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Are you planning to visit Europe? Then you've come to the right place to read an honest review of, a powerful travel transportation site.

Omio (formerly known as GoEuro) is a web search engine and application to book trains, buses and flights in Europe In one single place.

This search engine works with a huge range of different passenger transport companies from all over Europe.

Bus, train and plane in the same search engine

Booking with individual companies can become an odyssey.

Not only do you have to worry about the quality of each company's website translations, but it can also be difficult to find the right company to book with, especially if it's your first trip to Europe.

Omio is reliable

The objective of Omio is to help travelers avoid these problems through an easy-to-use search engine that provides the results of all the main transport companies in Europe.

If you like travel cheap for Europe keep reading. We'll help you get to know Omio by sharing topics that will answer your questions like, what is Omio? Is it legit? How does it work? Is Omio reliable and convenient? Don't worry, we'll cover every detail you need to know about Omio.


We will analyze the pros and cons of using it for different means of transport. I will also help you to know how to identify if this is the best way to book transport for your next trip around Europe.

Also at the end of the post we show you a Omio discount code with which you will receive €10 discount on your reservation when you register with our link.

Important: We have not been paid to write this review. It is first hand based on our experience. Last update in September 2022.

How does Omo work?

 The operation of Omio is really simple. Enter the route of your trip and Omio will show you the results of all the options available for move by train, bus or plane (for search for flights I prefer the option of Skyscanner, the best flight search engine).

What transport can you book with

  • trains
  • buses
  • flights
  • ferries
  • rental cars (new)

This is very useful when you do not have a preference for a specific mode of transport and are simply looking for a single listing.

The most I like of the platform the thing is shows the cheapest times and routes at the top (very useful if you are traveling Europe on a tight budget!).

The electronic ticket is also very practical, on most trips it will only be necessary to show your mobile, a message on the search engine will confirm if the chosen transport has this option or if, on the contrary, it will be necessary to provide some other type of document.

Omio cheap travel in Europe

Choose your preferred transport on Omio

Once you have decided on the most convenient option (bus, train or plane), click on it and you will be taken to the “ticket options” screen.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the rate you are booking to understand what your rights are; yes you can cancel the reservation or change your ticket by another if necessary.

How to book a ticket on Omio?

Next, you will proceed to enter your personal and payment information. You will notice that the rate shown on this screen is slightly higher than the rate shown during your initial search.

This is because there is an additional fee that Omio charges as a service fee. Don't worry, it's a normal and insignificant charge. 

As we have said before, Omio is very easy to use and navigate. See full details of each process below.

  • Enter your details – Departure and arrival destinations and travel dates
  • Check the routes – Compare the different train, bus and flight routes available between the two destinations (feel free to filter by the cheapest, the fastest, the recommended)
  • Book your ticket – Choose the best route for you and book your tickets on the website
  • Get your ticket – Print your ticket or download your mobile ticket

It is not worth looking for a ticket through dozens of websites to save us this charge.

While it is possible to avoid paying this service charge by booking directly with the bus or train company, it is usually easier said than done.

For example, in Spain, you may not be able to pay through some bus or train websites if you use a foreign bank card (in the worst case, your bank could block your credit or debit card), for Not to mention that the interface of some of these websites leaves a lot to be desired.

If this additional charge is not a problem for you, simply enter your personal details, review your trip information, and then proceed to the payment process.

At the end they will send you your ticket by email and you will not have to worry about anything else. You already have the transport ready for your next trip.

If this Omio review has convinced you to try them on an upcoming trip, then click here to see the train and bus times for your next trip or simply enter the details in the box below.

Omio is safe

Is Omio reliable?

I read every day on social networks travelers asking if Omio is reliable, if it is a legal company that offers guarantees, etc., they want to know if they are trustworthy to carry out the trip of their dreams.

There are many search portals that really provide little trust, they can even take advantage of clients who do not have much experience using this type of search engine.

Omio is reliable

HERE The best TRICKS to find the cheapest flights on Google Flights or Google Flights.

So, is it safe to book with Omio?

Yes, booking on Omio is safe!

