Tiqets Opiniones – Reseña completa ¿Tiqets es fiable? (Descuento 6%) 2024


Are you looking for a proper and honest review of Tiqets, you ask? if it is safe and reliable to book in Tiqetsand even fancy a discount code? Welcome to our comprehensive review about Tiqets reviews.

And even better: We have a voucher for our readers!

We have created this guide to how it works tickets to learn more about the platform and how you can use it in your future travels.

Let's take a broad look, covering issues such as customer service, security and the use of the application.

We hope this article will help you make better decisions when booking activities and tours in your holiday destination.

tiqets is reliable

¿Is Tiqets reliable?

You may wonder whether tickets is reliable or if it is just another trendy Internet service that is not entirely reliable. We are confident that Tiqets is 100% reliable.

In this article we will try to show you with facts why Tiqets is reliable and can work very well for you to book activities and tours on your next holiday.

On Tiqets you will find many attractions and places to buy tickets, and those tickets will be accepted, even if they are digital rather than printed.

Tiqets only sells official tickets, so don't worry about fake or third party tickets!

Most booking fees are very low, however some activities do not have such low fees because Tiqets must charge to regroup its costs for providing the service.

That is why we always recommend comparing the price of the activity or tour with other platforms such as Get Your Guide o Civitatis.

You can read this article from how Get Your Guide works and its prices. The same with Civitatis, the best platform for activities in Spanish and Free Tours in cities.

tickets also provides customers with 24-hour customer service7 days a week, to guarantee your satisfaction.

Tiqets telephone and customer service

tickets is a reliable service that will help you attend your next attraction, show or performance with ease, without the wait or inconvenience of having to print tickets or wait to get in.

The easy to use service is ideal for travel, activities and tours in your holiday destination! Perfect for getting out and exploring.

Tiqets Opinions

Technology has made it easier for everyone to access almost everything.

No matter where you are, no matter what you want to do, there's an app or a website that fits the bill.

For travellers, the Internet and accompanying technologies have definitely made things easier.

Tiqets has very good reviews online, which shows that its users trust the activity booking platform and that it provides a quality service.

In Trustpilot has a rating of 4.4 with more than 27,000 comments and Tiqets reviews from customers and users who have used the platform.

Tiqets Opinions

If you're looking for a cheap flight to your destination, there are loads of sites and apps that can display and compare prices at the click of a button.

Everything is accessible as long as you have a connection, and technology has definitely changed the rules of the game in these respects.

One of the latest innovations in the travel industry is the platform called tickets - a platform that allows you to pre-book your activitiess and travels in different countries around the world.

Visit Tiqets.com here

What is Tiqets?

Tiqets is an application that offers free tickets for different activities, tours and places of interest around the world.

It aims to help you save time by facilitating access and pre-booking for your destinations.

Through its platform, you can easily buy your tickets to the main places of interest such as the Sagrada Familia, the Colosseum and many more..

Also offer a wide range of tickets to skip the linemaking your journey more comfortable and relaxed.


No more queuing for hours!

What makes Tiqets stand out from the rest is its instant ticket booking and delivery, which means you can book your ticket through its platform and use it right after.

Also offer multiple payment methods to facilitate transactions. They have a great selection of places and destinations from countries all over the world, so you can be sure to find something for you through their app.

Tiqet is a free app, available for download on both Android and iOS.

Amsterdam Swing Lookout - one of the times we booked our tickets with Tiqets.com
Amsterdam Swing Lookout - One of the times we booked our tickets with Tiqets

7 Advantages of using Tiqets

Let's see what advantages this platform offers. Since we use this platform on our own, we know some advantages.

1. It is a time saver.

You can skip the queues and get your digital ticket instantly through Tiqets.

You don't need to print the tickets to use them either: just present your voucher via your smartphone and you're ready to go.

They also have the option to skip the queue at certain destinations, allowing you to go ahead and enjoy your journey without waiting in line.

Here is a list of the most popular destinations and their most famous sights:

2. Has easy payment methods

Tiqets offers multiple payment methods to cater to different users from all over the world.

3. They have a good customer service.

Tiqets support is available daily from 09:00 to 00:00 CET. CET stands for Central European Time.

This means that there is always someone willing to help you with your problems and queries.

4. They will help you to better explore your destination.

If you're not sure what to do in a particular city or country you're in, Tiqets is also here to help.

You can open their explore option and set your location to see nearby attractions (and book tickets for them, of course).

5. It's a quick and easy website

One thing we really like is a fast website and a simple design. Tiqets has both.

6. No more printing: your smartphone is your ticket.

They make it very clear what type of ticket you are buying and what you will need when you enter the venue. For all tickets you buy from them, you only need your smartphone to enter the venue or view.

No need to print anymore!

Receive your ticket by email and show it on your smartphone - Tiqets is easy to use

7. Exclusive tickets and tickets

This portal has some exclusive tickets that you can take advantage of. This could be anything from a special museum in London to the Skip the line ticket to the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Keep an eye on this!

How Tiqets works (in 4 steps)

Like most applications available on the Internet, Tiqets is quite easy to use.

There are basically 4 steps:

  1. Visit tickets.com and choose your destination
  2. Book tickets for museums, attractions and shows
  3. Receive input by email, SMS or app
  4. Show the tickets on your smartphone at the venue and you're in!

It really isn't rocket science!

Again, what we really like is that your ticket is on your phone directly. No need for a printer or anything like that - what a relief!

So, here again with a bit more detail on how to use this platform.

Navigate to your desired destination or open your GPS in the app to see if there are any attractions available for you to explore nearby.

Once you are clear about what you want to do, you can book a ticket.

