Que hacer hoy en Barcelona gratis 2024 – Descubre como visitar la Ciudad Condal con poco presupuesto


Update 2024

Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit.


The architecture is impressive, history seeps into every corner and we have the sea and the mountains at our doorstep.

However, lately prices have gone up a lot for accommodation and sightseeing (even allowing for the pandemic).

Do not panic. It is still possible to visit Barcelona without going bankrupt.

What to do today in Barcelona
Sunset in the city of Barcelona, beautiful Barcelona

This is a very complete guide to discover what to do in Barcelona today free, which will keep you entertained throughout the trip.

if you want to know The best places to take photos in Barcelona for Instagram don't miss this post.

Free plans Barcelona

If you are looking for free plans in Barcelona you have come to the right place. Some attractions have a cost, but there are certain free plans and activities that will not cost you a penny.

It doesn't matter if you are a history buff, foodie, shopaholic or beach lover.

There is a little for all tastes. I hope it helps you plan.

Before getting into the matter, let me introduce you to a company that I really like to book activities and tours, Civitatis.

The strong point that seems incredible to me are the Civitatis Free Tours.

Here you can book Free Tours in Barcelona.

as you hear it, in many cities and in Barcelona you can book a free tourist tour.

At the end of the free city tour you can make a "donation" to the guide based on how you liked it.

This is one excellent way to save money.

In In this post I discover in depth how Civitatis works and if it is worth booking with them.


The 15 best things to do in Barcelona today for FREE

1- Explore the Roman remains of Barcino

built by the romans, you can expect to find their remains scattered around the surrounding area. Sometimes these ruins are right in front of you and other times… well, you have to find those hidden places.

Roman wall Barcelona
Roman wall and towers in the Gothic Quarter

Here are some of the free sites I recommend to help understand the origins of the city:

Roman wall

You can tour the entire perimeter of the Roman city following the explanatory panels.

The most spectacular parts are the entrances of the city in new square in Pati Llimona Civic Center and the wall and the towers in Ramon Berenguer Square. However, the wall is embedded throughout the city.

You can find it inside the buildings, such as the Hotel Mercer or in other houses on Avinyó street.

Roman aqueduct

In Vuit de Març Square The remains of the original aqueduct, discovered in the 1980s, are on display attached to the walls. Mejores cosas que hacer en Barcelona con niños 2024

Close, inside House of l'Ardiaca Not only can you enjoy its beautiful patio for free, but you can also see the end of the line with the reservoir that distributed water to the entire city.

roman house

There are two Roman houses that have recently been opened to the public: one in Fruit Street, 2 and the other in Calle de Avinyó, 15.

The highlight of the house on Avinyó street are its well-preserved murals.

Both have free admission on the first Sunday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

roman necropolis

Outside the perimeter of the Roman city, in Plaza de la Villa de Madrid.

In the 1950s an unexpected burial site was discovered.

A few meters below street level you can see the funerary monuments lined up on both sides of the old road that led to Ginger.

temple of augustus

You certainly don't expect to find the remains of a 2,000-year-old temple tucked inside a house. But everything is possible in Barcelona.

At the highest point of the Roman City (Calle del Paradis, 10), after entering the house, four impressive columns await you.

This is what remains of the original temple dedicated to Emperor Augustus, founder of the city.

City History Museum

This is the main place to admire and learn about the legacy of the Romans in Barcelona. Excavations from the 1930s and 1960s uncovered a very interesting part of Barcino, including baths, alleyways, houses, and cellars.

It is a fascinating journey through time that I highly recommend.

The museum It has free admission every Sunday from 3 to 8 p.m. and all day on the first Sunday of the month.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL After the ride, have a delicious chocolate con churros in The Farm 1872. But don't stay at the front! Ask for a table in the back room, where you can enjoy your whim next to the Roman wall from the end of the 3rd century AD

2- Enjoy the views from the top of a hill, one of the best viewpoints in Barcelona

Barcelona is located between the sea and the mountains, with the Collserola hill as the perfect backdrop.

Therefore, find a place to climb to enjoy the views it's never a problem.

