Is safe and secure? Honest Review 2024

(22) is an online travel agency. It is part of a NASDAQ-listed company known as Group.

But the question that many people ask, Is worth it? Is reliable?, in this article we are going to reveal all the keys and tricks to book with this famous and well-known online agency.

This travel agency has an extensive network to provide customers with more than 2 million individual flight routes with more than 1.4 million hotels in 200 regions and countries.

It is considered one of the best agencies in the sector.

If you're looking for hassle-free flight and hotel booking, consider visiting

Don't worry; Read on for more information about the travel agency that will help you make a decision before hiring any trip.

What is is a global and secure travel agency. It has a network of distribution of vacation packages all over the world, whether it is to book flights or hotels.

The company has more than 400 million users and 45,100 employees around the world.

All you need to book with is a mobile device or a computer.

Go to their website or open the app from your mobile device, and a search platform for flights, hotels and car rentals will appear. Enter your destination, arrival and departure dates and the number of guests.

If you have a specific hotel, write the name of it.

Look at this post if you want to find the best hotels at the best prices, best buscadores para reservar hoteles baratos. reviews your preferences and finds a hotel that meets your needs.

This is what the main panel of looks like is reliable, the easiest way to travel

You can filter your search based on guests, star rating, your budget, and many other things, to narrow your search until you find an ideal hotel room.

The above procedure is followed to book flights and rent a car. is a secure travel agency and legitimate that helps you book hotel rooms, flights and car rental services at very competitive prices and often at great discounts. You only have to look at their website.

The Site collects the following information about you:

  • Identification: your name, phone number, email address, account number, among many others.
  • Personal data: bank account number, insurance policy number, medical information, financial information and others.
  • Your preferences, such as language and region

That is only a small part of the information that the company has about you.

The company has a valid SSL certificate to secure your information. The site only collects the information it needs from you.

There are no reports of any viruses or malware detected on the site; however, nothing is 100%, so you should take precautions to be safe.

Many ticketing sites claim to help you secure a flight and book hotels; you should do your due diligence before doing so.

According to the policies established by the company, there is no doubt that is a trustworthy site. has conflicting reviews on the web. Some have given it a high rating while others have rated it poor. Even so, and according to our experience, is reliable. Reviews

The opinions of according to sitejabber, The company has a consumer rating of 1.21 stars from 366 reviews. The company ranks 44th among hotel sites.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has also given them a low rating of 1.3 out of 5. On the other hand, trustpilot has given the company an average rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars.

The Satisfied customers were mostly happy with the shopping experience, good customer service, and good prices. is trustworthy

However, other customers complained about getting refunds, credit card issues, and product quality issues. There is an equal proportion of positive and negative reports.

According to the company's general service guarantee, if in any case your reservation has been canceled by the provider, will refund the full amount along with additional compensation of more than 20% of your reservation.

Is trustworthy? is reliable at 100% and one of the safest and most reliable travel agencies you can find online. 

It has a fully secure and encrypted card payment system, so your credit card details are safe and you will never have any problems.

That being said, there are many dissatisfied customers with very bad experiences booking with, so we advise booking with either

✅ Best of

  • Secured payments
  • The company offers discounts
  • Competitive prices
  • The company has a wide network of hotels, flights and car rental services to choose from
  • positive opinions

❌ The worst of

  • slow refunds
  • some negative reviews
  • Improvable customer service makes money by helping you have a smooth experience by booking flights, hotel rooms, and renting a car during your trip.

Regardless of the type of payment option you use, the company ensures its customers a secure payment, your sensitive data is safe from any unauthorized use.

You can save more by using; They have discounts for their competitive prices.

If you register as a member, you will have a good chance of getting more offers.

With, you can go wherever you want, and it will connect you with the best flights and hotel rooms based on your preferences. The company offers a service guarantee to its customers.

