article about Best Infinity Pools in Barcelona, Here you will find everything you need to enjoy incredible views while you cool off in these impressive pools at Barcelona hotels..

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When to go to the beaches of Barcelona

The Best Beaches in Barcelona
You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the best beaches in Barcelona.

The best time to go to Barcelona's beaches is during the summer season, from May to July. It's the hottest time of the year, which means one thing: beach season! Even though the lines are longer and the prices higher, there is nothing like going to the beach on a warm, sunny day in Barcelona.

If you are thinking of staying in a hostel in Barcelona during this time, make sure you book well in advance

Summer in Barcelona starts to heat up in May, with temperatures reaching 23 degrees Celsius. The long, sunny days attract travelers in droves and you'll notice an influx of tourists starting in May. By the time July rolls around, you'll be getting that glorious tan, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius.

Just remember to always carry high protection factor sunscreen along with a bottle of water to stay healthy and hydrated in the humidity. During this summer period, there are also plenty of outdoor events in the city, so don't forget to take some time to check them out. Check out this post to find out what to do today in Barcelona for free!

Barceloneta beach
Barceloneta beach is the most popular in Barcelona.
  • For whom it is: To party animals and those looking to meet people from all over the world. If you head to Barceloneta beach, be prepared for crowds and an abundance of beach vendors.
  • Do not miss: Head to the nearby Barceloneta neighborhood to taste delicious seafood and the best paella in Barcelona.

Barceloneta Beach is possibly the most vibrant and exciting stretch of sand and sea, offering a wide variety of entertainment options and seafood restaurants. Start the day on Barceloneta beach with a feast of fresh seafood at one of the many beach bars - also known as seaside cabanas - before taking a dip in the ocean.

For adventure enthusiasts, try kite-surfing or take part in other extreme water sports on offer. As the day comes to an end, walk into the city to enjoy Barcelona's nightlife. Barceloneta beach is a beach that cannot be missed on your Barcelona itinerary.

Bego's AirbnbThe best Airbnb Bego's Airbnb

This Airbnb has a charming interior, two bedrooms, and is close to many trendy shops, bars, and restaurants. In the morning, prepare breakfast in the small kitchen before taking a short two-minute walk to the beach.

Hostal Nuevo ColonBest Hostel Hostal Nuevo Colon

Just a stone's throw from Barceloneta beach, Hostal Nuevo Colon offers excellent service along with cozy rooms that allow for a comfortable stay. Some rooms have a balcony so you can enjoy the views of Barcelona.

Hotel 54 BarcelonetaThe best hotel Hotel 54 Barceloneta

This design hotel is elegant and chic, and the rooms feature modern décor and innovative lighting. After a day at the beach, admire the views of the harbor from the hotel terrace.

Juans AirbnbThe best sailboat Juans Airbnb

If you have always wanted to sleep on a sailboat, this is your opportunity. Set sail on this impressive sailboat that has four rooms. Wake up to incredible sunrise views as you lie on the lounger with a cocktail in hand.

Pass Tapas, BarcelonaPass Tapas

If you are looking for delicious fresh seafood, Pasa Tapas is the place to go. This place has no frills, but the paella is fantastic, there is a lively atmosphere and the service is excellent [image credit]

The Pacific, BarcelonaThe Pacific

Right next to the beach is El Pacífico, a beachside restaurant serving traditional Spanish food along with delicious cocktails and a great selection of wines. While you sip your drink on the restaurant terrace, you will also have an incredible view of the beach and the Barceloneta promenade [image credit]

Somorrostro, BarcelonaSomorrostro

This is the place you should go if you are looking for some of the best seafood in the Barceloneta area. The restaurant has a beautiful interior, and you can even see the cooks working on your food. Don't forget to accompany your meal with something from the extensive wine list [image credit]

Learn to stand up paddle and surfLearn to stand up paddle and surf

Book a classand you will learn to stand up paddle and surf in a single day. Plus, you'll have one-on-one time with the instructor as he teaches you the fundamentals, so there's no need to feel anxious!

Explore the Barceloneta fish and seafood tapas marketExplore the Barceloneta Fish and Seafood Tapas Market

This unique tour It will take you off the beaten path and into the fishing culture of Barcelona. Discover the vibrant food market before having a delicious seasonal lunch featuring fresh farm-to-table produce, along with natural wines from Spain. The tour concludes with an unforgettable experience and exclusive access to the La Barceloneta fish market.