Free point of view in Barcelona
View from Turó de la Rovira

These are some of my favorite free sites To get that perfect panoramic photo:

Montjuic Castle

An icon of Barcelona and a great place to contemplate the city and the port.

Montjuïc viewpoint, not one of the best viewpoints in Barcelona

Not only do you have fantastic views of the whole area, but there is also a nice walk around the perimeter of the castle.

A good plan is to arrive by metro+funicular and walk down the Mayor's Viewpointoverlooking the city.


The name comes from one of the temptations of Christ in the Bible.

This time, Barcelona becomes the temptation.

He 1905 amusement park and the Sacred Heart Church they are at the top and on a clear day it is possible to see as far as Montserrat.

viewpoint of Barcelona Tibidabo

Turó de la Rovira

If you want the perfect photo of Barcelona with the Mediterranean as a backdrop, this is the place.

The platforms for relaxing are actually the remains of a anti-aircraft battery of the Spanish Civil War.

Just try to avoid sunset when unfortunately in recent years the place seems to get too crowded and noisy.

MNAC terraces

The views may not be as high as in other places, but the terrace in front of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia is always a very picturesque viewpoint.

A visit to the museum with a look at the Magic Fountain show makes for a perfect afternoon in Barcelona.

Guell park

The area outside the Monumental Zone remains free and this includes the Turó de les Tres Creus, he highest point in the park and a fantastic viewpoint with views of Barcelona.

You can even enter the Monumental Zone for free if you arrive before the ticket office opening time and stay inside for as long as you want.


Carmel Bunkers

One of the best viewpoints in Barcelona. Access is a bit complicated because you have to walk, but the views are worth 100%.

Beautiful place to go to watch the sunset with a beer. Look on Google Maps for the location.

What to do today in Barcelona for free

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL After a walk around the Montjüic Castle, head to the Mirador del Migdia (a viewpoint on the other side) and end the evening with a drink at the secret coffee together with him.

On summer nights there are even concerts free in the garden

3- Take a tour or a free tour of Barcelona

Walking is the best way to see Barcelona and joining a local Barcelona Free Tour will help you understand much better what you are seeing.

Without a doubt Civitatis is the best option to book Free Tours in Barcelona.

It has different schedules, just enter its website and make the reservation in advance. Beware that they fill up very quickly and you have to book!

Free walking tour of the Gothic Quarter

This is the best way to understand the history, traditions and legends of the city.

exploring the corners of the medieval gothic quarter with an expert guide that brings it to life.

On this walking tour, you will see the highlights of the area, but also the hidden places, almost impossible to find on your own.

Gaudí Free Tour

This is a good way to enter the world of Antoni Gaudí and discover 4 of his masterpieces.

A journey to the height of the Catalan modernist movement of the last century and its most famous architect, where your guide will shed a new light on the life of Gaudí and his buildings.

This is a great option for what to do today in Barcelona for free.

Nowadays, there are many companies that offer tourist tours around Barcelona, we have commented on Civitatis Free Tours. GetYourGuide It is another company that we like a lot to book activities.

Very professional and with the best prices. An excellent experience. 

Here I leave you one guide to everything you need to know to book with Get Your Guide.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: Try to join the guided tours at the beginning of your visit.

First of all, it will help you to understand Barcelona much better and this will be quite useful for the rest of your stay.

And secondly, the guides can give you many recommendations on attractions to visit, places to eat, etc. that you can use during your stay.

4- Get educated in a museumWhat to see for free in Barcelona

With a few exceptions, Barcelona's museums are quite expensive.

However, most public museums offer a Free admission on the first Sunday of every month and every Sunday after 3:00 p.m.

Stick with the dates and times because this is an excellent one to watch for free in Barcelona.

Check with each of them, since dates and times vary from one to another.

Free day at the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)
National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)

These are some of the most popular museums with their free opening hours:

National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)

By far, the best collection of Art in Barcelona and one of the best in Europe in terms of Medieval Art.

Free every Saturday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month until closing (3 pm).

Picasso museum

A good collection of the artist's early work and some of his own interpretations of Velázquez's works Las Meninas.

