Mejores cosas que hacer en Barcelona con niños 2024


visiting Barcelona with children? Any parent (including myself) should plan a vacation in a very different way if you visit the city with children.

When visiting a city, you want to balance culture, museums and highlights with a healthy dose of fun and interest for the little ones.

There's nothing worse than spending all that money and having your kids complain about how boring it all is.

As an experienced family guide and father living in Barcelona, I am here to make your life a little easier.


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Is Barcelona kid friendly? The answer is yes! And here is the most complete List of things to do in Barcelona with children.

A great piece of advice: don't try to spread yourself too thin, as your children will get cranky, tired and rebellious.

Balance a museum morning with a fun afternoon activity like the beach and ice cream (big kickbacks for good morning behavior).

Scroll down, see what activities may be of interest to your family and have a great vacation. At the end of the article, you can also find information about the useful Barcelona family card.

This post was updated on January 2023. You will find some notes in red when an attraction is temporarily closed due to COVID restrictions.

1- Park Güell

Designed by Antoni Gaudí, the architect let his imagination run wild in this case.

Has gingerbread houses at the main entrance, colorful mosaics of broken tiles decorate the walls and seats, playful curving lines and cool walkways to climb under and over.

Its location on top allows you to enjoy magnificent views of Barcelona.

This park is a great way to have a cultural visit that does not bore children. They can run and jump around this architectural wonder.

The park today is divided into 2 zones: the Monumental Zone (with compulsory entrance) and the Forest Zone.

The highlight is in the paid monumental area, so I strongly advise you to book your tickets at least a few days in advance.

The forest area is free and has a fantastic viewpoint (El Calvario), but it lacks the spectacularity of the monumental area.

OUR ADVICE: In the summer it is very hot, so I always advise families to go first thing in the morning, before the heat rises. There are also playgrounds and a picnic area within the monumental area. The closest entrance would be the side of Olot street.

2- Cosmocaixa (Science Museum)

I always like visiting science museums and you can't go wrong with the kids in tow at this one.

The building itself is huge, with many floors closed or not on display.

From experience, my advice is go down 5 floors down the beautiful spiral ramp (kids love it), and you'll find the main exhibits. There are lots of fun things here for everyone to participate in.

You can explore the The Amazon jungleWell, at least a part of it. Start by looking through the glass windows at the fish, the turtles and the waterlogged bottom of the jungle.

Go through the educational dark tunnel under the trees (kids love this part, it's a bit scary) and up into the wet habitat itself.

There are even some native birds flying around for a touch of authenticity.

things to do in Barcelona with children
Feeding the penguins at Cosmocaixa Barcelona. Well, they're not real penguins.

Then there is the typical "touch the buttons and learn" section. Scientific experiments they show you the theory behind the everyday patterns of the world.

From wave simulations to sand dune makers, it's an interactive way for kids to learn.

A section on geology helps them understand volcanoes and different types of rock.

there is even a reconstructed research hut from the Spanish base Juan Carlos I in Antarctica.

This area is enriched with photos, explanations about the fragile ecosystem and nice models of penguins that my son loves.

check what temporary shows They are there, I have never been disappointed by any. There are also workshops, activities and a planetarium. All of this costs extra, but it's worth doing your research to see what might interest your family.

OUR ADVICE: The museum is free for children under 16 years of age. if you are going to buy The Barcelona Card You can also enter this attraction for free.

3- Magic fountain of Montjuïc

Seriously, a must for the whole clan!

It has dancing water, lights, amazing scenery and is mesmerizing for any age group.

The show unfolds every 15 minutes and in between, you can go up the stairs to get a great view of the city at night.

things to do in Barcelona with children, magic fountain of Montjuic
A show of music, light and color at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.

It is well connected by metro, train and bus and is a great free activity for the family.

The only drawback is the large influx of people and the late hour for sleep-starved children.

Be sure to check the hours as they vary greatly throughout the year and are sometimes closed for maintenance.

OUR ADVICE: If you don't mind the later time, make sure you arrive when it's no longer daylight, as you won't get the full color impact of the fountain.

4- Tibidabo Amusement Park

This is the classic family amusement park from Barcelona with the oldest attraction dating from 1928.

perched on top of Tibidabo Hillthe views of Barcelona are spectacular on their own. It is worth taking a look at the modernist church next to the amusement park before entering the main attraction.

Although it's not Disneyland, the park is a fun day out for everyone and is only a 30-minute bus ride from downtown.

best things to do in Barcelona with children
In the Tibidabo Amusement Park there are also attractions for small children

Your admission ticket allows free entry to all attractions, which are color-coded to age appropriate.

As the park is built on a slope, there are quite a few levels to go up and down, but lifts are available for those who still have children in strollers.

In addition to the stomach-churning attractions, you can find 3-D movies, a magical mirror maze, and the beautiful Automaton Museum (not to be missed).

There are basic restaurants there (a bit expensive) or you can take, as most of the locals do, a packed lunch.