Pay via your preferred payment method and receive your ticket instantly by SMS, email or within the app.

Once this has been taken care of, you can go to your destination, show your ticket and enjoy your trip.

Although this booking process is standard for Tiqets, be sure to also check the full details and instructions on your ticket.

Depending on the show or activity, additional processes and manual handling by the venue may be required.

AgainYou will have all the information beforehand and again in your confirmation email.

If you have problems using and claiming your voucher, Tiqets has a real-time customer support service by phone or chat.

Promotions and Offers Tiqets

promotions and offers Tiqets

Tiqets Audio Guides

If a guided tour is not for you, you can visit any city on your own with a Tiqets audio guide. It's very economically priced, they let you download the Audio Guide through the app and do the tour at your own pace.

If you want to move around freely and still get information about the city you are visiting, then the Tiqets audio guide is definitely the best choice!

Example Audio Guide Barcelona with Tiqets (for download on the Tiqets app)

audio guide Barcelona Tiqets

More Information about the Tiqets Audio Guide at Barcelona

Tiqets Audio Guides

Tiqets Audio Guide

Reservation HERE the Tiqets Audio Guide in Barcelona at the best price.

Group bookings via Tiqets

Unfortunately, large group bookings are not currently supported by the application.

Some venues limit the number of visitors, so large ticket orders may not pass through the cashier.

It is possible to place multiple orders through the app. However, it is not recommended, as this practice is often frowned upon by partner venues and you may risk being refused entry.

It's best to stay safe and not do this. It could end up costing you dearly.

Is Tiqets safe to use?

OK, this is getting a bit geeky. All you have to take away from this section is: YES!Tiqets is safe to use!

Here are the details.

Tiqets is a registered company in Amsterdam and complies with a strict privacy policy.

While collecting, processing and storing your data for future use, content adaptation and customer support, Tiqets is committed to safeguarding your personal data against unauthorised use, modification, publication or deletion.

They are also very transparent about how they might use your data, with their privacy policy easily accessible through their website.

As for the payment processingTiqets has become apartnered with one of the world's leading payment processors, Adyen B.V., which takes care of every transaction..

What you need to knowTiqets does not have access to credit card numbers and other financial data of its customers. Adyen B.V. also processes payments from major companies such as Facebook, KLM, Uber and Vodafone.

6. Tiqets payment methods and concerns

How can you pay for your Tiqets tickets?

Tiqets currently supports

  • Visa,
  • Mastercard,
  • Bank card,
  • CartaSi,
  • iDeal,
  • PayPal,
  • Sofortüberweisung,
  • and Alipay

The Tiqets website is available in several languages and payment methods may differ from country to country. If you do not find your preferred method, you can check the language of the website to see the other options available.

In case you need an invoice, Tiqets can also provide you with one. Simply contact their customer service to request one.

Changes, cancellations and refunds on Tiqets

Refunds for unused tickets purchased through tickets will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

This is usually decided on the basis of the policies of the place in question.

In the event that a refund is issued, Tiqets will request a cancellation fee which is 8% of the total order amount to cover handling and processing costs.

In the case of unused tickets that have been cancelled after the validity date has expired, unfortunately, no refunds will be granted, regardless of the venue's policies.

For many places of interest, your ticket is valid for a certain time slot, such as the Sagrada Familia.

Make sure you are punctual. You can't buy your ticket for 8am and then turn up at 10.30am. Venues are not usually that flexible in this respect.

Customer service and telephone Tiqets

Tiqets offers 24/7 support in English.

For other languages, it may depend on availability and timetables. They can be easily contacted through their e-mail address or by Whatsapp.

Standard response time is one hour during operating hours via email, and 10 minutes via Whatsapp.

Tiqets does not have a telephone, you can also contact them via chat through its website or app.

Customer service and telephone Tiqets

Is Tiqets worth a try?

For us, it would definitely be a yes.

Many travellers are discouraged from visiting major city destinations because they fear the queues and hassles of getting their passes for just a few hours of sightseeing.

Tiqets definitely eliminates that problem for travellers, providing an easy-to-use option that not only saves you time, but is also accessible anytime, anywhere.

We also like that there are multiple payment options compared to other websites that only accept major credit cards.

This would allow any traveller to make use of its services, regardless of the payment method they can easily access.

Guided tour of the Vatican with Civitatis.

Best Hostels in Rome - full overview and comparison of the best hostels in Rome

10. Tiqets discount code

Alright, by now you know that Tiqets is a safe place to buy your tickets for activities and sightseeing. Here we share our new Tiqets instant discount promo code.

discount code 6% for tickets (for our readers only)

The coupon code is


valid until 28.12.2022

How to apply the Tiqets voucher?

  1. Visit the official website tickets.com
  2. choose your destination and sight or activity
  3. apply discount code 6%

That's it, it's time to dance - you've just saved some money!

ConditionDiscount code is valid for most of the attractions and sights available on Tiqets.com. However, some specific locations have restrictions on promotions.

Summary: Tiqets Opinions

Overall, we highly recommend Tiqets to travellers who are interested in exploring places of interest and trying out cultural activities.

It's a website that loads quickly (which we love), has a user-friendly interface and the prices are generally reasonable.

We especially like its design and the information you receive. It is very easy to understand, especially when it comes to using the tickets you have bought.

For all the monuments, activities and places you buy, your Smartphone is your voucher. All you need to do is show the voucher on your phone and you're in.

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    • Of course! I had a disastrous experience with Tiqets. The customer service was terrible and the ticket I purchased turned out to be fake. I will never use them again!

    • I have used Tiqets several times and have had no problems. Their customer service has always been excellent. Don't hesitate to trust them, they are reliable and offer a wide selection of options.

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