Best alternatives to

If you're not comfortable with the mixed reviews about the company, you may want to consider looking at other alternatives to (clicking will take you to a full search engine review):

And these are the search engines that we do not recommend if you do not want to have bad experiences:

Contact and customer service

Contact telephone number Spain (Charges may apply when making international calls)
From Spain Telephone 900 866 918
Flight reservations: From Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 23:00 (time of Madrid)
Hotel reservations: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (Madrid time)
International Telephone +34 91 084 0307
Flight reservations: Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 23:00 (Madrid time)
Hotel reservations: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (Madrid time)
Or if you prefer to contact via chat or e-mail you can go to this page

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my flight on

Go to the booking details and select "Cancel flight". Follow the steps. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service. From Spain Telephone 900 866 918.

Or if you prefer to contact via chat or e-mail you can go to this page

What is the refund method?

– Money refund: the company will deduct the cancellation fees, and the rest will be deposited in your original payment account.
.- Airline vouchers: you get airline vouchers in the form of a refund. Information about the vouchers will be sent to your email.

What is a plane voucher?

You are given a voucher when a cancellation has been processed. You can use it to deduct the amount placed from the cost of the ticket.

Can I reinstate my refunded reservation?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the canceled ticket. You can rebook.

Can I cancel my ticket if I have been denied a visa?

If that happens, the refund policy allows you to request a refund by contacting the company via email or 24/7 phone line.

Can I cancel my cancellation request?

Yes, but do it as soon as possible before the ticket has been processed. Processed tickets cannot be voided.

I have not received my refund, but my reservation has already been cancelled. What I can do?

You can click on “All bookings” to check the progress of your request.
The cancellation progress goes through the following process:
– Submission of request waiting to be processed by
– The cancellation process begins by confirming the cancellation policy
– Once the company has confirmed that the reservation is eligible for a refund, it works with the airline to issue the refund.
– Your refund is sent to the original payment account. Depending on the bank/card issuer, it may take time for the money to be reflected in your account.

How can I cancel part of my ticket? (one of the two outbound or return journeys)

You can use your denaturation ticket and then cancel the return one. Departure tickets cannot be refunded.

Does charge any commission?

No, the reservation is free. They pass the cost charged by the airline or provider.

When will I receive my ticket?

When you book your flight, you can see when your ticket will be issued in the payment confirmation email on the booking details page.

What can I do if my ticket fails?

Contact the company by email or phone for help.

How long do I need to have a valid driver's license to rent a car?

Many rental companies require that you have the card for at least a year.

What license requirements are needed?

You must present a valid driving license and the international driving permit. Temporary licenses or photocopies of original rights are not accepted.

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17 comentarios en «¿ es fiable y seguro? Reseña honesta 2024»

  1. Disastrous travel agency company, a problem arose with one of my flights and they did not know how to solve the problem. I had to look for my life talking directly with the airline that did not put me in any trouble. This company only brings headaches. Avoid hiring flights with them, the worst of the worst.

  2. Disastrous and unreliable company, violates the rights of consumers. I bought plane tickets worth more than €900 and the airline canceled the flights and has refunded the money to, they put me off and don't give me my money back, they refer me to the company but it can't find my reservations . They have taken my money, it is misappropriation of my money. Do not book with this company, it is not reliable. What this article says about the return of money is not true and there are many cases like mine.

  3. Horrible experience, we request a change in the name of the passengers of some flights due to an error when entering the data a month in advance. Despite multiple calls, emails, long waits and different versions and excuses, the solution was for us to show up at the airport to try our luck… Unreliable website and not at all recommended. First and last time I use it.

    • Hello Daniel. I'm in the same situation. Could you solve it? I don't know what to do! They tell me that I have to cancel the flight paying €800 and buy it again!!!