Explore Barcelona on footExplore Barcelona on foot

With Barceloneta Beach being so close to the city, take some time to explore Barcelona's remarkable history, layout, architecture and vibrant culture. This experience It's the perfect introduction to Barcelona and provides you with some local tips for everything you need to know about the city.

The best beach for swimming in Barcelona | Sant Sebestia

Sant Sebestia, Barcelona
fountain Giorgiolo (Shutterstock)
  • For whom it is: If you want a bustling atmosphere, but prefer to stay away from the crowds, Sant Sebestia is the perfect balance between the two. It is also suitable for nudists and accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Do not miss: The fantastic sports facilities. There is everything from a volleyball court to a plethora of extreme sports.

Sant Sebestia is located at the eastern end of the city and is the oldest and longest beach in Barcelona. It is part of Sitges, a relatively small city that is home to more than 17 beaches, and is one of the best places to visit on a weekend trip to Barcelona. Although the beach attracts many tourists, you will also see many locals at this iconic location.

Compared to Barceloneta beach, Sant Sebestia beach is not as crowded and is very suitable for swimming. The atmosphere is relaxed, with paddleboarders and sailboats skimming the horizon. Of course, you'll also find plenty of dining options along the sand.

Laura's AirbnbThe best Airbnb Laura's Airbnb

You will have a private room in this cozy apartment that is in a fantastic location. After a day at the beach, enjoy views of Barcelona's main cathedral from the balcony or prepare a meal in the fully equipped kitchen.

Safestay Barcelona MarThe best hostel Safestay Barcelona Mar

Safestay Barcelona Sea has a great location and is close to many beach bars and seafood restaurants. The hostel cafe is a great place to hang out after a day at the beach.

W BarcelonaThe best hotel W Barcelona

Get the celebrity treatment at W Barcelona, with cutting-edge design and picturesque views. Sip a cocktail at the rooftop bar or relax at the beach club and restaurant. The hotel has two swimming pools, direct access to the beach and a spa with a series of treatments for those looking to relax.

Paula's AirbnbThe best Turkish schooner Paula's Airbnb

This charming Turkish Gulet has four bedrooms and is the perfect option for lovers of the sea and the sun. The cabins, made with unique wooden furniture, are comfortable and there is a large deck area where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

Makamaka Beach Burger ShopMakamaka Beach Burger Cafe

This popular beach cafe serves as a '70s-inspired watering hole for locals and travelers to share burgers and cocktails. It has a lively atmosphere and is the perfect place to catch up with friends before heading to the beach [image credit]

The Wounded Star, BarcelonaThe Wounded Star

This unique sculpture pays tribute to the fishing district of Barcelona and consists of four cubes stacked in a disorderly manner. Constructed from four blocks of steel, this eye-catching sculpture is worth a look while you're on Sant Sebestia beach [source: iamalexfroloff (Shutterstock)]

Sailfish, BarcelonaSailfish

Enjoy incredible views from the terrace while you feast on fresh appetizers, salads and seafood paellas. Using only the highest quality ingredients, highlights are the fresh catches of the day along with steaks cooked on a steaming charcoal grill [image credit]

Learn to surf in BarcelonaLearn to surf in Barcelona

Get into surfing with a professional instructor who will teach you all the ins and outs of riding the waves. Start by learning the basics before progressing to more advanced techniques and hopefully you'll be on your feet by the end of the lesson. In addition, your experience is accompanied by photos that you can take with you as a souvenir.

Try paddle surfing at sunsetTry Paddle Surfing at sunset

If you've never paddle boarded before, it's a great experience that you'll definitely want to check off your list. For this particular paddle surfYou can paddle while the sun sets with beautiful views of Barcelona in the distance. We can't think of a better way to end the day!

Test your balance with SUP YogaTest your balance with SUP Yoga

Standing yoga (SUP) involves performing a series of yoga positions on a SUP board in the middle of the ocean. Although it's not easy, it's incredibly rewarding and a great workout. Book a class and your instructor will teach you everything you need to know for a great session.

Keep reading to find out the best beaches in Barcelona.