Free every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and the first Sunday of the month (online reservations are required. Tickets are only available 4 days before the date).

Frederic Mares Museum

It houses the private collection of this sculptor. Don't miss the fascinating top floor, where every imaginable object is on display.

Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

City History Museum (MUHBA)

The highlight are the Roman remains of Ginger five meters below street level. A must for any Roman history or archeology buff.

Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

Maritime Museum

Located in a former medieval shipyard, the building is a museum in itself. The highlight is the replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon.

Free every Sunday from 3:00 p.m.

Barcelona Design Museum

This modern building, recently created in the city, houses an interesting collection and traveling exhibitions.

Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

Natural History Museum (Museu Blau)

A must for children and adults. Temporary exhibitions are usually very interesting.

Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

Most public museums also offer free entry to patron saint festivities Saint Eulalia (February 12) and La Merce (24th September).

May 18 is the International Museum Day so you can visit them all for free.

In connection with this event, on the Saturday closest to that date, Barcelona celebrates Museum Night, a wonderful activity for everyone in which museums across the city open their doors from 7 p.m. to 1 p.m. at dawn with music, theatre, dance… everything.

A very special night.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL It is possible to visit our wonderful own room free of charge every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

You can take part in a free guided tour in English (10am), in Spanish (10:30am and 12pm) and in Catalan (11am, 11:30am and 12:30pm) or simply walk around on your own.

The highlight is the Saló de Cent, the medieval main room that will take your breath away. On weekends, you can even watch weddings take place there.

5- Marvel at the Magic Fountain show, what to do today in Barcelona for free

What better thing to do for free in Barcelona than enjoy a outdoor music and light show at night.

This is exactly what the Magic Fountain of Montjüic offers.

Built for the 1929 International Exhibition, this show has been entertaining Barcelonans and visitors for almost 100 years.

If you're here in September during the Fiestas de la Mercè, don't miss the closing act with the fountain, music and fireworks synchronized for a grand finale.

Magic Fountain of Montjüic - free activity in Barcelona
Show of the Magic Fountain of Montjüic. Picture of Jeroen Bennink

The schedule of the shows varies according to the time of year.

Also closes for maintenance for almost two months in January and February.

If you are visiting at that time, the area is still worth visiting, but perhaps during the day.

These are the hours in which the Magic Fountain works:

  • From the 1st to the 31st of March: Thursday friday and saturday (from 20 to 21 hours)
  • From April 1 to May 31: Thursday friday and saturday (from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
  • From June 1 to September 30: Wednesday to Sunday (from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.)
  • From October 1 to 31: Thursday friday and saturday (from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
  • From November 1 to January 6: Thursday friday and saturday (from 20 to 21 hours)

Only one warning. With so many people concentrating on the show and this being at night, there are always one or two pickpockets around.

However, there is nothing to worry about. Keep your belongings in front of you and watch the show.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL Be sure to arrive at twilight or later to enjoy the show to its fullest.

In the summer months it gets dark quite late so if you arrive too early you could miss out on the wonderful colors that can only be seen at night.

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6- Admire the Catalan modernist facades

There is an area in Barcelona called Quadrat d'or (Golden Quarter) which includes one of the largest concentrations of Art Nouveau buildings in the world.

Surely you have already heard of Casa Batllo and The stone, the famous houses of Antoni Gaudí in Passeig de Graciato.

It is even possible that you know other architects of the time such as Doménech i Montaner or Puig i Cadafalch (two of the houses next to Casa Batllo were designed by them).

But the Golden Quarter of Barcelona is much more than this. There are dozens of wonderful buildings scattered throughout the area between Catalonia Square, Aribau Street, Avinguda Diagonal and Passeig de Sant Joan.

Casa Comalat - Catalan Art Nouveau in Barcelona
Rear façade of Casa Comalat on Còrsega street. Picture of jorapa

The Catalan bourgeoisie of the late 19th and early 20th centuries commissioned all these architects to build their over-the-top mansions and now we can all enjoy this open-air museum for free.

We see some of these buildings on our Free Gaudí Tour, but there is much more to explore. Enter a world of curved shapes, floral designs and stained glass paradises

I have prepared this Hiking trail map so you can see them all.