If you have not heard of Omio and have doubts about it, then we are one of those living proofs of their good and legitimate quality service.

Over the years, we have used Omio for our tickets across Europe with ease. And we are grateful for that from day one.

With more than 800 transportation partners who are the best and most famous around the world, we are very honored to say that you are in good hands. Among them are connections with British Airways, National Express and easy jet.

Advantages of using Omio

Although I've already told you about some of the pros of using Omio, here are some of the main reasons why I think it's one of the The best options to book your transport in Europe.

What makes Omio stand out is that they have direct relationships with many of the major train and bus companies in Europe and simply provide a better service and user experience for booking bus and train tickets. 

This means that Omio is a reliable and secure company to book your European transportation.

Without a doubt, Omio makes it easy to book trains and buses to many popular European destinations.

If you want to avoid the hassle of booking in several different places, Omio is the best way to book transportation in Europe!

Booking through Omio is very easy

The Omio portal is very easy to use and allows book tickets for buses, trains and flights. You won't have to deal with poor translations or wonder if a foreign company will accept your credit card.

The transaction is easy and without any complications, regardless of the country from which you make the reservation.

Search results

Many countries in Europe do not have a single bus or train company. This means that if you are traveling to a remote town or city, the bus company may be different than the one you would use if traveling between two major cities.

Omio solves this problem by displaying results from different companies in your search, so you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out which company is right for you.

I also really like the ability to see both train and bus results in one search, so you can decide which is the best (and cheapest!) way to travel for you.

 Look at this Super detailed guide on how to find the cheapest flights on Skyscanner.

It's easy to plan a trip with Omio

Rather book train and bus tickets on several different platforms, Omio allows you to book them all in the same portal. This will make your trip to Europe much easier to organize.

Omio also has a mobile app that you can download from your smartphone and that will allow you to make a track all your tickets and find them easily when you get on a train or bus in Europe.

You can also book your tickets through this application.

How Omio works

When you shouldn't use Omio

Despite Omio is a great option for finding transportation in Europe, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering whether or not to use this search engine.

Omio does not operate in all European countries

The main limitation of the Omio platform is that many of the destinations that deviate from the most "common" routes have few or no options (this is an easy solution; go to another road transport search engine to try your luck).

For example, if you search for typical trips in Romania such as Bucharest or Cluj, the following message will appear: "We did not find any buses."

For other destinations like Brussels in Belgium, it will show you a very limited number of results that might make you think that these are the only routes available.

The Omio page is safe

It is not the best cheap flight search engine

Although Omio offers a flight search engine through its platform, it is not as easy to use as some of its well-known competitors.

It is not possible to perform a search based on a calendar of dates nor does it offer you the possibility of being flexible with the place of destination to find the best prices.

→ 10 Best Cheap Paradise Islands to travel in 2023

In the following image we see the different flight search results returned by the Omio and Skyscanner platforms for the same route on the same days and in the same cities.

It's a sign that Omio handles better with trains and buses.

Omio Reviews

I have to admit that the flight search is a useful feature if you want to compare prices and travel times by plane with those of trains or buses.

That being said, Omio is more useful when booking trains or buses than flights.

How to pay? Is payment on Omio secure?

You can pay for your ticket(s) among the various payment options that Omio has provided for debit and credit cards. Among them are the following:

  • Visa
  • Teacher
  • mastercard
  • amexpress
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • AliPay
  • Klarna Pay Later
  • dotpay

As you can see, Omio also accepts PayPal, which is great.

In this regard, always make sure to double check the website you are going to pay.

Make sure you only pay on Omio's safe and legitimate website. For example, Omio is secure; You just have to read it and we will confirm it.

Always look for honest Omio reviews online on portals like Trustpilot, where customers give their opinions based on their experience. Information and phone number for Omio below.


Omio Telephone and Contact

It's worth it? Omio Reviews

With our years of experience with Omio as travelers, We highly recommend it as a search engine and reservation of train and bus tickets.

In addition to the efficiency of finding tickets, they also provide a quick ticket search, which we find very useful for last-minute trips and making changes without getting stuck.