The most beautiful beach in Barcelona | Ocata beach

ocata beach
We love summer in Barcelona!
  • For whom it is: Couples looking for more privacy or those looking for a quieter beach outside the city center.
  • Do not miss: Visit the Church of Sant Pere, the oldest preserved, located near Ocata beach.

Located north of Barcelona and just half an hour by train from the city, Ocata Beach is quiet, pristine and full of beautiful white and golden sand and is considered one of the best beaches in Barcelona. In my opinion it is the most beautiful beach in Barcelona and it is also quieter than the others, which makes it the perfect getaway.

The beach is long, wide and incredibly spacious. Because it attracts fewer tourists than other beaches, there aren't as many dining and entertainment options in the area. However, wander around and you can find some beach bars serving fresh seafood and refreshing drinks.

Ivana's AirbnbThe best Airbnb Ivana's Airbnb

This charming loft is a fantastic place to stay on Ocata Beach. The space is modern and stylish, and Ocata Beach is right on the doorstep of this charming Airbnb.

Platja, beach, plageThe best apartment Platja, beach, plage….

Just a short distance from Ocata Beach is this spacious apartment that has everything you need, from a living area to a fully equipped kitchen. You can even enjoy magnificent views of Ocata Beach from the comfort of your apartment.

Turin HotelThe best hotel Turin Hotel

Stay at Hotel Torino to enjoy comfortable rooms with wooden furniture. Guests can enjoy local cuisine with fresh produce in the hotel restaurant, have a drink at the bar or visit the surrounding restaurants and nightlife.

Casa AlellaThe best villa Casa Alella

If you're traveling with a larger group, why not splurge on a villa? This beachfront property features an outdoor pool, garden, free private parking and a hot tub. There are a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus a living and dining area.

The Necora d'OrThe Golden Crab

One of the best places to get seafood on Ocata Beach is this same restaurant. Everything on the menu is incredibly tasty, but special mention deserves the grilled squid and the mussels a la marinara [image credit]

La Calandria CinemaLa Calandria Cinema

If you want a break from the sun, head to the cinema, where you can sit back, relax and take some time to unwind [image credit]

Chiringo CalimaChiringo Calima

Grab a refreshing drink and some shade at Chiringo Calima before heading back to the beach. This beachside restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and is a great place to relax [image credit]

Learn to ride a skateboardLearn to ride a skateboard

If skateboarding has always been on your wish list, cross it off by pre-ordering this unique experience. You will learn to skate and you can even try different boards. If you are an experienced skater, you can choose to skate with your professional host for the evening.

Get someone to capture your momentsGet someone to capture your moments

Ocata beach being the most beautiful in Barcelona, there is no better place to capture unforgettable moments. In this experience, you will have your own videographer, who will capture and edit all the material. All you have to do is book your experience.

Experience live and sunset sailingExperience live sax and sunset sailing

Sail across the Mediterranean Sea while soaking up sunset views and enjoying the sounds of the saxophone. Admire the beautiful landscape of Barcelona while you have a few drinks in the company of your loved ones Book this unforgettable experience which is really different from any other.

If you feel like going for a drink in a place with a view, check out this post about the Best Rooftop in Barcelona to go for a drink.

The cleanest beach in Barcelona and one of the best beaches in Barcelona | Bogatell beach

Bogatell Beach
fountain Svitlana Koshchii (Shutterstock)
  • For whom it is: Those looking for a more relaxed beach in Barcelona.
  • Do not miss: Walk up Rambla del Poblenou through its bars and restaurants with terraces

Bogatell beach is the perfect beach for those who want to spend a relaxed afternoon sunbathing and enjoying the sound of the waves. This beach tends to attract an older crowd and is comparatively smaller than the other main tourist beaches in Barcelona.

Play a game of ping pong or volleyball on this beach, or explore the various green spaces that have been incorporated into this area. Don't forget to grab an ice cream or a refreshing horchata - a frozen dairy drink made with tiger nuts - to complete your experience.

Jane's AirbnbThe best Airbnb Jane's Airbnb

Located in a picturesque area, this Airbnb has a balcony that overlooks the streets of Barcelona and the sea. The stunning apartment is full of natural light and has a bedroom and a washing machine.

Unite Hostel BarcelonaThe best hostel Unite Hostel Barcelona

The rooms at this hostel are clean and spacious; There's even a shared seating area with bean bag chairs for a relaxed atmosphere. Unite Hostel Barcelona also organizes special events, such as movie nights and free yoga for guests.