If you don't have time to see them all, make sure you at least don't miss the 3 houses in the Apple of Discord (Casa Batllo, Amatller House and Casa Lleó i Morera), Baró de Quadras Palace (don't forget to enter the portal), Casa Mila (undoubtedly Gaudí's masterpiece), House of the Punxes (like a fairytale medieval castle) and Comalat House (the rear façade on Còrsega street is even more spectacular than the front).

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL Do not look only at the facades of the houses. Pay attention to the small details.

You can enter some of these beautiful portals to admire perhaps a 100-year-old elevator, pharmacies with intricately carved woodwork, or old bakeries with iron decorations and ceramic tiles that will take your breath away.

All this done in the Catalan Art Nouveau style of the time.

7- Stroll through a local food market, something very interesting to see in Barcelona for free

One of the things that makes Barcelona so special is that neighborhood feeling. If you go to Sant Andreu, Poble Nou or Gràcia, to name a few, you will feel like you are in a different city.

Each of them has its own food market for locals to do their daily shopping.

It is a great opportunity to try the fresh delicacies of the Catalan season.

La Boqueria Food Market - Barcelona
Fish stall in La Boquería Market. What to do today in Barcelona for free.

If you're you stay in an apartment Try to buy your groceries at a local market like La Boquería.

Firstly, you will be supporting a local family instead of a big supermarket chain, secondly, you will be able to practice those Catalan words which will make you feel very welcome.

Plus, let's face it, it's a lot more fun!

Even if you are staying in a hotel it is great to visit and see the bustle of a local Barcelona market. Just make sure you buy something, even a little ham to take home.

Remember that this is a working market and not a museum. The sellers and your stomach will thank you. If you are gluten intolerant, be sure to always order"gluten free, yes we plau«.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: Food markets will not be open on Sundays and normally on Saturday afternoons.

If you are going to visit one, make sure you don't go on a Monday as the fish stalls will be closed. Fishermen, like most people, have their day off on Sunday, so there will be no fresh fish the next morning.

8- Visit the Gothic churches

There is 4 main Gothic basilicas from Barcelona and, although they have recently started to charge an entrance fee (curiously called a donation), there are certain times when you can visit them for free.

My advice is to see them all if you have time, as each one is very special and has different things to offer. What to do today in Barcelona for free.

Barcelona Cathedral Free admission hours
Cathedral of Santa Eulalia and the Holy Cross. Picture of Craig McFadien

These are the big 4 with their free opening hours:

Some of the mentioned museum hours may be affected by the COVID-19 measures. Check their websites for more information.

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia and Santa Cruz

It is the only cathedral and continues to be the center of religious life in Barcelona.

Don't miss the atmospheric cloister, the Santa Eulalia crypt, and the carved wooden choir chairs.

FREE OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / Sundays: 8:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Other hours: €7

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

The masterpiece of the Catalan Gothic style in Barcelona and a church much loved even by non-believers.

The nakedness of the decoration after being burned during the Spanish Civil War makes it even more spectacular. More things to do today in Barcelona for free.

FREE OPENING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 8:30pm / Sundays: 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm. Other hours: €5

Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

Another great example of Gothic architecture with a wonderful rose window. The huge 15th century bell tower can be easily seen from the Rambla and is one of its most striking features.

FREE OPENING HOURS From Monday to Sunday: from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Other hours: €4

Basilica of Sant Just i Pastor

The least known of the four, but with many surprises waiting for you inside. Among them, the recent archaeological finds in the subsoil and some of the most extravagant representations of purgatory.

FREE OPENING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. / Sundays: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Other hours: closed

Remember that you can also pay a fee to see certain parts of these 4 masterpieces that are not open to the public on the free tour.

This includes the fantastic views from the bell towers of Santa Maria del Pi and sant just, the museums that show the treasures of each parish and an interesting walk through the roofs of the Cathedral and Saint Mary of the Sea.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: If you like classical Spanish guitar, there are fantastic nightly concerts throughout the year in Santa María del Pi.

They take place in a very intimate chapel next to the main entrance. I have attended some of them and I have always been amazed by the interpreters Consult the program in case it coincides with your visit.

