Viator Opiniones: ¿Vale la pena? ¿Es fiable? 2024


One of the best parts of planning a holiday and making a travel plan is to decide all the activities, tours, excursions, fun and exciting stuff what you are going to do while you are there.

As per experts at Location moto bordeaux, can also be one of the most stressful parts of the process.. Some cities have so much to do that it can be difficult to decide which one fits into your itinerary.

Trying to decide which excursions, monuments or areas to see, which food to eat, which places to visit... can be a challenge!

Viator is a travel agency specialising in booking tours and excursions that helps you solve your problems by providing you with a platform to find the perfect itinerary.

But is Viator as good as it seems, is it worth Viator compared to other travel booking sites, is Viator reliable, and Viator reviews?

Read on to find out how worthwhile Viator travel agency is and discover Viator reviews from users and customers who have used the platform.

What is Viator?

Viator is a Tripadvisor company that brings together experiences from around the worldallowing you to book through them.

Viator's focus on memorable experiences will allow you to get the most out of your travels and have the flexibility to make plans on the fly. (or well in advance).

Viator was bought by Tripadvisor in you will notice similarities in the way the reviews work. As TripAdvisor is the parent company of Viator, rest assured that their platform is one of the best in the world..

In addition to Viator we also use other platforms, Get Your Guide i Civitatis (especially in Spanish) are very good options for booking activities.

You can read this article from how Get Your Guide works and its prices. The same with Civitatis, the best platform for activities in Spanish and Free Tours in cities.

How does Viator Tours work?

Viator travel agency operates by providing tours, tickets, excursions and experiences around the world at competitive prices.. The trips have detailed descriptions, and you can search for availability for your group size.

One of the things that makes Viator's trips so good is that their description page offers extensive information to help you decide if this trip is for you.

You'll find an overview, including information on departure and return, what to expect, additional information, details on the cancellation policy, a FAQ section and reviews from other travellers. What more could you ask for?

Viator is reliable

Book with Viator

To make any booking with Viator tours, you will need to have an account.

You can easily sign up with your email address, use a Google or Facebook account, or log in with your Apple ID. From there, you can easily access all your bookings in one place.

Viator also has an app available in the Apple and Google Play shops.


Viator Tours

Unlike online travel agencies like Travelocity, Viator specialises in tours and experiences. This means you can find walking tours, site seeing, day trips and much more.

You won't find anything about hotels, restaurants or other aspects of travel. Still, Viator is there to fill your days while you travel.

When you search for a destination on Viator, it will give you long lists of excursions available in and around that destination.

You can sort visits by style (food, outdoors, likely to sell out, etc.), price, duration, time of day, etc. You can even sort by "deals and discounts" to see what's on offer and save some money.

Viator is safe

Things to do

As well as providing plenty of tours, they also have pages dedicated to various cities describing the main things to do and how to plan your trip there.

Here you have their detailed page of things to do in London. To get to these pages, just enter the city of your choice in the search bar, then find the link to the "things to do in (city)" page at the top or scroll to the bottom of the homepage to see some options.

Contact information Viator

Since Viator tours is used to book trips and experiences, you will want to know how to contact them if you have any difficulties with your booking or questions.

Finding Viator's contact information on their website is a bit difficult.. It is only easily accessible through an existing reservation.

Also, they don't really publish their contact information anywhere, so asking any pre-booking questions can be quite difficult.

They claim to offer 24-hour customer support, but it seems they only do this after you have made a booking.

contact information viator telefono

Viator excursions cancellation policy

One of the biggest advantages of Viator escursiones is that it offers a free cancellation policy with 24 hours notice.. They announce that many experiences are fully refundable with at least 24 hours notice.

It is important to note that not all Viator excursions/experiences are refundable at least one day before the experience, so please check your booking carefully.

Some experiences have stricter refund policies (requiring more advance notice), and others never allow a refund for cancellation.

Get museum visits with Viator

Viator Opinions

On TrustpilotViator's reviews have an average rating of 4.3/5 stars out of more than 81,000 reviews. More than 70% of these reviews are excellent.

Viator opinions

The latest reviews are positive about travel experiences and recommend using Viator.