Voraport ActThe best hotel Voraport Act

Acta Voraport is a fantastic hotel to stay in with its modern facilities and luxurious beds. There is also a restaurant, an outdoor pool and a bar inside the hotel, as well as a terrace for guests to relax.

Ona Set Maritime Tours AirbnbBest yacht property Airbnb by Ona Set Maritime Tours

With three bedrooms, this classic motor yacht is a great place to stay and explore Barcelona's coastal waters. Dance the night away to your favorite music and take photos of the Barcelona skyline as a backdrop.

Beach tennis BarcelonaBeach tennis Barcelona

If you have never played beach tennis, try it on Bogatell beach. If you don't feel like signing up for a class, you can check out other individuals who play the game [image credit]

Vaia Moana BarcelonaVaia Moana Barcelona

Inspired by Easter Island, this restaurant has a relaxed and tropical atmosphere that fits with the atmosphere of Bogatell beach. Have a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar or sunbathe on one of the restaurant's sun loungers while you relax in style [image credit]

Poblenou Park, BarcelonaPoblenou Park

This beautiful park located at the end of the former Olympic Village is a great place to walk while enjoying the greenery. Don't forget to check out the lake before taking a break on the esplanade [source: DFH Photo (Shutterstock)]

Sign up for a SUP Yoga Detox Flow classJoin a SUP Yoga Detox Flow class

Release your inner zen by making a yoga flow class while you balance on a SUP board. After training, disconnect and relax with your new friends by drinking some detox shakes.

Stretch with yoga on the beach at sunrise and sunsetStretch with yoga on the beach at sunrise and sunset

There is nothing like a magnificent sunrise and sunset, especially at Bogatell Beach. Start with a invigorating vinyasa flow practice with a magnificent backdrop - the ideal activity for the beginning or end of your day.

Have fun with kayaking and paddle boardingHave fun with kayaking and paddle boarding

Start the afternoon with a traditional Spanish lunch that you will enjoy with your host before hitting the water. Your friendly guide will take you to the beach for a Relaxed kayaking and paddleboarding while you enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean.

The quietest beach in Barcelona | Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella Beach
fountain Lucas Correa Pacheco (Shutterstock)
  • For whom it is: For those looking for a nudist beach without a party atmosphere.
  • Do not miss: Go sailing along the promenade or take a beautiful morning walk at sunrise along this quiet beach in Barcelona.

Mar Bella Beach is known for its tranquility and is a great beach to head to if you are looking for a respite from both the crowds and the vendors.

This beach has many opportunities to participate in water sports such as windsurfing and kayak. It's also one of the most spacious beaches in Barcelona, so you have plenty of space to sunbathe, skate and relax. If you want, you can also go without clothes on the Mar Bella beach, since it is a nudist beach.

Lilya's AirbnbThe best Airbnb: Lilya's Airbnb

This light and airy apartment has three bedrooms and a cozy living room and kitchen area. You'll have access to many nearby restaurants and bars, and the apartment also has a washer and dryer.

Amistat Beach Hostel BarcelonaThe best hostel Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona

Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona is a great hostel for meeting new people, with large common areas including a games room and a large terrace. There's also complimentary pasta in the shared kitchen; You can even order lunches to take to the beach.

B&B PoblenouThe best hotel Poblenou B&B

This bed and breakfast has a nice terrace area that is the perfect place to start your day in Barcelona. The rooms have modern decor, and some even come with their own balcony. Don't forget to explore the nearby cafes and bars

Sealona Beach Loft ApartmentsThe best apartments Sealona Beach Loft Apartments

These gorgeous lofts feature floor-to-ceiling windows that provide plenty of natural light. They are located in the Poblenou area, close to a lot of fantastic restaurants. The furniture in these lofts is impeccable and has an urban-chic style.

Mar Bella SkateparkMar Bella Skatepark

Whether you're a skater or just here for the show, it's worth stopping by the Mar Bella Skatepark [image credit]

MAMMA BEACH beach barMAMMA BEACH beach bar

A great place to relax with fantastic cocktails and delicious burgers. You'll have a great view of the beach and exceptional service to accompany your tasty meal [image credit]

Calisthenics Park

Go to the Mar Bella Beach calisthenics park to train hard. This outdoor gym has pull-up bars, high bars and all types of equipment for calisthenics, strength training and bodyweight exercises.