OUR ADVICE The park is quite exposed and can get very hot in the middle of the day in the summer months. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and hats for the family. The line for the 1928 airplane attraction is very slow and not very spectacular. I didn't think it was worth waiting with a bored kid, but it's a classic among the locals, so they'll do it, more out of tradition.

5- Barcelona Aquarium

We all know that fish reside in aquariums and this is no different in the one in Barcelona.

In addition to exotic fish, turtles, frogs and fossils on display, there are also penguins, sharks and rays with timed feedings so visitors can catch all the action.

Went here for my son's birthday and was blown away by all there was for the kids to see and do.

there were many interactive exhibits where children could push buttons, climb tubes, go down slides and let off steam in an educational way.

A nice touch is an outdoor play area on the second floor where you can drink your coffee and eat your sandwich while keeping an eye on your hyperactive little ones.

One of the highlights is the Oceanarium with its automatic gateway through a big glass tube 80 meters in length.

When you look through the glass it seems like you are in the deep watching all the fish action. This includes being watched by quite a few impressive looking sharks.

OUR ADVICE: The sharks are only fed by divers on Tuesdays and Fridays, so it's a good day to visit and see a lot of the various residents feeding. Arrive inside before 11:30, as it is the first meal of the day, starting with the penguins.


6- Casa Batlló

Who does not like the great legend of Saint George and the dragon?

If your group likes it then definitely visit this one magic building. Casa Batlló is an architectural element that both children and adults can enjoy.

It is an apartment block designed by Gaudí and I have not met a child who did not want to settle here

The basement has recently been recycled into two immersive rooms: Gaudí's dome and cube. Filled with screens and high-tech gadgets, they enter a totally different dimension. Kids love it!

Gaudí's own original house features colorful tiles, curved walls, a mushroom-shaped fireplace, turtle-inspired windows, a spiral attic staircase… the list goes on.

things to do with children in Barcelona

Children will receive a interactive screen where animations and old photos show you what the rooms look like.

you will approach the attic and roof to know the chimneys of the guardians and the roof of the dragons

For an additional fee, you can climb onto the upper balcony to take a unique family portrait.

The visit ends, of course, in the building's souvenir shop.

OUR ADVICE This house can get very crowded during peak periods, so light permitting I recommend going in the early afternoon as the crowds thin out dramatically. Buy tickets online, as not only will you skip the lines, but they are much cheaper than at the door.

7- Walk through the Gothic Quarter for children and families

This was a tour I created a few years ago and is geared towards the whole family with a child-focused.

On this fun-filled 2.5-hour ride, you'll visit a candy store, listen to Catalan tales, meet the giants, sing songs, role-play and laugh a lot.

I have personally trained a handful of child guides who come with props and hand out little workbooks with colored pencils for the children to fill out during the ride.

things to do with children in Barcelona
Visit a pastry shop over 150 years old during the Gothic Quarter walking tour for kids and families

My idea is an educational tour in which children learn about Catalan history and traditions Through the game.

The walk runs through the heart of the medieval city and covers the Gothic Quarter The Plaza del Rey, the government buildings, the Roman ruins and the Barcelona Cathedral stand out.

So, parents, you no longer have the pressure to entertain the little ones. Follow the guides and learn together with your committed children.

The scheduled tour is offered at 10 am every Saturday from April to October. In the summer months, there is an extra visit on Wednesdays.

If there are no tours scheduled during your stay in the city, or if you prefer a more personalized experience, it is also offered as a private tour for children throughout the year.

OUR ADVICE: This tour is a great introduction to Barcelona and families often regret doing it at the end of their visit. If you can schedule this action-packed activity for the beginning of your stay, all the better.

  • Address Angel Square, 12
  • BUY TICKETS for the walking tour of the Gothic Quarter for children and families
  • BUY TICKETS for the private walking tour of the Gothic Quarter for children and families

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8- Chocolate Museum

If your family has a sweet tooth, you may be interested in this visit.

This is a nice little fill in museum that provides an insight into the chocolate world.

It is not too big and between 45 minutes and an hour is enough time to walk around the building.

In that time, you will be able to see cool chocolate sculptures (some a bit old!) and learn about the origin of chocolate and how Europe received and modified this new flavor coming from America.

Have fun in a children's workshop at the Barcelona Chocolate Museum. Picture of Chocolate Museum

You can complete the visit by trying a hot chocolate, which is very tasty, in its cafeteria.

There's also a gift shop, so it's possible to pick up some tasty souvenirs for the folks back home, too.

Take a look at your workshops and family activities on their page and, for an additional fee, your family can fully immerse themselves in the production of chocolate

OUR ADVICE: The visit to the museum is not an expensive adventure, but you can do it for free if you have purchased The Barcelona Card or the Barcelona family card.

9- Chocolate with churros

A classic in Spain and I have never met a child who did not enjoy this calorie-packed delight.

The classic churros are fried sweet dough covered with sugar and served with a thick chocolate for dipping dip.

If you find thick custard or filled with caramel or chocolate Churroscalled cheers.