9- Discover the Street Art of the city

More about what to do today in Barcelona for free. There is the Art of the museums and the Art of the streets, commonly known as graffiti or, to be more precise, Street Art.

One of the best free things to do in Barcelona is to explore the streets in search of them.

The northern part of Poble Nou neighborhood It is a mecca for large murals, but small works in the form of sculptures are springing up all over the city. 

Barcelona street art
Street art mural in the El Raval neighborhood. Picture of OK apt

Although these decorations are legally prohibited in Barcelona, there are some places where the city council allows them and even provides a banner.

Most of them are in Poble Nou, but there is one in the very center of the city in Gardens of the Three Xemeneies, in Poble Sec.

This open-air gallery with ever-changing walls is, of course, completely free. But the good news is that the murals change every week, so you can come back again and again and the experience will always be different.


If you want to do a tour of urban art in Barcelona You will find a lot of information in this link.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL If you want to get into the shoes of the artists behind these creations, what better than to call the experts.

I recommend you join Barcelona Street Style on one of their two free walking or biking tours. They take place every day, exploring the Born, Gòtic, Raval and Poble Nou neighborhoods.

Kiss Freedom Wall Barcelona, Street Art:

kiss freedom wall Barcelona, street art

Where is the Kiss Freedom Wall Barcelona located?

10- Relax on one of the city's beaches

Until the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona's beaches were dirty, unsightly, and backed by factories. It wasn't a place that Barcelonans went to, really. Today could not be more different.

He long stretch of coastline from the Hotel W to the Besòs river it becomes a paradise for lovers of the sun and coastal sports.

If you like the beach, you cannot miss this post from the best beaches in Barcelona. And if you like swimming pools here you will find the Infinity pools with the best views of Barcelona.

Beaches in Barcelona - What to do today in Barcelona for free
Barcelona beach in Port Olímpic. Picture of Falco Ermert.

Summer is obviously the busiest period, when all the city's beaches are crowded.

As you can imagine, the closer to the city center (ie Barceloneta), the more crowded and annoying it gets (think beer and massage offers by the minute).

However, you will be surprised how calm the more remote beaches especially if you visit it during the week and outside the holiday months of July and August.

A warning: always watch your belongings, since pickpockets are always alert in this activity of what to do today in Barcelona for free.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: If you want, in addition to a pleasant and relaxing day at the beach, a beautiful landscape, take a train to the towns of Sitges or Sant Pol de Mar.

The train is easy and takes only an hour or less.

11- Travel back in time at the Born Memorial and Cultural Center

Recently incorporated into Barcelona's heritage, the CCM del Born is more than just a museum. First of all, the cast iron building It is quite impressive (the old neighborhood market from 1876).

But even more impressive are the archaeological remains that show the daily life of Barcelona in 1714.

El Born CC Barcelona - Free Archaeological Site
What to do today in Barcelona for free. Archaeological site of CC El Born. Picture of Jorge Franganillo

This place is unique in Europe. TO large archaeological site in the middle of a city it is not always easy to find. But, in addition, we know who lived there and what they did thanks to the records kept in the archives. A time machine that takes you back 300 years!

The center also organizes family activities and cultural itineraries, as well as free temporary exhibitions.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: You can enjoy the ruins from the upper platforms with explanatory panels.

However, to delve into the history of the city, I highly recommend that you delve into it and take the fascinating guided tour.

They are offered in English during the high season at a reasonable price.

12- Find bargains at the Els Encants market

We follow in What to do today in Barcelona for free. It is one of the oldest markets in Europe, whose origins date back to the 13th century.

Today, it includes about 500 vendors distributed in different plants.

My favorite is obviously the low level where the antiques (and junk) are sold. Finding those jewels among the thousands of items is an art and a challenge.

Els Encants Market - Barcelona
Els Encants Market. Picture of John Mr. Theklan

In 2013 a spectacular modern building it was made to house it.

The way the plants are laid out ensures that you don't miss a thing. Taking a photo of the huge mirrored ceiling showing all the activity of the vendors below is a classic.