Omio reviews

Omio reviews has a 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Check out Omio's reviews on Trustpilot here.

They are by far our favorite platform offering the best bus and train travel options in different locations across Europe, United States and Canada.

Not to mention the cheap prices you can choose from. (Although there are some places that have high plane ticket prices)

Omio reviews
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Omio comments
Is Omio reliable? Opinions - Click and discover how to travel cheap 18

And what is even better is that you can choose the mode of transport and the price you prefer. They use advanced mapping technology to locate the nearest available transport at the location you have chosen.

The web and the application is very easy to use and intuitive, which is what people like the most. The steps are easy to follow and the processing is fast and accurate.

Omio reviews
Is Omio reliable? Opinions - Click and discover how to travel cheap 19
Omio review
Is Omio reliable? Opinions - Click and discover how to travel cheap 20

Omio Discount Code

Omio discount code. Click on the link to get €10 discount on your Omio reservation when you register through this link.

Discount 5% Omio Summer 2023 HERE


Without a doubt, Omio will facilitate the reservation of trains and buses in the destinations and.

If you want to avoid the headache of booking on several different sites, then Omio is one of the best options for booking. reliable transport in Europe!

I hope I have helped you to discover how Omio works.

EN - 300x600

Omio's impact on tourism

Since its launch, Omio has revolutionized the way people travel. By offering multiple transportation options on one platform, it has made travel planning easier for millions.

Comparing Omio with competitors

While other platforms focus on a single mode of transport, Omio stands out for its ability to integrate several, offering users a more complete booking experience.

📝 Benefits of using Omio

Time and cost efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of using Omio is the ability to quickly compare prices and times, allowing users to make informed decisions and save money.

User friendly interface

With an intuitive and user-friendly design, Omio ensures that even the least tech-savvy users can navigate and book with ease.

Various travel options

Whether you prefer to travel by train, bus or plane, Omio has options for everyone.

Personal experiences with Omio

memorable trips

Many users have shared their stories of unforgettable trips thanks to the facilities offered by Omio.

Booking facility

The simplicity of Omio's booking process has been praised by many, making planning a trip easier than ever.

Excellence in customer service

Omio's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its quick responses and effective solutions to any problem.

Challenges faced by Omio users

Addressing common concerns

Like any platform, Omio has areas for improvement. However, the company is constantly working to address user concerns and improve its service.

Overcoming technical problems

Although rare, technical problems can arise. Omio strives to resolve these quickly to ensure a smooth user experience.

Handling delays and cancellations

Delays and cancellations are a reality in the world of travel. Omio offers solutions and alternatives to ensure that travelers are not too affected.

The future of Omio

Upcoming features and improvements

Omio is constantly evolving, with plans to introduce new features that will further improve the user experience.

Expansion plans

Aiming to reach more users around the world, Omio has plans to expand to new markets in the near future.

Partnerships with new travel agencies

By partnering with more travel agencies and transportation companies, Omio hopes to offer even more options to its users.

Omio opinions: The verdict

Positive user feedback

Most users have positive opinions about Omio, praising its ease of use, travel options, and customer service.

Improvement areas

Although Omio is widely praised, there are areas where it can improve. The company is aware of this and is constantly working to raise its level of service.

Greetings travelers!


Does Omio offer refunds in case of cancellations?

Yes, Omio has a refund policy, but it varies depending on the transportation provider and the type of ticket purchased.

Can I change my reservation through Omio?

Yes, you can make changes to your reservation, but it is important to review the policies of the specific transportation provider.

Does Omio have a mobile app?

Yes, Omio offers a mobile application that allows users to book and manage their trips with ease.

Is it safe to use Omio to book travel?

Absolutely. Omio uses cutting-edge security measures to ensure that user information is protected.

Does Omio charge additional booking fees?

No, Omio does not charge additional commissions. The prices you see are what you get.

In which countries is Omio available?

Omio is available in several countries in Europe and continues to expand globally.

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  1. Whoa, whoa! It seems that Omio is the new sensation for cheap travel. Has anyone had any good experiences with them? Or is it just another internet scam? Opinions please.

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