Viader Farm 112
Step back in time while tasting delicious chocolate at the Viader Farm. Picture of enric

If you want to go back in time with the kids go to Viader Farm, a Barcelona classic.

Located one turn from La Rambla, inside you'll be greeted by bow-tied waiters, cafe-style marble tables, and a small deli counter if you feel the urge to buy ham or cheese. It has remained in the same family since its opening in 1910.

If your children prefer something lighter, they can try cacaolat, to drink similar to a chocolate milkshake that was created here and that you can now find in all bars and supermarkets in the country.

OUR ADVICE: If you plan a churros and chocolate stop with the children, keep in mind that it is not customary at mealtimes. Most of these establishments close for eating. This is a morning or evening treat for the locals.

10- Barcelona Zoo

Fancy a bit of animal adventure during your stay in Barcelona? Our zoo is located right in the center, on the outskirts of the old town.

Its handy position makes it an easy bribe for kids after a morning of historical sightseeing.

The simple layout of the zoo allows for a pleasant stroll through the enclosures. The explanations about each animal are well written for children and focus on topics such as extinction and conservation.

barcelona zoo
A roaring lion in the Barcelona zoo. Always a hit with the kids!

In addition to the enclosures, children love the more interactive spaces, such as the farm, the pony rides, the elephant training area and the large playgrounds.

You may also be lucky enough to be able to feed the friendly penguins.

For a few euros more, you can take an electric train ride through most of the grounds. My son loved it (it was very hot that day!).

And for children who speak Spanish, check their website for educational activities that you can book online.

OUR ADVICE Although there are restaurants within the zoo complex, I would opt for the children's favourite: a picnic! There are wooden benches and tables prepared for it. The Santa Caterina market is not far away, so a quick purchase before your visit can provide you with a delicious lunchtime feast. Entrance to the zoo is free with the Barcelona Family Card!

11- Labyrinth Park

Step back in time to the 18th century and visit the splendid landscaped garden of a marquis

A bit off the beaten track, but definitely a getaway from the crowds, it's a great place to spend that quiet family time.

Donated to the town hall by the DavallsIt has been open to the public since 1971, with a symbolic entrance fee.

All children love the Parque del Laberinto in the Horta neighborhood

The highlight for the kids is a 2 meter high maze where you can play many fun hide and seek games.

There are small temples and pavilions and statues of Roman gods and mythological figures scattered throughout the park.

And what is a magnificent garden without swans? You'll find them paddling along the private canal that links the water features to the ponds and waterfall.

The fantastic and extensive gardens, which include many trees, will give you the feeling of walking through a romantic forest.

OUR ADVICE: On Sundays and Wednesdays admission is free, so you can save a little on the visit. They have started to limit the number of people on the free days, so I would recommend coming on a Wednesday. Don't plan this as a picnic destination as they don't allow you to bring food inside.

12- Museu Blau (Museum of Natural History)

First of all, the building that houses this Natural History Museum is just great, with its triangular corners and deep black interior walls (eerily lit).

Inside, there are many intriguing animations projected onto the walls and floor that help illustrate the earth evolution.

There are fossils, stones, skeletons, photos and texture grids displayed in glass cases, but the most captivating for the little ones would be the real stuffed animals.

This old collection was relocated here a few years ago and also includes a wide range of exotic critters to add an element of fun.

Museum descriptions can be a bit dry, so as a parent, you may need to encourage your kids a bit.

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona
The Barcelona Natural History Museum is a great place for children to learn about the natural world

For the little ones, there is a special room where they can touch and examine all the exhibits, from pineapples to animal skins to test tubes and rocks.

My son had a great time here (leaving the tantrums of course), but be aware that the interior is only accessible for 30 minutes. You have to check the hours of this space, since it is not accessible all the time.

This museum is not expensive, but if you don't mind the crowd of local families (the kids might even make new friends), admission is free on Sundays after 3pm, as well as all day on the first Sunday of the month.

OUR ADVICE: There are some excellent playgrounds behind the museum for children to blow off steam after the visit. The first, next door, is for older children, and opposite is a fairly high playground with an impressive slide to go down. A further 30 second walk brings you to the small children's play area.

13- Barcelona beaches

What kid doesn't like the beach? One of the advantages of Barcelona as a family destination is that it is located right on the Mediterranean coast.

Watch this post about the best beaches in Barcelona to be able to organize you in the best way.

It's the perfect bribe for a morning of well-behaved little ones.

In high season you can rent sun loungers with umbrellas and don't be surprised to find plenty of vendors selling cold drinks, as well as ladies offering messages.

There is xiringuitos (outdoor bars located on the sand) where you can sit comfortably with a cold drink while your children play. Keep in mind that the prices are high here!

You can bring table tennis equipment or volleyballs and take advantage of the free play facilities.

bike rental to cycle from one end to the other can also be a nice thing.

barceloneta beach barcelona 3153 1
The beaches of Barcelona are a great place for children of all ages.