The market opens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.. Keep in mind that some of the stalls are only open on the weekend. However, there is a special offer during the week. Keep reading.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: On weekdays, from 7 to 9 in the morning, just before the market opens, there is a auction where he real bargains are.

It is very special, since it is the only market in Europe that continues to function like this. Who knows what little treasure you may take home!

13- Have a picnic in the Ciutadella Park

Every big city has a green area for jogging, picnicking and basically relaxing on sunny days.

In Barcelona, the Ciutadella park fills up on weekends with people who don't like the beach so much and prefer a bit of green.

On special dates, the park also serves as a perfect setting for festivals (Think food trucks and activities galore.)

Free picnic in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona
Monumental waterfall in the Ciutadella Park. Picture of Marc_M

This was the site of the 18th century fortress (hence the name "Ciutadella", citadel) built to subdue the city after the War of the Spanish Succession.

150 years later, the fortress was demolished and this was the perfect place to house the Great Universal Exhibition of 1888.

Once the Universal Exposition was over, the city council turned it into the great public park that it has been ever since. There are some interesting places to explore, such as the remains of the fortress and the Universal Exposition:

monumental waterfall

Venus at birth, scary griffins, golden chariots… there is a place for all of them in this monumental waterfall that serves as the icon of the park. He outdoor cafe in front is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days.

Castle of the 3 Dragons

Designed by the famous Lluís Doménech i Montaner, it was built to house the World's Fair Restaurant.

The Natural History Museum used to be here until it moved a few years ago, so it's not open to the public at the moment. What to do today in Barcelona for free.

The Umbracle

This fantastic wrought iron structure is the tropical greenhouse built in the years prior to the Universal Exposition. Open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

A great way to leave the big city for a few minutes and transport yourself to the tropics.

Parliament of Catalonia

Together with the chapel and the Governor's Palace, it is one of the few memories of the old citadel. Ironically, what was once the fortress armory, now houses the Parliament of Catalonia.

Barcelona Zoo

Although it is outside the free zone (you have to pay to enter), the Barcelona Zoo is also here. Its most famous resident was Snowflake, the only albino gorilla known to date that he passed away in 2003.

Arc de Triomphe

It is not in the park itself, but it is a pleasant walk away, the monumental arch that served as main entrance to the Universal Exposition.

The area between the arch and the park is popular for food fairs and free concerts.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL If you visit Barcelona with children, this is a perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon. The little ones will love the playground and the large mammoth statue.

If you bring rackets, you can even have a good game on the public court ping pong tables to burn off all that energy!

14- Visit the monumental cemeteries

For the few funerary art enthusiasts out there, you're in luck. Barcelona has a few cemeteries which is worth seeing.

The number of visitors is very low during the week, so you can enjoy a walk through these Cities of the Dead without being disturbed.

As you can imagine, considering the amount of money that poured into Barcelona during the 19th and early 20th centuries, the sculptural work is sometimes sublime.

Free walk through the PobleNou Cemetery - Barcelona
«The kiss of death», sculpture in the Poble Nou Cemetery. Picture of Ferran Tab

There are some cemeteries in different areas of the city and the good news is that they offer free guided tours two Sundays a month.

I highly recommend taking these if you understand Spanish or Catalan as they give fantastic background information about the different tombs and the people buried there.

For the brave, they also organize candlelit night tours twice a year. These are the most spectacular cemeteries that I recommend visiting:

Poble Nou Cemetery

The first modern cemetery in Barcelona, built in 1775 to put an end to unhygienic burials in the city center. The current cemetery was rebuilt in 1819 after being destroyed in the war against the French.

You come here for the beautiful 19th century cemetery 19th century neoclassical architecture.

Don't miss the famous sculpture The Petó de la Mort ("The kiss of death") and the tomb of the santetwith literally thousands of notes from devotees asking for favors.

GUIDED VISITS: 1st Sunday of the month at 10:30am (Catalan) and 12:30pm (Spanish) / 3rd Sunday of the month at 10:30am (Spanish) and 12:30pm (Catalan). No reservation necessary.

Montjuic Cemetery

This incredible place with views of the sea occupies a huge surface on the hill of Montjuïc.