Some travellers were not impressed with Viator's ticketing service or, in extreme circumstances, were allowed to book tickets after events no longer allowed entry.

Many negative reviews speak of unenthusiastic guides, overcrowded venues or poor food, factors beyond Viator's control..

In Quora you can also read various first-hand feedback from customers who have booked activities with Viator.

You can find different guides and opinions on specific activities such as:

The King's Path

Helicopter tour in New York

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Isla Mujeres reviews

Best Free Tour Mexico City

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Moco Museum Barcelona Is it worth it?

Can read this post about the best websites to book excursions and tours.

Is it worth it, is Viator reliable?

In general, Viator is worth it to find fun and different experiences in your next destination and to have a lot of options..

They have several things to choose from and detailed descriptions, so you know what you're getting when you book.

However, as you are not booking through the travel companies themselves, be aware that any communication from them may go through Viator excursions and may cause misunderstandings or problems.

You can always use Viator to research and try to book directly, but many tours use Viator exclusively. However, we recommend it as a resource for booking a trip.

The important point is that Viator is reliable 100%. Your payments will always be protected and have the prestige and confidence of being part of TripAdvisor's parent company.

This gives a great deal of security when booking with them.

Explore and discover new things while you travel.

Our rating: 4.3/5


  • Great collection of things to do
  • free cancellation policy within 24 hours
  • Available worldwide
  • Detailed descriptions and reviews
  • TripAdvisor-owned company


  • Poor customer service accessibility
  • Poor communication with Viator vendors
  • Insufficient customer service response time

Start planning your next trip!

Are you booking your next destination? Make sure you can easily put all your adventures on Viator travel agency!

If you are looking for, for example, fun things to do in Valparaíso, save this travel guide.

From colourful rooftops and graffiti-dominated streets to elevated vistas and winding alleyways, this Chilean city is suitable for art lovers, foodies and culture vultures alike.

Plan your trip in Viator and the countdown starts now!

Make the planning experience more fun by collaborating with your fellow travellers! Viator makes it fun and easy to share and relive your favourite travel memories with many useful features.

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Did we mention it's completely free? Try it now!

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9 comentarios en «Viator Opiniones: ¿Vale la pena? ¿Es fiable? 2024»

  1. They are not a reliable company. They left us stranded without an excursion that was paid in advance and did not give any solution or answer. A disaster.

    • Hello, in which place you were scammed. i ask because they scammed a guest coming from germany with a supposed excursion in colombia. they didn't deliver.

  2. A little over a week ago we had to return urgently from Heraklion (Crete) due to the unexpected death of my husband's brother. We immediately wrote to Viator on the 1st of April informing them of this unforeseen event and cancelling the excursion we had booked for the 4th of April. On their booking website it states that you can cancel at any time as long as it is more than 24 hours before cancellation. We repeated the email when they told us that they would come to pick us up at the hotel saying that we were no longer in Crete but in Barcelona because of this unfortunate incident. We received another notification that they had already charged us for the excursion to the Lasithi Plateau where we were to go on the 4th without any explanation. We have written about five more emails, to no avail. If you go to Customer Support it doesn't work, no matter what time and day you go in. If everything works, you book, pay and go on the excursion there is no problem, but if you have a serious incident they are not even able to contact the client and take into account the cancellation of the booking. We no longer ask for humanism, but we do ask that they comply with what they publish. We would appreciate a reply from Viator.

    • ¿En serio? Las opiniones de otros viajeros pueden ser muy útiles para tomar decisiones informadas y evitar problemas. No es solo cuestión de disfrutar de las vacaciones, sino de tener la mejor experiencia posible. ¡No subestimes el poder de las opiniones! 🌍✈️

  3. Buenos días, he reservado y pagado un tour a Bhutan de 3 días y dos noches para 4 personas , le coloque el código de descuento promocional del 10% pero veo que el débito en la tarjeta fue por el total del tour, ahora quiero reclamar mi derecho y no se dónde hacerlo, por ningún lado encuentro la dirección de correo donde escribir. Tampoco tengo claro donde me enviaran los visados para entrar a Bhutan. Por ahora no puedo decir que sea malo, solo quiero que me contesten esta inquietud. Muchas gracias.


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