The beaches of the city of Barcelona can reach quite crowded in summer with tourists and locals alike skip the weekend to avoid the crowds.

The two quietest beaches in the city that I recommend are Icaria Nova and Bogatell.

The beaches near the Barceloneta neighborhood are too crowded.

If this seems too busy for your liking, you can find quieter and more picturesque beaches outside of Barcelona.

OUR ADVICE: Do not carry too many valuables and always keep an eye on your belongings. The beaches are the favorite place for pickpockets in the city.

14- Barcelona Bosc Urba

Get rid of all that pent up energy and let the kids climb to their heart's content on a urban forest adventure course.

Located near the natural history museum, it could be a good balance between visiting the museum and being physically active.

Made of concrete, metal, and wires, from the outside it looks like an unfinished gas station.

Who could guess that it is an assault circuit with different levels for children and adults from 8 years old?

They have also recently added a jumping area with giant balls and net slides for children aged 5 and up.

urban forest
The most adventurous children will enjoy the challenges of Bosc Urbà. Picture of Bosc Urba

Although it is not strictly a cultural activity, the advantage is that all children and adolescents they will enjoy it.

Prepare to be equipped with hard helmets and harnesses, and don't think about the depth of the ground in the higher levels. The staff will be at your disposal to help you.

OUR ADVICE It usually closes for periods during the winter for renovations, so check their website to make sure it will be open. Arrive early to take into account the time it will take you to cover the circuits.

15- Montjuïc cable car

Children usually love heights and what better activity for the whole family to enjoy a beautiful cable car ride to see the city from above.

Here in Barcelona, we have 2 different cable car experiences, both located on the Montjuïc mountain.

BarcelonaTelef C3 A8ric T24 a O
Enjoy beautiful views of Barcelona from a bird's eye view from the Montuïc Cable Car. Picture of Tim Adams

port cable car (Teleferic del Port)

It's about an 8-minute one-way trip that leaves the port to take you to viewpoint of the sea, a viewpoint located halfway up the Montjuïc mountain.

It is a spectacular high ride (70-90 meters) with great views over the harbor.

The cable towers date from the 1930s and give that early 20th century tourism feel.

The downside is the long lines and narrow cable cars (standing only), so you may not get a view from the window.

You can have a cold drink on the spectacular terrace of the restaurant where the cable car ends. The views are great but the food is average so I would stick to drinks here.

Montjuïc cable car (Phoneefèric de Montjuïc)

More modern and cheaper is the Teleferic de Montjuïc.

Its cable towers are not that high but it takes you to the fort on top of the mountain so the views are just as spectacular.

There are 4 seats inside, so you can sit back and enjoy the experience without feeling cramped. If there are fewer than 4 people in your group, they will also not make you carpool with a stranger.

The lines move quickly, so you won't have to wait long, although the journey is a bit shorter (about 5 minutes one way).

You can take the funicular at the Paral-lel metro station that will take you to the start of the attraction.

It ends with a walk around the defensive castle at the top, again, offering great views of Barcelona.

OUR ADVICE: Check the purchase of tickets online, since on several occasions they offer a 10% discount for purchases through the web.

16- Montjuïc Hill and Castle

Montjuic Mountain hangs over the city from Barcelona, providing a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

It has many parks and botanical gardens, our 1992 Olympic Stadium, art galleries and, at the very top, a defensive castle.

It's a great way to spark any child's imagination.

Awaken the imagination of children in the Castle of Montjuïc. Picture of c messier

Its roots are a 17th century fort, but it has been expanded over the years, which means plenty of nooks and crannies for kids to explore.

Has great panoramic views of the city and the children never get tired of looking from the walls.

The visitor center provides insight into the castle's interesting past, and temporary exhibitions come and go.

The rates are reasonable and the guided tours do not cost much (they are offered twice a day in English).

OUR ADVICE After the visit, walk towards the cable cars and follow the stairs down. In five minutes you will reach some very high slides that provide great emotions for children. Plus, it's free! We often sit on the terrace of a bar right next to the slides and have a well earned beer while the kids go crazy on the slides.

17- Gaudí 4D Experience

Haven't you had time to prepare the children about Gaudí before leaving home? This place can be a fun fix for everyone!

One step away from Park Güell, it is an easy place to combine with a visit to the park.

It's not a place you're going to spend a lot of time, so the kids won't be dragging their feet.

Enjoying the show at the Gaudí 4D Experience Cinema. Picture of Gaudí Experience

The exhibition space has interactive touch screens, models and, of course, a 4D movie experience.

These are all interesting ways to delve into the mindset and inspirations of this great man.

OUR ADVICE: It is a practical attraction to combine with Park Güell. However, they open later than the park and close earlier, so check the hours carefully.

18- Mosaics

This is a really fun way to learn the trencadis mosaic method that Gaudí used in his architecture.

The entire experience takes place in a small workshop who teaches classes and you can also take home the pieces you have made.

It is a good time to rest for children and a great bonding time for the whole family.