He the catalan bourgeoisie He not only hired the best modernist architects to build his mansions in the city, but also to design his last resting places here.

Do not miss the area reserved for non-believers (the most important anarchist leaders are buried here) and The Fossar de la Pedrera, a surprisingly somber garden in memory of the victims of Franco's repression after the Spanish Civil War.

GUIDED VISITS: 2nd Sunday of the month at 11:15 a.m. (Catalan) and 4th Sunday of the month at 11:15 a.m. (Spanish). No reservation necessary.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: It's not easy to get to Montjuïc Cemetery by public transport (it's not impossible, so don't despair), but once you get there don't forget to visit the amazing museum that shows the hearses and horse drawn carriages. Open for free on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

15- Join the locals in the city parties

Barcelona and Catalonia are world famous for their local festivals. They are usually related to a patron saint and are celebrated throughout the year in the different neighborhoods.

Two of the most spectacular are the Festes de Gràcia in August and the Mercè in September.

Correfoc - Barcelona Festival
«Correfoc» (fire race) at the Barcelona Festival of La Mercè. Picture of Davidlohr Bueso

These are just some of the attractions and activities to do today in Barcelona for free that you will be able to find when you join the locals in the celebrations:

human Towers ("castells")

The world-renowned Catalan human towers are an experience not to be missed. Until 10 stories highA brave boy will climb to the top and complete the castle ("castel").

If you are lucky enough to be in town for the Fiestas de la Mercè, the best groups will perform in front of the Town Hall on the Sunday closest to September 24.

Giants and Beasts Parade

A party is never complete without bringing out the giants! These paper mache dolls representing historical figures or famous people from Barcelona come alive with their special dances.

In the parades, the giants are sometimes accompanied by the beasts, but I will talk about them in the next point.

fire racing ("correfocs")

Definitely, one of the craziest experiences you can have in Barcelona. Imagine beasts in the shape of dragons and evil figures put them together with a bunch of people dressed as devils and chasing you with giant fire flares, mix it all up in a parade and you have correfoc.

Don't forget to cover yourself with non-flammable clothing

decorated streets

Some of the festivities include very imaginative street decorations using recycled materials.

A street that you pass by every day suddenly becomes the set of a zombie movie or a modern Jurassic Park.

You can see this in the neighborhoods of Sants and, above all, in Gràcia, where the quality of the decorations rises to a new level.

free music concerts

Music is a very important part of Barcelona life, with some styles originating from this area (Catalan rumba and habaneras come to mind).

So it is not strange that whenever there is a festival there is music. Rock, folk, flamenco, hip-hop, world music, there are a little for everyone and all free.

Fireworks and light shows

As in the whole world, whenever there is a celebration, there are fireworks. In Barcelona, we usually have them on the beach which could be great for all photographers.

A novelty are the light shows that are projected onto emblematic buildings such as the Town Hall, Casa Batlló or even the Sagrada Familia.

OUR LOCAL COUNCIL: Is there no festival scheduled during your stay? Don't worry, you can still get a taste of it by visiting The House of Appetizers.

This little hidden museum has all the giants and beasts of the different neighborhoods on display. A real hit with children and adults.

The museum is free, but please leave a small donation to help keep this wonderful place alive. We visited it on our special walking tour for children and families.

I hope you liked this complete list of What to do today in Barcelona for free. The idea is to help plan your trip.

However, any suggestion is always more than welcome. If you find something that you think deserves to be on the list above, please let me know in the comments below.

Also, for more local tips, you can check the recommendations of our friends at seen by locals and consult our complete article with Things to do in Barcelona.

If you like art, I recommend you look at this post about the Moco Museum Barcelona, a museum of modern and contemporary art that will not leave you indifferent.

If you want to take a boat trip, you cannot miss this post about The best boat trips in Barcelona. If you feel like more marching and fun, check out this other one on the best Boat Party in Barcelona.

You can visit my TripAdvisor profile to see my trip with much useful information about Barcelona.

If you like visit the Camp Nou and do the Tour to the stadium you cannot miss this website.

Enjoy free plans Barcelona!

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