Take a bike tour through BarcelonaTake a bike tour

Do you want to balance a day at the beach with some activity? Explore the sights and sounds of Barcelona in this bike tour that will take you through this magical city to discover its secrets and its history.

Sail on a classic boatSail on a classic boat

Escape the hustle and bustle of Barcelona in this classic sailboat. Feel the thermal wind blowing off the Spanish coast and soak up the rays. You can enjoy a Catalan white wine along with tapas and snacks on this adventure on the high seas.

Be captain for a dayBe captain for a day

I always wanted Sail on your own yacht? Now you can! On this experience, you will spend the day on the ocean, learning the tricks of a professional skipper.

Family beach in Barcelona | Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icaria Beach
  • For whom it is: For families and those who want a beach in Barcelona that is a little quieter. If you like volleyball, you will love Nova Icaria beach.
  • Do not miss: Ciutadella Park is a short walk away. It has a fountain, the Barcelona Zoo and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Nova Icaria beach is one of the quietest in Barcelona, which makes it an ideal place for families. Although it is on the quieter side of things, the beach still has access to a number of great restaurants and bars. It is also one of the best equipped beaches in Barcelona and has facilities ranging from a ping-pong table to volleyball courts, among others.

Misha's AirbnbThe best Airbnb Misha's Airbnb

This airy Airbnb has one bedroom and a sofa bed. The kitchen and living room area is spacious, and there is plenty of natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The common areas of this Airbnb also include a children's play area.

Ant Hostel BarcelonaThe best hostel Ant Hostel Barcelona

Ant Hostel has a bright and clean interior with a minimalist design. The rooms have parquet floors and a private bathroom. Head to the shared kitchen to prepare breakfast in the morning before heading to Nova Icaria beach.

Hotel SB Icaria BarcelonaThe best hotel Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona

An ideal place to relax, Hotel SB Icaria has a gym and sauna, as well as an outdoor pool with terrace and hot tub. The rooms are stylish and modern, and there is a stylish restaurant serving fresh market Mediterranean cuisine.

Lina's AirbnbThe best apartment on the beach Lina's Airbnb

Perfect for families, this beach villa apartment can accommodate up to six guests and features a cozy living area and a newly renovated kitchen. There is private parking, and Nova Icaria beach is just 30 meters away.

Beach facilities

Nova Icaria beach has some of the best beach facilities in Barcelona, so you definitely have to go check it out. It has two volleyball courts, a ping-pong table and even a children's playground.

Xiroi Ca la NuriXiroi Ca la Nuri

This is a great casual place serving fresh seafood. Try one of the delicious paellas or have some sweet potato fritters with truffle honey. It's also a great place to enjoy ocean views with great music [image credit]

Nova Icaria Park, Barcelona

Nova Icària Park

This emblematic park was one of the green spaces built around the Barcelona Olympic Games. With large wooden bridges, gentle grass slopes and Chinese weeping willows, it is an ideal place to stroll and soak up the greenery [source: sanguer (Shutterstock)]

Go on a bike tourHead on a bike tour

Ideal for all ages, this bike tour It is ideal for beginners and takes you to the most notable places in Barcelona. From the picturesque Art Nouveau district to the historic city center, this bike tour covers it all.

Take a new family portraitTake a new family portrait

Your host professional photographer will provide you with a individualized photography experience in Barcelona. Choose to take a photo next to Nova Icaria beach, or look for one of Barcelona's iconic landmarks and secret squares.

Hang out with the HuskiesHang out with the Huskies

If you are a family that loves puppies this experience will take you to the Husky House Cafe to spend some time alone with the huskies. Meet four charming huskies while enjoying a cup of coffee and pastries.

Don't forget travel insurance for Barcelona

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Final thoughts on the best beaches in Barcelona

It is not surprising that Barcelona is considered one of the best beaches in the world. Whether you are looking for a quieter beach or something more family-friendly, Barcelona has it all. Each of these Barcelona beaches has its own characteristics, but in all of them you are sure to find the best of Barcelona's warm Spanish hospitality, along with powdered sand and sparkling waters. Don't forget the sunscreen!

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