I always recommend combining this on the same day with a Gaudi site so you can experience first hand the skill and scale of the craft used in his buildings.

Located in the heart of the city, you won't have to travel to the outskirts for this kind of art.

OUR ADVICE If you are interested in this class, do not hesitate to take the children to see the exterior of Casa Batlló or Park Güell. They are the best examples of mosaic optimization in Gaudí's work.

19- Fiestas de Barcelona, things to do in Barcelona with children

Here we love parties, and local neighborhoods they always have a few parties a year.

These parties are great fun for local families and as a visitor you should take advantage of all the fun free activities available.

It is a fantastic way to get to know Catalan culture and traditions.

a525a903 5b50 4a42 b09a 13cf5d298df9 high free aspect ratio default 0
Children and adults love the decoration of the streets of the Festival de Gràcia

Local giant dolls will parade, sardanas they danced, built human castles, concerts, parades… the list goes on. Keep reading to discover more things to do with children in Barcelona.

The main festival in Barcelona is La Mercè, on September 24, where you will find the most spectacular acts. However, these block parties can be found throughout the summer with little research.

OUR ADVICE Don't know where to find information about local festivals? Our blog posts on what to do in various months of the year include the festivals that are in that month.


20- Museum of the Giants (The House of Appetizers)

This local cultural center is a big hit with adults and children on our family outings.

In Barcelona we have the tradition of parade of giants during festivals… and what an amazing spectacle.

Walking mannequins up to 5 meters tall in striking costumes and each with an individual dance to perform.

Some of these mammoth figures live in this building next to models of beasts and giant heads (on our tours we even allow the little ones to try them on).

Videos illustrating all these figures in action during the festivals are continuously projected on the screens on the walls and constitute a fun outing for young and old alike.

Funded in part by donations, don't forget to leave some in the wooden coin box at the front desk, as admission to this children's attraction is free.

OUR ADVICE At Christmas, there is a wonderful display of mini handmade scenes, some showing the birth and others illustrating stories from the childhood of Jesus. It's a lovely sight, but it's often missed by visitors, as you have to climb the easily missed second-floor stairs to see it.

21- Hop on Hop off bus

First day in Barcelona and the children are tired? Don't want to walk anywhere? The Hop on Hop off bus is a great way to do the first day fun while still seeing enough of the city.

Kids love the open top bus with the wind in our hair and also gives us parents an idea of the urban layout of the city.

You will have an overview of the main monuments and decide as a family which buildings you would like to explore again.

Be sure to bring hats and umbrellas, and slather on that suntan lotion so there are no red faces at the end of the day.

home banner
See the highlights of Barcelona from the top of an open top bus. Picture of Hop-On Hop-Off Barcelona

Barcelona has two companies Barcelona Tourist Bus and Barcelona City Tour that offer the same concept and, more or less, the same routes.

The buses are clean and frequent, and the staff friendly.

You can buy family tickets at a discount and for a few euros you can extend the daily ticket to last 2 days.

There are combined tickets that include the main places in Barcelona, so compare all the offers with your plans before buying anything.

There's even an app to help organize the day, something kids will love to get involved in!

OUR ADVICE: The only drawback of the tourist bus is the long queues to go up to the main monuments. Not all stops are shaded. My advice is to stay on the bus as much as possible and use it as an overview of the city, not as a means of transportation.

22- Maritime Museum

It is a favorite with Catalan families and makes for a great visit to the museum.

The building itself is a old medieval shipyard (14th century) and it is just beautiful and huge.

There are cool scale models of ships through the centuries, old maps showing quirky versions of landmasses, gory descriptions of life at sea, and an interactive area with screens to keep little fingers busy while they learn.

The colophon is a life-size reconstruction of a flagship of the Spanish Armada of the 16th century which is located in the heart of the museum. Kids love it and you can even go up and walk on its deck.

Replica of the flagship in the battle of Lepanto. Photo by Richard Mortel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Due to its large size, it also houses traveling exhibitions of international fame. Your kids may or may not like it. Please note that the entrance is independent.

OUR ADVICE: This is one of those museums that are free on Sunday afternoons (which is when I visit them) or all day on the first Sunday of the month. They also have a cafeteria with a large outdoor patio where children can let off steam.

23- Ciutadella Park

I love this park and have spent many happy picnics here with my family.

It was built to house the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and still retains that spectacular 19th century splendor.

The center piece is the amazing font crowned by a golden Aurora in her chariot announcing the arrival of the sun and, below in stone, the Birth of Venus.

You can climb to the top of the fountain (kids love it) and get great views of the bottom.

I always take a few seeds with me for my son to feed the ducks and geese that live in the artificial lake at the entrance.

A stone's throw from the fountain is a woolly mammoth sculpture The one that kids love to climb on its trunk to get a Kodak moment.

There were supposed to be more life-size prehistoric animal figures around the park, but this is the only one built from this failed project. Be careful with him as he is over 100 years old

505656235 a3548b7cb8b
The Mammoth in the Ciutadella Park, a great photo for children. Picture of Pablo Rodriguez

Can rent boats to paddle around another man-made lake in the center, although it's not a terribly big or deep lake!

rickshaw type bicycles they can be rented for a family of four to have fun cycling through the park.