  4. Bad service. I recommend NOT BUYING FLIGHTS through this company.
    I have bought a flight that has a stopover to reach the destination. The Airline has decided to cancel one of the flights and does not allow us to modify both flights, because made separate purchases for each leg.
    In the conditions that are accepted when buying the flight, they clearly advise that they do this in cases where both flights are operated by DIFFERENT airlines since there are no agreements between airlines, which is NOT my case. One of the operators even responded to my requests by modifying the texts of the conditions that appear at the time of purchase and I have accepted, showing the total lack of transparency of the company, of which I have proof.
    After insistently requesting that they take charge of THEIR mistake and the damages that it is causing us, they wash their hands of it, showing's lack of seriousness and commitment.
    I will never trust them again.

  5. I have bought my Berlin-Tromso tickets since September! They have changed a flight and that has caused me to lose connection (Oslo-Tromso) ruining the whole trip, the trip is in January and every day I receive answers from different representatives to clients with different answers , telling me that maybe we will have to pay some ticket adjustment, it is not our fault that the company has changed the itinerary and much less that we as customers pay for something that we have already paid for before, they have not solved my problem and it is unpleasant to have to talk to them without giving a concrete solution.

  6. If you have a problem, forget about your money, I had a flight that was canceled due to bad weather and they did not refund my money and the company reimbursed them, they are not based in Spain and if the amount is small I do not think no lawyer takes the lawsuit for so little money, it is better to book directly with the flight company, if there is a problem forget about the money

    • Thanks for your comment. has lost a lot of credibility and trust from its customers. It is currently not a good place to book your vacation.

    • Well yes, it seems like is everywhere. Although I had a positive experience with them, I think each case is different. I hope you find someone who shares their positive experience!

    • Good for you, but my experience with has been totally different. I've had a lot of problems and I don't feel safe using it. Everyone has their opinions, I guess.

  7. They are thiefs,

    I bought tickets to enter Disneyland by mistake instead of DisneySea, for this Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

    When I got to DisneySea they told me that I couldn't get in because they were Disneyland tickets and not DisneySea as I had thought, that's where I realized my mistake. They did not allow me access to Disney and I had two options: go to the Disneyland park that I had already visited the day before or buy new tickets to enter Disney Sea for that day. We decided the latter since Disney staff at the entrance told us that as long as they did not exceed the expiration date we could occupy them at any time, so we opted to buy new tickets to enter DisneySea and enjoy Disneyland again the next day.

    Well, we enjoyed DisneySea that day and the next day we showed up at Disneyland… And what do you think? Disney didn't allow us access because they didn't issue the tickets, so they can't update or anything, they wash their hands and leave you frustrated because it's possible that they, being the park owners, can't update a ticket that has never been used and give you access … Well, Disney threw us out and sent us to communicate with TRIP.COM, who are the agency and the only ones that can update said tickets … And what do you think? Well, they also washed their hands very abusively saying that they only sell tickets and cannot do anything else, that without wanting to enter the park we must buy the tickets again because those tickets were already expired since the ticket they send has an EXPIRATION DATE OF 30 DAYS... AND IT TURNS OUT THE NEXT DAY WITHOUT HAVING BEEN OCCUPIED, THEY TELL YOU THAT THEY CANNOT DO SOMETHING, WE SHOULD CONTACT DISNEY SO THAT THEY CAN CHANGE THEM... DO YOU THINK THAT POSSIBLE????

    SO MY DISAPPOINTMENT AND FRUSTRATION FOR USING TRIP. AS NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I use them again because they are thieves, who were only interested in keeping my money regardless of the economy of a client!!!

    Therefore, I suggest a lot of caution if you are going to use this platform for thieves… AT LEAST THAT IS MY EXPERIENCE.
    Greetings, I hope this review is useful and that you do not have to suffer the frustration that I had to live, they are going to abandon you and throw you away... They are not interested in your satisfaction, only your money!!!

  8. He comprado vuelos con ellos dos veces. Las dos veces he tenido problemas con los vuelos. Y desde me han dejado tirada como una colilla. La última vez fue a 20 horas del vuelo por un vuelo que había costado mucho dinero. Atención pésima. Nunca más vuelvo a comprar nada con ellos.


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