It seems that there is always someone who makes some extra money by blowing gigantic bubbles with 2 sticks, rope and soapy water.

Apart from all this, there is a great atmosphere in the park, with plenty of shady green areas for picnicking or playing.

It is also home to the Parliament of Catalonia, several botanical greenhouses (not open to the public) and, most exciting for children, the Barcelona Zoo.

OUR ADVICE: If you are fond of table tennis, bring some rackets with balls and take advantage of the free game tables.

24- Museum of illusions

Located in the heart of the Raval, this museum will be a sure hit with children.

During a visit with my sister and her little ones, we couldn't stop laughing and even my one-year-old son began to pose.

How does it work? Well the scenes are realistically painted on floors and walls and you simply enter the mural and have a member of your team take a photo with their camera.

entrance museum illusions 1

some of the pictures they refer to Barcelona (we helped build the Sagrada Família in a composition) and others are just for laughs.

We take advantage of about 45-50 minutes of fun in the visit, since it is a fairly small space and it can be a bit overwhelming if there are many visitors.

OUR ADVICE: It is now under the umbrella of the Big Fun Museum (see below) and with a combined ticket for both attractions you can get a good discount. Remember that it is not in the same location as the Big Fun Museum (only a 5 minute walk away). This is not very clear on their website.

25- Museum of Great Fun

Do you think the Museum of Illusions is a great option for your family? Why not combine it with the Big Fun museum on Las Ramblas?

They are managed by the same company and offer good combined offers for the family.

It's more of the fun illusions but, in this museum, they use more 3d props instead of 2D paintings.

There is a house turned upside down, a home of giants, a world of sweets, etc.

It is definitely a place to hang out with the kids and just go horseback riding having fun!

Keep reading to discover more things to do with children in Barcelona.

OUR ADVICE: This museum is right in front of the Mercado de Abastos de la Boqueria, so you can combine it with a fun visit to eat.

The bustling market has plenty of great food stalls, as well as little restaurants with seats. Kids love it!

26- Wax Museum

This beautiful old building on La Rambla is home to great adventures for your family to explore. undergone a face lift during the pandemic and the difference is very noticeable.

Until recently, it focused on reproductions of famous Spanish historical figures. However, after the renovation, you can find anyone there, from Picasso to the Beatles or even a Room dedicated to Star Wars.

Marvel at theme room after theme room learning about famous Catalans, facing death against pirates, getting lost in space and much more!

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Like most wax museums, it is geared towards older children who would be more recognizable of the famous people and movie sets on display.

Some of the highlights for kids are horror and fantasy section and cabin of the submarine. They can feel like Captain Nemo for a few minutes.

For a small additional cost, you can visit the museum workshop! Definitely recommend for a behind the scenes look at the art and craft of the wax mannequins on display.

OUR ADVICE: After your visit, have a drink at El Bosc de les Fades, the bar next door that is part of the museum. The little ones will love exploring all the corners while you have a glass of wine.

27- The Forest of the Fades

If any of you read the Enchanted Forest series as a child, this is definitely the place for you.

Leave Las Ramblas in the direction of the Wax Museum and you will discover the Fairy Forest.

Now this is actually a cafe and bar, a diversion family bar with a difference.

As soon as you enter you realize that you are no longer in the city, but in a forest with gnarled trees, mischievous gnomes, stars and rivers.

Kids will love exploring the space from corner to corner and will be very surprised when suddenly all the lights flash and it starts to rain.

This is certainly a treat for the young and the young at heart.

OUR ADVICE: Go in the late afternoon as you will have a better chance of getting a table. It can be very crowded.

28- The King of Magic

Picture rich red velvet drapes against black-painted walls, old wooden glass counters, and a shopkeeper with a sense of the dramatic.

You will find all this in El Rei de la Màgia and more.

facade of the emblematic store el rei de la magia elreidelamagia
Rosa, the owner of El Rei de la Màgia, does some tricks for the little ones in the shop. Picture of The King of Magic

Presuming to be the the oldest magician shop in Europe your children will not be disappointed.

When I visited with my niece and sister, we explained our budget and the age of my little charge and the owner did the rest.

made a series of proper tricks they were so much fun.

Our budding little mage chose her favorite and was quickly led behind the curtain and shown the mechanism of the magical item.

It was a lovely experience with a small family business and definitely worth a visit while in Barcelona

OUR ADVICE: If you haven't had time to see the Giants in town, this establishment has theirs sitting in the store, which they bring out for the parades.

They also have a display of Giant heads for sale that, if you ask nicely, they will surely let you try.

29- Boat trip through Las Golondrinas

What kid doesn't like a boat ride? Tour Barcelona port and coast on these small ferries at very reasonable prices.

In In this post you will find all the information about boat trips in Barcelona and Las Golondrinas promenade. And how to book at the best price!

There are 2 tours available: one from the port (45 minutes) and another with the port and the coast (1 hour). I recommend the second excursion, as you will surely get more for your money.

145 4

After a walk along Las Ramblas towards the port, you can buy tickets and start your adventure trip by sea. The best thing about this excursion is that there is something for everyone.

Why not have a drink or ice cream from the bar while enjoying the views?

Don't forget to bring your camera and, if you're very lucky, you might see the occasional friendly dolphin.

Keep reading to discover more things to do with children in Barcelona.

OUR ADVICE: Night tours are a bit more special, as they cast a golden light on the ocean views. This is one of the free activities included in the Barcelona Family Card.

30- Fantasy Island

Summer temperatures can be quite hot in Barcelona, making children quite lazy and cranky.

One way to cool off is to head to The largest water park in Barcelona.

With over 22 slides, wave machines, pools and much more, it's a fun day trip for the kids.

fantasy island
Children have fun while they cool off in Illa Fantasia. Picture of Fantasy Island

It is outside the city center and is connected to the train, not the metro (you can still use the transport pass in this area).

There's a free bus who picks you up at the station to take you to the park, so you have to spend at least half a day here to make the trip worth it.

Open from June to September, when temperatures are quite high, so don't plan it for a family visit at Easter or Christmas.

OUR ADVICE: The months of July and August are very popular with local families, so if you are going to visit them, keep in mind that there will be queues for the most popular attractions. Try to go on a weekday, as weekends are always busier.

31- Barcelona Bubble Park

COVID update: Barcelona Bubbleparc is still closed. I will update all the information as soon as it is available.

It is a micro-mini adventure park and is located in the center of the port area.

The architecture is low-impact and can be easily assembled and disassembled. It's a nice little rest for children and it is close to many attractions.

There is bubble pods where children are placed in transparent spheres where they literally walk on water!

A big hit with family jumpers is the bungee domes while bikers will enjoy the low trikes and purpose built tracks.

For the little members, water boats it will be a sure hit.

The attractions last between 5 and 10 minutes, so do not plan it as a half-day activity, but rather as a filler between meals.

OUR ADVICE: This is an outdoor activity, so bring sunscreen and hats for the kids, and remember to check their website for hours, as high and low seasons vary drastically.

32- Monument to Columbus

If high vantage points excite you and small spaces don't bother you or the kids, the Columbus Monument is a must-see.

It was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and it took 6 years to build.

There is much discussion about how Columbus is aiming. Some say to the New World, others to his hometown of Genoa. Interestingly, it is actually pointing north, in the direction of Algeria.

The monument is inside a curious roundabout surrounded by many lanes of traffic. At the base, you will find a gift shop and some information.

However, the real treat is in the elevator that will take you to the top of the monument.

Is 63 meters up and the elevator opens its doors to a small observation deck that can only fit a handful of people at a time. Here the views are incredible and children will love this experience.

OUR ADVICE: The Barcelona Tourist Office sometimes offers discounted tickets online, so it's worth checking their page to save a few cents. Find the link below.

33- Ice Barcelona

If the heat affects the whole family, a Refreshing drink in the ice bar in Barcelona can be a fun idea.

The temperatures are cold 12 degrees and coats are provided for all as part of the price of admission.

They'll also give you a free drink in a glass of ice while you look at the cool 80's sculptures on display in the bar.

If the temperatures are too cold for you they also have a nice terrace to sit in the sun

Cool off from the summer heat while having fun at the ice bar. Picture of Ice Barcelona

Is found in Olympic port so swimming and the beach can go hand in hand on this site.

The downside is that it's quite expensive for just one drink and the bar isn't really that big.

OUR ADVICE: Although the bar provides coats, it does not provide shoes. Make sure you bring something other than summer flip flops if you don't want your toes freezing.

34- Camp Nou Stadium and Barça Museum

A must for football crazy kids.

The world famous stadium was built in the 1950s and today seats almost 100,000 viewers.

The Barça football team is one of the best in the world and watching a match here is always an experience.

Unfortunately, sometimes the schedule, ticket availability and price may not be feasible. Do not despair, you can still visit the ground and museum all year.

1200px 2014.Camp Nou. More than a club. Barcelona B40
Visit the Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe. Picture of FC Barcelona

They offer many different tours and packages and they are not cheap.

The basic ticket is admission to the stadium and the exhibition space.

You can get more expensive packages that give you more access to private areas like changing rooms etc.

OUR ADVICE: Always check the schedules on their website, since it is a working stadium, so they close their doors for different events, such as a match

35- Soccer match

For soccer fans, seeing the likes of Messi doing their thing live on a soccer field is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If your children are soccer fans, this will undoubtedly be the the highlight of your trip.

The Camp Nou seats 100,000 people, so as you can imagine, the type of seats (and prices) vary enormously.

espanyol 1 1 celtic vigo
Join the supporters of RCD Espanyol in a football match. Picture of RCD Espanyol

If you plan to watch an important match (against Real Madrid or a Champions League match, for example), try buy tickets as soon as possible. Even that could prove quite difficult.

You can always try to get one from the illegal scalpers around the stadium, but I strongly advise against it. Not only will the price be astronomical, but you could end up with a fake ticket.

OUR ADVICE: In Barcelona there is not only one football team. Try to watch an RCD Espanyol match. Don't think it's an unknown third division team. Play in the national league with the big teams like FC Barcelona or Athletic Bilbao. The tickets will be cheaper and the atmosphere will be great!

36- Lock-Clock Escape Room

What a great invention for family fun!

Escape rooms continue various themes (like being in jail or in the jungle) and solving different clues you must get out.

Depending on the place, you can have costumes, actors can participate… It all depends on the place.

12001 01 input
Have fun with your family in an escape room game. Picture of lock clock

It has become all the rage here in Barcelona, with countless gambling halls springing up everywhere.

It is worth investigating which topics suit your family and which are appropriate for children.

The experience that I like is clock-lock, as it was the only one I could find that had a gaudi mysterywhich is a great learning experience.

They also have an adventure geared towards young children which is not as easy to find in most arcades.

OUR ADVICE Another option if you have teenage children is to consult our online mystery game Gaudí's best kept secret. This would be an activity to do before visiting the city. As a family, you can learn a lot about the architect in a fun and exciting way.

37- Kayaking excursions

The beach and the bath are always a success with the children.

Why not go one step further and add a kayak or a snorkel combined with the impressive beauty of Costa Brava.

This beautiful and rugged coastline with clear blue waters begins about half an hour's drive north of Barcelona and can provide a great break from visiting the city.

You can do it yourself by renting a car and hiring kayaks in the city of your choice on the coast.

However, if it is a day trip, many tourism companies They take the hassle out of planning.

I personally recommend the local company Excursions Barcelona. Stevie, the owner, is very nice and cares a lot about the satisfaction of his customers.

They are well established and have been in business for a few years. Highly recommended.

OUR ADVICE: My advice is to plan it for the middle of your stay. It will give variety to the vacation so as not to overload the children with too much city at one time.

Barcelona for children with the Barcelona Family Card

If you plan to stay between 3 to 5 days and fit into a lot of kiddie rides, then it might make sense to buy the Barcelona family card.

This pass has just been launched by the tourist office and allows you free entrance on the following family favorites:

  • Barcelona Aquarium
  • Poble Espanyol
  • Barcelona Zoo
  • Boat trip through Las Golondrinas
  • Sant Pau Modernist Venue
  • Science Museum (Cosmocaixa)
  • Chocolate Museum
  • wax Museum
  • Monument to Columbus

In addition, it offers a 20% discount for other children's activities:

  • Tibidabo amusement park
  • mosaic workshop
  • Catalonia in miniature
  • Port Aventura World
  • Marineland

Free and unlimited public transport it is also included in the ticket, which can be very useful in Barcelona.

These are the prices depending on the duration you choose (the price for children applies from 4 to 12 years):

  • 72 hours (adult/child) €70/€55
  • 96 hours (adult/child) €80/€60
  • 120 hours (adult/child) €90/€65


It's a very good offer if you adapt to the more expensive attractions like the Zoo or the Aquarium.

You just have to check your schedule and see what suits you financially.

The Barcelona Family Card is available online and is activated once you enter your first attraction.

Each family member has their own smart card, which means you don't overpay if you're a single parent or a small family.

OUR ADVICE: This is a new project, so keep checking back for new family activities as this ticket grows in popularity.

I hope this post has helped you a bit to plan your family vacation in Barcelona. Have a great time with the kids!

If you are looking for other activities for adults, you can consult our complete guide of things to do in Barcelona. If you are traveling with your family to other parts of Europe, you can consult some recommendations for things to do with children in Malaga either hiking with kids in malta.

This post may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase by following an affiliate link, we may earn a small commission to help maintain this site. In any case, this will have an additional cost for you. Thank you.

principal photography of pere prlpz.

Frequently asked questions if you visit Barcelona with children

What are the most popular Gaudi attractions to do with children in Barcelona?

These are the most popular Gaudi attractions for children in Barcelona:
- Guell park
– Casa Batlló
- Sacred Family

What are the best excursions to do in Barcelona with children?

These are the best recommended excursions to do as a family in Barcelona with children:
– Visit to the Gothic Quarter
– Visit to Gaudi's Park Güell
– FC Barcelona and Camp Nou Private Tour
– Excursion to Montserrat

Best museums in Barcelona for children?

These are the best museums for children in Barcelona:
– Cosmocaixa (Science Museum)
– Chocolate Museum
.- Museu Blau (Museum of Natural History)
– Barcelona Aquarium

What are the best things to do outdoors in Barcelona with children?

These are our favorite outdoor activities in Barcelona for children:
– Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
– Labyrinth Park
– Tibidabo amusement park
- Festivals of Barcelona (Festivities of the Barrio de Gracias and La Mercé festival)

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